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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Please, Spare Me

 By Anna Von Reitz

What a firestorm of criticism hit my desk.  Oooh, wee!  

Note that I am not a Roman Catholic.  Since I found my Evangelical Lutheran Church functioning as an incorporated franchise of foreign corporations and selling Baptismal Certificates, I haven't belonged to any church, okay?  

Once we find evil, we have to oppose it.  

And not just by waving our hands and feeling helpless.  

When I find evil or crime at work, I don't wait for help.  I stand against it.  Unequivocally.  Alone. I take action and don't look back, because that is my responsibility.  I have to do what I have to do. And so do you --- for yourselves, for your families, for your countries, and for your futures. 

So, I am not Catholic.  I have no voice in the inner workings of the Roman Church, much less the Roman Catholic Church --- two separate things, one secular, one sacred, both severely messed up and in need of immediate corrective action from within.  

American Catholics are faced with a Double-Whammy, both their church and their country under assault from within at the same time.  How could it come to this? 

Think back.  Think of the Albigensian slaughter.  Think of what the Inquisition did. The Crusades.  Think of the Church slow-roasting Jacques de Molay alive in front of Notre Dame to force him to tell them where their money went.  Think of them doing the same thing to William Tynsdale and other Christian scholars for the "crime" of translating the Bible.  The wanton slaughter of  South American Indian nations.  Ignatius Loyola killing for Christ.  The grotesque Oath that Jesuit Priests were required to take during the Anti-Reformation.  

And this is far from the first time that there have been outrageous claims of pedophilia and torture and child sacrifice and money laundering and relationships with criminal syndicates and other profoundly nasty things associated with the Catholic clergy.  

There have always been things like this in Catholic History that make no sense if you are dealing with a Christian Church --- horrible things that are absolutely and diametrically opposed to the teachings of Yeshuah.  

And the answer to this mystery  is?  

That the Roman theocracy crouched in back of the Church is pagan.  Is now.  Always has been.  And the species of paganism being practiced by this Roman theocracy changes over time, to the point by now, they are advocating cannibalism.  Literally.  As a doctrine. 

This pagan theocracy has come out of the closet as various iterations of the Holy Roman Empire.  Inevitably, it has acquired such a bad reputation that it has been driven back underground and been suppressed, but, the Roman theocracy still carries on the functions of government, maintains armies, gets involved in the coinage of money, banking, and issuance of credit, indulges in politics, collects taxes, issues patents and copyrights, creates corporations, and  preys upon its own citizenry, as other governments have done. 

So, the Good Church is flanked by the Bad Church, and the people who are members of The Roman Catholic Church --- the vast rank and file of over 1.2 Billion members, are left in the dark.  They are unable to raise their voice and correct any part of the pagan theocratic Roman Church government, because, for the most part, they aren't even truly aware that it exists--- and unless they have been initiated by doing things like drinking baby blood, they aren't considered members of this pagan cult.  

Rank and file Catholics don't have a vote, though they suffer all the results of this unseen Roman theocracy running amok.  Just as they suffer the results of being classed as Municipal citizens of the United States, without knowing why.  

Now, at least, they know why, and have a chance of doing something about it.  


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Two Bad Guys v. Joe Q.. Public -- Plus, Public Orders for the Joint Chiefs of Staff

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are taught from the cradle to think in terms of opposites.  We naturally think that if there is a Bad Guy in a situation, there is also a Good Guy.  

But what happens when two Bad Guys --- or in this case, two gangs of mercenaries --- get together and collude to bilk the only Good Guy in the room?  

This is exactly what happened in this country in 1937.  

We had had two gangs of mercenaries preying upon us and fighting each other for the privilege of preying upon us ever since the Civil War, but in 1937, they got together and signed The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States ---- and decided to work together in the common cause of bilking the General Public.  

When they combined their efforts they were able to play endless gambits, double dipping, triple dipping, foisting off mortgages, using public infrastructure as collateral backing their debts, using the labor of the people of this county as collateral backing their debts, using the homes and land and businesses of the people as collateral backing their debts.  

They were able to do this by each group setting up "franchises" for themselves.  

The Territorial Government created doppelganger British Persons --- Legal Fiction Persons--- to mirror every living American. They simply seized upon our lawful Family Names and Trademarks without our knowledge or consent, and used them instead as the names of British Franchisees.  These "Franchise Persons" were all Subjects of the Queen and subject to her statutory laws.  

The Municipal Government paid the Queen to rent these British Persons and created a whole bunch of Municipal Corporation Franchises "in their names" ---- which are actually our names----and they created Cestui Que Vie Trusts and Public Transmitting Utilities and all sorts of Special Purpose Vehicles named after us, and ran them as corporations benefiting themselves. 

Americans, of course, were never told a word about any of these cozy arrangements, and understandably mistook bills and other correspondences addressed to these British Persons and Municipal PERSONS as correspondence addressed to them.  

The crooks then said to themselves, ah, they accepted the correspondence, so they must be agreeing to adopt British Territorial Citizenship!  And they must be agreeing to adopt Municipal citizenship, too!   --- All without required disclosure, or any meeting of the minds at all.  

Both groups of Mercenaries were very happy, and settled in to play "Both Ends Against the Middle"  --- with Joe Q. Public in the middle.  

This continued unabated until 1998 when the confused and irritated Americans began waking up and questioning the whole situation.  How did our Employees become our Masters?  Why aren't our Constitutional Guarantees being honored?  How come our property is mortgaged?  Who or what died and left me with the bill?  How and when did I agree to pay a mortgage for something or someone else?  Why is the IRS chasing after me, claiming that I received "Federal Income"? 

It's all Bushwah.  It's all a Con Game.  It's all garden variety fraud based on similar names deceit, but it hasn't been addressed as a crime, because those committing the crimes are the ones responsible for preventing it from happening in the first place. 

The Perps, including the members of the Bar Associations, just made up imaginary persons named after Americans, and charged all their debts off against those imaginary persons, leaving the American victims to pay for it.

Now that this has been fully discovered and exposed and recognized for the fraud that it is, the two gangs of Mercenaries are playing Good Cop, Bad Cop.  

The Territorial Government is prosecuting the Municipal Government and taking over Municipal Corporations, under the pretense that, OMG!  We never read their Constitution (or ours) and didn't know that the Municipal Government wasn't allowed outside the District of Columbia!  

Why, how did that happen?  

This is more or less being hailed as a step in the right direction, because we get shed of one layer of mercenary menace and nuisance---- and cost; but, what about the remaining Territorial mercenaries?  

While they are busily prosecuting and in some cases hanging presumed-to-be Municipal citizens and having a field day evicting Municipal PERSONS (and still not bothering to spare the American Principals those PERSONS were named after) ---- we haven't lost sight of the fact that none of this could have happened without collusion between the Territorial and Municipal Governments against their Employers and against the Public Interest and against the Constitutions.  

Oh, no, we've got a full-on nose of it.  

We know that the Territorial Government failed us, Big Time, for a hundred and sixty years.  It was our Generals, especially Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman, and Salmon P. Chase, who was a banker and Chief Justice under Lincoln, and William Henry Seward, Secretary of State under Lincoln, who got that ball rolling.  

They figured, as many Bar Attorneys do to this day, that they would have more power and be able to extract more money from the Public if they were able to use the coercive powers of the Territorial Government and the statutory and administrative "laws" they made up for themselves, instead of adhering to the Public Law and the Law of the Land.  

There's just one big problem for all of them.  Those men committed secretive treason back in 1865, and every Officer since then has, whether they knew it or not, done the same by not taking action to return the purloined power back to the States and people.  

We have spelled out the history and the Who is Who, and we are making it explicitly clear that the Joint Chiefs owe their duty to us and to the American States and people, not to themselves and their own self-interest, not to foreign Principals engaged in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of their commercial contracts. 

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

Our States are in Session and the Duty of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is to assist us in restoring the civilian government to full function.   

The Territorial Government can start by recognizing the fact that most mortgages in this country have been created under conditions of non-disclosure and fraud, and by holding the American Principals harmless in all foreclosure actions.  

Leave the Americans in their homes and on their farms and in charge of their businesses regardless of whether or not they have a Social Security Number/Account attached to a NAME.  

Nobody was ever given full disclosure when entering into any History Class in this country, much less when receiving a loan of their own credit from a dishonest bank, or signing up for a Federal pension program when they were told to do so by undeclared Foreign Agents acting under color of law. 

Release funds owed to our American Government so that we can proceed with what we need to get done in terms of organizing and educating Americans and providing services to the Public as we go forward.  

We also wish to reiterate that this country has a treaty with Russia which Russia has always honored, ever since 1858.  Nobody is authorized to violate any iota of that treaty of peace and mutual support.  

We hereby Order the Joint Chiefs to stand down all military preparations aimed at action in Europe and also Order the Joint Chiefs to prepare instead to vacate occupation of those countries which have been under their military occupation since 1945.  

If the Joint Chiefs had been following their proper Chain of Command and doing their jobs correctly, there wouldn't be a war in the Ukraine right now.  No mercenary interest of any kind will persuade us to add any fuel to that fire and there'd better not be any False Flag events ginned up by any contractors or Agents, either.  

The published rate of recoupment for damages for every American life lost is one (1) trillion dollars per American killed, maimed, or incapacitated in any way.  The Principals and their Central Banks will be charged. 

We desire no confusion whatsoever between our country and similarly named foreign corporations acting as commercial mercenary organizations and if there is any such confusion, we shall hold those corporations and their officers 100% individually and commercially liable.  

No Americans are to be conscripted under force of any foreign Selective Service Act.  No equipment funded by Americans is to be used to attack any other nation.  Read your contract. 

The Joint Chiefs of Staff are tasked with defending this country, including its borders.  They are not tasked with occupying foreign countries for 77 years,  using petty legalistic excuses to evade clearly stated Duties and Obligations, or otherwise engaging in commercial and political activities. 

It is our understanding that Admiralty Law is being invoked throughout the Insular States and Possessions as a means to deal with the rampant criminality that has been unleashed by the corporations responsible for these acts of fraud, human trafficking, and treason against this country and its people.  

Do what you have to do.  Take them out on the High Seas, if need be---- but remember your Oath and Duty to these States and people.  

We are not gone, not missing, not absent, not in interregnum, and not happy with the things that have been done and created in our names.  Every single one of us is owed every jot of the original Federal Constitution and everyone who claims and publishes their political status as an American is grandfathered-in to receive those guarantees. 

Our States of the Union have issued a Peace Treaty and International Peace Proclamation officially ending the American Civil War, so that excuse for continuing presumptions of warfare on our shores-- and vacuous false claims pertaining to the political status of babies purportedly abandoned on any battlefield here ----is at an end. 

                                           By: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                                           By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                                           The United States of America

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Black Magic v. White Magic

 By Anna Von Reitz

I don't know anything much about magic. It never greatly interested me. Perhaps that is because I learned various magic tricks as a child and found that they were based on deception and distraction and other distortions of perception, and I wasn't attracted to phony-baloney even as a kid.
However, just in the course of living life and bumping around the world, if you are at all curious, you learn things about magic. Who hasn't heard of a voo-doo doll, simply from watching old movies? Who doesn't have a superstitious Italian or Polish Grandma somewhere in their acquaintance, throwing salt over her shoulder and warding off "the Evil Eye". Or, as in my case, an Herbalist or ten in the family lineage, steeped in the lore of plants?
Magic of all kinds exists all around us, including the "magic" of miracles, all the things that you can't explain, the money that arrives just when you need it, the friend who happens to tell you exactly what you need to know, the mysterious little old man who got in your way and slowed you down just enough so that you avoided a terrible car wreck....
How about the time that I slipped on the stairs, turned a full 270 degrees head over heels in the air, and landed twelve feet away on a chair that shouldn't have been there ---- totally unharmed? I must admit that I have always been sensitive to energy, able to perceive things that others around me don't see, and able to just naturally do things that are--- well, at times, a bit surreal.
So, I know enough about magic to recognize it when the rotten corporations posing as governments use "poppets" --- the European version of voo-doo dolls -- in the form of Legal Fiction Persons used to impersonate us. It's black magic, and it's "black" because it is done in secret and it is done to control you against your free will.
It was with this observation in mind that I went poking around researching the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Grandmother of the modern Occultist Movement--- and imagine my shock when I found this posted online by David Griffin, claiming to be the head of the Alpha et Omega branch (and now tree) of the original Order:
His presentation is, well, unsettling. Being slapped in the face with a halibut comes to mind. Here is his opening salvo:
"No one thought it was possible.
A virus that lives in your subconscious mind…
Infecting first your thoughts, your emotions and then your entire energy body.
Forcing you to self-destruct morally, socially, sexually and spiritually each and every each day…
While slowly making you a prisoner of your own life, enslaving you from the moment you wake up to the second your head hits the pillow at night.
Recently declassified C.I.A. documents confirm this is real."
He then details the historical development of mind control and mass hypnosis, subliminal messaging, and mind-bending in the weaponized environment of the Cold War, which, as he points out, we should recognize as a Spiritual War, because it all hinges on beliefs and energy--- and what he describes as a deliberately created "Mind Virus" that destroys and enslaves people from the inside out, delivered via mass media and television.
Black magic, again.
All this stuff we've been hearing about --- child sacrifices, sex slaves, perversions, torture, adrenochrome --- is black magic. It can't stand the light of day.
Much of what he discusses I already knew about (though I was surprised to find Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton working hand-in-glove to promote monopolization of the communications industry and the destruction of the Public Trustee role of the FCC), but Griffin added in his own bits and pieces from his viewpoint as a professional magician --- someone well-qualified to recognize occult practices.
I sat there, a bit stunned, but thinking---who would be better able to recognize this for what it is, than a magician?
The Bible warns against any dabbling in "sorcery" and "soothsaying" and with good reason. Ignorant people can get in a lot of trouble "calling" demons and trying to summon and talk to the dead.
While we are here in our 3-D form, we are not consciously aware of all the other channels --- just like radio or television channels --- that are separated from us by a few clicks of frequency and bandwidth, and we don't know the Good Guys from the Bad Guys in the unseen world, much less how to stay safe if we do come into contact. I've always considered the Bible a source of excellent advice on this subject and still do.
However, coming from a long, long line of Green Witches --- pharmacists before there were pharmacists --- I also know that we can simply ask and receive the help and information we need. I know that we are not alone, and if our intentions are good and our motives are pure--- and we call on safe sources--- there is nothing to fear for all the reasons Yeshuah outlined for us.
David Griffin has taken the initiative in the battle by proposing to train White Magicians to do battle with the Black Magic
practitioners --- another jaw-dropping but logical idea.
He is opening the door to those who wish to learn White Magic --- which begins with teaching people to defend themselves from evil forces and manipulators, using time-tested techniques to retrain the subconscious mind and overcome indoctrination.
I obviously haven't taken this training, but as I was reading and looking at the books listed I realized this is what my Grandmother taught me as a child and what Jim's Grandmother taught him --- and that training, delivered while doing such unlikely pursuits as peeling apples, is probably the reason that we can't be hypnotized or traumatized. Or indoctrinated.
We learned psychic self-defense as small children, and everyone on Earth should be taught that much magic.
If you are inspired and heartened by what you've learned in terms of defending yourself from energetic and psychic attacks, you can go on from there to learn the means to use White Magic against Black Magic. That is certainly not for everyone, but among those reading this, there are those who have what it takes in terms of energy, ability to focus, strength of intention, firmness of character, and love --- to be a Spiritual Warrior.
I didn't realize it, but I've been trained all my life.
It has been estimated that if only 10,000 people would attune themselves to the frequency of love in the same moment, the entire Earth would be transformed in the twinkling of an eye ---- and that was not calculated by a priest or a dreamy-eyed shaman sitting on a beach. That was calculated by a physicist who was amazed to find that the means to make the Biblical prophecy come true, was already hard-wired into the world we live in.
So come on, folks, hasten the day! Fill your hearts and minds with loving thoughts. Use your ability to daydream. Pour on your random acts of kindness!

I only need 9,999 to join me!


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The Roman Catholic Church For Catholics --- and Everyone Else

 By Anna Von Reitz

Last night on my Monday Night Webinar, I brought up the fact that the Church is holding its Synod meetings and so, rank and file Catholics need to make sure they attend and weigh in --- and not be part of the Silent Majority anymore, because the Church like any Government, gets assailed by Special Interests and blown off course without strong input from the majority stakeholders.
This, in turn, has unleashed a firestorm of questions, as apparently, the majority of Catholics are unaware that their Church is a Government --- literally, a theocracy.
Well, only for the past 1700 years, give or take a few....
Let's start at the beginning. It became the ROMAN Catholic Church when the early Church Fathers formed a partnership with the Roman Emperor, Constantine. The details of the merger deal were private, but from subsequent history we can determine that: (1) the church from that time on was split --- with the Roman interests running the business side of things as a theocracy, and (2) the Christian Church serving as a storefront.
We can further determine from historical and archeological records that the Romans involved in running the theocracy (government) part of the operation were devotees of Mithras, a pre-Christian sun god touted as the "Son of God" --- and much more recently, the leadership of the "secular Church" government converted to Luciferianism.
I deduce this conversion of the Roman theocracy to Luciferianism occurred during the Belle Epoque Era of the 1880's and 90's and was attached to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn---but no matter when it started, it went public with the Second Vatican Council in 1962 under Pope John XXIII and has continued ever since.
Although the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn dissolved in 1903 amid money and sexual perversion scandals, it's successors continue on today --- most especially, Alpha et Omega, which you will see prominently displayed as the name of one of the great financial trusts.
So, there have been two sides to the Roman Catholic Church ever since the Council of Nicea --- a secular government styled as a theocracy (and not saying which kind of religion it practiced) overseen by Roman interests and a church focused on promoting good works and doctrine.
This internal bilateral split in functions and faiths culminated in the Pope having to occupy at least two offices and serve two Masters --- the Sacred Office of His Holiness, the Pope, and the secular office as the head of the Roman Pontificate.
As long as this has gone on under our noses, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, much less to Catholics, but I have had hundreds of Catholics writing and calling and saying, "Say what? My Church is a Government?"
And like any other government, it gets involved in politics, money, banking, trade wars, property management, espionage, military actions, taxes, you name it. If governments do it, the Roman Catholic Church does it, and has done it a lot longer than most governments on Earth.
I already pointed out that the "Federal Income Tax" got its start in the 1100's when the Church established Peter's Pence, a once-a-year special offering due on April 15th, collected by the Inquisition, based on yearly income, to help pay the expense of supporting the Crusades --- war debts, in other words.
That's still the form and function of this tax.
Now, also given this basic information about the form and function of the Roman Catholic Church both as a Roman theocracy (government) and as a church (religious institution) you are better prepared to analyze what happened in the American Civil War and how all that impacts us today.
The Roman theocracy side of the Church operating the Municipal United States Government sided with the Southern Confederacy in the Civil War. They lost. Municipal employees and all Catholics were on the hook to pay war reparations as "citizens of the United States" and were among the chief victims of the infamous Territorial Fourteenth Amendment --- which, by the way, was never ratified by the actual States.
This meant that all Catholics and Municipal Employees and Dependents (freed black plantation slaves were dumped onto this list as Dependents to spread the joy) were stuck paying off war reparations, and being a "citizen of the United States" became a Third Class political status nobody wanted, because it meant your property could be confiscated, you could be arbitrarily jailed, and your labor could be taxed.
As long as the phony "civil war" continued, this would continue to be the case.
This is why all the Territorial "Presidents" have declared "wars" on various things every two years ever since --- wars on drugs, wars on poverty, wars on the common cold --- so long as they could claim that a war was going, they could continue to hold the Catholics and Municipal citizenry responsible.
During the First World War, they were all arbitrarily declared to be "the Enemy", and the rats got away with this, by claiming that the American Civil War had never been ended.
During the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt contrived to entrap millions of Americans into this Third Class political status so that there were more "Debtors by Definition" to tax.
During the Second World War, FDR then used this entrapment and "redefinition" of Americans as Municipal citizenry to pass otherwise illegal conscription laws (the draft) and seized upon both the assets and the labor of millions of entrapped and misidentified Americans to promote the war effort.
The Roman theocracy went along with this, even though it knew that the new war was going to result in astronomical war debts that would be heaped on American Catholics, Negroes, Municipal Employees and their Dependents.
They didn't care, because by that time, the Roman theocracy was worshiping Mammon and in bed with military contractors and major industrialists on both sides of the war, and they were making out like bandits.
For the rest of us, it is a classic object lesson.
By allowing an evil (slavery) to continue to exist, and by continuing to allow the criminalization and enslavement of the Municipal citizenry as a Third Class subset of the General Public, virtually everyone else was eventually redefined as a Municipal citizen and victimized, too.
It behooves everyone to pause a moment and think: well, so we allowed our Catholic neighbors to be enslaved, and that has resulted in blue-blood Protestants being enslaved, too. And this has happened, even though slavery was supposedly abolished in 1865, and again, worldwide, in 1926.
What in the name of the True God is going on here? We all know that slavery and peonage are unjust and evil. We've repeatedly said so. We've fought a huge war over it in this country. We've passed laws in both national and international venues forbidding it. Why isn't it gone? Why isn't it in the realm of the Dodo Bird and Whale Oil and Rotary Phones?
Pure old avarice and fraud. Slavery is incredibly lucrative business and those who profited the most from slavery included Rome, and later, the Roman Catholic Church. Of course, they recast it as "slavery to Christ" -- but slavery nonetheless.
The Roman theocracy presumes that every confirmed Catholic is in fact a slave bound for life, obligated to pay all debts of its government and the tag-along church, required to obey its leadership without question. It also presumes that any property belonging to a Catholic, mind, body, soul, home, land, business -- belongs to the Pope. Literally.
This is why they fought on the side of the Southern Confederacy. They make the bulk of their money from enslavement. This, more than anything else, is apocalyptic --- a great drawing back of the curtain --- allowing everyone to see the hypocrisy of the pagan uber-wealthy Roman slave owners juxtaposed against the endlessly poor-mouthing Christian Church being used as their storefront.
Now that you all know how they have seized upon your Family Name and converted it into the title of a non-existent British Territorial Citizen, and then sold that Citizen under bondage to the Pope---- who then creates Municipal CORPORATIONS named after you, too, you can begin see how they have conspired to keep slavery alive and well in the 21st century.

They can't enslave you, that was outlawed in 1865. They can't enslave a British Territorial U.S. Citizen; that was outlawed in 1926. But they can enslave a corporation. Heck, they can murder a corporation, rape a corporation, do whatever they like to a corporation. And that is why they impersonate you as a corporation. And that is why they misaddress you as a corporation. And that is why they have the "Diversity Clause" in the Federal Code, allowing a corporation to be defined as a "citizen of the United States" -- liable to pay their debts.


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