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Sunday, June 30, 2024

International Public Notice: Regarding the "Hidden Hand"

 By Anna Von Reitz

During the Administration of Abraham Lincoln, our honorable soldiers and sailors were unlawfully converted into a mercenary force. 

The evidence for this, besides the near-constant "state of war" this country has endured for over 150 years and the constant unconstitutional executive "declarations of war" made every two years on everything from poverty to drugs, rests on two important pillars: 

1. The discovery that the actual parties involved in the so-called American Civil War, both North and South, were not States.  They were all States-of-States -- business organizations under contract to provide government services for the actual States. 

Although they all called themselves "Confederate States" -- both North and South between 1781 and 1860 -- and are often referred to as "States" for short, they are not the actual States of the Union, nor were they the Union States. 

All the States-of-States engaged in the Civil War were commercial companies or corporations, which makes the "War" a Mercenary Conflict.  

2.  There was never a Declaration of War by any Congress empowered to make a Declaration of War concerning the Civil War.  Lincoln made an executive declaration of his own creation allowing the Northern garrison at Fort Sumter to open fire on the surrounding Southern forces, but that was all. 

Our Federal Constitutions -- all three of them -- make it explicitly clear that the Federal Congress is the sole entity responsible for declaring war on behalf of the United States.  So, as the Congress never declared war, what remains is a commercial Mercenary Conflict carried out by commercial entities, without any proper authority, but being called a "War" nonetheless.  

This deception and semantic deceit has prevented people from properly evaluating the "war" and its illegal and immoral nature from the start.  

Thus deluded and unable to discern the conversion of our United States military into a private Mercenary Force, it has been impossible for the American people, most members of the military, and the world at large to discern the nature of other crucial matters. 

Remember the Hessians?  German mercenaries hired by King George to come over here and fight against the Americans in the War of Independence? 

The Hessian mercenaries had a deal with the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel. 

The essence of the deal was this --- (1) the Landgrave would receive a large payment from the customer (King George, in this case) prior to engagement of any action; (2) the soldiers would receive another, separate payment paid directly to themselves, with extra for those wounded, and three times the amount for anyone killed in battle; (3) the  pay would continue for a full year after the declaration of peace and end only after the mercenaries had returned home. 

King George required the services of 15,000 to 17,000 Hessian troops per year.  This made the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel one of the wealthiest men in Europe. 

Instead of the payments being made to the Landgrave directly, however, they stayed in England, where the money was managed by the Rothschilds as an investment; the Landgrave got drafts based on interest from the investments. The portion owed to the soldiers which was actually transferred to Germany, was then used to make high interest loans to other needy aristocrats. 

This created a huge boom in the banking business between England and Germany, with vast interest being generated by all the loans to governments and princes, and -- a huge increase in the postal services business.  The von Turn und Taxis family that owned the postal concession got their dollop, too. They are still members of the Committee of 300. 

Rothschild basically embezzled the money and used money that was owed to the Landgrave and the Hessian Mercenaries to create his own banking empire out of nothing--- at least, nothing that actually belonged to him.  

The money owed to the soldiers from this use of their money in this sidebar deal was never paid to the Landgrave nor to them. They got their bit as agreed, but nothing for the use and risk of their money to make loans, none of the interest Rothschild collected. 

In fact, the entire history of the Rothschild dynasty rests on situations like this, wherein the Rothschilds and their collaborators saw the opportunity to use someone else's money to make money --- and simply cut the actual owners out of the deal by keeping them ignorant.  

Nathan Rothschild, being able to underwrite the investment using this windfall from the Hessian Mercenaries, convinced the British East India Company to invest $800,000,000 in his bank for use to insure the success of Wellington's Peninsula campaign. 

Not coincidentally, this is also the money that was used to fund the Rothschild-von Turn und Taxis "intelligence" network (Rothschild paying von Turn und Taxis to violate the mail and open it to glean insider information) which allowed them to make such a killing on the stock market with advance knowledge of the results at Waterloo. 

From that time on, the Rothschilds have been Imperial Agents of the Crown. 

If the Hessian soldiers had known about all the juicy interest recouped off their efforts and money, they would have demanded their share. 

Now, fast forward to the so-called American Civil War and the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy suddenly redefined as Mercenary Forces. The Rothschilds saw their opportunity again, just as with the Hessians, and so did Queen Victoria --- only on a much vaster scale. 

Under the spur of Benjamin Disraeli, the Queen had already begun the process of "enfranchising" British land serfs and laborers as a legal means of latching onto them and their property assets for use as collateral backing the British Raj in India.  Why not  hire U.S. mercenary forces to occupy America and do the same thing to the Americans?  

Just offer the clueless Americans the opportunity to vote in U.S. Corporate elections ("enfranchise" them) -- by encouraging them to think that the private corporate elections were their own public elections -- and seize upon their assets for use as collateral and enslave them, too? 

With all the confusion and chaos caused by the "war" and the similar names deceits that had already been used by Lincoln and his Co-Conspirators, it was easy enough to do. 

So that's what was done.  The Brits hired the U.S. Military as mercenaries and paid the U.S. Congress for their services; that's how the British Corporation SERCO remains the Paymaster for "our" military to this day, and how our country has been illegally occupied all these years by the American Raj.  

The Rothschilds made full use of this situation to do the same thing to us and to our soldiers and sailors as they did to the Landgrave and the Hessians a hundred years before, with the same results. 

The Rothschild's collaborators in this were the JP Morgan and Chase Banks, and a little later, the Federal Reserve consortium that the Rothschilds were part of from the first. 

They've been registering and enfranchising us under color of law and conditions of deceit for decades and have gotten away with it for the same reason that the Rothschilds got away with it in Hesse-Kassel: nobody knew what was going on.  

And just as with Hesse-Kassel, the U.S. Mercenaries and to some extent, their titular bosses in Congress, didn't realize that the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Lazars, and other European banking interests representing "the Federal Reserve" were stealing them blind and embezzling the use of their money and resources to make private fortunes for themselves and their banking empires. 

Over the course of a few decades the situation devolved into outright theft of gold and silver assets, the whole inequitable exchange Money Mill scam of the  Federal Reserve I.O.U.s being used as a military scrip, while the civilian's actual money was inequitably and coercively exchanged for promises to pay someday with something, the theft of seigniorage and multiple bankruptcy frauds on the part of the federal parent corporations -- both the Dutch-Roman US, INC, interests, and the British Crown USA, Inc. -- formed an incredible intergenerational criminal melee, all funded on the backs of American soldiers and sailors, who remained blissfully unaware that they were acting as British Crown mercenaries. 

 And the Rothschilds?  David Rene de Rothschild is still holed up in an independent, international city-state Global Federal Reserve enclave carved out of Swiss soil near Geneva, still spinning the web and trying to claim innocence and retain power no matter what.  

JPMorgan and Chase and the IMF masquerading as the United States Department of the Treasury since 1924?  Still trying, rather unsuccessfully, to justify their patty-cake relationship as the other half of the Federal Reserve scheme. 

The Americans and other victims worldwide of this entire British Bunko - Banking Fraud?  Waking up angry and confused as hibernating bears. 

Did you know that the Federal Reserve -- which is a private cartel no more "Federal" than Federal Express, claimed the right to hypothecate debt against all U.S. assets?  And generously pretended that all those American babies they registered under color of law and conditions of deceit and breach of trust were "U.S. assets"? 

So British scum established unsupportable claims against American babies, their bodies, their good names, their intellectual and material assets, their land, their corporations, their money, everything. 

They got away with this because they impersonated American babies as U.S. Citizens via undisclosed registration. 

This undisclosed registration created a contract the victims never knew about -- called an "unconscionable" contract  -- which is illegal as Hell, but without anyone being aware enough of their scheme to object, they skated on for almost a hundred years making False Claims of foreign citizenship and corporate shareholder obligations against Americans who didn't owe them spit.  

Every ounce of gold, every silver dollar, every tract of land, every bit of improperly collected "federal income tax" and every improperly created "real estate title" and "real estate mortgage" and "real estate property tax", every Federal Reserve Note, every stock, every bond, every shareholder interest, every mortgage and debt that these schemers have stolen as assets from other people or foisted off as debts onto other people -- is now due and owing. 

Not only the assets but the interest on the assets and the credit generated from the assets and the profits from the investments and the interest collected on all the phony debts that nobody here owed --- belongs to the living people who were victimized, not these incorporated criminals. 

So much for the Hidden Hand. That's how it started with the Hessians and this is how it is ending. 

All the banks are in this fraud game are up to their eyeballs and considerably underwater ($525 Billion in "unrealized debt" in this country alone), and interestingly, they have no assets of their own; they have been doing business in receivership since the 1930s. 

Nobody has been able to explain that miracle yet. 

These banks aren't allowed to loan their own money out nor any money belonging to their depositors, so where has all this money to loan at interest come from?  

From the borrowers themselves, living people whom the banks and their Trustees have defrauded, and whom the  corporations have impersonated to that end, and whom the courts have unjustly prosecuted. 

Millions of Americans have been beaten and pillaged and plundered and threatened and harassed by these criminals for six generations under color of law, and our paid-for military has been hired out to foreign interests as mercenaries occupying our country and attacking and illegally occupying other countries-- all without the knowledge of the men and women doing the dirty work.   

The  American civilians have been robbed via all manner of illegal impositions and confiscations under color of war, when no war exists, burdened down like pack animals with taxes and mortgages they don't owe, and this has been supported by men and women owing us good faith and service against "all enemies both foreign and domestic". 

Unfortunately, the same can be said for civilians living in the seventeen still illegally occupied countries of Western Europe, the former Commonwealth, Japan, Libya, South Korea, Iraq, and everywhere else these criminal British Crown and Dutch-Roman corporate interests have operated "corporate governments" in collusion with these banks. 

There is no such thing as an incorporated government.  There are only incorporated government service companies. 

So, now the tide turns.  The long-sleeping public awakens.  The lies become apparent.  The crimes and schemes become apparent, too.  

The Hidden Hand turns out to be a bunch of criminal banks and clueless military officers and stupid, greedy politicians, all in league to racketeer and embezzle from the public they are supposed to serve in good faith.  

Our public.  The American public.  Not the "U.S. Public" nor the "Municipal United States Public" nor any other "Public".  We are the ones actually paying for their "service" and the ones they are supposed to serve, but instead, they were unlawfully converted to serve a different "public" and a different government under conditions of fraud and under color of law and under color of war.  

Faced with long overdue justice, the schemers have offered to "destroy the world" that they think they have created --- if so, it's no big loss, because it is a world where people are so dumbed down they can't even observe and think, a world where life is cheap, and family values non-existent, a world where men are kept like rats in a maze, pushing a lever to receive a little dollop of plastic cheese that they pay for themselves. 

There is just one problem.  The ability of the Hidden Hand to destroy the world depends on the willing service of men who now know how they have been cheated, men who would be destroying their own lives, their own homes and families.  The pandemic has proven to what ends these evil manipulators strive. 

Still, the instinct of these military officers is to cover their own butts and try to make themselves out as the heroes, when in fact, the only ones who have been totally innocent and who have funded everything from the get-go, are the abused average people who depended on all these yahoos, who looked up to them and trusted them.

The banks, the politicians, the military, the courts, and corporate "government" and the churches, too, have all failed the test. 

What remains are the venerable and actual governments of the people themselves.  We are in Session in The United States and numerous other countries. 

We are not going to believe any made-for-Hollywood movie horror stories, nor are we going to accept any excuses.  

We know the score from beginning to end, so everyone should save their breath, return the loot and assets owed to the actual people and the actual governments, and stand acquitted. 

All the Hidden Hand has really contributed to the world is the illusion of value, not actual value; it has also "offered" perpetual war for profit, aggression, strong-arm racketeering under color of law, inland piracy, conspiracy against the Constitutions, crimes of personage and impersonation, theft, fraud, unlawful conversion of nationality, political status, and assets -- via the use of unconscionable registrations and strong arm imposition of foreign citizenship obligations favorable to the British Crown and Holy Roman Empire.  

Everyone reading this can do their part to put an end to this gigantic fraud scheme and banking crime. Join and support your traditional State and County (or other political units in other countries) Assembly.

All countries have traditional land and soil jurisdiction governments that have been usurped and which have superior concurrent general jurisdiction. These governments were unlawfully, illegally, and immorally usurped and vacated by these fraud artists. 

It's the duty of every civilian reading these words to repopulate their traditional governments as soon as possible and the duty of every member of every military reading this to protect this effort.  

Corporate Feudalism funded by criminal bank interests must be recognized for what it is, the Perpetrators must be stopped, the purloined assets and the unjust profits must be returned to the living people to whom they belong with no "offer" by the military interests to maintain control. 

The military has been in improper control of our money since 1863 and we can see the results. 

As a final note:

There is a long-standing rumor that Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a German Jew from Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, hated the Church of Rome and the Holy Roman Empire.  This, like many other pieces of disinformation, was planted to put the hounds off the scent.  

The Holy See has been the "other" Hidden Hand, required to lift and tote and provide the countering support for this system of greed.  The Church's part of this was funded by the Office of the Roman Pontiff (dissolved since 2011) and the Roman Urban Trust which was purloined by Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan via signature theft circa 2015. 

These secular and peculiarly Roman interests intermittently represented as the Holy Roman Empire are as guilty or more guilty for this circumstance than the British Crown Corporation and its other affiliates. 

The House of Rothschild and its affiliates, including the Federal Reserve, have been instrumental in collaborating with the Holy See for two centuries; in this country, this collusion was cemented in 1937 by The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States. 

It should have read: "The Declaration of the Independence in Collusion of the Two Corporate Municipal Governments in the District of Columbia", instead. 

Since the heat of public observation has come to bear, these two collaborating organizations have fallen out, with one insisting on maintaining the status quo and the other insisting on radical change favoring its own interests and agendas.  

We highly advise both corporations and all their franchises and agents to stand down. They and their Principals have been caught red-handed. There is no "Good Cop / Bad Cop" game to be played here.   

Of course, they conveniently forgot to include the government of, for, and by the People of this country, and didn't ask for our opinion concerning all their actions undertaken "for" us in our "absence".  They also failed to provide the remedies for their otherwise criminal impositions. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 30th 2024


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