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Saturday, January 4, 2020

The Prince of the Air

By Anna Von Reitz

I have taught you all the basics of jurisdiction -- air, land, and sea.

Most people tread the boundary of land and sea and find that most difficult, while the air doesn't seem like that much of a problem.  After all, as my husband once joked, you can't trip on the air.

That's true, but one of the few redeeming aspects of it.

The Bible describes the Devil as the "Prince of the Air" for a reason. 

The air is the realm of bad beliefs, lies, deceits, "words of art", patents, trademarks, copyrights, contracts, global law --- and, yes, corporations. It is also the realm of energy, demons and angels, spirits, and elemental forces, light and sound and all else that conspires to create and support --or distort --the physical realm. 

It is at once the least substantial and the hardest to control realm, and it is also the battleground and location of the Final Battles of this World.

For many generations people have interpreted The Book of Revelation literally and making all sorts of surmises about it, but our Creator is Spirit, not Flesh and Blood, so all the great battles are fought and won or lost in the Unseen Realm and anything that happens in the physical realm is just a reflection of that which unfolds in the realm of pure energy and thought-feeling.

Some of you may have read about and studied the "Sacred Marriage" --- which is the marriage of thought and feeling which ultimately creates us and creates our world.  This isn't about creating any literal gold.  This is about mastering our ability to think and feel with purity and force, so as to move mountains, heal the sick, and transform our world.  All this takes place in the Unseen Realm of the spirit, in the jurisdiction of the air.

So even though it is least substantial, the jurisdiction of the air is the most important, and so the final battle of Armageddon takes place in our minds and hearts, and not on a plain giving access to the heart of Judea.

Please note that while the Devil may be the Prince of the Air, there is One who is the King of the Air, and against him the Devil has no answer.  Before him, the Slanderer stands still and silent. 

The story of the War in Heaven and all the many wars on Earth, has indeed been an epic drama, and in its way, no prophecy will be left unfulfilled, but there must be an end to all the fear and anxiety and the most pernicious "we're all going to die!" hysteria. 

Your Father in Heaven knows you more intimately than your own breath, and he searches your heart.   Remember the words that have been spoken to you: "Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid."

The actual battle is already over.

The Prince of the Air is vanquished and the True King comes; when what is true comes, what is false must pass away.  You are witnessing that, day by day. All the secrets and the lies are being exposed, until not one "stone" of Satan's Kingdom will be left standing. Not one bit of The Spirit of Falsehood will remain.

Then you will know that actual Battle of Armageddon has come and gone in the twinkling of an eye, and that all has been made right, established on the Earth as it is in Heaven. 

And then, you will be astonished and rejoice and praise your Savior, Faithful and True, and praise your Father in Heaven along with the Heavenly Host and the evils of the past will be like shadows that fade away and words you can't remember.  


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Keeping Track of the Federal Fence

By Anna Von Reitz

We must always remember which foot we are standing on, and which side of the Federal Fence we are standing on, too.

From the perspective of the foreign state-of-state franchises, we are "residents" or other temporary "inhabitants" of their jurisdiction when we enter either the State of _________ or the STATE OF __________ by such acts as entering their courts or administrative offices,  as well as when we formally enter United States Territorial or Municipal United States jurisdiction by, for example, living on an Air Force Base or taking political asylum in a Consulate Office. 

From the Municipal Government perspective we are even one step more removed from them and are considered to be "non-resident aliens" -- true foreigners. 

From our perspective they are all  "residents" and "inhabitants", too,  when they enter our jurisdiction for more than a visit,  because they are living among us temporarily as "residents" or "inhabitants" while providing "essential government services".  

So, it is always a question of who is calling who a "resident" or an "inhabitant" at any given moment and also, what capacity we are acting in, and in which jurisdiction.

Am a "resident" if I go to Washington, DC, and rent an apartment there?  You bet  I am.  I am then a guest there, just as they are guests when they venture into my jurisdiction. 

Are Federal Employees and their state-of-state franchise employees who are in my State providing "governmental services" also "residents" in my jurisdiction when they take up jobs and live here? Yes.

The same kind of parallel universe exists with respect to "voters" versus "electors".

By pretending that we are Federal Citizens of one stripe or the other, they contrive to control and "regulate" us and claim that we are either: (1) employees of the corporation(s); (2) elected or appointed officials of the corporation(s); or (3) dependents of the corporation(s).   They interpret "voters" as being "persons" operating in one of these capacities and having a "right" to give their proxy as shareholders in the corporation to one or more corporate officials up for "election".  

This is a very different kind of "election" than any public election that we, Americans, are heir to---- and even though they appear to be quite similar, they are not.

One is a private corporate shareholder "election" involving "voters" who often belong to political parties and who choose their CEOs and Board Members and fill other corporation offices by voting.  These are rough and woolly affairs like beauty pageants and in recent years they have used electronic "voting machines" to tally votes, which is strictly forbidden in American Public Elections.

Our Public Elections don't involve political parties and we don't vote.  We act as "Electors" to elect people from among our population of State Citizens to fill our Public Offices. As Americans have not been made aware of the falsification of their political status records and have been encouraged to assume that the corporate elections are their elections, fewer and fewer people and candidates have been available to fill our Public Offices -- but that doesn't mean that we and our Public Offices have ever ceased to exist.

All attempts made by our Territorial and Municipal Subcontractors to give away our state offices and laws to the United Nations -- see the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act and the International Organizations Immunity Act -- are the most spurious kind of fraud and just another example of our erstwhile Employees trading upon assets that are not theirs to give, define, or dispose of.  All such deals are fraudulent by nature, null and void from inception.

Bottom line -- do we have any right or interest in participating in the elections of foreign corporations operated by our Subcontractors?  No.
Do we have control of their contracts with us?  Yes.
If they do things that displease us, or dis-serve us, or are in violation of their contracts, can we enforce their contracts? 
Yes, so long as we are operating in our own properly constituted capacity as State Citizens--- the actual Parties to the Constitutions.

They have a right to organize their businesses however they see fit, and so do we.  If they want to operate as corporations for "any lawful purpose" we have no grounds or reason to object, so long as they faithfully perform the duties we require of them and take no action adverse to our well-being, they can do all the silly things they do and waste all the money they waste on their flim-flam political elections, as long as they are spending their own money.  It's no skin off of our noses. And not our business.

We are perfectly competent to trudge along and do our duties and fill our offices and count our old-fashioned paper ballots --- and tell the Federal Citizens of both stripes what to do, as our Employees.  And we conduct our own no-nonsense elections among ourselves by holding simple Public Meetings, taking candidate nominations, holding our elections and fulfilling our functions. That's no skin off of their nose, either. 

The problem is that over the years, there have been fewer and fewer people recorded as American State Citizens.  People simply weren't told and didn't understand how they were being mis-characterized and impersonated, so they were "acting as" voters and as Federal Citizens, without having a clue what that meant or what it cost them.  Most were not even aware that they were doing anything wrong or improper or contrary to their own best interest.  They were in fact solicited and defrauded by the foreign government services corporations acting in Breach of Trust.

So, here we are.  The Employers.  The State Citizens.  The Parties to the Constitutions.  And here is our Federation of States, gearing up and getting ready at long last to finish the Reconstruction of our long-lost Confederation of States of States.  Please note, our Federation can do everything that the Confederation ever did, and a whole lot more.  Please also note that it's our business how we operate, just as it is our Subcontractors business how they operate.  We are, after all, the Employers.  And they are not. 

Instead of being deceived into acting in a second-class and, I might add, foreign citizenship status, and trying year after year to control foreign corporate elections so as to get someone who will do a good job for the country, it makes much more sense to simply take up your own responsibilities as an American State Citizen, conduct your own elections, and then tell whoever they elect what they are going to do. 

It's a straight-forward matter.  Declare your proper political status.  Conduct your own business and your own Public Elections. Take back control of your property assets.
And whoever they choose as their leadership and however they organize their business, you tell them what you want done and how you want it done. 

That, my dears, is how we solve the problem of the Tail Wagging the Dog, and spending our days and nights worrying about what idiots our employees might elect.  Simply by standing in our own lawful capacity and taking responsibility for directing our own business, we solve the problem.  And we no longer have to worry about them; they have to worry about us.

And the Pope, well, he may not like it, but short of breaking all the laws he has put in place for other people to obey --- in public --- he doesn't have any choice.  And neither does his UN Corporation.  And neither does the United Nations.  He owes what he owes to us, including peace.


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The Great Abomination

By Anna Von Reitz

When I was a child, and even as an adult, when I was reading the Bible I would "stumble" over my understanding of certain references. For example, I always wanted someone to plainly and succinctly explain what was meant by "The Great Abomination" and other numerous references to "abomination" in the Bible, such as the one referring to sodomy as "an abomination". 
We all tend to vaguely realize that we don't actually know for sure what certain things mean, but with no ready answers available, we also tend to make shift with what the context seems to be and assume a meaning for it.
Most people assume that "The Great Abomination" is referring to some loathsome sin, but no, it refers to an ancient and profane religion -- the same profane Babylonian religion that Abraham was running away from when he left the Babylonian City of Ur, and the long trek of the Hebrews began.

So what was this loathsome religion? Who was "The Mother of All Harlots"?

To this day, this secretive religion, doesn't really have a name. We call it "Mystery Babylon", but strangely enough, none of the Christian Churches or Jewish Synagogues talk about it or appear to know what it is, what it believes, or even that it exists in the modern world. Yet, "Mystery Babylon" is very much alive and in evidence nearly anywhere you care to look -- street plans, place names, corporate logos, statues -- it's still here.

This religion according to the ancient records of numerous cultures in the Middle East, began in Babylon, when a beautiful woman "fell to Earth in a silver egg that landed in the Euphrates River". This woman had rays of light coming out of her head. Her name was Semiramis. She married Nimrod, the King at that time, a grandson of Noah.

The story is consistent with a space ship escape pod crash landing in the Euphrates about 8000 years ago, and with Semiramis being some kind of E.T. from an advanced humanoid society being stuck here in the near Stone Age. As it turns out, the story is also consistent with Semiramis being some kind of criminal on the lam, because she brought to Earth any number of evil ideas and traditions--- among them:

1. Sex as a sacrament;
2. Temple prostitution -- you expiated your sins by paying for sex with a temple prostitute;
3. Idolatry -- the use of money to "represent" goods and labor, also the worship of other kinds of idols to "represent" gods and goddesses;
4. Tree worship/sacred groves -- used as places for sacrifices;
5. Immolation of infants -- death by casting babies into fiery (often owl-shaped) furnaces;
6. Pedophilia, bestiality, sodomy, fetishes, etc.,
7. Public orgies as festivals and celebrations;
8. Use of masks and wigs to hide identities and commit crimes;
9. Castration of priests
10. Worship of the "Father of All Lies" - aka - Nimrod, Poseidon, Satan, Neptune, etc.
11. Telling lies and making up con artist schemes as "prayers" and "worship".
12. Drinking of blood; ritual cannibalism.
13. Soothsaying, speaking with the dead, astrology, forecasting the future.
14. Casting of spells and incantations.
15. Invoking demons by "sacred utterances".
16. Abuse of alcohol and drugs of all kinds.

All this came from one humanoid woman named Semiramis who splashed down in the Euphrates River. You would think, that given the terrible impact that she has had on this planet, we'd all know her name? 
It turns out that we know her by many, many names. In addition to her oldest name, Semiramis, we have Isis from Egypt and Africa, Astarte from the Levant, Ashtoreth is the name the Hebrews gave her, Cybele was her name in Asia Minor, and....Columbia, as in District of Columbia and Columbia Motion Pictures.

No wonder that the religion that she founded is referred to as The Great Abomination and no wonder that it has been repeatedly suppressed throughout the world for centuries, as its entire premise is based on purposeful deceit and lies, crime, power-mongering, parasitical abuse of others, selfishness, immorality, instant gratification, illusions, sex, idolatry, cruelty, exploitation, superstition, black magic .... the list goes on. 
The Great Abomination is, literally, a Satanic Religion, built to honor Old One-Eye himself: The Spirit of Falsehood. Everything about it is twisted, inverted, sideways, upside down. Dog's hind leg and worse.

So when you hear militia groups calling themselves "ISIS" you know what to think. 
When you hear that large numbers of "Roman Catholic" priests are diddling little children, you know that Mystery Babylon has been festering in the Church like a flea on a dog, using the actual Church as a storefront.

When someone talks about Temples, such as the Crown Temple, you know that they aren't talking about any Christian Church. 
And when you see a statue of a beautiful woman with rays of light beaming out of her head, you know better than to call her the "Statue of Liberty" ---at least, not with a straight face.

I hope all you New Yorkers are listening. That's the Great Whore, the Mother of All Harlots, standing out there in your harbor. Continuing to have it there is like painting a target on your city. 
And, as Jesus said --- "When you see the Great Abomination standing where it should not stand, you know the time is short...."

Should Semiramis be standing in New York Harbor, on the threshold of a largely Christian nation? 
I would say that that definitely qualifies as "standing where it should not stand" and I would advise everyone based on everything else I can see --- to turn your minds and hearts away from violence and toward peace, away from sin and toward Our Father, away from death and toward life, away from falsehood and toward truth. 
Do this with a will and a vengeance, as this is your greatest weapon and protection in this spiritual war between Truth and Deceit: "Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid....."


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Dear Mr. Trump -- January 4, 2020

By Anna Von Reitz

[Please get the word out:
Every actual and factual American needs to send Donald Trump a Registered or First Class Letter addressed to the White House and/or email messages regarding claims made by Phil Hudok. Here's mine as an example:]

President Donald J. Trump
In care of: The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Trump:

It has come to our attention that a few renegade and retired U.S. Citizens have brought suit in arbitration against your Office and against THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and that these same people who were born in this country, but who adopted U.S. Citizenship --- apparently knowingly as adults and still maintaining such citizenship --- are seeking a monetary return for the loss of their natural interest in the land and soil of this country and the Guarantees of the Constitutions that they would otherwise be owed.

The entire process and proposed "settlement" raised by Phil Hudok does not as they are attempting to claim "affect all Americans" and we object to any presumption or claim that he represents anyone but himself and whatever other individuals care to join him; the rest of us do not accept nor desire this so-called "Arbitration Award" as any settlement of our claims against the British Territorial United States Government or the British Crown. 
We believe this to be another instance of offering trinkets in exchange for Manhattan and taking advantage of people too ignorant to know what the legal language means -- for example, "natural person" literally means "corpse" in Probate Law --- nor do they have Full Disclosure of what is at stake from those making this offer.

We in no way condone or offer to participate in this Arbitration Award and it should not be touted as any settlement being made for or by Americans in general, nor as any appropriate remedy. Offering people credit that is based on the value of their own assets as payment for those assets is a ridiculous and patently fraudulent offer not worthy of discussion. 
Phil Hudok and his Associates are adoptive Territorial United States Citizens seeking additional payment for their loss of interest in this actual country, their actual Birth State, and its assets.

If they are fools enough to exchange that in return for paper credits issued against the value of these same assets -- that is, if they are knowingly willing to sell their birthright for a bowlful of paper porridge -- then let them. We won't regret them exiting from our shores on a permanent basis, but we do ask that they be transported to Nova Scotia or whatever other welcoming and appropriate British Crown Territory may be willing to accept them, as their renunciation of their birthright means that they are no longer even questionably Americans--- and as they are not directly employed providing "essential government services" they will no longer have any reason to be here on our shores.

Upon their Final Acceptance of money or credit in settlement of their claims --as indicated by cashing of these so-called "settlement" checks and deposits made in accounts naming them as beneficiaries or authorized representatives-- we wish you to pick them up and arrest them and transport them to the designated host country or countries willing to accept them as Paupers. Our doors will be closed to them and their immediate family members. 
We have done our best to provide them with Full Disclosure even though the Municipal United States Government and the members of the United States Supreme Court have failed their duty to do so. We consider that that Public Duty has been done by the Fiduciaries of The United States of America [Unincorporated] and Phil Hudok and the others lined up at the trough have no further excuse or anyone to blame. They do what they do by their own hands and have been given the facts and consequences in advance.

We have also advised those who signed up to participate in this "Settlement Offer" in error--- people who simply made a mistake and wish to withdraw from any obligation --- contact the Territorial/Municipal Congressional Delegations attached to their States via Registered Mail, asking that their names and addresses be removed from the so-called Arbitration Award. 

 We have also advised them to send copies of their Registered Letters requesting removal of their names and addresses to Secretary of State Pompeo. 
There has been enough self-interested cheating of trusting Americans to last for the next 200 years and we do not want any American to unwittingly sever their birthright claims and lose their homes and recognition of their Natural and Unalienable Rights for a pocketful of paper.

Thank you very much for your assistance and understanding.


Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake,  Alaska  99652


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