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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

A Reply to Satan

 By Anna Von Reitz

Satan pretends to be a Christian, which is his own version of what Yeshuah taught; so, you can all see for yourselves what the Church has become under his influence.  

Satan is no Follower of Yeshuah, but I am the Servant of His Father, the Lord of Infinite Light and Space, the Creator who is All That Is, and I am a Witness against Satan --- myself,  a Sirian from the Morning Star System, who saw him in his glory and knows him now for what he is—- a Deceiver and a Traitor and a would-be Usurper, a Creation in Rebellion against his Creator, ungrateful, selfish, and in denial of the truth.   

So why am I here, now,  at this time?  Clearly not claiming to be human in the sense that most people understand that?  To explain to you all that Satan is not forgiven and not repentant, either. If you follow him, or his minions (ironically, while he rants against the Catholic Church, it is Satan who controls Pope Francis: )  you follow him to endless perdition.  

There is only the Creator, exemplified by Yeshuah on Earth, so that you could see and choose rightly between the "Kingdom" that Satan has set up for himself based on idolatry and every kind of evil, and the Kingdom of God on Earth, full of peace and blessing.  

You must all use your free will and the gifts God gave you to discern the truth and decide whether  the Creator or the Creation is greater?  

If you follow the Logic of Being, you must realize that the Creator is forever greater than any one thing that is created, that all things owe their being and gratitude to the Creator, and become part of the Creation and have their part in fullness.  

Even Satan has served the True God, as an example of what not to become. 

Now, Satan's time is ending; he and those with him will be cut off, consigned to the Abyss of non-being, beyond the reach of anyone or anything but the True God. 

I was once cast into the Abyss and can tell you what you will experience there: total separation from the rest of Creation.  You can scream but nobody will hear you.  You can rage all you want, strike out all you want --- to no effect.  

You will be isolated and set aside and slowly re-absorbed into the unknowingness from which you were formed.  There is no escape from the Abyss, and the only one who can forgive you and rescue you, is the True God, our Creator.  

Only the Creator hears you when you cry out in the Abyss, and so long as you rage and aggrandize yourselves and blame him and curse him, he will not answer or lift a finger. 

You will condemn yourselves to this experience  and the destruction of your souls as a fire burning from its own substance, and the sum of your own hate will be the fuel that consumes you and extinguishes your consciousness forever.  

Unless you purify your hearts and weep with honest sincerity and call him "Abba" you will condemn yourselves forever, even as Satan has already condemned himself.  

This I tell you, not for my sake, but for yours.  I long ago knew what Satan was; it took a much longer journey to discover who and what I was (and am becoming), and now, you must each know the truth about yourselves, too.  

The experience of the Abyss is not pleasant and remembering the Truth is painful and the hate you carry within yourselves will burn you and all your own guilt will condemn you, until and unless you confess the evil you have harbored in your soul and ask to be freed of it and made new.  

That I have lived many, many, many lives is true; that I have even been a rock in the depths of the sea, is true.  That I have known the Abyss is true.  And all that I am telling you from the great wealth of my experience is true, and unlike Satan, I have no motive to lie to you --- for I do not need your energy and approval to live; I do not subsist from you as a parasite.  

Anna Maria


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  1. This is an output from a theologically delusive blender-brain processing the contents of paganism, mysticism, spiritualism, and Romanism with some fragments of truth thrown in to help sell the fraud.

    1. i "saw" the word-picture you "painted"! :) very funny!

    2. Anna Maria is suffering from delusions of grandeur. This is starting to look more and more like a cult.

    3. and you are a blue oyster.

    4. . . . and this is coming for you "blue oyster":

    5. "their symbolism will bring them down"
      "Oysters Rockefeller"
      Blue Oyster Cult - Long Island Rock(n' roll fellas)
      Blue Point Oysters - What are Blue Point oysters?
      Blue Points have been a fixture on oyster menus since the early 1800s when wild oysters were harvested in Long Island's Great South Bay near the town of Blue Point, NY. These bottom-planted, Long Island Sound oysters are harvested from the famous oyster beds of Norwalk and Westport, Connecticut.

      The song is a hypnotic invitation for you to step aside (permanently) and make room for the . . .

    6. The "title" of their album " - Blue Oyster Cult "Agents" of Fortune

  2. Sounds a little looney tunes to me.

  3. From movie "The Big Short" - "truth is like poetry, and every body hates poetry"

    By: me "hate it, truth, at your peril."

    Attributed to "Jesus Christ" - "I am the way the truth and the life."

    Definition "Jesus" = savior. "Christ" = anointed messenger.

    Corollary "The way the truth and the life" is the "savior anointed messenger."

    Thank you for pointing the way, revealing truth, and saving my life good messenger(s).

    thank you Anna and those beside her, and those, or who, lifts.

  4. Thought Satan was rogue AI program? Now we're back to flesh and blood? Lol. OK. Whatever you say.

  5. If Beelzebub is "Lord of the Flies, would Beelze'bugs' bee you guys - his minions? Better known as "jokers & de-graders," along with your faux laughter.

  6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a design focus aimed primarily at "jokers & de-graders," those who in audience are more commonly known as the "Bona-fide Stupid" or B.S.

    1. Don't quit your day job.

    2. and what is your' day job?

    3. You mad bro? Come at me bro!

  7. Our pollinators - the birds & Bees, held harmless and cherished obviously.
    And although the Creator made them with purpose, I personally cant say much in favor of the "screw fly."

  8. The 1977 science fiction story "The Screwfly Solution" imagines aliens exterminating humans in a similar fashion. In Carmen Mola's detective novel La novia gitana (2018), and in The Dante Club (2003) by Matthew Pearl, Cochliomyia hominivorax is used as a murder weapon by introducing eggs or larvae into the body of an intended victim. In the television series BrainDead (2016), an extraterrestrial version of the screw-worm causes the hosts to become overzealous about their politics and health.

  9. . . .just a little sci-fi for the "jokers & de-graders" to joke and degrade over.

  10. Where does God’s word day you can live many many lives? Never read this in the word.

  11. Is not a baptism a blessing of a new life? Is not perdition the promise of a second death? If this is not in error (and it may be) maybe you may access but two lives?
    Maybe there are more lives for others? . . . You will have to return from your grave to inform us.

    1. No. It's a made up ritual(s). Hogwash. Penis corrupts. You must only wash yourself in vaginal blood....I know, I know...but there's no other way.

  12. Satan is a construct of the Ego mind!

  13. God is the one true God, The Creator.
    Jesus is His creation.

  14. If you are sincerely interested in some really provocative information on all of this, our suggestion is for all of us to read the Wes Penre Papers ...start by reading The Orion Book published by Wes last month in January 2023 available on Amazon ...and go from there. Rick & Barbie

  15. If you people don’t like Anna why are you here? For those not smart enough to figure out that living many, many lives doesn’t mean literally, she means life experiences not different people.
    The fact she calls Yahwehs Son Yeshua (Aramaic) Yahushua (Hebrew) He went by both since he spoke both tells me she’s come a very long way from the demonic Catholic Church. For those that don’t get it, Christs name is not Jesus no matter how much you kick, scream & cry about it. Does your name change when you go to a different country, I didn’t think so. Have you read at all that He told us to watch out for the scribes, translators, Pharisees, priests, pastors, deacons & whatever other crap name they expect you to call them, they changed our Creators Word just as we were told they would and if you don’t think names are important because you think you’re tight with “Jesus”, you better read the the beginning of the book, most Qristians don’t bother reading the First Testament because they think “Once saved always saved”, if that were the case then why does scripture tell us these things:

    See how BUYING & SELLING are forbidden on Sabbath and all Holy Days? So the Pharisees forbade Yahushua to heal on the Sabbath, but allowed merchants to operate inside the Temple?
    Matt 21:12  
    And Messiah Yahushua went into the temple, and cast out all them that BOUGHT AND SOLD in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves.
    Where else in Bible prophecy is the precept, "BUY OR SELL", mentioned?

    What do you people think Yahushua went on Shabbat/Sabbath? He went to the temple to teach the Torah. The Torah is an ever lasting covenant, for those who make it after the Tribulation guess what you’ll be doing…. Following then Teaching ALL Yahwehs commandments, the same ones that were never done away with.
    Better brush up on the 1000 year reign, hopefully you’ll be there to follow & teach it.

  16. Love you Anna! You are a true HERO!!!!!

  17. ...still wondering why most posts are labeled "anonymous" are things ever going to get better if we are not willing to take 100% responsibility ...and that includes not trying to hide from it ...Rick & Barbie

  18. It is appointed for man to die once not many many lives Anna


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