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Monday, April 8, 2024

International Public Notice: As Simple As We Can Make It

 By Anna Von Reitz

In the aftermath of the so-called American Civil War, which was actually a Mercenary Conflict and not classed as an actual war, the Generals of the U.S. Army took over under False Pretenses.  

They presumed to be our Custodians and Caretakers and Occupied the entire country using the idea that our legitimate civilian government had "disappeared" in the aftermath of this commercial conflict.  

The British Territorial Usurpers settled in, seized upon our assets, placed everything in public trusts, and used our assets, including the value of our labor (peonage and enslavement), as collateral to generate credit for their own benefit and the benefit of the foreign Principals directing their actions. 

Meanwhile, our lawful government was forced underground, it's leaders were burned out, murdered, financially ruined, slandered, ambushed, robbed, and otherwise defamed by these treasonous officers; the very existence of the American Government was obscured with the apparent intention that it be forgotten. 

As part of their effort to seize upon us and our property as assets, the Perpetrators promoted a "birth registration" program beginning with the Sheppard-Towner Act in 1921 passed by the British Territorial Congress.  

Although ostensibly aimed at registering their own citizenry, and promoted as something allowed because the British Territorial U.S. Citizens have only Human Rights to begin with, the Perpetrators targeted unaffiliated Americans and used undisclosed and unconscionable contracts to entrap Americans and to register them as U.S. Citizens without their knowledge or sentient agreement. 

Our parents were never given full disclosure when they registered their newborn babies, and the babies were too young to have any memory that such paperwork ever existed. 

The Americans thus impersonated as U.S. Citizens were via this means denigrated to the political status of Human Persons, trafficked into the foreign jurisdiction of the sea, and subjected to foreign Admiralty Law and Maritime Commercial Law. 

Special "District" -- as in District of Columbia courts -- were set up extraterritorially to benefit from this identity theft and impersonation scheme.   

Later, the Municipal United States Government followed suit and set up its own version of this same scheme, so that Americans owed good faith service from both of these villains were deliberately mischaracterized as Federal Dual Citizens, having both a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and a Municipal CORPORATION franchise named after them, all operating in the background without their knowing agreement. 

These substituted foreign "persons" were used as whipping boys, so that the Americans these things were named after were hounded and pursued as if the victims were responsible for the debts and obligations of these poppets, and subject to the foreign laws and obligations attached to them. 

The corporations responsible for the existence of these incorporated doppelganger "persons" acted under color of law as Public Usufructs, and have always owed it to their American victims to hold them harmless from any obligation, charge, or expense coming to them as a result of the existence of these foreign corporate franchises merely named after them. 

Both the parent corporations and their State-of-State franchises have abundantly failed to meet their Usufructuary obligations.   

The Perpetrators simply didn't tell the Americans a word about anything, left them confused, failed to provide them the remedies used to legalize these crimes, including the crimes related to the use of the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE as legal tender ---and skated on.  

Both the USA and the US incorporated entities engaged in this National-Level Identity Theft and Impersonation Scheme; both are conspiring against and evading their obligations under their respective constitutional contracts, both are acting in an illegal extraterritorial capacity and are occupying this country illegally.  

We, the Americans, have been abused, pillaged, plundered, racketeered against, and defrauded by our very own Public Employees secretly being misdirected and used and weaponized in this manner by undisclosed foreign interests.  

Far from successfully preventing "war" and economic upheavals the United Nations represented by the UN CORPORATION, and the Central Banks supporting this entire corrupt system, have stood by and watched--- and profited from---  innumerable illegal Mercenary Conflicts.  

Using the same logic that requires these miscreant Municipal and Commercial corporations to be dissolved under Ecclesiastical Law, and which was applied to the League of Nations, the UN CORPORATION needs to be liquidated for failure to perform upon its purported mission of world peace. 

Claiming to be or to do one thing, while being and doing exactly the opposite, is fraud, and fraud taints everything that it touches --- requiring the most determined action to correct, to provide remedy, and to expedite cooperation.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 7th 2024    


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