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Monday, February 25, 2019

Wet Cats - Final Word on Destry and MGJA

By Anna Von Reitz

My detractors are screaming like wet cats and spreading all sorts of nasty unfounded hearsay and gossip. 

The simple fact remains that they haven't brought forward any credible evidence that our actual States ever allowed Dual Citizenship--- that is to say, any evidence that our States allowed any form of "US citizenship" to run in tandem with State Citizenship. 

I already know the answer and I know that no such evidence exists.
I also know why such evidence cannot exist for any actual State of the Union.

So until they come back over to the right side of the law on this issue they will get no more support or endorsement for their activities from me. 


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  1. Courts need information to address you your (status ) standing ,agency.
    Status is what's were talking you a member of Indian nation under treaty? Non resident alien or U.S.citizen ?

    1. Your proofreading skills need help. What???

    2. Danika; WHAT proofreading skills? Ha, ha! Some posts here, and elsewhere, make me question whether, or not, the authors are institutionalized!

  2. It took the common law advocates hundreds of years to figure it out: Praemunire.

  3. As I have commented before...make application to the territorial US Department of State for a US Passport, then make application for a State Citizen Passport for your dual citizenship.

    Guess what ?? They will not authorize both. If you desire a State Citizen Passport, you must turn in the US Passport.

    This would tell me, there is no such thing as recognized dual citizenship. Sometimes common sense is too common...

    As the youngins say..........Just Sayin...

  4. Hmmm....well, ...just so I feel, and quit that Thurs conf call....sides, I still have put back on menhchin/pompeo( which?)'s plate. Anonymous, not. This is margarrt