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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

The Validation of Covenant

 By Anna Von Reitz

What is a "covenant"?  It is the equivalent of a contract made in the Jurisdiction of the Air.  

A covenant may be spoken or it may be written and it must always be consensual and fully disclosed to be valid.  

The most famous covenant on Earth is the First Covenant between God, the Creator, and Adam, which was broken by Adam.  We, the progeny of Adam, can each restore the First Covenant by honoring it and accepting our role as caretakers of the Earth, howbeit, subject to the punishments. 

The second most famous covenant is the covenant between God and Abraham. This Second Covenant is still in effect for all and any who are actual descendants of Abraham, which includes Ishmael's as well as Isaac's descendants. 

There are other covenants made in the Bible, even the covenant God made with his individual servant Jeremiah, to prosper him and give to him the land he purchased as an inheritance. 

With the coming of Yeshuah yet another Great Covenant was established, known as the New Covenant. 

I am drawn to comment on these unfamiliar forms of law, because it is apparent that people are confused and don't know what to do or to think about the laws governing covenants. 

Unless you are a descendent of Abraham, which basically means either an Arab or a Hebrew or a Samaritan or an Ethiopian, you have no inheritance from Abraham, and cannot inherit under his covenant.  That should be apparent in the same way that your neighbor's son inherits your neighbor's property.  You don't. 

The Hebrew branch of the family was so unruly and ignorant after their long stay in Egypt that they were additionally placed under the rod of Moses, and so, they were all made subject to the Law of Moses as a scourge and a goad.  The yoke placed upon them was exceedingly heavy.  

So now we come to modern times and the effect of the New Covenant. 

In the late 1980's a new fad swept the Christian community.  It began as an innocent and earnest effort to better understand where Yeshuah was coming from, to understand the culture and the religion that gave rise to Yeshuah, and so these Christians and often whole Congregations, were swept up in the effort to learn Hebrew and study Judaism and they began to study and keep the Laws of Moses and the Feast Days and all the many traditions of the Hebrews.  

These innocent ones don't have a clue about covenants or covenant laws. 

They point to the passages of the Bible where Jesus is talking to his Disciples, one Hebrew to another, and tells them that the Law will not pass away until all is fulfilled, and that he has not come to destroy the Law but to fulfill it.  

What else could he do, but fulfill it, as he was born under it?  

And how would the Law levied on the Hebrews pass away, until God's promise to Abraham was fulfilled?  

These Christians who think that they will become inheritors by adopting the yoke of the Hebrews are missing the whole point. 

Yeshuah, a Hebrew, and a son of Abraham, could inherit the Second Covenant.  Most of us could not.  If we are to inherit, we can only inherit through adoption by a true son of Abraham. 

That, for us non-Hebrews, is the meaning of the New Covenant.  It makes us sons and daughters.  It makes us Inheritors. 

Yeshuah's fulfillment of the Law of Moses also sets us free from it, as we become Inheritors through the New Covenant and the New Law given to us.  "Come to me, all ye who are heavy laden (by the Law of Moses) and I will give you rest." 

Thus the Followers of Yeshuah were told, "Love your God (the Father, the Creator) with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul, and your neighbor as yourself."  

This Law of the New Covenant replaced all of the Law of Moses, and the obligations of the Feast Days and all the rest of the signs, symbols, and demands of the Hebrew faith, including circumcision.   

It doesn't mean that the Covenant of Abraham was invalidated, it simply means that we have our own covenant made possible by Yeshuah, and a New Law of the Covenant, too.  

We could never become inheritors under Abraham's covenant, because not all of us were related to Abraham, but Yeshuah, an inheritor of Abraham's covenant, forged a New Covenant for us.  

And against this backdrop of covenant law and inheritance, the love and the meaning of this New Covenant and New Law only becomes that much more mind-blowing and humbling.  

So what is the validation of the New Covenant?  Yeshuah is the Seal of the New Covenant -- himself, his own body, became the Seal binding this New Covenant.  He guaranteed it with his body and his blood and his earnest prayer over us, that we would be his inheritors.  

And our part?  Our seal on the New Covenant is our faith in God, who was always our Creator, but who now stands as our Father, through his son, Yeshuah, who adopted us and made us part of his family and inheritors of the Kingdom of God.  

The final Third Seal on the New Covenant on Earth is the Holy Spirit, the baptism by fire, which lives in our hearts.  

The Gift undeserved is so beyond all concept of generous and so completely unearned, that tears come to my eyes simply writing these words.  

Those who considered themselves uniquely Chosen and blessed to be the seed of Abraham were appalled.  They couldn't understand how the lawless and heathen people of the Earth were to be inheritors along with those who by blood and hard discipline under the Mosaic Law, were inheritors of Abraham's covenant.  

They certainly didn't understand Yeshuah's decision.  They considered him a complete renegade, seeking to overturn Abraham's covenant -- and giving away their inheritance.  No wonder the mobs were angry.  

Yet, if they had stopped to think and if they had made the effort to understand the kindness and justice of the True God, they would have remembered that he chastises those he loves, and he is the same today and tomorrow and in all our yesterdays.  

They would have known that the New Covenant does not invalidate Abraham's covenant, and they wouldn't have worried about their portion as inheritors.  They would have known, or would have guessed, that our Father brings us each of us to our own home, and our own bliss.  

We will each be full to overflowing, in grace and in health, in peace and every kind of abundance, and we will know these blessings have been hand-tailored for us, by the One who ordained the pattern of our being, who gave us our consciousness, who guided our experience, who gifted us with every blessing we have ever known -- and who deserves our unfathomed and eternal love.  

This is why you were commanded first to love the True God with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul.  

And, second, to love your neighbors as yourselves. 


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  1. REF.: romans 2:19 says very simply that:
    because that which may be known of God is manifest **IN** them;

    for when Gentiles which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves:
    their conscience also bearing witness...
    ref.: romans 2:14-15.

  2. Childish view of the universe.

  3. Check it. Yeshuha or Jesus did not come with a new covenant, he came to affirm the Law of Moses. It was Paul who invented a new covenant ie. broke the law of Moses.

  4. Yes, who is the True God? God the Creator. Without partner. The rest is nonsense. Paul, the persecutor of Jesus' disciples, twisted his message into a fake new covenant. Turned you from the truth. Bait and switch.

  5. I called on Yeshua, but I had only known the name “Jesus” at the time my life was falling apart…..but now, my life ain’t call’n apart. I say Jesus, Yeshua, the Almighty, the Great I am, or just plain HELPPPPPP!!!!
    He always fixes me!!


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