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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Confirmation from another researcher and author confirming much of Judge Anna's work.

I get this all the time.  People say, "But you and Anna don't prove your work." or "You are the only ones saying this and you don't include any cites." or " Where is your proof about jurisdiction"  and much more.

So I thought you could use some alternate sources from people who have come to the same conclusions as we have although they are from completely different backgrounds, and paths. They might not coincide 100% with our work, but most of their conclusions are the same.

So here are some examples from another Author. His name is Thomas Clark Nelson.
I won't publish anything about who he is. You can find that yourself. But just LOOK AT HIS WORK.
Wow. Look at the effort and research he has put into this. Follow some of the references and you will see what I  mean.  His work has the ring of truth, and is well documented.

To find more of Thomas Clark Nelson's work please go here:

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