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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

The Roman Catholic Church For Catholics --- and Everyone Else

 By Anna Von Reitz

Last night on my Monday Night Webinar, I brought up the fact that the Church is holding its Synod meetings and so, rank and file Catholics need to make sure they attend and weigh in --- and not be part of the Silent Majority anymore, because the Church like any Government, gets assailed by Special Interests and blown off course without strong input from the majority stakeholders.
This, in turn, has unleashed a firestorm of questions, as apparently, the majority of Catholics are unaware that their Church is a Government --- literally, a theocracy.
Well, only for the past 1700 years, give or take a few....
Let's start at the beginning. It became the ROMAN Catholic Church when the early Church Fathers formed a partnership with the Roman Emperor, Constantine. The details of the merger deal were private, but from subsequent history we can determine that: (1) the church from that time on was split --- with the Roman interests running the business side of things as a theocracy, and (2) the Christian Church serving as a storefront.
We can further determine from historical and archeological records that the Romans involved in running the theocracy (government) part of the operation were devotees of Mithras, a pre-Christian sun god touted as the "Son of God" --- and much more recently, the leadership of the "secular Church" government converted to Luciferianism.
I deduce this conversion of the Roman theocracy to Luciferianism occurred during the Belle Epoque Era of the 1880's and 90's and was attached to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn---but no matter when it started, it went public with the Second Vatican Council in 1962 under Pope John XXIII and has continued ever since.
Although the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn dissolved in 1903 amid money and sexual perversion scandals, it's successors continue on today --- most especially, Alpha et Omega, which you will see prominently displayed as the name of one of the great financial trusts.
So, there have been two sides to the Roman Catholic Church ever since the Council of Nicea --- a secular government styled as a theocracy (and not saying which kind of religion it practiced) overseen by Roman interests and a church focused on promoting good works and doctrine.
This internal bilateral split in functions and faiths culminated in the Pope having to occupy at least two offices and serve two Masters --- the Sacred Office of His Holiness, the Pope, and the secular office as the head of the Roman Pontificate.
As long as this has gone on under our noses, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, much less to Catholics, but I have had hundreds of Catholics writing and calling and saying, "Say what? My Church is a Government?"
And like any other government, it gets involved in politics, money, banking, trade wars, property management, espionage, military actions, taxes, you name it. If governments do it, the Roman Catholic Church does it, and has done it a lot longer than most governments on Earth.
I already pointed out that the "Federal Income Tax" got its start in the 1100's when the Church established Peter's Pence, a once-a-year special offering due on April 15th, collected by the Inquisition, based on yearly income, to help pay the expense of supporting the Crusades --- war debts, in other words.
That's still the form and function of this tax.
Now, also given this basic information about the form and function of the Roman Catholic Church both as a Roman theocracy (government) and as a church (religious institution) you are better prepared to analyze what happened in the American Civil War and how all that impacts us today.
The Roman theocracy side of the Church operating the Municipal United States Government sided with the Southern Confederacy in the Civil War. They lost. Municipal employees and all Catholics were on the hook to pay war reparations as "citizens of the United States" and were among the chief victims of the infamous Territorial Fourteenth Amendment --- which, by the way, was never ratified by the actual States.
This meant that all Catholics and Municipal Employees and Dependents (freed black plantation slaves were dumped onto this list as Dependents to spread the joy) were stuck paying off war reparations, and being a "citizen of the United States" became a Third Class political status nobody wanted, because it meant your property could be confiscated, you could be arbitrarily jailed, and your labor could be taxed.
As long as the phony "civil war" continued, this would continue to be the case.
This is why all the Territorial "Presidents" have declared "wars" on various things every two years ever since --- wars on drugs, wars on poverty, wars on the common cold --- so long as they could claim that a war was going, they could continue to hold the Catholics and Municipal citizenry responsible.
During the First World War, they were all arbitrarily declared to be "the Enemy", and the rats got away with this, by claiming that the American Civil War had never been ended.
During the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt contrived to entrap millions of Americans into this Third Class political status so that there were more "Debtors by Definition" to tax.
During the Second World War, FDR then used this entrapment and "redefinition" of Americans as Municipal citizenry to pass otherwise illegal conscription laws (the draft) and seized upon both the assets and the labor of millions of entrapped and misidentified Americans to promote the war effort.
The Roman theocracy went along with this, even though it knew that the new war was going to result in astronomical war debts that would be heaped on American Catholics, Negroes, Municipal Employees and their Dependents.
They didn't care, because by that time, the Roman theocracy was worshiping Mammon and in bed with military contractors and major industrialists on both sides of the war, and they were making out like bandits.
For the rest of us, it is a classic object lesson.
By allowing an evil (slavery) to continue to exist, and by continuing to allow the criminalization and enslavement of the Municipal citizenry as a Third Class subset of the General Public, virtually everyone else was eventually redefined as a Municipal citizen and victimized, too.
It behooves everyone to pause a moment and think: well, so we allowed our Catholic neighbors to be enslaved, and that has resulted in blue-blood Protestants being enslaved, too. And this has happened, even though slavery was supposedly abolished in 1865, and again, worldwide, in 1926.
What in the name of the True God is going on here? We all know that slavery and peonage are unjust and evil. We've repeatedly said so. We've fought a huge war over it in this country. We've passed laws in both national and international venues forbidding it. Why isn't it gone? Why isn't it in the realm of the Dodo Bird and Whale Oil and Rotary Phones?
Pure old avarice and fraud. Slavery is incredibly lucrative business and those who profited the most from slavery included Rome, and later, the Roman Catholic Church. Of course, they recast it as "slavery to Christ" -- but slavery nonetheless.
The Roman theocracy presumes that every confirmed Catholic is in fact a slave bound for life, obligated to pay all debts of its government and the tag-along church, required to obey its leadership without question. It also presumes that any property belonging to a Catholic, mind, body, soul, home, land, business -- belongs to the Pope. Literally.
This is why they fought on the side of the Southern Confederacy. They make the bulk of their money from enslavement. This, more than anything else, is apocalyptic --- a great drawing back of the curtain --- allowing everyone to see the hypocrisy of the pagan uber-wealthy Roman slave owners juxtaposed against the endlessly poor-mouthing Christian Church being used as their storefront.
Now that you all know how they have seized upon your Family Name and converted it into the title of a non-existent British Territorial Citizen, and then sold that Citizen under bondage to the Pope---- who then creates Municipal CORPORATIONS named after you, too, you can begin see how they have conspired to keep slavery alive and well in the 21st century.

They can't enslave you, that was outlawed in 1865. They can't enslave a British Territorial U.S. Citizen; that was outlawed in 1926. But they can enslave a corporation. Heck, they can murder a corporation, rape a corporation, do whatever they like to a corporation. And that is why they impersonate you as a corporation. And that is why they misaddress you as a corporation. And that is why they have the "Diversity Clause" in the Federal Code, allowing a corporation to be defined as a "citizen of the United States" -- liable to pay their debts.


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  1. there is no origin-ating agreement from the people's/s' consent or their intent to participate in any of this.
    our free and independent men and women: the American people: did not ratify their Foreign "Constitution" (by whatever Name they chose to put on it).

    we did not ratify their "Constitution".
    we did not dissolve our Confederacy.
    we did not agree to their "Birth Certificate" System; and more.

    those are facts and no change in those facts will occur from endless repetitions to the contrary, they remain facts and we, therefore are owed restora-tion.


    1. janmarie-women: "The" Stand-alone(y) who neither concurs nor aligns with any, or maybe, insufficiently stands and advances not with many.

    2. anony5/4, 8:15am
      i:woman accept nothing that comes from you; and it is so.


    3. Hey Woman Janmarie, that anony5/4 8:15am is right. You (we) better get into or whatever our assembly is, isnt that where the rubber hits the road, everybody typing away in hear is flapping their fictions in the sky of fictions. Let's join, and press the flesh, gather, pray, and move mountains!! lets go for it.

    4. hey anony 5/4, 1101:

      i:woman dont accept anything coming from you; and it is so.


    5. To: Anna Maria Reizinger and all members of the 'Federation' of states and American States Assemblies.

      We authorize the Bank of England, the Vatican Bank, the Bank of International Settlements, The Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the International Monetary Fund to offer you the following:
      Complete independence as an unincorporated nation of states with full sovereignty, forgiveness of all debts both public and private and the return of all gold and assets belonging exclusively to the former 'The United States of America' and The United States. As an unincorporated entity your 'Federation' of nation states will not have access to any land mass or air space outside the borders of the former colonies and territories. As required by law access to all international sea lanes is available to all nations both incorporated and unincorporated. Your independent Federation will have Allodial Title to all Land, Soil, Air and Sea up to 20 miles from your natural borders and all natural resources within your own borders. You will provide any and all natural resources for the maintenance and sustenance of your own peoples. Note that Allodial ownership of Title does not imply sovereign ownership. The Global Community of Incorporated Nations only trades with other nations incorporated into the international community. You will be fully and totally independent including your own monetary system of your own choosing. The international community will not accept currency from any unincorporated nation or state. No access to any international or national resources. Access to any incorporated nation will be denied under law. To be perfectly clear, the peoples of America do not own the planet. You will be required to make lease payments in the form of gold, silver, platinum or other natural or man made resources to the planetary owners. These payments shall be 20 ounces of ,999 gold bullion or other equivalent per square kilometer of land mass lakes and streams within your borders.
      This is a standing offer from the owners and beneficiaries of the World, Atmospheric, Maritime and Global Trusts. You will retain all interest in your national and state trusts.
      You have two other options, 1. Accept the Lawful Confederate States of America under the Articles of Confederation as stipulated by the owners and reject the notion of reviving a failed government and constitution. The Confederate States are open to discussion with the 37 territories in forming a permanent union under the original united States of America as an incorporated nation of states. 2. Fight.
      If you fail to contact the owners below within 48 hours we assume you choose to fight or starve.

      United Terran and Lunar Colonies and Nations Inc. 864-225-3926

      John Curren Chapman 111, President
      Elisabeth Alexandra Mary, Vice President
      Ruth Ann Rankin Chapman, Secretary and Treasurer

    6. Anna: "The Roman theocracy side of the Church operating the Municipal United States Government sided with the Southern Confederacy in the Civil War. They lost."
      John: We won. Where is the surrender document? An armistice is not surrender. You even stated this yourself. Today the Federation of States and the States of America are bankrupt and insolvent. As the originator of the documents the continental and commercial constitutions were voided and vacated by the Crown due to breach of contract after the unlawful adoption of the 14th amendment. The Confederation is still solvent and occupied by a lawful board of trustees, president, vice president and secretary-treasurer.
      JOHN 111

    7. the yt channel clyde do something has a video up showing a Canadian police shoving a woman, unprovoked, at Rolling Thunder. so they ran over a woman with one of their horses at the FreedomConvoy and now one of the 800(!) police shoved a woman, with videos rolling capturing it all!!

      looks like they might be trying to "Create" a "Defendant"? by doing outrageous things to provoke a (natural) defense response?

      i mean, after all, if their Courts need "Defendants", what better way to do that than to hire someone to put his hands on a woman in front of the people.... looks like the Govt possibly daring the men to do anything about it?????
      impresento, they must feel they need to break the peace?
      if true, they must be sweating bell uts about something. jmo at present.


    8. to;United Terran and Lunar Colonies and Nations Inc. 864-225-3926
      John Curren Chapman 111, President
      Elisabeth Alexandra Mary, Vice President
      Ruth Ann Rankin Chapman, Secretary and Treasurer..

      FIRST: An In-corporation can not grant sovereignty.
      Second: You are offering us "Title" to our land.
      Let me see if I comprehend your "offer".. You are rebutting a claim America never made .ie.we own the world..
      You are giving us "back" a thing you never had to give. ie our freedom land and soil, with 20 miles of ocean boarder thrown in for good measure.
      You are offering us ‘back’ our own Confererate States an unincorporated company formed by the States of America and ours by right of creation and inferring we accept this as our new name?
      The price on this is,, total excommunication from international commerce, travel, and contact, with any actual living family members or country on the globe, beyond the stated boundry..
      PLUS,, 1 and 1/4 pounds of pure gold per eight tenths of a square mile of the entire area of the united States as "Lease Payments" for use of the "Title" you are about to grant,, , so, am I to assume this Lease Payment is , Yearly? Daily? by the Minute? In aggregate this offer looks like an undisclosed fraudulent contract..
      And we get to live,,or die,, on what our local land mass may provide.?
      This more closely resembles a soft prison and very thinly veiled threat of war to me.
      And OH.. You live on the Moon?
      How much oxygen is available on the moon ? ? does “space” have air?
      My answer.. See the second choice you provided. Lock-n-load mutha fuh...,,,

    9. and WHAT in the world is the Canadian Government so afraid of that they hired 800? Police Officers!!!
      ----im looking all over the place for the number of Bikers and participants but can only find one little blog... and it wont even open!!!!
      G.... is there a semi-blackout on Rolling Thunder Canada info?

      this clydeGuy said he could hardly find any video at all about the Police pushing the woman!

      imo the possible implications of this video really are disturbing.
      looks like either the Govt is afraid the people will get together and do something to harm them, or they are bullies? or both. what else could it be? what would make a Canadian police officer walk up behind a Canadian woman, with thousands(?) of people there and shove her, on cameras, in the back at a festival?


    10. also, its coming out again about the fastfood meat having _______ meat in it; and also that these little "terminated" sons and daughters are suspected to be "in there"; and that Ukraine was a hub for trafficking for Adr Chm and that there is a shortage of Adr Chm because of what is going on over there.and also that in at least 3 of the 16-17 food processing plants here that burned down recently, there was _______ meat found "hanging"/aging, ground up or already processed and ready to be taken to market for us to eat!!!!!
      most of this you can find on DarkOutpost datte cam and other rumble channels.

    11. and also, that recording by a "Rabbi Finklestein" is making the rounds again.
      i have NO idea if its true or not, but its been out for at least two years.
      he says that WHITE PEOPLE are the enemy and they "Jews" get 100,000 or more children a year(?) and use the synagogues and they drink the blud, the blud of their ENEMIES?! -- i do not see how this could be passed around year after year. it is completely and utterly stomach turning to listen to him. DkoutP gets pretty out there sometimes.

      i hope its not true.
      the interview was replayed on darkoutpost last week.


    12. so if, if, if, ....then this whole Adr Chm System is coming down. it would take one HELL of alot of people to run a system like that, so just how many people would be involved and coming down with that system??


    13. now daniel lee on rumble: dnajlion7, has a video up about the little ones, also about how they do the "stem cell research", but they use living _______. he shows an article about Ukraine from 2006 by the BBC "Ukraine Babies in Stem Cell Probe". healthy newborn babies may have been k¡lled in Ukraine to feed a fluorishing international trade in stem cells..."
      evidence that stem cells are being harvested from LIVE _______. mothers from city of KHARKIV say they gave birth to healthy babies, who were taken by hospital staff. the Council of Europe describes a culture of the trafficking of children snatched at birth and a wall of silence from hospital staff....

      from all i can tell daniel has done quite a noteworthy job for several years now, of trying to report on what is actually happening with these teeny-tiny sons and daughters even though he has been attacked.... but no surprise there....still, he has continued on day after day nonetheless.


  2. or ... advances not! And if advances at all, certainly has "not many" along with her.

  3. Join a "state" assembly, and grow it as from a mustard seed.

    1. Hey, that's really what this is about. Yes, women Janmarie , you (we) we should gather into our respective state assembly, that's where the rubber hits the road. We are all, you and flying in the space of fictions . . . yuk!

    2. anony 5/4, 1007,
      no one is stopping you and i dont accept anything from you; and it is so.


    3. Jan Marie,
      I want to join with you. How do we? Are you grouping up?

  4. Romans heavily infiltrated by Jewish gangsters Justinian whom married prince of the Jews daughter.
    Created dog Latin or Justinian code this is affecting ever transaction of today .
    More Jewish magic or more accurately Babylonian Secret society Pharisee.
    More influence by the fake Christian Kazars called Jesuits.
    Today it’s a information war so the storefronts and gatekeepers are on overtime.
    The demons from hell want to exterminate the Christians and a brief run through history bares the success

    1. great list bubba - so many "cloaks and cover-ups" :
      romans, jewish, justinian, dog latin, justinian code, jewish magic, babylonians, secret socities, pharisees, fake christians, kazars, jesuits, gatekeepers, storefronts, ["churches" "schools" "banks" "courts" "States"] and many more.

  5. Around 1911 actions were taken to end trusts and only use corporations. People at that time were buying corporate certificates from sellers and today Secretary of State sells them. Right away corporate death outstripped all other kinds of death. Thousands of corporations were born, stock was distributed and sold then for some reason they died and investors mourned the loss of their investments. 1909 a congressman complained that corporations were killing the economy in their constituent zone or state county area. A law, since changed said they could only produce one product and had to be a certain number of miles from town. Andrew Jackson warned to never let them loose or people would lose their land and homes. Not long ago being a corporate contractor with a big pickup showing off personal wealth was promoted and still special deals and checkout cashiers for incorporated contractors at Lowes, Home Depot and other participants are obvious. Yet still corporate death is ongoing but the owner or usually a creditor is protected and still takes handfuls of cash to wave at the stupid poor unincorporated people.

    1. "By their fruits, you shall know THEM." despite what they call themselves. The "trojan" trust-busters (flee every one, to the corpse! 'crypt'o), the name-stealers ARE also the "label-makers," hiding their crimes "in other words."

    2. thats so good man:paul!

      really luvin' yer unique way of presenting the logic thats buried underneath the dumps of their obfuscativerhetoricalmumbojumbo. :):):)

    3. busters of trust...
      fleeing to the crypt [o] with their corpses...
      omgosh!! :/

      and " other words...", ohyes, always "in OTHER words" with them.
      so good!

      .. innotherwirds... :):)

  6. That's the most truthful expectorant that sum-one Xpounded .I have never ever consumed or heard the ViBraSun so bright & truthfully spit on the light bar b que pit. Very well done for my plate/ palat.

    1. . . . i apologize, i am not sure what i just said. let me get myself anther drink. burp, i'll be back.

  7. the fact as i see it is that:
    the American people were * not * notified pertaining to "investements", Birth Certificates/ Corporations/ Legal "Persons"/ and so forth; and that then is the basis the American people have for recording. our lawful claims, peacefully, under American common law authority for restoration of what was unlawfully taken from us by other men, whether by them using "Presumptions"/other FICTIONS/other in "jurisdictions" that are Foreign to us, or by other methods.

    • Fact: we were not notified about all we had right to know about Corporations/other.
    • Fact: If a man doesnt know he is being asked if he wills to agree upon something, then he cannot agree to it.
    • Fact: If a man cannot agree because he is not told he is being asked to agree, then no basis exists for "Presumptions" /other based upon an agreement that does not even exist.

    i:woman:janmarie say: in short: (a) man cannot agree to that that he:man does not know about; and it is so.


    1. Did your father and mother "notify" you before they had sex, after sex, or after birth, or perhaps they did not ever notify you? And when did you first "notify" your children, believing you must have some?
      What' all this "notification" stuff?

    2. Yes notes played in the ripples of water/notes that were recorded when the umbilical cord played at the government signal broadcast station : over the water & air equator level. You can't see it or hear a paper fart?

    3. i:woman:janmarie accept nothing from anyone/thing using "Comment as: anonymous".


    4. look how worried the trolls are about what i post... since im posting about American common law???!!! lol!
      thats not scary stuff, is it?!!


    5. No one on this blog seems worried, about women:janmarie? However, women:janmarie, do you not grasp that the handle you use: women:janmarie is to all here essentially anonymous? Although it appears you, at least, somewhat consistent, which I believe is good. your appellation may also be somewhat a semantic "sidewinder" (curve ball) to those who may be tired of bamboozle.

      Anna is not anonymous. women:janmarie is anonymous, by my reckoning. And yet, I do not know Anna, other than by her long and arduous efforts to unwind to the truth. You too women:janmarie, may wish to unwind to the truth, but I would never seek your help to untangle a spooled up fishing line.
      God love you dear, and may you flourish and prosper

    6. Following "around 1911" anon narrative of the birth of THE DEAD PERSON, mourning the loss thereof, The Responsible Party may secure; have and hold the authentic, original 'remains,' expressing their will and "bury" THE DAMNED THING, depositing said remains in custody of "treasury," for autopsy, cause of death, salvaged value credited, and the "rest" in the earth (recording on county; land and soil)?

    7. man:paul,
      its hard to believe they have the NERVE to do this kind of thing with LIFE or DEATH.

      they really are irreperabily separated from our creator.
      ref: kjv Book of jude vv 4, 8, 10, 11-16, 18, 19.
      but for his own:
      v. 24:
      "now unto him who is able to keep you from falling,
      and to present you faultless
      before the presence of his glory
      with exceeding joy..." !! :):)


  8. The moment the STATES penned WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, when they were tasked with the fixing/restoring our confederation and not creating a NEW GOVERNMENT (thanks philly convention)
    Fraud was ensured
    GROSS misrepresentation akin to what we had just fought to escape

    1. TRUTH,
      imo what youve said is no doubt at least part of the reason why our ancestors refused to ratify it.
      the Confederation didnt need fixing.
      if you want, look into Shay's Rebellion", i believe it was in Massachusetts, then other States began joining in... they (and our States?) shut down the corrupt Courts... and it sounds to me like it was *that* that was the impetus for "the new Constitution" ... iow, it looks to me like it was because our States had too MUCH power, and not because our own Confederation was too weak!

      i would love to know your assessment of Shays Rebellion if you do take a look at it and have time to comment back.


  9. The only fraud that needed to happen was the STATES that we trusted and charged with restoring the confedreation (primarily the Philadelphia Convention) decided to make a NEW GOVERNMENT, whose opening line is "WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES" and all the ASSUMPTIONS that singular line made

    1. also, TRUTH:
      You might be interested in taking a look at our Articles of Conf.;
      Article 13 tells how the Articles cannot be changed, unless unanimously.
      there are certain things that required only 9 of the States' ratification , but Creating a New Government was limited by: ratification by all 13 States was required since all thirteen States had unanimously ratified the present one.
      Article 9, para 6 shows what can be done by 9 States rather than requiring all 13.


    2. one more thing:
      keep in mind how many Treaties were broken with the indigenous Americans, too.
      and also, in case you didnt know, (i believe it was FRANCE) that Named BRITIAN
      ALBION is another name for ENGLAND
      and PERFIDY means:


      imo, that takes them out of the running for taking much of anything they say as worthy of being taken seriously. all my present opinion. :)


    3. OOPS, muxed that quite wonderfully
      already versed in the articles,
      Already aware of britians deceitfulness, something along the lines of a "hostile neutrality", as who can trust those who would give their enemy quarter, neutrality doesn't exist, but interest does

      furthermore. shay didnt rebel, he stood, and because he stood, was met with a mercenary force under BENJAMIN LINCOLN's command, financed by the wealthy and their "CORP ORATIONS"

  10. I am learning so much. There seems to be a lot of conjecture from my fellow responders. I wish there was a Hillsdale course on this. Maybe there is. I will have to search for it. Even though I am no longer Catholic ( I was raised in that religion) I am still curious how it has evolved to this point. I do follow Vigano and Dr. Marshall ( author of Infiltration), and find their positions and arguments compelling. Vigano sounds like what a Pope should be. I love hearing from spiritual leaders who teach the lessons from Christ.

  11. That is an excellent point. I admit I am struggling with my connection to one of the large world religions, but there are enough good souls among them to encourage participation. However, I will keep my eye open and call out the slightest infraction if I must.

  12. What a pope "should be?" should there be a pope in the first place?! A bishop of bishops? Cardinals? Is there an English equiv for 'bishop?' Overseer. An overseer, an anointed one, oversees not over-rules, the ekklesia; assemblies! Who Alone should you "follow?" Vigano is controlled disclosure; was insider til he was out. Never complained about the trafficking and merchandising of bodies and souls of men. But played along cashing the check as beneficiary of "our thing,inc. club of rome." Dont forget what he called francis the fallen "in his dual role as pope, and liquidator of the Catholic Church," and the fact that benedict abdicated, vacating office, official responsibility. We all know what happens to delegated authority when a breach occurs; it returns to from whence it came; by natural operations and processes of laws of nature and nature's God; to the people! church and state are fallen. they abdicated to artificial entities which operate in covetousness, deceit, debt, want, lack. Which are entirely bankrupt and without legitimacy. The Rock of our Salvation (saved, safe, safety; yes virginia that's the same word as in "committee of safety!" Defending our salvation! The kingdom stands! The covenant stands. The Gospel stands. The family, house, children, sons, daughters, people, heirs, assembly, government, followers, members, believers, all standing, present, and accounted for. On the record as ordained and established, recognized long before any of this present darkness, protected in all the documents, treaties... The kingdom has been taken from the former hirelings and unjust stewards, and given to those bearing the fruit of it. It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom! Are you of age to accept and receive your heritance? To assume your place at the adult's table? Can you follow along with the conversation? The adults in the room are always speaking over the children's heads. But, every word matters! Keep listening, watching, gathering and associating the information. Pretty soon, you will be "caught up" to God, and able to understand, and follow along. You may say "now i see what you are saying." You may not have looked at it that way. from that perspective, viewpoint. More such if interested at