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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

People of Ireland

 By Anna Von Reitz

I know you are scared. I know you are weary.
This entire nasty pandemic "live exercise" has impacted everyone in different ways, and for you, it has been most difficult --- causing an odd mix of fear and doubt and anger.
And now the gears are shifting more and more toward righteous anger, because you realize that the bullies have nubbed things again, and that the average people are being targeted again, and you are just about full-up with it.
Many of you are at the point that I was at forty years ago, when I stood in front of the mirror as a young woman and knew that I couldn't face a life spent living in fear of my own employees.
There comes a time when you'd rather die than put up with the crap anymore.
I passed that marker forty years ago.
So listen to this American song by Toby Mac called "Help is On the Way (Maybe Midnight)".
Here are the lyrics:
"It may be midnight or midday; he's never early, never late. He's gonna' stand by what He claimed! (I) Lived enough life to say-- I heard your heart, I see your pain.... out in the dark, out in the rain.... feel so alone, feel so afraid--- I heard you pray in Jesus' name: It may be midnight or midday. It's never early, never late. He gonna' stand by what He claims. I've lived enough life to say ---help is on the way! -- (roundin' the corner!) Help is on the way (comin' for ya!) Help is on the way (yeah, yeah) I've lived enough life to say ....
Help is on the way.
You need three Irishmen born on the land of a county, who know their family lineage back to 1850 and know that their ancestors were living in Ireland at that time, willing to step forward and Declare that they are living Irishmen and heirs of the land and soil of their Counties and Country, and willing to record that statement on the international land records. If all your land recording offices are closed down, you can use our Land Recording Service.
These three men can then act as the Founders of your own International Trade Bank, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Commercial Bank. These two banks can then form a bank treaty with The Global Family Bank and be in a direct network with the American States and Nations Bank and other National Trade Banks worldwide.
This will then open up your access to all the pre-paid credit you are owed and yes, all the programs and help and support that you need to have secure and happy lives.
Just keep your heads together and find three solid sensible intelligent men willing and able to stand up for the kith and kin and country.
Beyond that, you will need four volunteer employees -- a bank steward, a bank fiduciary, a bank comptroller, and a bank director.
That's it. Seven people and the will to save yourselves.
When you've found those three solid good men to act as Founders of your National Trade Bank and decided on a name and rustled up four volunteers who have the needed skills, send me an email with the subject line "Ireland" and we'll send you the paperwork.

Help is on the way.


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  1. To all the beautiful Irishman out there. Listen to Anna's advice.... God isn't impressed with numbers...He just wants you to act..with faith.
    to connect with the International Coordinator that can help you get started. We are 🙏 for you...WWG1WGA!!! GOD SPEED IRELAND!

    1. Another sane, thinking, living woman... Welcome Home..

    2. Folks, you can do all of these, all you wanted:
      ____ theamericanstatesassembly,
      ____ file all papers all you wanted,
      ____ Re-revolutionizing all you wanted..
      And 😢😕😴😱
      You will NEVER BE ABLE to fix the core problems, here in north America.
      The CORE CONFLICTS WON'T BE SOLVED. The Great THEFT ~ Fraudulent FIRES will continue to burn, for many generations. Mark my words. You won't fix anything. 😉😯😇
      UNTILL you're looking the problems, with a different mind set. And be willing to try somthing NEW. WHY? After a careful analysis, the GEOLOCATION is very important. After your successful Revolution, you must:
      __X_ move the Govt location to Denver area, OR surrounding.
      __X_ Doing these to align with positive energies.
      __X_ Doing these to avoid / suppress the past curse of the past land owners. Then your new Govt will treat everyone like decent people.
      __X_ We have too many Devils 👻 from the NE, corrupting us.
      Ps. Many Tarot readers recognize me as a natural high_priest of high_priest. Not a new age, 😘😍🙋

    3. Carpenter, why are you suggesting "Denver area, OR surrounding"? Seems to be a lot of strange/weird happenings in this area. The Denver Airport is just one, Cheyenne Mountain/Norad... In my view it seems as if there is not any area that these "Devils 👻 from the NE, corrupting us" are everywhere. Maybe even sitting right next to you at this very moment.

    4. Thanks goodE for bringing up the underground. The massive underground tunnels, and complexes have had me wondering if this infrastructure is how all these planes are being fueled, loaded, and hidden which are spraying all the chemicals on US worldwide. The manufacturing, logistics, and transporting the tonnage of these chemicals to these planes has to be a massive underground operation. Of course this is all conjecture on my part. Seems strange though that no one else is looking for the supply source. By the way, Jet Fuel is not being consumed at the high volumes that we have been led to believe. These Jet engines are also utilizing the Hydrogen in the atmosphere (H2O). There's no way that these airline companies can offer flights as cheap as they do with fuel at or above $3.00/gallon, and all their employees wages. Do the math.

    5. Yes, folks I can share. Yes, evils are every where, But by contrast, hear me out. __X_ I used a 5D view to look at America, I see clearly. Here's my findings:
      Back in time, 300 years ago, I see America always had been defrauded, and controlled by the British too long. Guess what I've found further: that WA DC. Is home of, or a Gate to the Devils home. (People do well in their home, by nature). I take it, America must have been cursed, but we have no time to 2nd_ guessing. It's difficult to reposition this SARG away from WA DC, hse #9, unless we reposition the Geolocation. Either the curse is too strong to rid off.

      How do I verify? The world is mapped, by God design, to designate a location, to cast down the devils, from heaven.
      The Star cluster known as SARG (for short) is the land mark __the Trou noir, Black hole entry way, to hell, or the Galatic center. Jean Pierre, Luminet. __ currently alligned to America house 9, the division of Laws, foreign relationship that Americans are dealing with, coordinated with, or for etc.. with foreign Masters, directly or indirectly, for many centuries. She had always been in multi_party high level THEFT _ FRAUD, in many ways. The innocents had always been blamed for their crimes, when the top evil ones got away😬😠. We know its true. 😢😡

      To quickly fix the problems, 😇😇
      __X_ We can reposition the __"SARG star clusters away from the American house #9"__ to #8, instead, to terminate the American foreign masters connection!!
      Best When you'all push a Reset Button. It will be the repositioning time.

    6. __X_ House #8, is the most complex. Dirtiest house of all. I don't mind to let the dirtiest house be dirty, But let the Justice house #9 be Justice, pure and clean, to heaven, not to hell as it is right now, since the last 300 years, aligned geo_logically, it's true. To __Realign__ MEANS to stop the crooks from roaming the world by Fraud, via their UK_American legal system, spreading throuout the world. That's why we can't see where the core of evils, started from, sustained and pushed by who? by their associations of course. Today, the world points their finger at the Hague, that's not the source of evils or problems.
      (ps. the common esoteric tool can't see what's I'm talking about, only the expert Tarot readers can see in 5D like I can. Most readers don't read backward to see our ancestors time, how they lived their lives, dealt with their problems for comparison. Same sh*ts they went through.

      __X_ God only has 1 formula for whole world (not western for western, not eastern for eastern view.) God's formula is known as the 1 Universal law, in 5D is based on Geolocation. Today astrologers cannot see them in details, like I see in 5D.
      __X_ I know for sure, that the LARGER, FIXED STARS, 😇 had something to do with human intelligence, the Divinely Good, and the Diabolically bad. 😠😈

      __X_ The world currently is mapped, 😯 unique, either that or America is cursed, perhaps by someone who used to own the lands. I don't want to accuse the American indians, but they can't forget their people been killed a lot in the past. So don't expect them to help America fight off the foreign inland THIEVES & ROBBERS.

      __X_ I know Denver & its surroung are not beautiful, but for sure, it will fix the injustice in America, for a while, until the curse, or the geo_mapping changed. 😢😴😕
      __X_ I know the SARG star clusters will change, but it's extremely too long to wait. 😕😢😨 Currently, 1_day (1degree) of God day is equal to men 365 days. The fixed SARG Stars clusters will only shift 1_Super_God_day (1degree) per every men 1,000 years. Thats like internity to wait X 30 = 30,000 years. BTW, do you know the UK*13*8 expected to rob us via their agents by __ INTERNITY INTEREST ___ ? From their gold Theft off my / ppl ancestors. Now its easy to track them, 30,000 years later we'll be lost.

  2. the irish are lucky to have Prof. Dolores Cahill She is right into this.

    1. If you read the last 2 month postings All these questions are answered.. a small price for ending debt slavery..
      If you Have read them and launch inuendo and misinformation, attacks such as this,, you are a corporate operative and acting as an undeclared foreign agent..
      Go home,, Baphomet awaits your return..

    2. ..."stop attacking the people who dont agree with you, it makes you sound like an empty-headed old fool."

      Says the feeble-minded fool who does precisely the same thing to Anna.

  3. Comments from the peanut gallery aside. I'm willing to make the attempt as my family meets the noted requirements back to the 14th century and numbers of sensible men of the olde sod. I will get this moving ahead.

    1. I Recorded my status as an American 2 years ago... Its the best thing I have ever done and it Keeps gettin Better every day ,,, the truth really does set you free..
      and this knowledge IS power..

    2. Are you the arbiter of common sense? Perish the thought.

  4. MARK 3 25
    God's people ununited is displeasing to the Lord and a barrier against moving forward

    1. All history aside.... our Father is real, and everything else is fake news

  5. Few rather non speak the truth in D.C. it’s best described by Rockefeller speaking to media we couldn’t have done it without you.
    They can break even a popular president.
    You would think maybe Ron Paul would be straight no he don’t talk about the emperor ‘s clothes are inappropriate.
    Obfuscation lie by omission.
    We condemn most of the supposedly conservative talk show host .
    Pathetic,more damage than good . So when I hear Anna write this is a live exercise, it’s refreshing.

  6. Despicable even senior leaders in patriot movements will no address the birth certificate,
    The loss of common law, the manipulation of our government,.
    One navy commander called the conquering people chart forgers (nautical term ) the navigator can’t help running ito something when the charts are deliberately sabotaged.
    If school teachers just told us we are vessels in old school maritime law we could at least sail our ship in those laws.

  7. A gift of two keys are given from the deposit box from Anna...
    All you need to do ir replace the word "Ireland" with "Lithuania", or else; and nothing... quiet, no legit comments, only 3 to 4 irrelevent comments...
    out of billions worldwide... See mental retardation world wide? Nobody can comprehend what that is !

  8. Wow, seeing all the vitriol, acrimoniousness, and virulence spring out through these comments I have to say that Anna must now be very very close to the target! Who knew Ireland could stir up such a hornets nest.

  9. A Recorder, or recording system, only acts as a custodian of lawfully witnessed and signed/sealed copies of papers, declarations, wills, testaments, etc. you wish to make public, for the benefit of others who are part of the same community, town, county, state, etc. It also provides a "back-up" in case you, the original author and Primary Record Keeper, lose your wet-ink originals.

    It is the written content which determines whether the claims made are lawful, binding and true. The "record system" one chooses to utilize does NOT change the truthfulness of the content or lawfulness of the claims. The custodian only holds the copies by the original author who holds the wet-ink originals as the Primary Record Keeper - nothing more.

    The "LRS" DOES NOT HAVE TO BE USED if you do not wish to use it. Anna has mentioned alternatives which do not involve a third party at all.

    The constant blathering about BLOCKCHAIN does nothing to further the good fight for truth and freedom. NO ONE has said you MUST use the LRS or else - if you are diligent and thorough, learn to do the work properly and be your own recorder.

    BLOCKCHAIN is meaningless - it's only modern technology which may or may not work for you so choose as you will. I do not put much faith or trust in it, however, I do not fear it as if it is a "bogeyman" coming to get me either.

    Do your own thing and quit disparaging others who are trying to provide answers to those who may not have knowledge of such things.

    1. Is that an order?

      Nice diversion since you cannot respond to the above post without even a semblance of intelligence.

    2. Again, regarding the issue of recording, none of that matters if you act as your own Primary Record Keeper. The DATA DATA DATA does NOT effect what you decide to put on paper, keep and record.

  10. Nope. Nothing I read so far translates into seeking relief or remedy from a foreign court. If there are claims to be made that are international in scope, said claims must be presented in a venue where foreign nations and/or those who hold foreign national offices, can be accused.

    The claimant brings the court, the venue is where court is held. International matters must be settled in international venues. The venue is NOT the sovereign.

    1. The difference is that I do not assume that others cannot read, research, study, think and decide for themselves - no one reading here is in need of your "protection". Your assumption in that regard speaks volumes as to what you think of the readers abilities and intelligence.

      Projection is your religion and I presume most can realize who is acting as a "Post Monitor".

    2. Well, lucky for everyone you are not the one that decides what or who is competent on this blog. That is painfully obvious to anyone with functioning brain cells.

      Your accusations are baseless and vapid - as usual.

    3. Notice how you are the only one making these unsubstantiated and childish accusations?

      The "Shelby & goodE2boots Show" is like the sister act of "Beavis & Butthead"

      Maybe your Dear and Loved "god-king" of Persia will come save you again.

    4. Congratulations, you found a typo. Now go back and edit everyone of your non-sensical and unreadable posts and fix all of your errors.

      See you in a year.

  11. Great source. Id like to know if Ireland can be substitutrd with other name or just them behind in the western world to claim nationality? Other "countries" mus have different political structure and do not qualify... [like an IMF or Vatican are countries...?
    Funny, how the keys are given from deposit box are not valued... all prior comments are off the topic.

  12. Summarize the communist manifesto in one sentence;abolishion of private property.