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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

It's Not Just American History

 By Anna Von Reitz

When I came to you and said, hey, you weren't taught this in school.... and began teaching you the American History you missed out on, I had no idea that this was a problem all across the board in every subject area.

Why would I or you expect that?  

It makes sense that the British Territorial Government would seek to aggrandize itself with full color spreads about the glories of England and its Royal Family while neglecting to teach even the basics of our American History, but why would American Universities be teaching physics that is a hundred years old?  

Nonetheless, that is what I have found to be true, all across the board. 

At every level, our entire educational system has been "back dated" so that teachers today are teaching outmoded "science" as well as distorted and omitted history and law.  

There are, of course, institutions within the government web, the Rand Corporation, for example, that are up to speed with the latest and greatest of every advance in science and technology being generated out of the National Laboratory system and some "specialty institutions" as well -- Caltech and MIT, for example, but meantime, nothing is trickling down to Ma and Pa.  

Our children are being taught concepts and theories that were discarded decades ago by the actual scientific community.  

This results in the General Public being woefully behind the times and stuck believing in disproven "science" and outmoded theories and basically, you've been left with half a deck through no fault of your own. 

Here's an example from a former High School teacher who woke up to this reality on his own and so, made the effort to correct things once he became aware of the truth about electricity: 

After you watch this little video, I won't have to tell you that what you were taught about electricity in High School and even in college, is absolutely and unequivocally wrong.  

You will see it for yourself and the proof that it's wrong is actually -- as he points out -- not hidden.  It's there to directly observe for yourself, but your attention was misdirected by uninformed and misinformed teachers, who you accepted as authorities on the subject.  

I have demonstrated that what you were taught about history, law and government was either wrong or incomplete.  He has demonstrated that you were taught garbage about electricity.  

Do you honestly think that you were given a reliable education about much of anything else? 

As I occasionally expand beyond my accustomed realm of history, government, and law --- take in the view.  

My education is not limited to those three subjects, and when I offer you forays into other subject areas, you can count on the fact that it is for your good and your growth and empowerment. 

Whether it's learning the truth about electricity, or finding out that there is a scientifically proven "message from God" encoded in our DNA (Gregg Braden) it's time you knew. 


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  1. ref.:
    2 peter 1:2-4
    grace and peace be multiplied to you THROUGH THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD, and of Jesus our Lord, according as HIS DIVINE POWER HATH GIVEN UNTO US ALL THINGS THAT PERTAIN TO LIFE AND GODLINESS... .
    God made jesuis to be (our) wisdom. ref.: 1 corin 1:30.

    1. I had wondered what the fore-shadowing (revelation of the method) meaning of The Who lyric had meant:

      "...the things that you see are pretty complicated, I look pretty young but I'm just "back dated" yeeeeah ..."

      Take a listen:

      Song is "Substitute."

      Another line "You think we look pretty good together" (Britain & America?)

      What a nice way to put the truth before your nose.

  2. Electricity is simple. Universe runs on DC impulse transmission. Look up the Relative Potential Source. Also the Tesla Switch. Tariel Kapanadze!

  3. Maxwell layed down his equations and we’re perfect unfortunately to complex for engineers so the sawed off part analogues to seeing a frozen river and not seeing the current still flowing under the ice and assume the ice on top is all there is.
    Tesla said I have an invisible wire he preferred the transmitter pumping out longitudinal waves much like a tsunami travels 600 mph undetected in a pulse wave then (transforms) on the geometry of the shore into a transverse wave.
    But the international crime gang can’t make a profit.

  4. Religious Dogma, including Christianity is outdated as well. It's adolescent!


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