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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Republic of Texas raided. History you have never been told

Police Raid Texas Political Meeting, Seize Phones, Fingerprint and Photograph All Attendees

The original article was found here:

Open carry in Michigan

Published on Jan 6, 2015
WTF? We brought a flying drone out on our NINTH walk in the city. Even after we met with the chief of Detroit Police, and even after the entire department was made aware of our group, they still attempt to bluff us into a detainment. Dispatch was aware of our presence in the city over an hour before the police arrived.

All we exist to do is walk around cities in Michigan with our weapons exposed to initiate conversations with residents about open and concealed carry. We generally are met with overwhelming approval from residents.

Special thanks to Jackson Cop Block for the use of his drone.

Published on Dec 17, 2014
It never ceases to amaze us how certain law enforcement officers act like decent people, then their compatriots throw it all out the window.