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Monday, April 24, 2023

Co-Option of Public Functions

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 5th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq:

This part of The Great Fraud began in the years immediately following the so-called American Civil War, and was one of the self-serving actions undertaken by the Robber Barons who were building the railroads at that time. 

Many groups of outlaws haunted the American West, including but not limited to roaming bands of former Union and Confederate soldiers and gangs of professional gunslingers and cattle rustlers and, of course, train robbers.  

The Railroad Barons used their influence over the Territorial Congress to secure new laws allowing them to hire private subcontractors, specifically, Pinkerton Detective Agency subcontractors, to ride the privately owned railroads at public expense.  

The Pinkerton agents worked as private security personnel under the direction of the Railroad Barons, but their services were paid for out of the public purse. This first "public-private partnership" served as an example for many other and considerably worse abuses and transgressions against the natural barrier between the public functions of government and private corporate self-interest. 

The Railroad Corporations, all operating as District of Columbia Municipal Corporation franchises, immediately benefited from shifting the cost of security personnel onto the backs of the General Public, yet maintained control over those security personnel and were able to direct them however the corporation's management chose.  From T.E. Harriman's standpoint, it was the best of both worlds: private security forces at public expense.

We note that the Territorial Congress had no authority to create public-private partnerships to benefit their cronies and franchise operators, yet this practice has proliferated and continued non-consensually for over a hundred years, with no disclosure to the General Public and the State Citizen Principals.

Over time, the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia have used various means of deceit and operations under color of law to unlawfully convert our County and State Peacekeeping forces into private Law Enforcement Services under the same scheme.  These are private security services employed by Municipal corporation franchises pretending to be or to "represent" our County Governments and State Governments. 

As such, all the so-called "State Police" and "State Troopers" and "County Sheriffs" operating as Law Enforcement Officers are in the same status as any other private security personnel hired by corporations to guard warehouses or collect rents.  

These so-called  "Public Law Enforcement Officers" thus have no public office, no public authority, no public bond, no public oath, no knowledge of public law and no actual public duty; their only connection to the public is their paycheck and equipment allowance, which we pay for.  Otherwise, they take their orders from corporation managers who take their orders from a foreign state-of-state legislature acting as the Board of Directors for a Municipal Corporation franchise, e.g., the State of Arkansas.  

This is not a conjecture.  The circumstance has been affirmed by numerous court rulings in which we, the General Public, have been informed that the police on our payrolls have no obligation to protect us, nor to prevent crime, nor to protect public buildings. 

Apparently, the purpose of all these Law Enforcement Officers is to act as private security personnel paid for at public expense--- and often, they are used as thugs carrying out unlawful revenue collections and confiscations of property in violation of the Public and International Law and Articles IV and VI of every Federal Constitution. 

We wish for all these Municipal Corporation franchises, together with all their assets, to be lawfully converted into public ownership and placed under the direction of the unincorporated State Government preserved by our State Assemblies.  

We wish for all Law Enforcement Officers to be re-trained as Public Peacekeeping Officers, directed by and accountable to their actual Employers. 

We have already visited the "Prisons for Profit" schemes in which these Municipal Corporation franchises operating as, for example, "the State of New York", build a new prison facility with public funds, staff it with Law Enforcement Officers also paid for with public funds, then, go out and arrests members of our General Public, mischaracterizes and impersonates them, then brings them to private self-interested  corporation tribunals, incarcerates them, and then charges the public purse another amount between $6000 and $20,000 a day for keeping them locked up.  

We wish for all persons who have their origin in one of the nation states of The United States, who are not Federal Employees, who have been convicted of non-violent crimes, code infractions, and other regulatory offenses, to be released. 

We wish for these prisons-for-profit, child protection agencies, and other organizations involved in arresting, detaining, impounding, or otherwise obstructing the movements of our persons and our trade in violation of Article IV and VI of all three Federal Constitutions, especially those organizations that are operating as public-private partnerships, to be audited and evaluated for benefit to the General Public of this country. 

Those organizations and public private partnerships found to be lacking substantial benefit to the General Public, those criminally negligent or criminally self-interested, need to be dissolved and their assets returned to the lawful government as part of the reparations owed to the living people of this country. 

We wish for the direct administration of all the Municipal Corporation franchises, including but not limited to all police and law enforcement functions, to be returned to the living people populating each nation state of the Union. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 23rd 2023


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It’s Inevitable: American Patriots Need Guns Because a War Is Coming


 April 22, 2023 in Crime and GunsNews and Opinions

Should the actions of a handful of criminals be used as an excuse to take away the rights of millions of innocent people? Any reasonable person would say no, but when it comes to gun related violence the standards of logic tend to go out the window. There are many government officials that view each major shooting as a gift – They believe that tragedies are political capital, a tool for leveraging away our freedoms.

In many cases of mass murder in the US the first inclination of the corporate media and the political left has been to rush to conclusions. They immediately blame conservative political motivations for the attacks, while also blaming our 2nd Amendment rights in general. If the shooter turns out to be anti-conservative or doesn’t fit the racial mold, they simply stop reporting the story. The agenda is obvious – To paint conservative men as a dangerous monolith plaguing the rest of society.

Why do they pursue this particular narrative, though?

Perhaps because, statistically speaking, conservative (and libertarian) men are the predominant group keeping authoritarians at bay. The government attacks us because they are afraid of us, and they are afraid of us for a reason.  It’s not about what we are doing, it’s about what we could do if they cross the line into accelerated tyranny, and this is on the verge of happening.

We came within a razor’s edge of war during the covid mandates. If Biden had got what he wanted with his vaccine passport executive order, the country would have erupted into conflict. Many Americans have no clue how close we were. Understand that no country, including the US, is immune to rebellion, and such events tend to escalate quickly.

Leftists often envision their own rebellion as a sort of modern French Revolution in which mobs march the streets and rule the day as heads roll in the town square. They believe their “righteousness” is a shield from harm. But this kind of mob intimidation only works within societies that still respect the rule of law. Leftist insurgencies use a nation’s freedoms and laws against them by saying “You can’t touch us because your principles prevent you…”

US patriots have no such delusions. We know that when it comes to corrupt governments, principles and the rule of law go out the window very quickly if their power is legitimately threatened. Leftists can exploit mob actions, invade government buildings and burn cities to the ground because the government ALLOWS them to. When we do the same thing? Well…how many years now have we heard the word “insurrection” over a single protest on January 6th 2021?

The strategies of the leftists cannot be our strategies because government protections apply to them and not to us. This double standard is leaving constitutional Americans with few options, and the hypocrisy is getting worse by the day. As I write this, Joe Biden is calling for an “assault weapons” ban over a shooting perpetrated by a transgender lunatic acting on her political motivations.  We used to call that terrorism. Instead, the White House is throwing their full support behind trans activist movements and blaming firearms for the deaths instead of the shooter’s twisted beliefs.

Numerous mass murder events have been perpetrated by people indoctrinated into the leftist fold. I would usually be the first to look at the psychological triggers for a shooter, rather than pure political motivation. But, more and more, it appears that the political left is creating the very monsters we now see targeting specific groups. And in each scenario, the media argues that these tragedies were STILL caused by conservative policies. For example:

1) On November 21st 2021, Darrell Brooks jumped into his SUV and deliberately drove it through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing six and injuring 60 other people, including children and the elderly. He is cited on numerous social media posts supporting BLM related arguments and anti-white arguments. Some BLM activists took to social media to defend Brooks’ actions, and suggested that his act of mass murder was the “beginning of a revolution.”

At first, the media denied any race related motives or political motives for the attack. When Brooks’ comments were made public, they went silent. Suddenly, no one in the media was talking about the Waukesha Massacre anymore, and those that did talk about it argued that it was actually the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse (a young man who acted in self defense against an attacking mob) that justified the actions of Brooks.

2) On November 19th 2022, Anderson Aldrich entered a gay club in Colorado Springs called ‘Club Q’ and opened fire, killing 5 and injuring dozens of others. The immediate response by the media and the political left was to accuse conservatives of encouraging the crime and encouraging “hatred against the LGBT community.” Yet, when details finally emerged it became clear that the shooter identified as “non-binary” and had been a regular visitor to the club.

Once again, the media went utterly silent and the deaths at Club Q disappeared from the radar. When a mass murder event is not useful for leftists to push their agenda, they no longer care.

3) Then there was the recent mass shooting in Nashville at The Covenant school, a private Christian institution. Audrey Hale, a biological female trans activist, entered the school with a Keltec rifle that fires pistol rounds and killed 6 people, including 3 children. Hale reportedly left behind a “manifesto” which authorities have yet to release (Gee, I wonder why?), but going by her social media activity it is likely that she was politically motivated by Tennessee’s legislation against gender bending surgeries for children as well as bans against sexualized drag shows for minors.

Leftists and the media have aggressively tried to spin Hale’s attack as a gun control issue rather than what it is – Political terrorism.

4) Finally, we have the attack in Louisville, Kentucky at Old National Bank by a man named Connor Sturgeon, an employee of the bank that was about to be laid off who killed five colleagues while livestreaming the incident. Sturgeon has the look that the media likes (tall, young white man) but not the proper politics. Sturgeon’s social media history including his Reddit posts indicate he was a rabid leftist.

Using the pronouns He/Him, Sturgeon posted numerous anti-Trump and anti-NRA memes and rants, as well as pro-covid lockdown comments. There has in fact been a widespread effort by many platforms to scrub his comments from their pages as quickly as possible. In one group chat message, Sturgeon reportedly sent photos that included the statement “They won’t listen to words or protests, let’s see if they hear this…”

Media discussion on the Old National Bank shooting evaporated within a couple days, the fastest I think I have ever seen a story get buried.  I could list may other ideologically inclined attacks by verified leftists, but I think you get the idea.  Are there shooters with anti-leftist views?  A few, but they don’t receive protection from the media and the government like leftist attackers do.

Beyond the issue of directed attacks there is also the issue of overall violence in America. The vast majority of violent crime in the US occurs in Democrat run cities. This is a fact.  Data shows that 27 of the top 30 most violent cities in America are run by Democrat governments, including the cities with the most homicides. Fourteen of those cities also have Soros-backed prosecutors. This trend has been ongoing for years.

The problem is not guns, nor is it conservatives. Conservative towns are some of the safest places in America for the exact reason that there are guns everywhere in the hands of law abiding citizens. What the stats show is a trend that directly relates to a particular ideology – The leftist ideology (and by extension Globalism). Without leftists and leftist policies crime would plummet in the US. The more leftist extremism and globalism spreads the worse things get from generation to generation.

The inevitable outcome is war.

To be sure, there are peaceful means to delay conflict, such as separation or “national divorce.” This is already happening. Millions of Americans tired of leftist policies, taxes, mandates, bureaucracy, crime and cultism have left blue cities and blue states, and many millions more who have the means will leave in the near future.

There will come a point, however, when leftists and establishment elites will try to stop this separation from continuing. If they let people leave they then have to admit their ideology is failing, and that’s not an option for them. They will extort Americans into the society THEY want.  History shows us that when a population is disarmed the worst atrocities unfold.  The Soviet purge of millions of citizens through gun confiscation and then food confiscation is just one example that people should study before joining any anti-gun bandwagon.

One can easily see where this is going. The establishment will try to use force to make us submit to their system and we will not let them. That’s when the shooting starts. If we consider the problem from this perspective it makes perfect sense that these people are rabidly chasing after gun bans today. They know a war is about to happen because they know they are about to start one. And, they know there is a chance they will lose the fight should Americans remain armed. They’re afraid for a reason; they’re afraid of losing.