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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Please, Spare Me

 By Anna Von Reitz

What a firestorm of criticism hit my desk.  Oooh, wee!  

Note that I am not a Roman Catholic.  Since I found my Evangelical Lutheran Church functioning as an incorporated franchise of foreign corporations and selling Baptismal Certificates, I haven't belonged to any church, okay?  

Once we find evil, we have to oppose it.  

And not just by waving our hands and feeling helpless.  

When I find evil or crime at work, I don't wait for help.  I stand against it.  Unequivocally.  Alone. I take action and don't look back, because that is my responsibility.  I have to do what I have to do. And so do you --- for yourselves, for your families, for your countries, and for your futures. 

So, I am not Catholic.  I have no voice in the inner workings of the Roman Church, much less the Roman Catholic Church --- two separate things, one secular, one sacred, both severely messed up and in need of immediate corrective action from within.  

American Catholics are faced with a Double-Whammy, both their church and their country under assault from within at the same time.  How could it come to this? 

Think back.  Think of the Albigensian slaughter.  Think of what the Inquisition did. The Crusades.  Think of the Church slow-roasting Jacques de Molay alive in front of Notre Dame to force him to tell them where their money went.  Think of them doing the same thing to William Tynsdale and other Christian scholars for the "crime" of translating the Bible.  The wanton slaughter of  South American Indian nations.  Ignatius Loyola killing for Christ.  The grotesque Oath that Jesuit Priests were required to take during the Anti-Reformation.  

And this is far from the first time that there have been outrageous claims of pedophilia and torture and child sacrifice and money laundering and relationships with criminal syndicates and other profoundly nasty things associated with the Catholic clergy.  

There have always been things like this in Catholic History that make no sense if you are dealing with a Christian Church --- horrible things that are absolutely and diametrically opposed to the teachings of Yeshuah.  

And the answer to this mystery  is?  

That the Roman theocracy crouched in back of the Church is pagan.  Is now.  Always has been.  And the species of paganism being practiced by this Roman theocracy changes over time, to the point by now, they are advocating cannibalism.  Literally.  As a doctrine. 

This pagan theocracy has come out of the closet as various iterations of the Holy Roman Empire.  Inevitably, it has acquired such a bad reputation that it has been driven back underground and been suppressed, but, the Roman theocracy still carries on the functions of government, maintains armies, gets involved in the coinage of money, banking, and issuance of credit, indulges in politics, collects taxes, issues patents and copyrights, creates corporations, and  preys upon its own citizenry, as other governments have done. 

So, the Good Church is flanked by the Bad Church, and the people who are members of The Roman Catholic Church --- the vast rank and file of over 1.2 Billion members, are left in the dark.  They are unable to raise their voice and correct any part of the pagan theocratic Roman Church government, because, for the most part, they aren't even truly aware that it exists--- and unless they have been initiated by doing things like drinking baby blood, they aren't considered members of this pagan cult.  

Rank and file Catholics don't have a vote, though they suffer all the results of this unseen Roman theocracy running amok.  Just as they suffer the results of being classed as Municipal citizens of the United States, without knowing why.  

Now, at least, they know why, and have a chance of doing something about it.  


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  1. Good church, bad church, left, right, deep church. There is one church. It is called the church. Any church using the name church is a and part of the church. Here is one of the greatest tricks the club of rome pulled pulled on us all in their time of control of the received texts. The word church derives from the greek word 'kuriakos,' meaning - 'belonging to the Lord', which occurs twice in the new testament. Get that? Twice! That is precisely therefore, the exact number of times "church" should appear in the bible. But "church" was not content with her place of only two occurrences. So, it displaced another word. The greek word "ekklesia", meaning called out and set apart, congregation, assembly, occurs some 177 times =/-, and almost ALL of these were translated "church." The fact is that the "church" is what it is. a cursed, wretched, filthy, unclean, manmade thing, and marked for destruction. The "ecclesia" which our Lord created with His Word in matt 16 "upon this rock, I will build My...assembly." Jesus (the other Joshua) may have created the church. But Joshua def did not. The living body He did create is only now beginning to reassemble, from a valley of dry bones.

  2. I doubt that the true rulers of the Roman catholic church oligarchy are Pagan. Pagans are good nature lovers that suffered the most from the inquisition and other similar crusades. Especially in the Ukraine but all over the whirled. Kingdom of Tartaria comes to mind, as well as Anastasia of the ringing cedars and her Vedruss Pagans. What's so bad about loving nature? Maybe there are better words to describe the religious or traditions of the oligarchy of a verminous, wicked corpseoration such as the true oligarchy behind the world's biggest religion, the Roman catholic church is being postulated as.

  3. the whole "bible" is "pagan" every "yeshua"

    pillar and post

    masonic "mysteries" only for higher ups

    revelation egyptian mysteries secret from foundation of the world, only for higher ups. seeing they will not see, hearing they will not hear.

    do not cast pearls before swine -- kabbalah and "jewish" "mysteries" only for higher ups, esdras 72 secret "books" (likely just astrology), ad nauseum.

    enoch, cadmus/kadmon/adam/alchemy rebis, "heavenly alphabet" -- same with golden book of revelation/lds. "mysteries" only "higher ups" can see "god". moses same, red heifer -- only moses knows.

    this is how all "religions" work.

    secret from foundation of the world.

    "only nature can overcome nature" -- isis the prophetess. only baptism in fire and water can overcome lake of fire. same with deucalion -- fire and water.

    catholic encyclopedia, trinity as mystery.

    litany of saints, oldest known litany, was, is, ever shall be.

    revelation: and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth -- compare Babi egyptian baboon. same double-sided as hermes flute and red heifer. stands at the lake of fire. devours the unrighteous dead. propels (in a manner you will have to look up yourself) the righteous up to heaven. oh my "paganism". same exact religion, just different symbology/imagery.

    so, thoth shows up in "revelation" of the "christians". no wonder they didnt want people translating "the bible" it is just egyptian "mysteries" -- and they were following orders.

    see ancient egypt, light of the world, 2 volumes, has it for free. that's why noone can change a word of revelation. only for "initiates". seeing they will not see, hearing they will not hear.

    there's no other non-pagan "yeshua" that's all there ever was. bible "mysteries" or dogma "mystery" or masonic "mysteries" or kabbalah "mystery" or moses "mystery" of his staff (and aaron, and nauseum)

    masonry claims to be modern descendent of the "mysteries". and "the bible" is just an offspring of this. doesnt matter if it is "judaism" "christian" "catholic" (roman or otherwise).

    so, any questions about "paganism" can be directed to the self-appointed successors of the pagan "mysteries". this is not rocket science, it just requires reading, research, cross-referencing, and not getting entangled into political posturing and "secular" nonsense that has nothing to do with any of this.

    we see son of joseph, dove, columba constellation. solar antapex. aquila, "john the eagle" "sons of thunder" "falcon" for egypt, sparrow-hawk. son of david/resurrection. hoopoe bird, chosen as israel bird -- indicated succession from father to son in egypt. so, still "paganism" all over the place. because its all astrology. there are only so many ways you can do astrology and call it "god". check out top of solomon's throne -- dove opposite sparrow hawk.

    it is the same religion over and over and over, with new characters "representing" thing every time. there is no other "yeshua" that is somehow not part of this.

    annunaki, enki circled the pole. all the "world tree" religions will be pretty much the same. "great year" the "greater mystery of amenta".

    there is no other "joshua". that's all "the bible" is. that's all the "dogma" points to. that's all "protestantism" ever came up with. there is no non-pagan "yeshua". there is no non-pagan "christianity" or "catholicism" or "judaism"

    backwards compatibility -- they decided metaphorical sacrifice was better than the real thing. red heifer is slaughtered. same old "paganism" now (except people who want to sacrifice animals still) is all christ/osiris/pan/mithra/etc. ever was.

    1. there's no other "yeshua" or "The lord" except "paganism". that's where it came from, that's what it is, that is where it is headed. law of conservation of energy in modern terms. conway's law in modern terms.

      the astrological "religion" track does not go anywhere else, does not come from anywhere else, will never be anything else, no matter how "metaphorical" it becomes. will still be "paganism" at its core.

      there are no non-pagan "religions" it is a meaningless "image" "leftist identity politics" that changes with the weather. the equivalent of anyone who dresses in black is a "satanist" -- complete nonsense.

      pillar and post -- ever-shifting boundaries. meaningless nonsense.

      "christians" still put ashes on the forehead, just like saturn. OMG "paganism" lol.

      let us not get into bible stories of characters sleeping with their father. it is much better to have an astrological interpretation -- anyone who takes any of "the bible" literally is "second death" "the dead" and that is not an actual method of "exegisis" for anyone -- not for jews, not for "christians" not for "catholics"

      if there is any "paganism" it is "literalizing" myths and astrological events, personifying them as if they were real people who were "resurrected" on earth -- pure idolatry. pure materialism. that is pure "satanism" any way you look at it.

      columba, noah's dove. start there. there is some astrological story. anything else, is people pushing political propaganda -- and "dominionism" "millenialism" idolatry/"second death" or non-testaments "everyone agrees on the lord" or "10 commandments" rubbish that even "jews" do not require of everyone

      religion is quite simple -- egypt rulers had a "sieve". you merely need to sieve through all the secular/political/finance/business/worldly nonsense and extract the essence.

      "read between the lines"
      St. Augustine alluded to this perennial and universal truth when
      he said: "That which today is called the Christian religion existed
      among the Ancients, and has never ceased to exist from the origin
      of the human race, until the time when Christ himself came, and
      men began to call Christian the true religion which already existed

      this is no secret -- just lazy people who are unable to read or do any real research apparently.

      there is also no such thing as a "catholic american". bouviers "heresy" does not exist. noone can serve to masters.

      there is no "christian" america and never was. *maybe* articles of confederation, up to each state. the continental congress startled the british declaring independence for "jehovah". no "christ" or "jesus" or "yeshua" anywhere in site.

      quasi-"old testament" at best. same as the modern "10 commandments everyone agrees on" rubbish, even though new testament is 180. must leave your worldly family, be born again (bible uses the word "hate"). noone else is worthy of "yeshua". galatians, grace. ad nauseum. paul the gnostic. just like revelation gnostic john and cerinthus heresy.

      oh my, "pagans" in the bible again. this is the norm. this is everywhere. this is all it ever was. there is no other "yeshua" or "the lord" except "paganism".

    2. St. Augustine alluded to this perennial and universal truth when
      he said: "That which today is called the Christian religion existed
      among the Ancients, and has never ceased to exist from the origin
      of the human race, until the time when Christ himself came, and
      men began to call Christian the true religion which already existed

      so, this was never a secret -- there is only so many ways you can tell the same astrological story over and over again.

      there is no non-pagan "yeshua". there never was. astrology is astrology. the rest is people's imaginations -- and literally changes with the weather

    3. "paganism" is every prior pole star. and eventually it all cycles back around.

      so, pisces will be "paganism" soon, and anything non-aquarius. then aquarius will become "paganism" and the cycle goes on and on.

      the just inherit the pole -- the sibyll's song. same with tao and ying yang -- draco in the center. the supreme pole. any religion with a "world tree" or "garden" is just draco. that is pretty much all of them.

      it is not that difficult -- except people thinking there is anything besides astrology going on. these are conceptions people have invented in their own heads, because they are not egyptian "initiates" and

      "seeing they will not see, hearing they will not hear" -- "yeshua"

      so "yeshua" is also pagan mysteries for "initiates" only.

      any complaints should be directed to masonry, who claims to be the successors of the "mysteries". don't know why this is so difficult -- they claim to have started all this. they claim to be the modern day successors.

      anyone directing fingers anywhere else is ignoring masonry who has already said they are responsible for this mess.

    4. ask masonry why they spread the "pagan mysteries" in the form of "bibles", while not explaining a word of it to anyone.

      this is not that difficult. find your nearest lodge and walk up and knock and ask for the "true history" of these events. i'm sure they are very friendly folks.

      we know where the modern day "mysteries" are -- masonry. ask them what the "secret from the foundation of the world" is.

      ask them what "yeshua" was about. ask them about "the lord"

      if you want answers, you have to go to the right people and places. masonry is "the mysteries".

      any bible/yeshua questions or "the lord" or "moses" should be directed to the proper parties that invented these characters/stories.