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Monday, April 8, 2024

Enter Grandma and a Little Common Sense

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am SO sick of hearing all this nonsense about the Great Eclipse.  It's as bad or worse than Y2K.  

The Spinmeisters are having a hay-day, watching everyone on the internet and the juice bars go absolutely flipping crazy.  

Now, bear in mind that I started "prepping" decades before most of you, at a time when I and the Latter Day Saints and the Amish were the only people around prepared to humble ourselves and dig potato cellars. 

It isn't that I don't think that people should be prepared for any emergency they can reasonably prepare for; in fact, in my mind, it's the only responsible thing to do, for yourself, for your family, and for your community.  

But reacting not only like sheep, but like superstitious and weak-minded sheep, is not exactly a compliment to humankind, and trying to make up for forty years of not-prepping in a weekend buying splurge is even crazier. 

Perhaps the nastiness of the faux bug war and the panic attacks that emptied shelves of toilet paper from here to Bermuda got a larger percentage of the population tuned in and stocked up, and that's a good thing in my mind --- but living in a constant state of panic is not.  

It's true that celestial events like this tug and pry at the geomagnetic matrix and that in turn tugs and pries at the geology of the planet, causing more volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.  

But bear in mind that on average, there are 200 volcanoes on land spouting off every single day, unknown numbers of deep sea volcanoes erupting under the waves, and 10s of thousands of earthquakes all over the world on a routine basis. 

Put this all together and what do you have? 

If there is any big cataclysmic event tomorrow, it's most likely the result of some rogue government actors deploying scalar technology to deliberately create it.  

My advice? Go to bed, go to sleep, and dontcha worry about a thing.  We now have White Hats and Red Hats battling the Black Hats, and pretty soon, we'll have Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange, and Lime Green Polka Dot Hats engaged. 

The best reasoning I've seen was from an Evangelical preacher pretending to be a weatherman.  He pointed out that the last time this kind of eclipse happened in 2017, it passed through a whole bunch of towns called "Salem" and this time, it's passing through a bunch of towns called "Nineveh" and even one called "Jonah".  

He reasoned that this is the "sign of Jonah" spoken of by Yehoshuah, and that we have been given forty days to repent our foolishness and war-mongering and depravity--- we, being the people in this country. 

Well, there's nothing so wonderful about foolishness, war-mongering, or depravity, is there?  Repenting these things should be easier than falling asleep in geology class. 


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