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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Principles of Heaven

By Anna Von Reitz

1. The Central Banks belong to us, just like all the incorporated Territorial and Municipal Governments and their franchises belong to us. 
2.  This happened because the rats were abusing our delegated powers for their own benefit, not because they intended to benefit us or honor our interests.
3.  They intended to roll everything up in one big Ball of Wax and claim it all as abandoned property---thereby securing a permanent worldwide private hegemony owned and operated by them: a "new world government"---which would have been the old feudal monarchist system only ten times worse.
4.  We woke up in time and claimed it all back instead. This was not accomplished by the wisdom of men, but by the Holy Spirit working in us.
5.  We also located (and secured) the evidence to prove how this was done and identify the parties responsible.  
6.  Now the banks are more than ever motivated to wash their hands and avoid culpability for all this.
7.   The effort to "offset liability" has been ongoing for several decades and various means have been offered -- the appointment of various "M1s" like Ferdinand Marcos, the "Committee of 300", the "Spiritual White Boy Accounts", the Global Debt Facility, and more recently, the "Chinese Elders". 
8.   We have poo-poohed all of it because it is just more smoke and mirrors.
9.   Our opinion is important, because we literally own all of it, including the Central Banks.
10.  Now, instead of the Chinese Elders, they are offering to set up the American Indian Elders as the "Drop Box" --- that is, the Third Parties holding all our assets "in trust" and managing our business for us. 


Land and Sea -- Peacekeepers and Law Enforcement, Continental Marshals and US Marshals.... ???

By Anna Von Reitz

Almost every country on Earth has land jurisdiction and sea jurisdiction related to it. The exceptions are a very few landlocked countries, and even they have agreements to use the ports of other countries and conduct business "at sea".
Land and Sea....two different jurisdictions. One that is unincorporated (land) and one that is incorporated (sea).
Peacekeeping Officers --- Sheriffs and Deputies of the unincorporated land and soil jurisdiction Counties operate in international and sovereign capacity, like their forefathers in the Old West. They enforce the Public Law within the borders of their Counties, including the guarantees of the Constitutions owed to the states and the people. They are the highest ranking Law Officers in the County by far. Like all land jurisdiction judges (properly called Justices of the Peace) they take a Public Oath of Office which does not include any reference to God. This is because under Constitutional Government, the separation of Church and State is observed in America. These men and women work directly for the people of this country and exercise the American Common Law in their behalf. They are elected by people who have reclaimed their birthright political status. The elections are conducted via paper balloting and advertised for at least 30 days prior to Election Day. Most actual Sheriffs serve a term of at least two years and many serve for four years. Land jurisdiction Sheriffs have the ability to deputize as many "deputies" as they need to accomplish the functions of their office.

Only Nine (9) to Go!

By Anna Von Reitz

I mentioned yesterday that when the so-called Civil War began in 1860 there were only 37 states enrolled in the Union. Most of what we think of as the Western States were still being populated and were in territorial status at the time, and Alaska and Hawaii were not even close to being on the radar for statehood.
So, given the situation we now know existed after the "Civil War" with the British Territorial United States pulling its fraud and Breach of Trust --- where did it leave those states?

You may have noticed we have been away from the office this weekend.

I would like to explain why I have not been publishing this weekend, or "minding the store" so to speak.

Saturday night, when we were getting ready for bed, Gladys, my wife for 48 years, had a fall and broke her left hip. We went to the emergency room in the Whitefish hospital about an hour from here, and by noon on Sunday she had a complete hip replacement surgery.

We are back home now and she is on her way to recovery. She is walking with a cane, and not in a lot of pain, which is amazing considering what happened and when it happened.

In any case, we had good insurance for the medical, like hospital and doctor, with a low deductible.

I think the only things it doesn't cover is meds, and travel back and forth to the doctor for follow up visits.

We don't have anyone helping so I have to care for her, and might be a little slower in publishing Anna's articles for a week or two until she can move around a little better. She has to be real careful and I am doing her chores, but we are happy with the way everything is going.

This could have been a lot worse. Since Gladys, at 67, is in near perfect health according to all the tests she had, the doctor said it's one of the easiest operations he has done, and he does almost 150 of these every year.

Thanks for your patience and your prayers, and thank God for big favors, and little ones too.

Please know we are praying for you all as well.

Paul Stramer