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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

The Federal Reserve and the CRIS Kickback and Payola System

 By Anna Von Reitz

If the members of the Bar Association are literally just actors and the courtroom is just a stage, then what is really going on?  Racketeering under color of law.  

As I told you....and as others are now reporting ---see what is motivating this crime spree and remember and it has been this way, more or less,  for a hundred and sixty years:

"The Judge, Prosecutor and defense attorney all share in 10-20 basis points each on the securities created on court cases (the CRIS system)- so they each have a financial interest in your guilt- THEY ARE RAILROADING."

[And not on the tracks. They are charging over a million dollars for each felony charge and now up to fifty thousand for every misdemeanor, so it's not a small conflict of interest for them. It's huge. A Judge gets $10,000.00 and the Prosecutor and Defense Attorneys get $5,000.00 each off of every misdemeanor, $200,000.00 per felony for the Judge and $100,000.00 each to the Prosecutor and Defense Attorney per felony.]
"Now, more info has come to light that the sheriff is ALSO paid a percentage on every guilty verdict that comes out of the prosecutor's office.
Our ENTIRE justice system is human trafficking FOR PROFIT under corporate veils....God help us."

This is how and why they have a 96% plus conviction rate.

This is how and why our people and our country have been railroaded and coerced and falsely convicted under color of law for six generations.

And this is how it is all coming down straight onto the shoulders of the military and the military district personnel in charge of this whole horrorshow.

In all the Territorial States-of-States the seized property has to be purchased (under Constitutional provisions) at fair market value---- that is, all confiscated property has to be purchased at fair market value.

But who do they pay for the confiscated property? The victims never see a dime. No, the payment goes to the Presumed Trustees --- the State Trust operators or the U.S. Trustees.

So they steal your property and labor and put it in a trust named after you. You go hungry to bed and often to prison on the False Presumption that you are a "rebel" and "enemy" --- a presumption that they set up with malice aforethought.

And they reap the benefit and put it in a Slush-Investment Fund that they control, and they say it's all for your benefit, but you are never told a thing and never see a dime.

For those of you who need to form a better, more accurate picture of exactly how this whole racket has been working ever since the Civil War --- watch the Tom Cruise movie "American Made" -- based on a true story, and not that far from the truth.

These same bribe and payola schemes were used to seduce the Union Generals and politicians after the Civil War, who all became wealthy men, along with all their "district" level appointees and hangers-on who made up the political parties and got that substitution scheme going.

They stashed their ill-gotten gains in gold and silver and by 1913 had hatched a plan to vastly increase the value of their precious metals holdings.

They would launch a private military-controlled bank scrip called the Federal Reserve Note and force everyone to accept it as "legal tender". The Federal Reserve (promissory note) was born.

The plot was simple enough. They would issue the fiat "money" and let nature take its course, letting the currency devalue as all fiat money does, until there would be a fiat currency collapse at a time estimated to be a hundred years in the future.

Meantime, by a process of seigniorage recoupment and inflation, the banks would become wildly wealthy, gradually eating away the original 1:1 parity with the United States Silver Dollar until nothing remained to be extracted and siphoned off.

Thanks to crazy last minute "spending" by the Biden Administration, which should not be allowed access to our credit at all, the last time we checked, over $80,000.00 fiat Federal Reserve "Dollars" were pegged against each United States Silver Dollar.

Starting out at a 1:1 exchange rate in 1934, this means that the fiat Federal Reserve Notes are now worth 1/80,000th of an actual Silver Dollar and that is the actual toll resulting from repeated cyclical episodes of inflation, bankruptcy, wild spending, all aided and abetted by counterfeiting on a vast scale, all used to keep the payola and bribery scams coming.

Sheerly by chutzpah and trading on the good name and reputation of their American Employers, the fiat money they issued lasted twenty-three years longer than anticipated.

And now, it's about to collapse. It took trillions of dollars-worth of international counterfeiting by the Obama Administration, and huge payoffs to all the corporations and institutions involved in the pandemic, but together with the collapse of the fraudulent mortgage system and other illegal acts of private asset securitization, it's ripe.

Nobody needs to pretend that they are surprised.

The Perps anticipate that their investments in gold and silver will increase at least 10,000 times what their grandfathers paid for the metals.

Unfortunately, just like they lied about everything else, they lied about the worldwide availability and amount of gold and silver already mined and purified. As late as 2011, Lord Sassoon was declaring that "only 1500 tonnes of gold had been mined in the history of the world".

Either the members of Parliament were kept as ignorant as everyone else, or such statements must be read as private jokes.

Their plan to wildly profit from the perceived scarcity and "value gain" of precious metals resulting from the fiat money collapse--- and their plan to sell the metal back to the grandsons of the men they stole it from in the first place - has back-fired.

In a twist of fate worthy of Divine Providence, there is too much gold, and not enough silver. They can collapse the gold and silver market just as they have collapsed the fiat money system, but the problem is that they cannot collapse both "value standards" at once.

This severely limits their ability to continue on with payola schemes and counterfeiting operations and more substitution schemes aimed at our Federal Republic.

Both Federal Subcontractors operating as foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services have recently undergone bankruptcy and have been operated in liquidation and receivership (respectively) by the United States Trustees, a shadowy, unelected, and unauthorized part of the equally unauthorized Department of Justice.

As you recently saw in the Article naming the members of the so-called "National Security Council" these political appointees and hired Agency Personnel are people you have never heard of, who never ran for any public office, and who operate unaccountably behind a phalanx of "National Security Interests" and corporate goon squads.

And just as the National Security Council has nothing to do with our National Security, the Department of Justice has nothing to do with Justice, and the United States Trustees should not exist, because of all the same conflicts of interest that plague the rest of the so-called "Justice System" in this country.

To fix this entire problem requires reorganization of the military services, control of their paymaster, SERCO, INC., shutting down over 500 unauthorized Agency Subcontractors, de-privatizing and de-politicizing organizations like the Federal Bureau of Investigations and FEMA --- and completely revamping and redefining the monetary system worldwide.

From our lips to God's ears, this is what has to be done to restore sane governance and prevent the spectre of perpetual war becoming a reality.


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  1. And for those that don't know. this is our cestui que via trust acc. is where they steal your/our money from

  2. i:woman:janmarie, be-ing in right-standing before God and man in nature, fact, and law do say:
    all harm done requires restor-a-tion from man who creates harm.
    no exceptions.
    *this is Gods law. he is watching. his law is not changeable.*

    [* ref.: ezekiel 24:14:
    i the lord have spoken it: it shall come to pass, and i will do it:
    according to they ways, and according to they doings, they shall judge thee.]

    1. * CORRECTION * :
      ref.: ezekiel 24:14
      i the lord have spoken it: it shall come to pass, and i will do it: i will not go back
      according to *THY* ways, and according to *THY* doings, they shall judge thee...

  3. Time for fraudulent corporate agencies & systems doing widescale harm to people to be
    shut down, charters pulled and these agents/officers prosecuted for treason! Immediately!!! Urgent!!!! So Be It!!

  4. ….. and mass executions of the guilty parties and their bloodlines. Rid the earth of these parasites….imho

  5. "...and completely revamping and redefining the monetary system worldwide."

    I've been meaning to propose that all 50 state assemblies bring this matter to "the floor" for a vote.... a newly redefined monetary system:

    1. To add the g symbol as a representation of 'gratitude as money' ;

    2. To raise up and determine to establish gratitude 'g' as a precious commodity more valuable than metals and liquids;

    3. To recognize all men, women and children as equal holders of nearly unlimited (say 1 quadrillion) gratitude units (replaces the dollar);

    4. To make gratitude the global money specie and to provide a very high spendable amount for each of us on a smartcard-like app and platform;

    5. To recognize the new State National ID card as the unique identifier to keep our affairs in our own blockchain lane, knowing our total balance on hand, incoming and outgoing.

    6. To determine we will only patronize a business that accepts gratitude in place of dollar;

    7. To establish 'gratitude as lawful money' for all purchasing, tips and gratuities, all tax free. As taxing is not necessary in a pay-it-foward and pay-it-in-full economy;

    8. To close down incredibly large sections of obsolete machinations built for the old financial system upon the first month of the introduction of 'the gratitude' based system.

    1. Jim in a perfect world that system would be great, but how would you get people to work, esp. the dirty jobs. Who would clean out or fix your sewer problems or pick up trash? Is that how they earn Gratitude? Gratitude comes from the heart, and their system has created a world full of heartless, ungrateful, selfish people.

  6. Andrew Jackson's epitaph: "I killed the bank" and the JFK Exec Order 11110 would seem to accomplish return of the ownership of the currency creation process to The People. Your thoughts?

  7. The International crime gang will allways double down bring in mercenaries aka UN troops . The Insane Asylum excapee
    Sherman causing the forth largest natural disaster on the planet .
    Lincoln would laugh when Sherman bragged about his destruction.
    The war between the White Russian nationalist and commie red Bolsheviks Trotsky went after the families to win.
    Same in the thrift of Dutch land killed more women and children than men.
    Same in Germany committed war crimes on innocent non combatants.
    Your dealing with a savage bunch .
    They are trying to finish us.
    Patrick Henry said it “unfortunately tyrants only understand one thing force “.
    The loose cannons marines (Smedly Butler ) tried to take the gang down but him Patton ,McAuthor were not enough the killed two and attacked McAuthor ruthlessly.they purged the military of any honest people .
    We must reinstate the militia and common law Sheriff do what Jefferson did pink slip everyone but militias.
    Of course the ((( BAR))) will come at everyone it’s time the go find that 13th and wave it in their face .

  8. Bid Bond
    Perfomance Bond
    Payment Bond

    (AUTOTRIS means Automated Tracking Identification System. This is the same as your social security number without the dashes. When I said that they didn’t even want to talk to me…when you sayCUSIP & AUTOTRIS they know exactly what you’re talking about. CUSIP is The COMMITTEE ON UNIFORM SECURITIES IDENTIFICATION PROCESSES. . CUSIP uses your Social Security Number to identify you because the Birth Certificate is a Security. It is an investment security and they have all the original Birth Certificates which are registered at the State level with the Department of Human Recourses and then they go to the Department of Commerce and the Federal level and then to the DTC (Depository Trust Corporation).

    And yesterday I told you that the State Land Trust support the prison system
    Where does the money go from the Arizona State Trust land permit?
    The money generated from the Arizona state trust is used to compensate 13 beneficiaries. Arizona’s public schools and state prisons are the two largest beneficiaries.

  9. Please source the quoted material for us ...I have been practicing law as an Esquire since 1977, have represented numerous misdemeanor and felony clients, and have never witnessed or been a part of what has been presented here. ...thanks! Rick

  10. Anna you are a God sent angel. Thank you so much for all of the work you've done!!!😀


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