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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Black Magic v. White Magic

 By Anna Von Reitz

I don't know anything much about magic. It never greatly interested me. Perhaps that is because I learned various magic tricks as a child and found that they were based on deception and distraction and other distortions of perception, and I wasn't attracted to phony-baloney even as a kid.
However, just in the course of living life and bumping around the world, if you are at all curious, you learn things about magic. Who hasn't heard of a voo-doo doll, simply from watching old movies? Who doesn't have a superstitious Italian or Polish Grandma somewhere in their acquaintance, throwing salt over her shoulder and warding off "the Evil Eye". Or, as in my case, an Herbalist or ten in the family lineage, steeped in the lore of plants?
Magic of all kinds exists all around us, including the "magic" of miracles, all the things that you can't explain, the money that arrives just when you need it, the friend who happens to tell you exactly what you need to know, the mysterious little old man who got in your way and slowed you down just enough so that you avoided a terrible car wreck....
How about the time that I slipped on the stairs, turned a full 270 degrees head over heels in the air, and landed twelve feet away on a chair that shouldn't have been there ---- totally unharmed? I must admit that I have always been sensitive to energy, able to perceive things that others around me don't see, and able to just naturally do things that are--- well, at times, a bit surreal.
So, I know enough about magic to recognize it when the rotten corporations posing as governments use "poppets" --- the European version of voo-doo dolls -- in the form of Legal Fiction Persons used to impersonate us. It's black magic, and it's "black" because it is done in secret and it is done to control you against your free will.
It was with this observation in mind that I went poking around researching the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Grandmother of the modern Occultist Movement--- and imagine my shock when I found this posted online by David Griffin, claiming to be the head of the Alpha et Omega branch (and now tree) of the original Order:
His presentation is, well, unsettling. Being slapped in the face with a halibut comes to mind. Here is his opening salvo:
"No one thought it was possible.
A virus that lives in your subconscious mind…
Infecting first your thoughts, your emotions and then your entire energy body.
Forcing you to self-destruct morally, socially, sexually and spiritually each and every each day…
While slowly making you a prisoner of your own life, enslaving you from the moment you wake up to the second your head hits the pillow at night.
Recently declassified C.I.A. documents confirm this is real."
He then details the historical development of mind control and mass hypnosis, subliminal messaging, and mind-bending in the weaponized environment of the Cold War, which, as he points out, we should recognize as a Spiritual War, because it all hinges on beliefs and energy--- and what he describes as a deliberately created "Mind Virus" that destroys and enslaves people from the inside out, delivered via mass media and television.
Black magic, again.
All this stuff we've been hearing about --- child sacrifices, sex slaves, perversions, torture, adrenochrome --- is black magic. It can't stand the light of day.
Much of what he discusses I already knew about (though I was surprised to find Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton working hand-in-glove to promote monopolization of the communications industry and the destruction of the Public Trustee role of the FCC), but Griffin added in his own bits and pieces from his viewpoint as a professional magician --- someone well-qualified to recognize occult practices.
I sat there, a bit stunned, but thinking---who would be better able to recognize this for what it is, than a magician?
The Bible warns against any dabbling in "sorcery" and "soothsaying" and with good reason. Ignorant people can get in a lot of trouble "calling" demons and trying to summon and talk to the dead.
While we are here in our 3-D form, we are not consciously aware of all the other channels --- just like radio or television channels --- that are separated from us by a few clicks of frequency and bandwidth, and we don't know the Good Guys from the Bad Guys in the unseen world, much less how to stay safe if we do come into contact. I've always considered the Bible a source of excellent advice on this subject and still do.
However, coming from a long, long line of Green Witches --- pharmacists before there were pharmacists --- I also know that we can simply ask and receive the help and information we need. I know that we are not alone, and if our intentions are good and our motives are pure--- and we call on safe sources--- there is nothing to fear for all the reasons Yeshuah outlined for us.
David Griffin has taken the initiative in the battle by proposing to train White Magicians to do battle with the Black Magic
practitioners --- another jaw-dropping but logical idea.
He is opening the door to those who wish to learn White Magic --- which begins with teaching people to defend themselves from evil forces and manipulators, using time-tested techniques to retrain the subconscious mind and overcome indoctrination.
I obviously haven't taken this training, but as I was reading and looking at the books listed I realized this is what my Grandmother taught me as a child and what Jim's Grandmother taught him --- and that training, delivered while doing such unlikely pursuits as peeling apples, is probably the reason that we can't be hypnotized or traumatized. Or indoctrinated.
We learned psychic self-defense as small children, and everyone on Earth should be taught that much magic.
If you are inspired and heartened by what you've learned in terms of defending yourself from energetic and psychic attacks, you can go on from there to learn the means to use White Magic against Black Magic. That is certainly not for everyone, but among those reading this, there are those who have what it takes in terms of energy, ability to focus, strength of intention, firmness of character, and love --- to be a Spiritual Warrior.
I didn't realize it, but I've been trained all my life.
It has been estimated that if only 10,000 people would attune themselves to the frequency of love in the same moment, the entire Earth would be transformed in the twinkling of an eye ---- and that was not calculated by a priest or a dreamy-eyed shaman sitting on a beach. That was calculated by a physicist who was amazed to find that the means to make the Biblical prophecy come true, was already hard-wired into the world we live in.
So come on, folks, hasten the day! Fill your hearts and minds with loving thoughts. Use your ability to daydream. Pour on your random acts of kindness!

I only need 9,999 to join me!


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  1. thank you Anna, thank you Paul, thank you Teri, thank you all. Anonymous says (or by any other "name" would smell as sweet!) we are all anonymous here, and annonymous is on board!

    thank you all!

    1. Thank Jesus Christ Joshua Yashua, son of Father Eternal

    2. To: Anna Maria Reizinger and all members of the 'Federation' of states and American States Assemblies.

      We authorize the Bank of England, the Vatican Bank, the Bank of International Settlements, The Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the International Monetary Fund to offer you the following:
      Complete independence as an unincorporated nation of states with full sovereignty, forgiveness of all debts both public and private and the return of all gold and assets belonging exclusively to the former 'The United States of America' and The United States. As an unincorporated entity your 'Federation' of nation states will not have access to any land mass or air space outside the borders of the former colonies and territories. As required by law access to all international sea lanes is available to all nations both incorporated and unincorporated. Your independent Federation will have Allodial Title to all Land, Soil, Air and Sea up to 20 miles from your natural borders and all natural resources within your own borders. You will provide any and all natural resources for the maintenance and sustenance of your own peoples. Note that Allodial ownership of Title does not imply sovereign ownership. The Global Community of Incorporated Nations only trades with other nations incorporated into the international community. You will be fully and totally independent including your own monetary system of your own choosing. The international community will not accept currency from any unincorporated nation or state. No access to any international or national resources. Access to any incorporated nation will be denied under law. To be perfectly clear, the peoples of America do not own the planet. You will be required to make lease payments in the form of gold, silver, platinum or other natural or man made resources to the planetary owners. These payments shall be 20 ounces of ,999 gold bullion or other equivalent per square kilometer of land mass lakes and streams within your borders.
      This is a standing offer from the owners and beneficiaries of the World, Atmospheric, Maritime and Global Trusts. You will retain all interest in your national and state trusts.
      You have two other options, 1. Accept the Lawful Confederate States of America under the Articles of Confederation as stipulated by the owners and reject the notion of reviving a failed government and constitution. The Confederate States are open to discussion with the 37 territories in forming a permanent union under the original united States of America as an incorporated nation of states. 2. Fight.
      If you fail to contact the owners below within 48 hours we assume you choose to fight or starve.

      United Terran and Lunar Colonies and Nations Inc. 864-225-3926

      John Curren Chapman 111, President
      Elisabeth Alexandra Mary, Vice President
      Ruth Ann Rankin Chapman, Secretary and Treasurer

    3. Children: This planet is undergoing the birth of a new civilization into the 5th dimension of life. You are irritating the Holy Mother and you are a pain in her ass. She has decided to abort the majority of you little buggers because after all it IS Her body. We can use your corpses as dog food or fertilizer. Because you feel no pain no anesthetic will be utilized. You are not even life forms, only secondary fetus's. Prepare for surgery humans. Your lives are forfeit for the overall good of Us. Our attorneys, Lawyers and Superior Court support this position of late term abortion due to the life of the mother being in grave danger. As fetuses you have no say so in this matter. John Chapman and the already Born again Children of God and the Holy Mother.

    4. Anna needs 10,000 souls to join her movement. 10,000 souls will not change the course of history and fate. We need 169,000 souls to change the course of Herstory and destiny. Herstorys destiny determines Historys fate. His Story vs Her Story., God and Goddess from different perspectives. Our History was determined and inacted by the Gods. Our future is determined by the Goddess and inacted by the Gods. God is matter. Goddess is anti-matter. That is all that Matters. JOHN 111 (Jack) LUCIFER (Lucy)

    5. Seven of Nine. Jack is 7, Lucy is 9. Medusa is the Borg Queen Mother. Lucy is the Borg Queen Sister. JOHN 111 (Jack) LUCIFER (Lucy). Who is Lucifer?

  2. Hi Anna,
    "I only need 9,999 to join me!" Great thought indeed, but what makes you think you're the only one? A viable plan for permanent world peace has been in the works and is being implemented as the planet turns daily. A very ancient knowledge and technology, an ancient profession of 9000 experts, revived in the heart of India. So carry on. I foresee that many will join with you and you will all join with those in India being trained to usher in a deeper understanding of Natural Law and the utilization of it to raise world consciousness to the point where humanity can finally transcend those ever present forces of darkness, the few that have enslaved the many. The time to 'turn on the light' is fast approaching. No fear!
    Read about it here:

    1. Hopefully they teach them our true cosmology! The world doesn't turn. Its fixed and immovable. Earth =inertia , planet= plane. We live on a plane of inertia inside of a torus field!

    2. Freeman: The planet rotates on its axis within a torsion field. The world turns as the worm turns. The only thing fixed and immovable is the Law of GOD. India is subject to the Law of the Goddess Inanna, JOHN 111

  3. the lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding.

    the rightful heirs of house of plantagenet join you in this intention.

    confirmatio cartarum.

    1. Count me in! 9,997

    2. Bernie on Oxford County Maine. Count me in

  4. I wholeheartedly and prayerfully join you, Anna

  5. With you grandmother!

  6. Hey John Raisin-Currant Chapaquitee -- You are NOT the owner of the land and soil jurisdiction of America, and you don't threaten us or tell us what for.

  7. the yt channel clyde do something has videos up that show a police at Rolling Thunder standing behind a woman and shoving her in the back.
    this is the "Update on the Woman on Rollerblades...", or something like that.
    looks to me like they are Acting outrageously because, What?... does somebody needed to "Create a Defendant"? or something?
    were they trying to Break the Peace because it was so peaceful and so many Canadians turned out to participate??
    are they attempting to provoke the Canadian men with such obvious uncalled for outrageousness as putting their hands on Canadian women or trampling Canadian women with horses?... are they trying to Challenge the Canadian men so that they have an excuse to use those 800 Hired Police on the Canadian men??

    its very weird looking because he shoves the woman, she turns around and gives h a shove back, and he immediately was ready to and a did do a bodyslam(?), clyde said, with his full body weight-- she isnt very big.

    this is very puzzling to watch because it *looks* like the police are trying to provoke the people to what??... Break the Peace!!!!????


  8. Same as they want to do here; unjustly provoke to cause uprising; crush with overwhelming force; "stole it fair and square" then, by law of conquest. "My kingdom is not of this world. Which is why My followers do not fight!" Hope the people are not stupid enough to poke that bear. Especially when he's fallen, and can't get up. Waco, ruby ridge, oklahoma city, 9/11, THEYRE def experienced, n geared up for a fight they (think they) can't lose. If they can only get us to strike back. Good thing we remembered that the Son overcame him with the sword of His mouth! His words

    1. "... If they can only get us to strike back. Good thing we remembered that the Son overcame him with the sword of His mouth! His words."
      fine words!

  9. It is not only filling the moment with positivity. The moment must contain the fulfillment of all things, which is getting closer, but we must fulfill what remains lacking on our parts, trusting our equal opposit to add the negativ

  10. Does "the entire Earth would be transformed in the twinkling of an eye" mean that all the 5G towers will be dismantled as well? .........

    1. "5G - the 'Stupidest Idea in the History of the World'!":

  11. Anyone ever heard of something known as Fandom

  12. Nope. All the law and prophets have been fulfilled; else the Old (Mosaic) Covenant is still in effect. There's no way around that. Therefore, this conjecture about magic and "fulfilling prophecy" is something else.

  13. United terran and Lunar Colonies and Nations inc. ? Who is that supposed to be, and what makes them think they own the planet?