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Monday, April 8, 2024

Visualize What You Want to See

 By Anna Von Reitz

As for me, I want to see all the rotten, selfish, cruel, nasty, spiteful, small-minded criminals outta here. I don't care where they came from, or where they are going --- so long as it's away from my world.

Oh, but that's so negative!  

No, it's not.  It's the world I want to see, a world at peace because the criminals are gone. 

Visualization is an equal opportunity endeavor. You can visualize something being and you can visualize something not being. 

So instead of troubling myself with trying to work out all the ways and means of catching and punishing and restraining these characters, I prefer to color them gone.  

In my mind, they are simply not here among us any more. 

For the next forty days, we can repent our mistakes and hard-heartedness, and we can reshape our world in any way we wish.  

So imagine this -- you no longer have to worry about murderers or thieves, wars or diseases or famines or droughts --- none of it, anymore. 

You can play and splash and walk and enjoy life unfettered by fear or lack of any kind. And all you need to achieve that, is to visualize and speak what you want with all your heart.  

You wish for peace on Earth? Make it so.  

You wish for kindness, compassion, and sharing? Make it so.  

You wish for the Earth to be renewed and cleansed, all the pollution gone?  Make it so. 

You wish to be surrounded by friendly honest caring people?  

It's your choice.  Right now.  The Foundation portal is standing wide open. 

We are no great shakes at figuring out how, when, where, or why, but there is one question that we are fundamentally designed to answer --- and that question is --- what?  

What do you want to see?  What kind of world do you want to live in?  What kind of people do you want around you?  

This has always been your choice, and while you have the drawing pens and color box to visualize anything you want, you also have the Big Eraser, to remove the uglies from our planet.  

That's why I encouraged everyone to spend this Sunday saying no to all the things they don't want. And to actually verbalize it with thought, word, and voice. No more lies.  No more cruelty.  No more predators.  No more cheats.  No more thugs.  No more evil.... period, at all.  

Make it abundantly clear what you don't want, and then, give voice to what you do want. 

So stop visualizing war and famine and disease and all the worries, problems, and threats that the BBC is selling like gum drops each and every day.  Just bypass all that, and go straight for the mark. 

It's not your job to answer what happens to all these depraved monsters or to worry about where they are going or how they are going to be rounded up and taken away.  

Just say the word and imagine your world without them.  

Truly, it can be done in a single night, and all those who are crooked and cruel, who think only of themselves, who plot the destruction of others, who are not worthy to be called men --- you can simply wake up in the morning and find that they are all gone.  

My favorite visualization is that I wake up one morning and the birds are chirping and the sun is shining and everything is at peace and washed clean. A brand new day. And not a single nasty crooked mean-spirited thug is anywhere to be seen.

They've all been swept away like dry leaves and I no longer remember their faces or names.   

They are simply gone. No muss. No fuss. No drama. No blood. No struggle. Just say the word. 

It's not my business to judge them or hang them or incarcerate them. I don't want to waste (any more of) my time and energy dealing with them. I just want them gone. 

So that's what I visualize, a world full of good and peaceful people, happy and healthy animals, everyone rejoicing, free and unafraid at last. 

Attached is what we distributed and voiced at our General Assembly meeting yesterday.


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New Tech Alchemy and Taboo Math

 By Anna Von Reitz

Thousands upon thousands of years ago, long prior to the Egyptian Dynasties, the transmutation process of the elements was known and visually represented.  

It's written in petroglyphs and hieroglyphs, in religious symbols, such as the Ankh, the Tree of Life, and so much more. 

This process, a form of cold fusion, does result in energy being produced and byproducts in the form of new elements --- all without anything exploding.  

The starting materials determine the end results. 

So, now we have the visual and constructive proof to grasp the Ancient Iconography of science, and as all the dots are being connected, the sense of awe simply grows. 

This particular presentation link is lengthy and covers several related technological breakthroughs, but if you want to cut to the chase, start with the second half of the presentation and see what has been revealed.  

Those with a scientific bent will immediately recognize the confluence of processes and forces yielding the ancient symbols, geometry, and patterns we have observed throughout the world, yet never recognized for what they are. 

This is jaw-dropping.  And it proves beyond any possible doubt that very advanced civilizations existed long before Egypt and were worldwide. 

But the announcement (below) is quite egg-heady and techy, so skip toward the end and don't let yourself glaze over --- this is important:  

You know I am a mathematician at heart, right?  All this history, religion, and law was never my thing. 

 After all, my Shinola Sensor is just being able to add things up and tell when they don't add up. 

So it should come as no surprise that when I moonlight and need a break from the mission before us -- what do I do for fun?  I look for the best math mental bon-bons on the internet. 

It's my equivalent of a big box of chocolates. 

There are two completely unexpected mathematicians standing on the leading edge of 
a popular revolution in mathematics: Nassim Haramein who is central to the Thrive Movement, and Terrence Howard, the hero leading the charge toward mathematics that is precise enough to take us to the stars. 

And not in a straight line. 

One of my constant guides is the certainty that truth is always simple.  

So here is Terrence Howard, explaining fundamental advances and questions in mathematics and physics in ways so simple that any child can understand: 

Be sure to share this information, download it, save it, it, cherish it, and feel the joy.  


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Enter Grandma and a Little Common Sense

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am SO sick of hearing all this nonsense about the Great Eclipse.  It's as bad or worse than Y2K.  

The Spinmeisters are having a hay-day, watching everyone on the internet and the juice bars go absolutely flipping crazy.  

Now, bear in mind that I started "prepping" decades before most of you, at a time when I and the Latter Day Saints and the Amish were the only people around prepared to humble ourselves and dig potato cellars. 

It isn't that I don't think that people should be prepared for any emergency they can reasonably prepare for; in fact, in my mind, it's the only responsible thing to do, for yourself, for your family, and for your community.  

But reacting not only like sheep, but like superstitious and weak-minded sheep, is not exactly a compliment to humankind, and trying to make up for forty years of not-prepping in a weekend buying splurge is even crazier. 

Perhaps the nastiness of the faux bug war and the panic attacks that emptied shelves of toilet paper from here to Bermuda got a larger percentage of the population tuned in and stocked up, and that's a good thing in my mind --- but living in a constant state of panic is not.  

It's true that celestial events like this tug and pry at the geomagnetic matrix and that in turn tugs and pries at the geology of the planet, causing more volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.  

But bear in mind that on average, there are 200 volcanoes on land spouting off every single day, unknown numbers of deep sea volcanoes erupting under the waves, and 10s of thousands of earthquakes all over the world on a routine basis. 

Put this all together and what do you have? 

If there is any big cataclysmic event tomorrow, it's most likely the result of some rogue government actors deploying scalar technology to deliberately create it.  

My advice? Go to bed, go to sleep, and dontcha worry about a thing.  We now have White Hats and Red Hats battling the Black Hats, and pretty soon, we'll have Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange, and Lime Green Polka Dot Hats engaged. 

The best reasoning I've seen was from an Evangelical preacher pretending to be a weatherman.  He pointed out that the last time this kind of eclipse happened in 2017, it passed through a whole bunch of towns called "Salem" and this time, it's passing through a bunch of towns called "Nineveh" and even one called "Jonah".  

He reasoned that this is the "sign of Jonah" spoken of by Yehoshuah, and that we have been given forty days to repent our foolishness and war-mongering and depravity--- we, being the people in this country. 

Well, there's nothing so wonderful about foolishness, war-mongering, or depravity, is there?  Repenting these things should be easier than falling asleep in geology class. 


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The AFD --- Good News for Living People

 By Anna Von Reitz

From around the world the word has spread and is ping-ponging back and forth, simply because the message is so incredible, so anti-intuitive. 

Yes, for every one (1) objectively worthless FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE you put in the Global Family Bank Safety Vault, you will receive one (1) American Federation Dollar (AFD).  

Each American Federation Dollar (AFD) begins trading at one (1) AFD per one hundred-eighty FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, which will update to the current rate of (1) AFD per two hundred thirty-four FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES and continue to fluctuate according to daily exchange rate variations.  

This is where the "Uh, duh...." comes in.  

Wait a minute, you are telling me that I can give you a one dollar FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE, which is objectively and legally worthless, and in exchange, you will give me an AFD which is gold-backed and worth (at the current exchange rate) a whopping $234?


To understand this, you have to go back to 1934 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the President of the US, Inc., removed the gold standard entirely and via the Emergency Banking Act established a "dollar for dollar" exchange rate on our silver money.  At that time, the FRN was defined as being equal in value (as an I.O.U.) to the United States Silver Dollar.  

As a result of this inequitable and coerced trade that was enforced under color of law, you, Joe American, lost the seigniorage owed on your currency, lost the investment value of both your gold and silver, and, the "legal tender" you were forced to use as a substitute underwent round after round of inflationary devaluation and taxation, until the actual trade value of the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE is less than half of one cent.  

It literally costs several times more to print each such FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE than its worth. 

Good old Joe American has been taking it in the shorts the entire time, ever since the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.  

It's been lose, lose, lose, lose.  Until now, when that loss has to be made up to you.  

That's why you get an AFD defined as one-tenth ounce of pure gold for every worthless FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE you turn in.  The difference in value is just part of what you are owed, a means to start evening up the situation and transition you over to an asset-backed currency.  

This is only for living people who reclaim their birthright and return to the land and soil of their home country--- not corporations, not foreign Persons.   

We hope this makes it clear what the 1:1 exchange rate is about and why you are getting such a deal. 


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International Public Notice: As Simple As We Can Make It

 By Anna Von Reitz

In the aftermath of the so-called American Civil War, which was actually a Mercenary Conflict and not classed as an actual war, the Generals of the U.S. Army took over under False Pretenses.  

They presumed to be our Custodians and Caretakers and Occupied the entire country using the idea that our legitimate civilian government had "disappeared" in the aftermath of this commercial conflict.  

The British Territorial Usurpers settled in, seized upon our assets, placed everything in public trusts, and used our assets, including the value of our labor (peonage and enslavement), as collateral to generate credit for their own benefit and the benefit of the foreign Principals directing their actions. 

Meanwhile, our lawful government was forced underground, it's leaders were burned out, murdered, financially ruined, slandered, ambushed, robbed, and otherwise defamed by these treasonous officers; the very existence of the American Government was obscured with the apparent intention that it be forgotten. 

As part of their effort to seize upon us and our property as assets, the Perpetrators promoted a "birth registration" program beginning with the Sheppard-Towner Act in 1921 passed by the British Territorial Congress.  

Although ostensibly aimed at registering their own citizenry, and promoted as something allowed because the British Territorial U.S. Citizens have only Human Rights to begin with, the Perpetrators targeted unaffiliated Americans and used undisclosed and unconscionable contracts to entrap Americans and to register them as U.S. Citizens without their knowledge or sentient agreement. 

Our parents were never given full disclosure when they registered their newborn babies, and the babies were too young to have any memory that such paperwork ever existed. 

The Americans thus impersonated as U.S. Citizens were via this means denigrated to the political status of Human Persons, trafficked into the foreign jurisdiction of the sea, and subjected to foreign Admiralty Law and Maritime Commercial Law. 

Special "District" -- as in District of Columbia courts -- were set up extraterritorially to benefit from this identity theft and impersonation scheme.   

Later, the Municipal United States Government followed suit and set up its own version of this same scheme, so that Americans owed good faith service from both of these villains were deliberately mischaracterized as Federal Dual Citizens, having both a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and a Municipal CORPORATION franchise named after them, all operating in the background without their knowing agreement. 

These substituted foreign "persons" were used as whipping boys, so that the Americans these things were named after were hounded and pursued as if the victims were responsible for the debts and obligations of these poppets, and subject to the foreign laws and obligations attached to them. 

The corporations responsible for the existence of these incorporated doppelganger "persons" acted under color of law as Public Usufructs, and have always owed it to their American victims to hold them harmless from any obligation, charge, or expense coming to them as a result of the existence of these foreign corporate franchises merely named after them. 

Both the parent corporations and their State-of-State franchises have abundantly failed to meet their Usufructuary obligations.   

The Perpetrators simply didn't tell the Americans a word about anything, left them confused, failed to provide them the remedies used to legalize these crimes, including the crimes related to the use of the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE as legal tender ---and skated on.  

Both the USA and the US incorporated entities engaged in this National-Level Identity Theft and Impersonation Scheme; both are conspiring against and evading their obligations under their respective constitutional contracts, both are acting in an illegal extraterritorial capacity and are occupying this country illegally.  

We, the Americans, have been abused, pillaged, plundered, racketeered against, and defrauded by our very own Public Employees secretly being misdirected and used and weaponized in this manner by undisclosed foreign interests.  

Far from successfully preventing "war" and economic upheavals the United Nations represented by the UN CORPORATION, and the Central Banks supporting this entire corrupt system, have stood by and watched--- and profited from---  innumerable illegal Mercenary Conflicts.  

Using the same logic that requires these miscreant Municipal and Commercial corporations to be dissolved under Ecclesiastical Law, and which was applied to the League of Nations, the UN CORPORATION needs to be liquidated for failure to perform upon its purported mission of world peace. 

Claiming to be or to do one thing, while being and doing exactly the opposite, is fraud, and fraud taints everything that it touches --- requiring the most determined action to correct, to provide remedy, and to expedite cooperation.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 7th 2024    


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International Public Notice: Concerning the Original Federal Constitution and the States of America

 By Anna Von Reitz

There is a general misunderstanding abroad in the world regarding our original Federal Constitution adopted in 1787, called The Constitution for the united States of America. 

The word "united" is used here as a descriptive adjective and is not part of the name, "States of America", which is the name of the American business entity being awarded the constitutional service contract with the States.

The business name "States of America" was adopted for use by the Founders of our country very early on; it appears during The War of Independence and was used along with "the United States" and "The United States of America" as the doing business as name of the Confederation of States from 1781 to 1861. 

Thus, the original Federal Constitution adopted in 1787 only served to define the parts and functions of an American Subcontractor and Service Provider operated by the original Confederation of States, dba States of America.  This particular Service Provider was popularly known as The Federal Republic. 

The American Federal Republic stopped functioning in April of 1861, along with the Confederation of States, which was responsible for the Federal Republic's operations. 

Anyone who says anything different is either ignorant, a liar, a cheat, or some combination of all three. 

We, the Americans, never lived under any Constitution; it's our Federal Employees who lived -- and still live --  under the Federal Constitutions.  

We, the Americans, live under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence, instead.   We are the Principals holding the other end of the purse-string establishing all three Constitutions.  

The American Federal Subcontractor run by the States of America (the doing business name of the Confederation of States) had its own separate foreign population of Americans who chose to adopt 
United States Citizenship under the terms and conditions specified by the first Immigration and Naturalization Act.

INA 1 established a lengthy process by which Americans could adopt this special form of Federal Citizenship.  Last time we looked, this process was summarized as Revised United States Statute-at-Large 2561. 

All Federal Employees under the Constitutional System are classed as citizens of one form or another and inhabit a separate and foreign jurisdiction from the rest of our population.  

United States Citizens worked for the Confederation of States doing business as the States of America and provided the workforce of The Federal Republic; they provided their services under "The Constitution for the united States of America" until 1861 when the Confederation itself shut down for lack of a quorum to conduct business.  

U.S. Citizens worked for the British Territorial Subcontractor doing business as the United States of America (later dba "the United States of America, Incorporated") and provided services under The Constitution of the United States of America. 

The citizens of the United States worked for the third Subcontractor under The Constitution of the United States awarded to the Holy Roman Empire and its Successors.  

There were three Federal Subcontractors and three Constitutions and three kinds of Federal citizenry. 

Now some people, President Trump among them, are talking about restoring "the original Constitution" of 1787, but they don't have the standing to actually do that. 

President Trump is the CEO of the United States of America, Incorporated, a British Territorial Corporation staffed by British Territorial U.S. Citizens; self-evidently, they don't have the standing to restore our American Federal Republic, nor can they restore The Constitution for the united States of America. 

Only the States of the Union and their State Citizens who created these Constitutions and adopted them in the first place, can restore them. 

No Federal Employee can do this.

If Mr. Trump tried to restore the "missing" Constitution as the President of "the United States of America, Incorporated", he would only be substituting a British Territorial for-profit Governmental Services Corporation for the actual American Subcontractor owed to our States and People.  He would be creating a British Territorial version of our American Federal Republic, and passing it off as such.  

Make no mistake: our Federation of States which was the Delegator of all powers delegated under the Federal Constitutions remains active and our member States are the Principals competent to Reconstruct both the Confederation and The Federal Republic.  

We are the only competent stand-in for the Confederation and The Federal Republic and our member States are the only States competent to act in International and Global jurisdictions on behalf of this country and its people.  

Neither the British Territorial Government represented by the United States of America, Inc. nor the Holy Roman Empire Successor doing business as the United States, Incorporated, etc.,  have the standing to do the work of the Reconstruction, and they do not have our permission to promote their version of "a" Federal Republic as a substitute for our own.  

Until further notice, the functions of The Federal Republic, have returned by Operation of Law to the Delegator of the powers enumerated and delegated to it.  There is no other entity with the standing, provenance, and authority to do this work in the interim.  

The restoration (known as "the reconstruction") is entirely the responsibility of the American States, not any foreign federal subcontractor.  If Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden wish to be honorable and help expedite the process for their employers who have "returned from over the sea", it's time for them to stop spinning narratives and release our purloined assets to the lawful inheritors.  

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 

April 7th 2024


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