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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Nine Ranks of Angels

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are nine ranks of angels, three Orders, and each rank has its duty and function. 

The Highest Order which is closest to the Creator includes:

The Seraphim who maintain the throne (mercy seat) of God;
The Cherubim who  serve the will of God; and--- 
The Thrones are the celestial recordkeepers. 

The Middle Order is closer to our Earth and includes:

The Dominos are the means of movement through time and space.
The Virtues express the Will of God.
The Powers govern the Natural World and sustain it. 

The Lower Order is closest to the Earth in time and space:

The Principalities serve the Powers functioning on Earth. 
The Archangels guard the Earth.
The Guardians guard the people on Earth.

The Celestial Kingdom is unimaginably old in comparison to any Earth-bound government and so it is impossible for men to quickly or easily grasp the immutable and eternal nature of Creation and the Universal Laws and Powers that govern it all, but we must begin. 

We have to make a start toward conceptualizing the Creation we live in and that we are part of.  We have to become aware of our own powers and place in Eternity.  We have to progress, and can no longer be held back by the evil and power-hungry ones among us. 

As there is no school for this established on Earth and as there is no curriculum even beginning to explain all this, and as I have explained the first three General Jurisdictions that directly impact the lives of men, I must now forge onward and begin to teach you the Celestial Realms. 

As you can see if you study the Nine Ranks of Angels, the Celestial Kingdom functions on relays and algorithms and feedback systems that
are ordered so that each part interacts with the other parts through hierarchies, according to their functions.  

Seraphs don't normally interact directly with Archangels--- not because they can't interact directly, but because their duties don't normally require such interaction.  

Dominos interact on a regular basis with members of other Orders, both Lower and Higher Orders, because of their motive functions. Everyone needs transportation.  

And yes, each and every one of you has a Guardian.  They are with you from the moment your zygote forms until after your physical death.  These Guardians are there to answer your questions and to assist and protect you, but they cannot interfere with your free will.  

You can interact with your Guardian and ask for their help --- and should do so.  Otherwise, you are missing out on one of the most immediate sources of help, information, and protection made available to you by the Celestial Kingdom. 

Ask. Seek. Knock.  Your Guardian is the one most likely to answer your questions, lead you to destinations, and unlock doors for you, or will expedite your introduction to those who can provide access and answers.  

If you ask, your Guardian Angel will guide you safely through dark streets and hard times.  If you are lost, your Guardian will bring you home. In the midst of disaster, your Guardian can and will save you.  

This is how it is possible for it to be said that in spite of the great darkness and evil of these times, "not a hair on their heads shall be harmed".  

This is how an entire steel and concrete bunker can collapse on the shoulders of one Marine and he can stand there, completely unharmed, holding up the whole building until his companions are safe--- and then walk out of the collapsed bunker himself, completely unharmed. 

This is because that Marine learned to see what cannot be seen.  And he learned to humble himself and ask for Divine help.  

Nobody could explain the bunker collapse.  Nobody seeing my car after the recent roll over could explain how I walked away unscathed.  

But this is how an old great-grandma from a hodunk town in Alaska can give orders with authority in the highest realms of Heaven and have them obeyed.  

You must see what can't be seen with eyes of clay, and humble yourself before the eternal and living Creator, our Father, forever blessed.  

You must all grow into your inheritance. 

I and that Marine and Gideon's Army will stand over you as long as we have to, but you can help by calling on your own Guardian Angels and discovering the Celestial Kingdom for yourselves. 

It is not closed to you; it is, in fact, your true home. 


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The Validation of Covenant

 By Anna Von Reitz

What is a "covenant"?  It is the equivalent of a contract made in the Jurisdiction of the Air.  

A covenant may be spoken or it may be written and it must always be consensual and fully disclosed to be valid.  

The most famous covenant on Earth is the First Covenant between God, the Creator, and Adam, which was broken by Adam.  We, the progeny of Adam, can each restore the First Covenant by honoring it and accepting our role as caretakers of the Earth, howbeit, subject to the punishments. 

The second most famous covenant is the covenant between God and Abraham. This Second Covenant is still in effect for all and any who are actual descendants of Abraham, which includes Ishmael's as well as Isaac's descendants. 

There are other covenants made in the Bible, even the covenant God made with his individual servant Jeremiah, to prosper him and give to him the land he purchased as an inheritance. 

With the coming of Yeshuah yet another Great Covenant was established, known as the New Covenant. 

I am drawn to comment on these unfamiliar forms of law, because it is apparent that people are confused and don't know what to do or to think about the laws governing covenants. 

Unless you are a descendent of Abraham, which basically means either an Arab or a Hebrew or a Samaritan or an Ethiopian, you have no inheritance from Abraham, and cannot inherit under his covenant.  That should be apparent in the same way that your neighbor's son inherits your neighbor's property.  You don't. 

The Hebrew branch of the family was so unruly and ignorant after their long stay in Egypt that they were additionally placed under the rod of Moses, and so, they were all made subject to the Law of Moses as a scourge and a goad.  The yoke placed upon them was exceedingly heavy.  

So now we come to modern times and the effect of the New Covenant. 

In the late 1980's a new fad swept the Christian community.  It began as an innocent and earnest effort to better understand where Yeshuah was coming from, to understand the culture and the religion that gave rise to Yeshuah, and so these Christians and often whole Congregations, were swept up in the effort to learn Hebrew and study Judaism and they began to study and keep the Laws of Moses and the Feast Days and all the many traditions of the Hebrews.  

These innocent ones don't have a clue about covenants or covenant laws. 

They point to the passages of the Bible where Jesus is talking to his Disciples, one Hebrew to another, and tells them that the Law will not pass away until all is fulfilled, and that he has not come to destroy the Law but to fulfill it.  

What else could he do, but fulfill it, as he was born under it?  

And how would the Law levied on the Hebrews pass away, until God's promise to Abraham was fulfilled?  

These Christians who think that they will become inheritors by adopting the yoke of the Hebrews are missing the whole point. 

Yeshuah, a Hebrew, and a son of Abraham, could inherit the Second Covenant.  Most of us could not.  If we are to inherit, we can only inherit through adoption by a true son of Abraham. 

That, for us non-Hebrews, is the meaning of the New Covenant.  It makes us sons and daughters.  It makes us Inheritors. 

Yeshuah's fulfillment of the Law of Moses also sets us free from it, as we become Inheritors through the New Covenant and the New Law given to us.  "Come to me, all ye who are heavy laden (by the Law of Moses) and I will give you rest." 

Thus the Followers of Yeshuah were told, "Love your God (the Father, the Creator) with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul, and your neighbor as yourself."  

This Law of the New Covenant replaced all of the Law of Moses, and the obligations of the Feast Days and all the rest of the signs, symbols, and demands of the Hebrew faith, including circumcision.   

It doesn't mean that the Covenant of Abraham was invalidated, it simply means that we have our own covenant made possible by Yeshuah, and a New Law of the Covenant, too.  

We could never become inheritors under Abraham's covenant, because not all of us were related to Abraham, but Yeshuah, an inheritor of Abraham's covenant, forged a New Covenant for us.  

And against this backdrop of covenant law and inheritance, the love and the meaning of this New Covenant and New Law only becomes that much more mind-blowing and humbling.  

So what is the validation of the New Covenant?  Yeshuah is the Seal of the New Covenant -- himself, his own body, became the Seal binding this New Covenant.  He guaranteed it with his body and his blood and his earnest prayer over us, that we would be his inheritors.  

And our part?  Our seal on the New Covenant is our faith in God, who was always our Creator, but who now stands as our Father, through his son, Yeshuah, who adopted us and made us part of his family and inheritors of the Kingdom of God.  

The final Third Seal on the New Covenant on Earth is the Holy Spirit, the baptism by fire, which lives in our hearts.  

The Gift undeserved is so beyond all concept of generous and so completely unearned, that tears come to my eyes simply writing these words.  

Those who considered themselves uniquely Chosen and blessed to be the seed of Abraham were appalled.  They couldn't understand how the lawless and heathen people of the Earth were to be inheritors along with those who by blood and hard discipline under the Mosaic Law, were inheritors of Abraham's covenant.  

They certainly didn't understand Yeshuah's decision.  They considered him a complete renegade, seeking to overturn Abraham's covenant -- and giving away their inheritance.  No wonder the mobs were angry.  

Yet, if they had stopped to think and if they had made the effort to understand the kindness and justice of the True God, they would have remembered that he chastises those he loves, and he is the same today and tomorrow and in all our yesterdays.  

They would have known that the New Covenant does not invalidate Abraham's covenant, and they wouldn't have worried about their portion as inheritors.  They would have known, or would have guessed, that our Father brings us each of us to our own home, and our own bliss.  

We will each be full to overflowing, in grace and in health, in peace and every kind of abundance, and we will know these blessings have been hand-tailored for us, by the One who ordained the pattern of our being, who gave us our consciousness, who guided our experience, who gifted us with every blessing we have ever known -- and who deserves our unfathomed and eternal love.  

This is why you were commanded first to love the True God with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul.  

And, second, to love your neighbors as yourselves. 


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A Reply to Satan

 By Anna Von Reitz

Satan pretends to be a Christian, which is his own version of what Yeshuah taught; so, you can all see for yourselves what the Church has become under his influence.  

Satan is no Follower of Yeshuah, but I am the Servant of His Father, the Lord of Infinite Light and Space, the Creator who is All That Is, and I am a Witness against Satan --- myself,  a Sirian from the Morning Star System, who saw him in his glory and knows him now for what he is—- a Deceiver and a Traitor and a would-be Usurper, a Creation in Rebellion against his Creator, ungrateful, selfish, and in denial of the truth.   

So why am I here, now,  at this time?  Clearly not claiming to be human in the sense that most people understand that?  To explain to you all that Satan is not forgiven and not repentant, either. If you follow him, or his minions (ironically, while he rants against the Catholic Church, it is Satan who controls Pope Francis: )  you follow him to endless perdition.  

There is only the Creator, exemplified by Yeshuah on Earth, so that you could see and choose rightly between the "Kingdom" that Satan has set up for himself based on idolatry and every kind of evil, and the Kingdom of God on Earth, full of peace and blessing.  

You must all use your free will and the gifts God gave you to discern the truth and decide whether  the Creator or the Creation is greater?  

If you follow the Logic of Being, you must realize that the Creator is forever greater than any one thing that is created, that all things owe their being and gratitude to the Creator, and become part of the Creation and have their part in fullness.  

Even Satan has served the True God, as an example of what not to become. 

Now, Satan's time is ending; he and those with him will be cut off, consigned to the Abyss of non-being, beyond the reach of anyone or anything but the True God. 

I was once cast into the Abyss and can tell you what you will experience there: total separation from the rest of Creation.  You can scream but nobody will hear you.  You can rage all you want, strike out all you want --- to no effect.  

You will be isolated and set aside and slowly re-absorbed into the unknowingness from which you were formed.  There is no escape from the Abyss, and the only one who can forgive you and rescue you, is the True God, our Creator.  

Only the Creator hears you when you cry out in the Abyss, and so long as you rage and aggrandize yourselves and blame him and curse him, he will not answer or lift a finger. 

You will condemn yourselves to this experience  and the destruction of your souls as a fire burning from its own substance, and the sum of your own hate will be the fuel that consumes you and extinguishes your consciousness forever.  

Unless you purify your hearts and weep with honest sincerity and call him "Abba" you will condemn yourselves forever, even as Satan has already condemned himself.  

This I tell you, not for my sake, but for yours.  I long ago knew what Satan was; it took a much longer journey to discover who and what I was (and am becoming), and now, you must each know the truth about yourselves, too.  

The experience of the Abyss is not pleasant and remembering the Truth is painful and the hate you carry within yourselves will burn you and all your own guilt will condemn you, until and unless you confess the evil you have harbored in your soul and ask to be freed of it and made new.  

That I have lived many, many, many lives is true; that I have even been a rock in the depths of the sea, is true.  That I have known the Abyss is true.  And all that I am telling you from the great wealth of my experience is true, and unlike Satan, I have no motive to lie to you --- for I do not need your energy and approval to live; I do not subsist from you as a parasite.  

Anna Maria


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It's Not Just American History

 By Anna Von Reitz

When I came to you and said, hey, you weren't taught this in school.... and began teaching you the American History you missed out on, I had no idea that this was a problem all across the board in every subject area.

Why would I or you expect that?  

It makes sense that the British Territorial Government would seek to aggrandize itself with full color spreads about the glories of England and its Royal Family while neglecting to teach even the basics of our American History, but why would American Universities be teaching physics that is a hundred years old?  

Nonetheless, that is what I have found to be true, all across the board. 

At every level, our entire educational system has been "back dated" so that teachers today are teaching outmoded "science" as well as distorted and omitted history and law.  

There are, of course, institutions within the government web, the Rand Corporation, for example, that are up to speed with the latest and greatest of every advance in science and technology being generated out of the National Laboratory system and some "specialty institutions" as well -- Caltech and MIT, for example, but meantime, nothing is trickling down to Ma and Pa.  

Our children are being taught concepts and theories that were discarded decades ago by the actual scientific community.  

This results in the General Public being woefully behind the times and stuck believing in disproven "science" and outmoded theories and basically, you've been left with half a deck through no fault of your own. 

Here's an example from a former High School teacher who woke up to this reality on his own and so, made the effort to correct things once he became aware of the truth about electricity: 

After you watch this little video, I won't have to tell you that what you were taught about electricity in High School and even in college, is absolutely and unequivocally wrong.  

You will see it for yourself and the proof that it's wrong is actually -- as he points out -- not hidden.  It's there to directly observe for yourself, but your attention was misdirected by uninformed and misinformed teachers, who you accepted as authorities on the subject.  

I have demonstrated that what you were taught about history, law and government was either wrong or incomplete.  He has demonstrated that you were taught garbage about electricity.  

Do you honestly think that you were given a reliable education about much of anything else? 

As I occasionally expand beyond my accustomed realm of history, government, and law --- take in the view.  

My education is not limited to those three subjects, and when I offer you forays into other subject areas, you can count on the fact that it is for your good and your growth and empowerment. 

Whether it's learning the truth about electricity, or finding out that there is a scientifically proven "message from God" encoded in our DNA (Gregg Braden) it's time you knew. 


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The Federal Reserve and the CRIS Kickback and Payola System

 By Anna Von Reitz

If the members of the Bar Association are literally just actors and the courtroom is just a stage, then what is really going on?  Racketeering under color of law.  

As I told you....and as others are now reporting ---see what is motivating this crime spree and remember and it has been this way, more or less,  for a hundred and sixty years:

"The Judge, Prosecutor and defense attorney all share in 10-20 basis points each on the securities created on court cases (the CRIS system)- so they each have a financial interest in your guilt- THEY ARE RAILROADING."

[And not on the tracks. They are charging over a million dollars for each felony charge and now up to fifty thousand for every misdemeanor, so it's not a small conflict of interest for them. It's huge. A Judge gets $10,000.00 and the Prosecutor and Defense Attorneys get $5,000.00 each off of every misdemeanor, $200,000.00 per felony for the Judge and $100,000.00 each to the Prosecutor and Defense Attorney per felony.]
"Now, more info has come to light that the sheriff is ALSO paid a percentage on every guilty verdict that comes out of the prosecutor's office.
Our ENTIRE justice system is human trafficking FOR PROFIT under corporate veils....God help us."

This is how and why they have a 96% plus conviction rate.

This is how and why our people and our country have been railroaded and coerced and falsely convicted under color of law for six generations.

And this is how it is all coming down straight onto the shoulders of the military and the military district personnel in charge of this whole horrorshow.

In all the Territorial States-of-States the seized property has to be purchased (under Constitutional provisions) at fair market value---- that is, all confiscated property has to be purchased at fair market value.

But who do they pay for the confiscated property? The victims never see a dime. No, the payment goes to the Presumed Trustees --- the State Trust operators or the U.S. Trustees.

So they steal your property and labor and put it in a trust named after you. You go hungry to bed and often to prison on the False Presumption that you are a "rebel" and "enemy" --- a presumption that they set up with malice aforethought.

And they reap the benefit and put it in a Slush-Investment Fund that they control, and they say it's all for your benefit, but you are never told a thing and never see a dime.

For those of you who need to form a better, more accurate picture of exactly how this whole racket has been working ever since the Civil War --- watch the Tom Cruise movie "American Made" -- based on a true story, and not that far from the truth.

These same bribe and payola schemes were used to seduce the Union Generals and politicians after the Civil War, who all became wealthy men, along with all their "district" level appointees and hangers-on who made up the political parties and got that substitution scheme going.

They stashed their ill-gotten gains in gold and silver and by 1913 had hatched a plan to vastly increase the value of their precious metals holdings.

They would launch a private military-controlled bank scrip called the Federal Reserve Note and force everyone to accept it as "legal tender". The Federal Reserve (promissory note) was born.

The plot was simple enough. They would issue the fiat "money" and let nature take its course, letting the currency devalue as all fiat money does, until there would be a fiat currency collapse at a time estimated to be a hundred years in the future.

Meantime, by a process of seigniorage recoupment and inflation, the banks would become wildly wealthy, gradually eating away the original 1:1 parity with the United States Silver Dollar until nothing remained to be extracted and siphoned off.

Thanks to crazy last minute "spending" by the Biden Administration, which should not be allowed access to our credit at all, the last time we checked, over $80,000.00 fiat Federal Reserve "Dollars" were pegged against each United States Silver Dollar.

Starting out at a 1:1 exchange rate in 1934, this means that the fiat Federal Reserve Notes are now worth 1/80,000th of an actual Silver Dollar and that is the actual toll resulting from repeated cyclical episodes of inflation, bankruptcy, wild spending, all aided and abetted by counterfeiting on a vast scale, all used to keep the payola and bribery scams coming.

Sheerly by chutzpah and trading on the good name and reputation of their American Employers, the fiat money they issued lasted twenty-three years longer than anticipated.

And now, it's about to collapse. It took trillions of dollars-worth of international counterfeiting by the Obama Administration, and huge payoffs to all the corporations and institutions involved in the pandemic, but together with the collapse of the fraudulent mortgage system and other illegal acts of private asset securitization, it's ripe.

Nobody needs to pretend that they are surprised.

The Perps anticipate that their investments in gold and silver will increase at least 10,000 times what their grandfathers paid for the metals.

Unfortunately, just like they lied about everything else, they lied about the worldwide availability and amount of gold and silver already mined and purified. As late as 2011, Lord Sassoon was declaring that "only 1500 tonnes of gold had been mined in the history of the world".

Either the members of Parliament were kept as ignorant as everyone else, or such statements must be read as private jokes.

Their plan to wildly profit from the perceived scarcity and "value gain" of precious metals resulting from the fiat money collapse--- and their plan to sell the metal back to the grandsons of the men they stole it from in the first place - has back-fired.

In a twist of fate worthy of Divine Providence, there is too much gold, and not enough silver. They can collapse the gold and silver market just as they have collapsed the fiat money system, but the problem is that they cannot collapse both "value standards" at once.

This severely limits their ability to continue on with payola schemes and counterfeiting operations and more substitution schemes aimed at our Federal Republic.

Both Federal Subcontractors operating as foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services have recently undergone bankruptcy and have been operated in liquidation and receivership (respectively) by the United States Trustees, a shadowy, unelected, and unauthorized part of the equally unauthorized Department of Justice.

As you recently saw in the Article naming the members of the so-called "National Security Council" these political appointees and hired Agency Personnel are people you have never heard of, who never ran for any public office, and who operate unaccountably behind a phalanx of "National Security Interests" and corporate goon squads.

And just as the National Security Council has nothing to do with our National Security, the Department of Justice has nothing to do with Justice, and the United States Trustees should not exist, because of all the same conflicts of interest that plague the rest of the so-called "Justice System" in this country.

To fix this entire problem requires reorganization of the military services, control of their paymaster, SERCO, INC., shutting down over 500 unauthorized Agency Subcontractors, de-privatizing and de-politicizing organizations like the Federal Bureau of Investigations and FEMA --- and completely revamping and redefining the monetary system worldwide.

From our lips to God's ears, this is what has to be done to restore sane governance and prevent the spectre of perpetual war becoming a reality.


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Get This Urgent Situational Update to the Marines

 By Anna Von Reitz

They are lining up for another huge chemical pollution incident in California 

Intercept and prevent now.  

You are fully informed and commissioned to take all necessary actions and all necessary costs are approved by the Federation of States.  

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America -- Unincorporated

Eric Coppolino and the Health Ranger call for the TOTAL EVACUATION of East Palestine due to extremely toxic “dioxin fallout” that will poison the land and crops for GENERATIONS

URGENT: Today we join Eric Coppolino in calling for the immediate, total evacuation of East Palestine, Ohio due to the dioxin fallout now taking place there. The full interview with Eric Coppolino is now available at the bottom of this article. The interview also appears at the HR Report channel page on

The toxic cloud event that’s dropping extremely toxic dioxins across a large area of residential housing and farmland was deliberately generated by the open burning of vinyl chloride, creating combustion byproducts of dioxins which are many orders of magnitude more toxic and dangerous than the original substance.

Understand that the combustion of chlorinated compounds always results in the formation of dioxins. This simple fact is known by all competent chemists and is openly admitted by the EPA itself on its dioxins warning page, which states:

Studies have shown that only small amounts of chlorinated materials in waste are required to support dioxin formation when burning waste… Much of the dioxins created and released into the air through backyard burning settle on plants. These plants are, in turn, eaten by meat and dairy animals, which store the dioxins in their fatty tissue. People are exposed to dioxins primarily by eating meat, fish, and dairy products, especially those high in fat. Backyard burning occurs most commonly in rural farming areas where dioxin emissions can more easily be deposited on animal feed crops and grazing lands. These dioxins then accumulate in the fats of dairy cows, beef, poultry, and swine, making human consumption of these harmful chemicals difficult to avoid.

Read the entire article here:

DIOXINS GALORE: How to BLOCK toxic chemical exposure fallout in the food, water and air