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Monday, April 8, 2024

New Tech Alchemy and Taboo Math

 By Anna Von Reitz

Thousands upon thousands of years ago, long prior to the Egyptian Dynasties, the transmutation process of the elements was known and visually represented.  

It's written in petroglyphs and hieroglyphs, in religious symbols, such as the Ankh, the Tree of Life, and so much more. 

This process, a form of cold fusion, does result in energy being produced and byproducts in the form of new elements --- all without anything exploding.  

The starting materials determine the end results. 

So, now we have the visual and constructive proof to grasp the Ancient Iconography of science, and as all the dots are being connected, the sense of awe simply grows. 

This particular presentation link is lengthy and covers several related technological breakthroughs, but if you want to cut to the chase, start with the second half of the presentation and see what has been revealed.  

Those with a scientific bent will immediately recognize the confluence of processes and forces yielding the ancient symbols, geometry, and patterns we have observed throughout the world, yet never recognized for what they are. 

This is jaw-dropping.  And it proves beyond any possible doubt that very advanced civilizations existed long before Egypt and were worldwide. 

But the announcement (below) is quite egg-heady and techy, so skip toward the end and don't let yourself glaze over --- this is important:  

You know I am a mathematician at heart, right?  All this history, religion, and law was never my thing. 

 After all, my Shinola Sensor is just being able to add things up and tell when they don't add up. 

So it should come as no surprise that when I moonlight and need a break from the mission before us -- what do I do for fun?  I look for the best math mental bon-bons on the internet. 

It's my equivalent of a big box of chocolates. 

There are two completely unexpected mathematicians standing on the leading edge of 
a popular revolution in mathematics: Nassim Haramein who is central to the Thrive Movement, and Terrence Howard, the hero leading the charge toward mathematics that is precise enough to take us to the stars. 

And not in a straight line. 

One of my constant guides is the certainty that truth is always simple.  

So here is Terrence Howard, explaining fundamental advances and questions in mathematics and physics in ways so simple that any child can understand: 

Be sure to share this information, download it, save it, it, cherish it, and feel the joy.  


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