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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Alright, Campers

 By Anna Von Reitz

Uncle Sam, Inc., is in receivership to China and the actual “preferential creditors” - the Americans - have been ignored. 

All the guilty parties are trying to pretend that we don’t exist, but we do. 

The Brits are acting as the Paymasters for our military and have been using a Municipal Corporation, SERCO, to issue the checks. 

Am I the only one who sees a problem with this?  All you West Point geniuses, sitting around with your thumbs inserted, still trying to spin narratives?  

And showing so much politically correct concern for our delicate little psyches, you couldn’t possibly actually do anything of practical value.  

Australian Defense Forces have been caught injecting Australians with Covid 19 “Vaccines” clearly labeled as Class 4 poisons. And the Aussie nurses and doctors have seen the paperwork, known that they were injecting poisons, and did it anyway. 

Go figure.  By this standard, Jim Jones was perfectly sane.

Their Leader Down Under took the jab, ended up in the hospital, and now has Bell’s Palsy.  He looks like an elderly Freddie Kruger with ugly nose hairs to begin with, and now has his face pulled sideways in a permanent diagonal twitch. 

Considering what he has done to others it makes me want to stand up and shout, “Yes! There is a God!” 

The Vermin are trying to destroy cash because it is physical evidence of the debt they owe us. 

First they gave us paper I.O.U.s for our silver and now they are trying to get rid of the I.O.U.s while nobody is looking. 

But we are looking.  

They are going to try to replace cash with another fiat note “currency” that can be turned off and on like a light bulb.  

If we put up with it, this technology will be used to control who eats and who doesn’t, to dictate political outcomes, and punish anyone who opposes them. 

I say, smell my fluffy butt to that prospect. I would rather die now than live in such a world as these monsters have conceived. 

Our own grossly lied to and misdirected military is responsible for this situation  and has been responsible for it since 1863.  

The Pope is taking physical possession of all liquid assets of the Roman Catholic Church  by September 30th

Some event — a False Flag or Natural Disaster or Act of War is expected soon after that date and it can be anything from Planet X to the new Black Plague to War in the Middle East.  

It doesn’t matter what the trigger is, they intend to pull it.  

For over 2,000 years Rome has been doing the same thing—- developing trade relations, gradually borrowing more and more and more from Trading Partners, then turning on them and killing their Creditors. 

America is in that Creditor Hot Seat right now, and so is China. 

China has been fed the false idea that “America” owes them money, so they will be avid to collect it from us. 

The  debt that China is trying to collect is not owed by “America” it is owed by “the US” but like everyone else they have been conditioned to think that “the US” — which is actually a foreign Papist Municipal Government theocracy located in the District of Columbia— is “the same as” America, when it’s not. 

This deception paints a target on the back of the unwitting Americans and sets the Chinese against us. 

Thus, Rome contrives to get its two primary Creditors to destroy each other, by obscuring the identity of the actual Debtor—- which, at the end of the day, is Rome. 

Whether we want to or not, we have to assess the situation for what it is and get moving. 

Use your mind and your emotions as your energy weapons against this virulent and ancient evil.  Focus on peace and well-being.

Use your voice against the corporations and their puppet politicians. Let them know that we know what they’ve done and see what they do. 

Use your consumer choices against the banks and use cash for everything as much as you possibly can.  

In the end it does not matter whether they egg the Chinese into attacking us by mistake or they use NATO to attack the Russians in the Ukraine. The result is the same—-the destruction of their Creditors. 

Once we see this pattern in the history of Rome there is no going back, and no way to mistake current events.  

We can now see the motives and the players who have kept the world in a constant “state of war” for hundreds of years— and used lies and impersonation and the sufferings of others to feather their own nests. 

Lesson learned. 

The only question is — have we learned it fast enough? 


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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

A Fiduciary Duty Fulfilled

 By Anna Von Reitz

Among living people it sometimes happens that we are called upon to serve in a fiduciary capacity for others.  This can happen even if we don't volunteer for the job. We can simply be standing there at a given time, faced with a particular circumstance, and boom!  

There you are, staring up at the sky, wondering --- WT....? 

That's what happened to me, so you had better believe that it can happen to you, too, and that in some regards, it has already happened to you.

Certain Public Duties "devolve" upon you, simply because of your political status and identity as --- for example --- an American or a Frenchman. 

Americans have a Public Duty to uphold the Public Law of this country, and in particular, to uphold the Federal Constitutions and enforce them.  We have a Public Duty to oppose crimes, such as genocide and murder, and to report them to the responsible authorities.  

In the case of some crimes, like treason, failure to report them to the responsible authorities (the President, the Governor, Lieutenant Governor,  or Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court) can have very dire consequences for one's self -- up to and including capital punishment. 

Public Duty is not something to be taken lightly, and while members of the General Public in this country do not owe the obligations of citizenship, we do owe the obligations of Public Duty. 

Fiduciary Duty, elected or unelected, is part of that Public Duty which we owe to ourselves and our countrymen.  

In 2011, an alarmed friend sent me a copy of a Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing made by a man named Everton Rochas from San Jose, California. 

This fellow, Rochas, was claiming what appeared to be himself --but which were in fact, foreign commercial corporations named after him-- and he was explicitly explaining which "Everton Rochas" was the creditor by describing himself in terms of having hands and feet. 

I read it, I thought about it -- I was thirteen years into the Due Process that began in 1998, and halfway through the International Notice process.  I realized that what Mr. Rochas was doing was correct enough for himself, assuming that he had a non-statutory trust to dump the assets into like a purse, and the correct legal standing to do it. 

He had done something monumental.  He had correctly identified the incorporated debtors and claimed back his property assets and remedies and exemptions owed to him --- and had done it using the Uniform Commercial Code process.  

It was at that moment that my Fiduciary Duty landed on my head. 

Oh, I could follow suit and do what Rochas had done, and save my own assets out of the bankruptcy slush piles resulting from the Federal Reserve System bankruptcy in 2009, but then, what about my countrymen?  

They'd be left disinherited, unrecognizable as Creditors, claimants without claims.  Their State Trusts would be vacated.  The other creditors of the Federal Reserve System could come in and pillage us for the debts of the "US, INC." and "USA, Inc." to their heart's delight, while the actual "preferential creditors" would be mysteriously "absent", "presumed lost at sea".  

So I created and recorded a non-statutory trust agreement between me, myself, and I --- a purse where I could deposit the assets as the "Authorized Representative" --- and I claimed everything back for all Americans with hands and feet.  And I rolled it all over into the Public Trust of the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America and as a further firewall, into my private non-statutory trust. 

Shortly thereafter I published and recorded my Irrevocable Will so that nobody could claim that I died intestate and "offer" to administer my estate -- including my non-statutory trust ---  "for" me. 

All the claims that I subsequently entered on the UCC record automatically attached to my name and rolled into my non-statutory trust and into the Public Trust maintained by the Federation of States, where they remain whether or not the specific UCC claims expire.  The UCC claims were just a conduit delivering the cargo to its rightful and final resting place, back home in America. 

And then, I came home myself.  I claimed my Given Name, "Anna Maria Riezinger" back from the Third Judicial Court in Palmer, Alaska, and made my non-Municipal status official.  

Then, I re-conveyed my recouped Proper Name to the land and soil jurisdiction and recorded this action via the Territorial State of Alaska Land Recording Office in Palmer, Alaska --- making my return to the land and soil official. 

I followed up by delivering a certified copy back to the Third Judicial Court, having copies date-stamped by the Clerk, and leaving a copy for inclusion with the court record of my name change from ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER to Anna Maria Riezinger. 

There is and can be no doubt that I returned myself to the land and soil of this country and that I was last seen headed due East with a horrible fixed grin and look of relief on my face.  

Neither the Pope nor the Queen nor the Lord Mayor can claim that I voluntarily adopted any citizenship obligation of theirs nor that I voluntarily chose to remain in any foreign jurisdiction under their control.  I am officially, on the Public Record of their own institutions, neither a Municipal citizen of the United States nor a Territorial U.S. Citizen. 

This conclusion is doubly guaranteed, because what appears to be my surname, "Riezinger" is in fact an international trademark and the intellectual property of my Great-Grandfather, established in 1855, well-before the entire boondoggle of the American Civil War.  No European Monarch has any claim on it. It is internationally recognized private property and anyone who uses it in vain is trespassing. 

In this, and in all other circumstances, I have been blessed by fate and fortune to be in the position I was in, to know the people and facts I have known, and to do the things I have done in the time frame and sequence that all these things have been accomplished, so that I could act freely and with lawful standing throughout, to accomplish the recoupment of American assets for Americans who would have otherwise lost not only their identities, but their inheritance.

There are those who say that these same Americans deserved to lose their intellectual and property assets, because they weren't taking care of them and were not vigilantly guarding them and doing the work of self-governance.  

What can you say about people who sit on their rumps and don't bring their own government into Session for over 150 years?  

You can begin by saying that they are the sovereigns of this country and if they wanted to take a very long nap, it's their business and nobody else's.  

And we can follow up by saying that the vast majority of Americans were deliberately and self-interestedly deceived in Breach of Trust by their own public employees, who have been misdirected by foreign Principals acting in Gross Breach of Trust, breach of international treaties, and breach of commercial service contracts, seeking to evade their contractual obligations and pillage their Employers for their own unjust enrichment. 

The road that I have traveled to get home again --- and drag all the assets owed to this country and my countrymen with me --- has been long and often veiled in impenetrable darkness.  There have been many times when I have wondered what to do and how to do it.  Each time, I have knocked on the door of Heaven, and been answered. 

On numerous occasions, I have tried to explain this whole circumstance to my countrymen --- "Hey, brother, you were robbed, but it's okay, I derailed the train and brought your stuff home.  All you have to do is claim it." --- and they stare at me, stunned.  

What?  I've been robbed?  My identity has been stolen?  By my own public employees?  Say what?  I have to declare what?  I have to record what?  

And I have had to struggle with the aftermath and develop the processes and means for millions of Americans to come home and claim back the assets they are heir to. 

All the groundwork has already been laid, all the processes worked out, and all anyone has to do, is come home. Declare and record your native birthright political status and thereby reclaim your inheritance.  

In the process of straightening out our own mess, we discovered that much of the rest of the world is in the same exact circumstance, all victims of a planetary scale fraud scheme designed to establish a system of Corporate Feudalism  ---by which a few enslave the many, just as they did during Colonialism. 

Putting an end to these world-mongering fraud schemes perpetuated by commercial corporations in the business of providing "governmental services" is a Public Duty of all people worldwide. 

The employees cannot be allowed to rule over the employers. 

Standing here on my flat little Great-Grandma feet facing the beginning of September 2022, I can safely say that I have done my Public Duty, including my unsought duty as Fiduciary for our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America.

As things stand, the American claims have been preserved, and the claims of many other nations are being brought forward.

Isn't it time that you joined in and did your bit, too?  

Imagine a pile of mittens, and your mittens are in that pile somewhere.  You have to go dig around and find them and claim them as yours. That's part of this process that I can't do for you --- something that only you can do for yourself. 

Go to and get started. 

I don't know how much longer I will be here with you, so it is a matter of some urgency that you all learn the facts and pass on what I have shared with you this morning.  Everything I have referenced is a matter of record, preserved by the State of Alaska Land Recording Office, the State of Alaska UCC Unit, the State of Alaska Third Judicial Court at Palmer, Alaska, and the Winnebago County, Illinois, Recorder's Office.   

My non-statutory trust will last until 2066; at some point between now and then, my Irrevocable Will will come into effect, in addition to the actions that are undertaken now, during my lifetime, to secure and distribute the assets in accordance with that Will--- returning to each American all that naturally belongs to that American --- this represents my grant to each and every one of you.   

By the time my non-statutory trust expires you must all return to the land and soil to claim and preserve your own property assets, including your intellectual property assets --- your Good Names, your nationality, and your lawful government. You have forty-four years to take advantage of what I have done for you and your children.  The clock is ticking. 

Don't take it for granted. It was the hand of God that put me in place, that inspired me to discern the patterns of the ensnaring web, and that allowed me to act in your favor.  You can't expect that a competent Fiduciary will just appear out of nowhere again (Big Lake, Alaska, is pretty close to nowhere) to pull your chestnuts out of the fire.  

You must each take responsibility and exercise the rights and prerogatives you are heir to.  You must each learn how to defend and justify your position as the Lawful Inheritors of this great country. And you must self-govern.  

None of these things are easy.  All of them require attention and hard work.  

Just as the Public Duty to act as Fiduciary for The United States of America descended on me, your own share of that responsibility now rests upon you--- the responsibility to reclaim and take charge of your own assets, both public and private---- and preserve those assets for future generations of Americans.  


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The Important History of Rome You Are Never Taught

 By Anna Von Reitz

It may seem strange to pause at this moment, when the entire world is in chaos and indeed, turned upside down, to look at the history of Rome.  

Yet, no other contemplation is so entirely illuminating as this one, at this moment. 

Rome was founded on the 21st of April in the year 753 BC by two brothers of Trojan descent.  It was developed as a fortified trading center, one of many developed throughout the ancient world by the Trojans and their relatives and allies --- the Persians, Levantians, Canaanites, Turks (Trojans), and Carthaginians. 

Very early on, the only thing standing in the way of a complete monopoly on shipping in the Mediterranean was Greece.  

When Roman debt to Greece became insufferable during the Hellenistic period, that is, when Rome had borrowed everything intellectual and physical that it could possibly borrow from Greece, the Romans attacked and conquered their creditors and competitors in the realm of merchant shipping. 

This established a pattern of behavior that endures to this day: 

Borrow everything you can, then kill your creditors. 

When Carthage rose to replace Greece as the dominant non-Roman naval power and shipping center, the Romans assisted them by giving them all the business they could ever want.  

The Carthaginians hauled every commodity imaginable to Rome.  Roman merchants became dependent on Carthaginian shipping and warehousing and soon, Carthage was loaning them money and extending credit for services.  

When Rome had borrowed everything they could and the Carthaginians were getting restive and worried about repayment, the Romans attacked and sacked their priority creditors. 

End of debt to Carthage. 

This simple modus operandi became a signature of the Roman Empire: trade and borrow, then attack and kill the creditors of Rome.  So Rome feasted on the labor and talent of many nations, and finished by militarily defeating and enslaving their former trading partners. 

It happened in Gaul.  It happened in Britain.  It happened in Prussia.  It happened more generally in Germany during World War I and II.  

Always the same.  Borrow everything you can, then kill your creditors.  Simple, effective, and bound to be enriching, the Romans have never varied from this standard recipe.  

Right now, Rome owes the Americans more than Rome has ever owed any nation in history.  And, predictably enough, the (Holy) Roman Empire began its campaign to kill its American creditors in earnest beginning in 1962 with the enclave known as Vatican II.  

The more moral elements of the Church leadership had to be eroded before the Roman Pontiff could justify attacking the nice people who saved most of Europe and rebuilt it.  

With the end of the Marshall Plan and related giveaways, the bill for all this finally came due in 2005, and the plot to destroy America also went into full tilt execution.  

The Pope, acting in his Secular Office as the Roman Pontiff,  directed all his Agency Subcontractors to do specific things that have together served to confuse, undermine, and destroy America from within. 

His Agents have promoted aerial spraying campaigns since 1989, dumping unimaginable amounts of aerosol industrial wastes on America.  Upon examination, these wastes are primarily metallic oxides that are highly incendiary and poisonous.  

At the same time, heavy duty petroleum-based insecticides and herbicides and chemical fertilizers --- guaranteed to pollute the water, poison the food, and while temporarily increasing food production guaranteed long-term destruction of the soil --- were unleashed.

Why would anyone do such a thing?  

Unless, the victims of this were being poisoned in the same way that the captive Jews poisoned the food of their Babylonian captors (The Book of Isaiah) and the land was being prepared to be destroyed by fire (The Book of Revelations). 

Conveniently, the Great Whore is built on Seven Hills --- which describes Rome, London, Washington, DC, and Jerusalem --- all four.  Take your pick. 

Do you really think that it is a coincidence that a tiny town called "Paradise" in California was obliterated using Directed Energy Weapons to ignite the layers of incendiary metal wastes already deposited by the aerosol spraying campaigns? 

Do trees burn -- explosively -- from the inside out?  

No, they don't.  

Do World Trade Centers collapse in seconds with molten metal gushing from their sides?  

No, they don't. 

Do uneducated men sitting in caves out in the desert conceive of and execute such deeds?  

No, they don't. 

Right now, Americans are eating grossly polluted food guaranteed to kill them slowly, and the entire country is covered with a thick layer of incendiary metals pollution, prepped like a giant bonfire. 

As if this were not bad enough, two thirds of us have been jabbed with experimental "vaccines" that compromise our immune systems just like AIDS.

To help cover this up and obscure the motives for it, Rome made sure that millions of other innocent people worldwide have been infected in the same way.   Rome owes them money, too. 

But Rome owes us, the Americans, an especially insurmountable amount of money.  They know it.  We know it.  The Queen knows it.  The quote-unquote "American" military knows it, even though they aren't working for the Americans anymore --- just pick-pocketing their paychecks from us and being paid by British Quartermasters to keep them honest. 

Everyone but the sleeping American people know what's going on here, and somebody has got to tell them.  How about you?  


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Monday, August 29, 2022

Public International Notice Regarding Dual Citizenship / David Straight Process

 By Anna Von Reitz

As an American, your States are your Nations.
As an American, you have an identity as a New Yorker, Washingtonian, Texan, or, like me, as a Wisconsinite.
Each American State is the equivalent of a small country, with all the rights and prerogatives of a small country.
These inherent sovereign rights of our States were somewhat changed early on in our country's history because the Founders realized the value of working together to provide a mutual defense system, a common currency and postal service, and, in the end, eighteen enumerated services and functions that were identified and delegated to our Federal Subcontractors.
The "powers" of each of the individual states related to these functions were relinquished and combined and entrusted to the Federal Government.
That Government consisted of three separate Service Providers, one American, one British Territorial, and one Holy Roman Empire provider. As the American Subcontractor was never reconstructed after the Civil War, there are only two Federal Subcontractors still functioning.
In the absence of the American Subcontractor or any other Federal Subcontractor, the Delegation of Powers reverts to the Delegator --- our Federation of States.
Absolutely all of the "enumerated powers" granted to the Federal Subcontractors exist in international and global jurisdictions that are foreign to the national jurisdiction of our States.
Thus, the Federal Government operates in and provides services in a foreign capacity, and Federal Employees, be they Americans or anyone else, are obligated to work in these foreign jurisdictions and obey the foreign laws that apply to them.
This presented a problem. How can Americans work in and under the demands of a foreign jurisdiction and be subject to its foreign laws and governments ----and still be protected under the Constitutions that apply to Americans?
Dual Federal Citizenship was born.
This political status allows a Federal Employee to claim citizenship or nationality from two (2) governments at the same time. And they get to choose which governments.
Thus, as a Federal Employee or Dependent, you could choose to adopt a Dual Citizenship that recognized you as a Texan and as a U.S. Citizen (British Territorial). Your status as a Texan would then enable you to claim the protections and guarantees of the Federal Constitution, and at the same time, obligate you to act as a faithful Subject of the Queen.
This is exactly the political status that David Straight is promoting. If you adopt Dual Federal Citizenship you can act as both an American State National (a Texan, for example) and as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen. This protects your constitutional guarantees as a Texan and also allows you to function as a British Subject, with whatever benefits that may imply.
There is just one problem with this. If everyone does it, there is nobody home running the State Government of Texas, and without Texas, the Constitutions are "vacated" and you are reduced to being a Territorial Subject of the Queen ---- right back where we all were when the Colonists first took up arms.
Some of us have to bear the honor and the burden of being Americans and nothing but Americans. We have to protect and defend the Constitutions against all enemies both foreign and domestic by standing as Americans and upholding our end of the contract. Some of us have to renounce all other obligations to any other government and run our States of the Union as State Citizens, or the Constitutions collapse and are no longer contractually enforceable.
If one Party to a contract dies or otherwise is missing, the contract itself is subject to the remaining Party or Parties. This is called "The Last Man Standing Rule". Thus, for the last 160 years while our American Government has been out of Session, our British and Municipal (Holy See) Subcontractors have been interpreting things however they liked.
You see the result.
Our public employees and their political parties have been doing whatever they like with the public assets and have contrived to lodge false claims of ownership and custodial interest against their employers and our assets, too.
Things began to unravel in 1998, when we appeared as The Last Man Standing on the American side of things.
We served Notice that the unincorporated Federation of States, our "Ship of State" in international affairs, is alive and well. Like Robinson Crusoe, we turned up at a most inconvenient moment in history and used the same "Last Man Standing Rule" to enforce the Federal Constitution for ourselves and our countrymen.
At the start, we had only two known verifiable native state citizens in each State of the Union standing with us. Less than 200 Americans reported for duty to serve the Federation in 1998, but those few had established proper lineage and standing and right to act in their capacity as State Electors.
Today, there are thousands of Americans standing as Americans on their land and soil, as the true inheritors of this country, operating their State Assemblies in original jurisdiction --- and because they are doing this difficult job, millions of other Americans are still protected under the Federal Constitutions.
So when people ask me about David Straight and his process, all based on Federal Code found at 8 USC 1101 (21) (a), I have to go back through all of this and explain Federal Dual Citizenship, and explain the "legal terms" being used in this snippet of Federal Code:
Here is it, term by term:
8 USC 1101 (21) (a):
The term “national” means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.
The links shown within the current 8 USC 1101 (21) above as found at Cornell University Law website define the terms:
(21) The term “national” means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.
(3) The term “person” means an individual or an organization.
(31) The term “permanent” means a relationship of continuing or lasting nature, as distinguished from temporary, but a relationship may be permanent even though it is one that may be dissolved eventually at the instance either of the United States or of the individual, in accordance with law.
(36) The term “State” includes the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands of the United States, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.
For those familiar with Federal-Speak the meaning of 8 USC 1101 (21) (a) is now perfectly clear. For others, not so much. So let's go deeper ---
The very fact that this citation is found in Federal Code means that it is meant to apply to Federal Persons, not Americans operating as members of the General Public. That is a given.
Second, throughout Federal Code, the word "person" is defined as a corporation whether an individual corporation or an organization like General Motors Company. Again, this applies only to such Federal "persons" and not to living people.
Third, the general representation of the word "state" can mean any kind of state -- so we have to look at the specific meaning of "state" attached to this legislation and we find that, as expected, it applies to the unauthorized Territorial "States" ---- all 57 of them, which are in fact Confederate States-of-States, none of which have standing as actual States.
Remember when President Obama referred to "all fifty-seven States" and people were aghast?
This is part of the confusion and deception that arises when the Federal Employees refer to "States-of-States" as [Confederate] "States" and count their [Confederate} "State" franchise corporations as if they were actual States of the Union.
So now you can see that David Straight's process and this definition apply to Federal Persons, not to the American People, and that those following his advice do not recoup their birthright political status. They adopt a Dual political status as American State Nationals - U.S. Citizens instead.
There is nothing "wrong" with that status, but it is what it is, and people choosing it deserve to know what the pros and cons of such a political status are.
Yes, as American State Nationals, you do recoup your Constitutional protections, as long as the rest of us hold the line and populate the States and run the actual State Governments for you, but on the downside, you are also presumed to be loyal British Subjects and to serve as collateral for the Queen's Government and to be obligated to obey the Queen's laws and pay the Queen's taxes.
In other words, you place yourself right back under the British Thumb when you follow David Straight's process. You can do that, and nobody has any right to object --- but you should at least know that up front and not believe that you are recouping your unencumbered birthright, instead.
Dual political status provisions, meant to allow Americans to serve in the Federal Government without loss of their Constitutional protections, have been so far warped and exploited that many members of the U.S. Congress now claim to be Dual Citizens of entirely different countries, subjecting themselves, for example, as citizens of Greece and Ireland, while serving as U.S. Congressmen.
This is obviously not why Federal Dual Citizenship exists and should not be allowed.
Dual political status invites conflicts of interest. No man can serve two Masters. Thus those who serve in the Federal Government, be it as a Territorial (military) or Municipal (civil service) employee, are forever caught between two worlds, or even possibly, three worlds, and obligated to serve all comers.
Our public employees have been famously referred to as "political whores" because they are under this unintended and unnatural obligation, and most of them do not know that in the absence of declaring and recording their chosen political status, they are presumed to be acting as both British Territorial U.S. Citizens and as Municipal citizens of the United States --- and as such, have no Constitutional guarantees at all.
Seen from the perspective of many Federal Employees, David Straight's process is a great improvement, as it restores their Constitutional Guarantees, but for Joe American it falls far short of providing his birthright guarantees, freedoms, and property rights.
This Notice is being issued as an International Notice because each and every State of the Union is being addressed along with all foreign Confederate States-of-States and all foreign governments worldwide.
This Notice provides information regarding continuing mischief by Officers of the Queen's Government and those serving as elected officers of British Crown Corporations involved in this overall fraud scheme --- all designed to trick Americans into accepting Federal Dual Citizenship or Federal Dual Political Status without full disclosure of the resulting contractual obligations.
We are informed that "millions" of Americans have "signed up" and adopted the Dual Political Status of American State National - U.S. Citizen, without full disclosure, and that under this circumstance, a protest must be lodged with the international community.
There is exactly one unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776, and that Federation representing the physically-defined States of the Union, is calling upon all Governments and Nations to recognize the predatory activities of commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, seeking to defraud people and unjustly enrich themselves by promoting undisclosed contracts, misrepresenting themselves and exercising unauthorized powers under color of law.
We specifically protest the practice of "conferring" or presuming citizenship obligations on people, issuing Executive Orders pertaining to corporate service providers as if they applied to the General Public, usurping upon the responsibilities allocated to our American Federal Service Provider by unauthorized Federal Personnel and their Agency Subcontractors, deceptive contracting processes, and misrepresenting the limitations of the powers entrusted to our Federal Subcontractors overall.
Notice issued by:

The United States of America (Unincorporated)
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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