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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Only Nine (9) to Go!

By Anna Von Reitz

I mentioned yesterday that when the so-called Civil War began in 1860 there were only 37 states enrolled in the Union. Most of what we think of as the Western States were still being populated and were in territorial status at the time, and Alaska and Hawaii were not even close to being on the radar for statehood.
So, given the situation we now know existed after the "Civil War" with the British Territorial United States pulling its fraud and Breach of Trust --- where did it leave those states?
In limbo.
The (Territorial) United States Congress promised them "statehood" but because there was no National Congress in session, these states-in-waiting could never actually be enrolled. Instead, the Territorial United States Congress established "State" land trusts named after the actual States called "Montana State" and "Nevada State" and so on, and then papered over these "federal trust lands" with their very own state-of-state organizations operating under deceitfully similar names as the "(Territorial) State of Montana, (Territorial) State of Idaho, etc.
So, in truth and in fact, even though these Western States are owed full statehood like any of the other states of the Union, they still are technically in territorial status and still being administered as presumed "public trusts" of the Territorial United States. With that entity now being in Chapter 11 Reorganization, these states are in grave jeopardy. Again, in theory, they could be subjected to a false claim of abandonment, and sold off to the Secondary Creditors of the bankrupt Territorial United States.
The actual sovereign government operated as The United States of America (Unincorporated) has stepped forward and claimed them back, but until we can get our land jurisdiction counties and States back on the board and a National Congress convened, all these Western States are still in limbo. Their people are, and are not, recognized as Americans, and their land remains largely held in trust by the Federales instead of being in their own hands.
As of last Thursday, 21 of the original 37 States are present and accounted for. Only nine more to go, before we have a quorum competent to reopen the National Congress for the first time since 1860.
I have been preaching for many months the importance of two things--- getting your own political status corrected, and then, getting your local county jural assembly restored to full function.
There is nothing of greater importance that you can do to assure your own safety and that of your family, and nothing more important you can do for your country. Imagine living in one of the Western States right about now, and realizing that you have built your life and sunk everything into homes and ranches and businesses that technically "belong to" a bankrupt foreign corporation? And the only thing standing between you and their Secondary Creditors is a badly neglected 242 year old Union of States that still uses Silver Dollars as its currency?
So, everyone reading this --- you are on a Mission to save your own bacon and save the Western States.
The Michigan General Jural Assembly has stepped to the plate to help all of you get organized, and as of last week, they had exciting news to share:
As of March 22nd 2018 9pm to 10pm Thursday night 21 states had representation present in the first DeJure national quorum since 1861 with a roll call and minutes of the meeting recorded. The next meeting is scheduled for next Thursday evening March 29th 2018 at 9pm to 10pm eastern time. We no longer just have a national assembly training call. After 2 years of work We THE People have organized into a lawful assembly as per Article 1 of the Bill of Rights! At the point when we have 30 states present for roll call we will be able to move forward.
New website being developed for the national assembly and soon to be made public.
For now please visit for resources and information.
Send an email to with your state in the subject line to be added to your state's assembly.
(End message from MGJA.)
Please, if you've been sitting on your rump, wondering what to do next----organize your local county. Maybe at the start it will only be "me and you and Ted and Alice" --- but that doesn't matter. If there is even only one American standing up and claiming their birthright political status in a county, that county is still populated and still counts in the State Assembly.
I hope I am getting the urgency and importance of your action across to you. This is something that only Americans claiming their birthright political status can do. Nobody can do it "for" us, and if you don't, who will?
It has been a hundred and fifty years since we convened a National Level Congress and took care of business --- like formally enrolling the Western States as States and collecting our rent as Priority Creditors of the Territorial and Municipal Governments and receiving back all our lands that have been held in "trusts"----don't you think it's about time that you paid attention and got involved?
For your own sake, for your state and for everyone else?
Michigan General Jural Assembly holds a National Conference Call every Thursday night, nine o'clock EST1-712-720-4160  participant code 226823# .
They also offer a Hotline from 2-7 pm, Monday - Thursday1-989-450-5522.

Get a move on, America! Only nine states left to go!

See this article and over 900 others on Anna's website here:
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  2. Bravo Anna, though I am not a citizen I do have children who are and do live in some of the Western States. Which Western States are still in jeopardy? Thank you.

    1. i am not affiliated, so just my opinion.

      i believe any states that "joined the union" after ~1860 "civil war", have not been admitted properly.

      i believe normal process for "new" states is they are a "territory" first (see "hang em high" movie, one court for the whole oklahoma territory, and he is "federal") which are essentially "Federal" and not necessarily "bill of rights" for anyone. see "territory" bouviers 1856, key word "terror".

      as in "possessions and territories of the united states".

      point being, territories are not states, so anything that was still a territory around ~1860 likely did not join properly. i believe oregon just barely got in.

      the new "pledge" they switched to "one nation" of "Federal citizens only" (see blacks law dictionary, compare to "State of x" state constitution and "voter registration") .

      hence all the fake "state of x" ... part of the "one nation" not actual states. the fake ones are "federal citizens only" (they call it "us citizen" or "citizen of the united states" without defining those terms) .

      the "new" state of x's you will never see "state citizen" written look to be 14th amendment "us citizens" only, who only "Reside" in a "state"

      also related:

      also see bouviers 1856 title page/cover "several states". see "citizen" too of course., click "Database copyright information".

      see "new york" to note they even let negroes be "state citizens" prior to "civil war"

      seems even the already-"Free"-before-civil-war negroes in the "north" are in the same boat nowadays.

      so, the properly-admitted states need to assemble, then the not-yet-admitted states will need to write state constitutions it looks like, that are not "Federal citizens only", and then the proper states can admit the improper.

  3. The federal government is incorporated, and not returning enough profit to shareholders of or the federal prison franchise.

  4. I am a Canadian and was going to share this post on my Facebook page, but without the names of the 9 states it seems a moot point. I do have many USA friends.

    1. From Teri:

      Below is a list of states that were not in attendance on last Thursday's call. If you know someone in one of the states listed below have them call in on Thursday, March 29th at 6pm PST, 9pm EST. When their state's name is called during roll call, have them answer "present". 1-712-770-4160, access code 226823#.



















      New Jersey

      New Mexico

      New York

      North Dakota


      Rhode Island

      South Carolina



      West Virginia

  5. I agree. Please list the 9 states left to send word out to others that may be able to help. Thanks for all the great information.

  6. Once again, important details are left out just like I keep saying.

  7. For those seeking a land office to record their: Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Re-Conveyance of Deed and by Extension CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME and also by Extension Act of Expatriation and Oath of Allegiance - I had no problem recording the documentation with the land recording office in Crow Wing County, Minnesota. Recording cost $46.00 plus $10.00 for a certified copy. My wife and I each recorded our separate documents there.

    Thank you Anna and Paul.

  8. Hello Anna,
    Is there a chance this opportunity may also be open to those of us outside USA wishing to add our names?
    Thank you Anna

  9. we need to get over discussing when a state entered the union. We have all much more in common than this. We are all Americans. What is America going to do?

    1. "we are all americans" -- that is not how the legal language goes, no court goes by that. it appears a make-believe status from what i see.

      "several states", not "one nation" -- did you "secede"?

      also, right on the cover, are 2 apropos quotes:
      The terms of an art being unknown, the art is also unknown
      I know that every science and every art has its own terms, unknown to ordinary men.
      the legal/lawful language does not use "american" anywhere that i can see, except possibly as some shorthand for some actual thing.
      Nimia subtilitas in jure reporbatur. Too much subtlety is reprobated in law.
      Nimium altercando veritas amiltitur. By too much altercation truth is lost.
      Hob. 344.

      Non est disputandum contra principia negantem. There is no disputing against a man denying principles. Co. Litt. 343.
      Reputatio est vulgaris opinio ubi non est veritas. Reputation is a vulgar
      opinion where there is no truth. 4 Co. 107. But see, Character.

      Res est misera ubi jus est vagam et invertum. It is a miserable state of
      things where the law is vague and uncertain. 2 Salk. 512.
      Ubi jus incertum, ibi jus nullum. Where the law is uncertain, there is no
      --- "maxim"

      this matters very much to me. i need proper ID as a state citizen, and/or national, because the "one nation" is "federal citizens only" and for the later-joining "states" noone ever bothered with:

      -- actual state government
      -- actual state seal
      -- actual state flag
      -- consent of the governed

      the "one nation" people need to get over their "secession" if they wish to have any contract with the "several states of the american union"

      see cover page/title page., bouviers law dictionary 1856, official constitutional law dictionary, click "Database copyright information"

      see "hanbury's modern equity" book opening pages re: "lord baltimore" (who my ancestors lived under) and how he had a dispute with william penn over borders of pennsylvania/maryland colonies.

      although he was "lord" (as in "landlord") and had his own courts for his colony, he was still a "british subject/citizen"

      across the ocean, an english court forced him to be "equitable", admitting he was "landlord" of his colony, but as a british subject, they felt they were merely forcing him to honour a contract he made prior, and claimed jurisdiction over all british subjects, "landlord" or not, across the ocean or not.

      these issues do matter. i dont particularly trust a 150-year-old bogus "Congress" claiming "ownership" of me because only "Federal citizens" can be in their new "one nation" and "state of x"

      i dont particularly like "federal citizens" governing me without any consent whatsoever.

      i have no problem with "naturalized state citizens".

      i also dont like being shanghied/dragooned/press-ganged. such are "war crimes"

      "america" i believe amerigo vespucci claimed for the pope, so i am sure as "vicar of christ" he will be able to manage.

  10. For now please visit for resources and information.
    Send an email to with your state in the subject line to be added to your state's assembly.

    Just as is stated "for resources and information" seems very clear where to direct your questions concerning states in need of assemblying.

  11. Kelli is right, the replay of Thursday's meeting is available and roll was taken. Those who aren't responsible for themselves will never be free, they will always want all of the work and research done for them.....or they're just a troll trying to confuse the issues.

  12. I just listened to replay of the 1st National call from march 22nd. No one spoke up for being present on Arizona on the call. I am happy to participate and commit to being present for Arizona as point person and/or state coordinator on the national call at this time if there is no others in Arizona committed to do so. Any Arizonan's having current organized assemblies and would like info from national level, be sure to send an email to to open up communications between our groups and to help reach our collective desired intent/outcomes peacefully, safely and the sooner the better for All. Thank you

    1. Kelli,
      I live neer Marana Arizona, my phone # 520-499-4300 if you care to call.

    2. Kelli,
      I live neer Marana Arizona, my phone # 520-499-4300 if you care to call.

    3. Very nice meeting you and talking with you today Steve!!
      Much Love and Peace in moving forward!

    4. Happy to hear Arizona was present on the 29th for National call! Also happy to hear that 32 states were present!! Awesome!! Way to go!!

  13. I don't understand this comment- And the only thing standing between you and their Secondary Creditors is a badly neglected 242 year-old Union of States that still uses Silver Dollars as its currency?

    1. i am not affiliated with this site, but looks simple to me.

      see cover page/title page., bouviers law dictionary 1856, official constitutional law dictionary, click "Database copyright information"

      note "several states".

      see "federal citizen" blacks law dictionary, compare to modern state of x constitutions/voter registration.

      look up a state in bouviers to see prior "state constitution" before the switcheroo. look up "citizen" too ( i am not advocating "white people only", but that is what is legally was, with some "naturalized" e.g. "new york" you can see let negroes be "naturalized state citizens" even before the "civil war")

      see the new "pledge": "one nation". note the new "Pledge" appeared only after the "civil war"
      it looks like the "north" is trying to secede into "one nation" so they set up fake "state of x" that are "federal citizens only" and not actual states.

      so, there is the union of actual/several states, untouched for ~150 years.

      and there is a "one nation" that came later, which consists of fake bogus "federal citizens only state of x" that are in a "union" of "secession" as it were.

      see also, "specie"
      see also:
      for the states that "joined" too late to get in the original union, the point is the "new" "one nation" is bankrupt, so the secondary creditors will just pretend we didnt want to be actual states, and hence are not priority creditors, and that we "owe" for all the bogus things the "one nation" people who seem to have "seceded" ran up.

      also, all these debts are unconstitutional anyways. there is not that much specie in all the world.

      see "maxim", noone can be forced to do the impossible.

      now, for "white people" like me, we are "posterity" so we are owed an actual state and have standing even without being a "Federal citizen" . it is not my fault the "feds" try to kidnap me at birth, impersonate the actual union and actual state, and i certainly dont "delegate" anything to the "one nation" people.

      but, they may say with no actual state for the later-joining ones, that we are not "priority creditors" although "posterity" is something i can prove with family tree, the "Feds" simply never bothered to lift a finger for the actual state.

      provably, they never gave a dime to the actual state, did everything possible to prevent one from actually forming, etc.

      never even issued proper ID or told anyone any of this.

      but they might claim we had no actual state ever, never got in the actual union even though we are owed such, and hence could not possibly be priority creditors.

    2. why it comes down to "white people" with proper family tree to save things, i would say because that is irrevocable, proves they have standing as actual state national, whether that state joined the actual union of several states or not.

      the prior system seemingly "citizen of the united states" was a shorthand for "citizen of ONE Of the states" ...

      with "civil rights" and 14th amendment, they redefined "us citizen" to mean their new debt slave.

      so, i believe reading things prior to "civil rights" ~1866 or so, the term "us citizen" means something different before and after.

      that is a big part of the deception, redefining words that already have one meaning, and giving them a new definition, but burying it under "Federal citizen", which you never see spoken/in print anywhere...

      if you never know ahead of time, because noone tells you, to look up "federal citizen" in blacks law dictionary, you will just assume "us citizen" only meant one thing always, and not spot the switcheroo.


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