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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

People of Ireland

 By Anna Von Reitz

I know you are scared. I know you are weary.
This entire nasty pandemic "live exercise" has impacted everyone in different ways, and for you, it has been most difficult --- causing an odd mix of fear and doubt and anger.
And now the gears are shifting more and more toward righteous anger, because you realize that the bullies have nubbed things again, and that the average people are being targeted again, and you are just about full-up with it.
Many of you are at the point that I was at forty years ago, when I stood in front of the mirror as a young woman and knew that I couldn't face a life spent living in fear of my own employees.
There comes a time when you'd rather die than put up with the crap anymore.
I passed that marker forty years ago.
So listen to this American song by Toby Mac called "Help is On the Way (Maybe Midnight)".
Here are the lyrics:
"It may be midnight or midday; he's never early, never late. He's gonna' stand by what He claimed! (I) Lived enough life to say-- I heard your heart, I see your pain.... out in the dark, out in the rain.... feel so alone, feel so afraid--- I heard you pray in Jesus' name: It may be midnight or midday. It's never early, never late. He gonna' stand by what He claims. I've lived enough life to say ---help is on the way! -- (roundin' the corner!) Help is on the way (comin' for ya!) Help is on the way (yeah, yeah) I've lived enough life to say ....
Help is on the way.
You need three Irishmen born on the land of a county, who know their family lineage back to 1850 and know that their ancestors were living in Ireland at that time, willing to step forward and Declare that they are living Irishmen and heirs of the land and soil of their Counties and Country, and willing to record that statement on the international land records. If all your land recording offices are closed down, you can use our Land Recording Service.
These three men can then act as the Founders of your own International Trade Bank, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Commercial Bank. These two banks can then form a bank treaty with The Global Family Bank and be in a direct network with the American States and Nations Bank and other National Trade Banks worldwide.
This will then open up your access to all the pre-paid credit you are owed and yes, all the programs and help and support that you need to have secure and happy lives.
Just keep your heads together and find three solid sensible intelligent men willing and able to stand up for the kith and kin and country.
Beyond that, you will need four volunteer employees -- a bank steward, a bank fiduciary, a bank comptroller, and a bank director.
That's it. Seven people and the will to save yourselves.
When you've found those three solid good men to act as Founders of your National Trade Bank and decided on a name and rustled up four volunteers who have the needed skills, send me an email with the subject line "Ireland" and we'll send you the paperwork.

Help is on the way.


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