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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

The Mechanics Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

In this matter, the situation being described is specific to The United States and may not be systematically applied in the same way in all the various venues and countries that are similarly impacted by the euphemistically described "privatization" of government functions and the promotion of Corporate Feudalism as a replacement for Colonialism. 

That said, we have no reason to suspect that the same or similar means are not being applied in other countries; we simply haven't investigated this part of the overall fraud on an international basis. 

So then, in The United States, we have been able to determine that the Municipal Corporations providing the Federal Government functions have very little granted enforcement power within the States of the Union, and this remains true despite their substitution of their own franchise operations as "State of State" businesses.  

Federal regulatory powers are limited to the interstate manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol, tobacco and firearms  and to the interstate commerce clause found in each of the Federal Constitutions. 

We will note that the "firearms" being referenced are not rifles, shotguns or pistols --- the firearms under Federal regulatory authority are larger than 50 mm artillery, mortars, and similar weapons more often thought of today as military grade weapons. 

We shall also find that "interstate" requires crossing physical borders and that "commerce" means business conducted between two incorporated entities, and that the intent of the interstate commerce clause itself is to prevent obstruction of commerce between the States and is not intended to provide restrictions on commerce. 

That leaves the Federal Government very little in terms of applicable enforcement power in the States of the Union, but over the years various and nefarious means have been employed to evade these lawful limitations. 

We have already described the process by which Americans are mischaracterized as British Territorial Persons, and how those Persons are "lost at sea", declared "legally dead" --  and how their estates are then processed into Municipal Corporation franchises operated under the victim's names, expressed in all capital letters. 

A somewhat similar process of misrepresentation and mischaracterization via impersonation is employed to provide illicit enforcement powers.  

Let us also note that as part of the unlawful conversion process, American Common Law has been replaced sequentially with Military/Admiralty Law (addressing the British Territorial U.S. Citizens) and then with Municipal Maritime-- that is, Commercial Law, addressing the Municipal citizens of the United States. 

Also before we begin to discuss the mechanics, let's observe that there are two kinds of foreign citizenry employed by the two Municipal Corporations operating from their home base in the District of Columbia --- British Territorial U.S. Citizens, and Municipal citizens of the United States, and please note that the Municipal citizens of the United States may be alive (Postal Clerks, for example) or dead -- as in the case of Municipal Corporation franchises, corporations, estates, and even public transmitting utilities named after living people.  

The existence of these different kinds of citizenry operating in different capacities requires two different avenues for prosecution and two different forms of law. 

In our direct observation for over twenty years, when a Municipal citizen of the United States is named as a defendant in either a civil or criminal case, the name of the defendant appears in all capital letters, like this:  ROBERT ALBERT MURRAY, and they are tried under commercial law. 

When a British Territorial U.S. Citizen is addressed as a defendant in a civil or criminal case, their name appears in Upper and Lower Case like this: "John Thomas Anderson", and they are tried under military law. 

The Municipal citizens of the United States continue to be prosecuted generally under the presumptions provided by the Fourteenth Amendment to the Corporate Constitution foisted on us by the Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as "The United States of America" ---Incorporated, in 1868. 

These Municipal DEFENDANTS are deemed to be guilty until proven innocent and thus are pre-judged to be criminals awaiting sentencing at the discretion of the judge.  The indictments against THEM may derive from any Federal Code or Title, but the enforcement always comes under Title 27 of the British Territorial Federal Code, which additionally declares in 27 CFR 72.11, that all crimes are commercial crimes. 

Title 27 gives armed enforcement power to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, in pursuit of its regulatory power over the interstate manufacture, transportation or sale of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. 

All Municipal DEFENDANTS may be indicted under any Title, but the enforcement is always under Title 27.  

Thus, famously, DONALD J. TRUMP is indicted under Title 18, but the enforcement for this action comes under Title 27--- specifically under 27 CFR 72.11, because this is a criminal indictment. 

Enforcement will be under the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

Similarly, British Territorial U.S. Citizen Defendants may be indicted under any Title, but the enforcement comes under Title 50.  If the Defendant named was "Donald J. Trump" we would be looking at enforcement under the Trading With the Enemy Act (civil indictments) or under the Military Code of Justice -- Admiralty Law (criminal indictments).  

So indictments may come from any Title, but enforcement in the States is extremely limited and available under only two Titles of Federal Code.

It may have occurred to someone to ask --- how are all these crimes and civil issues attached to and enforced under just two extremely limited federal regulatory powers?  

They lie.  

The Internal Revenue Service/IRS keeps a coded Masterfile dossier on every American from birth to death.  They develop a constant and false narrative about each and every American, which involves that American in some activity that is regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.  

Thus, a man who is actually a professional car mechanic living in Michigan may be mischaracterized as an international arms dealer selling guns in Malaysia.  

A housewife who has lived all her life in a small town in Minnesota may be mischaracterized as a manager of a wine export business in Tangiers. 

The Internal Revenue Service/IRS creates these false dossiers for two reasons --- (1) so that they can borrow the armed enforcement powers of their sister agency, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and (2) so that they can use these foreign offshore identities for money laundering receipts from so-called Black Ops --- arms sales, drug production, human trafficking, etc., -- and Municipal Corporation tax evasion purposes.  

When the Internal Revenue Service (Territorial) or IRS (Municipal) wants to "bust" someone for tax evasion, they take their False Narrative dossiers to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the BATF takes over enforcement, marshals the equipment, provides pocket commissions and deputizes the IRS employees --- and shares their armed enforcement powers with the IRS based on the IRS's own false narrative connecting the targeted  "taxpayer" to activities regulated by BATF. 

It's simple, effective, in-house and everyone's back is covered, except, of course, for the hapless victim of all this institutionalized  fraud and deceit, who stands in the docket entirely confused and unable to defend themselves from the onslaught of venom they receive.  

How could they defend themselves, when they have no clue that they are being accused of selling arms in Venezuela and not paying the Federal Income Taxes on their earnings from that regulated activity? 

Molly from Minnesota is going to stand there like a deer in the headlights and the Judge is going to read the dossier from the IRS just like the BATF reads it, and he is going to conclude that Molly is guilty as charged, and he is going to confiscate her home and send her to federal prison for tax evasion -- even though Molly hasn't stepped foot in Tangiers and doesn't have any Federal income to tax. 

Totally innocent people are suffering these outrages every single day in this country and it is all the fault of the privately owned for-profit Municipal Corporations and their personnel operating these criminal fraud schemes based on impersonation of the victims as foreign PERSONS, false dossiers provided by the Internal Revenue Service/IRS, improper enforcement provided by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms/BATF, and corrupt court officers.

The same basic scheme is practiced against the purported British Territorial Warrant Officers in the British Merchant Marine Service acting as Taxpayers for the King and being charged under TItle 50.  This is more rare and more serious as it is tried under more draconian law allowing enforcement under military auspices, so that enforcement is more violent and severe.  If possible, this second option-- which is what comes after the first option, the Municipal COURT, has failed --- is even more phony.

In this secondary scenario, the American victim is mischaracterized as a non-commissioned Warrant Officer in the British Territorial Merchant Marine Service accused of failing to report taxes collected for the the King in civil cases, or, alternatively, as a foreign officer at war with the British Territorial Government and engaged in piracy or privateering against the British Monarch in criminal cases.  These cases are tried before a court sitting as a military tribunal and the punishments meted out for even minor infractions are very severe.  

These prosecutions more commonly involve men who are business owners or ranch owners who have successfully rebuffed the attempts of the Municipal IRS to entrap them, and who are unprepared to further rebut the second wave of false charges and impersonations misaddressed to them. 

This basic fraud at the heart of the administration and finances of the Municipal Corporations and their operations in this country has resulted in the proliferation of criminality throughout the government services sector of the economy and at every level of administration. 

There are now an estimated 25 million government employees working for the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia and their franchise operations at the State-of-State and County levels and over 50,000 such purported "government" agencies and franchises overall (there should be less than 5,000 such entities) --- and they are all engaged in some form of racketeering, extortion, or other form of financial or behavioral coercion against the General Public and against the Public Interest. 

The first Big Lies told against American babies in their cradle are followed up with more Big Lies compiled by the Internal Revenue Service/IRS as phony dossiers, and soon, we have fake dossiers being used to discredit Presidential candidates, too.  We have Michael Hayden, former CIA Director, bragging about how everything is a lie and how lying is an essential skill and part of government function, etc., and this is trickling down to training programs teaching recruits "How to Lie" provided in State Trooper Academies nationwide. 

We wish for all this fraudulent nonsense to stop and be unwound with alacrity and determination by those responsible for it. 

We wish for the collapse and liquidation of  approximately 40,000 unnecessary and contractually non-consensual corporate "government entities" and the forfeiture of at least 6200-plus County "government" franchises, 100 State-of-State franchises, and approximately 100 Territorial and Municipal Corporations that are essential for our military defense.  

We wish for government and government services at all levels to be drastically and permanently reduced and pared down to provide those "essential government services" we contractually agreed to receive, in the way we agreed to receive them, and very little else.  

We wish for the bulk of government employees to be sent home and for them to be re-employed in actual productive jobs. 

We wish for the members of the Territorial and Municipal Congresses to observe the limitations of their positions and spending authorities, and otherwise seek to maintain stability in the midst of change and prepare to stand down from extra assumed duties once the Public Office elections are held for the Continental Congress and the American Federal Republic Congress.

We wish for honesty, simplicity, and accountability from any government that serves us.  

This part of our presentation discusses the mechanics of one central source of criminality and institutionalized fraud embedded within the administration of the Municipal Corporations that are supposed to be here providing "essential government services".  This discussion does not suggest that this is the only source of corruption. 

Stopping these improper activities and overreaching of enforcement authorities and overall closing down the mindless proliferation of "government" franchises, agencies, and NGO contractors, will be a giant step toward compliance with our treaties and service contracts, reducing government expenditures, and re-introducing truth as a concept that all government services subcontractors need to honor. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

Issued June 13th 2023


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The Abuse of Law Frauds

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

It is a subject little entertained, but the law can be abused to promote crime, and in many instances throughout history, it has been used for exactly such purposes. 

In ancient Babylon, it was the law that you had to have sex with a temple prostitute and pay your temple tax in order to be forgiven your sins, including late payments to the government.  You also had to sacrifice your first born by burning the baby alive in honor of Molloch (to avoid and control the results of their other laws requiring people to have sex, sex, and more sex of all kinds and for every occasion.) 

We tend not to think about the abuse of law, but we should do so, because our entire world suffers from this malady.  

Throughout our investigations we have found England and Scotland at the bottom of the abuse of law in every place and venue we have studied; though it is often made to appear that "America" is the source of the malaise, it can be quickly determined that the actual problem source remains the malfeasance and misadministration of the Municipal Corporations in the District of Columbia --- organizations that many Americans work for, but which are foreign in nature and alliance.   

A deeper investigation reveals a universal pattern of England and Scotland working together to promote criminal activity, especially financial crimes, for the past two centuries, which roughly coincides with the Royal Family intermarriage with Scottish financiers, the law reforms of the Scottish Lord Mansfield, and the gigantic impersonation scheme launched by a Scottish commercial corporation merely calling itself "The United States of America" -- Incorporated. 

It was Scotland that chartered, hosted, and foisted off "The United States of America"--- Incorporated, and its undisclosed "Corporate Constitution" in 1868, actions which allowed this Interloper to gain access to our credit via identity theft and impersonation of the lawful government, which was, of course, allowed by the colluding international banks.  

It was Scottish financiers who figured out how to legalize securitization in general  and particularly, securitization of living flesh via the process of impersonation and enfranchisement; they are the ones who found means to legalize any number of crimes from enforcement of private legal tender laws on the General Public, to hypothecation of debt on land, to substitution of private police forces for public peacekeeping forces, and so-called British "equity law" for American Common Law.  

Far more than their English counterparts, Scottish barristers have been the main purveyors of confusions-at-law, split jurisdictions, and commingling of the Law of the Land with the Law of the Sea.  This has opened up opportunities for activities that have variously been described as "latching upon" and "seizing upon" property, especially when using claims of abandonment when in fact no such abandonment exists. 

We have discovered many instances where claims on abandonment have been used by commercial banks to seize upon undisclosed escrow accounts owed to Americans who have had their birthright estates unlawfully converted and waived and otherwise manipulated so as to promote exactly this kind of fraud. 

This particular form of fraud occurs most often in the home mortgage arena where a mortgage owed by a former government entity gets sloughed off onto the unwitting current applicant, whose own credit and interest in the home is purloined to generate all the funds for the transaction, but who is then regarded as an "absentee landlord". 

The victims are not told the truth about the true nature of the mortgage as a prior debt owed on property held in a trust, nor is the nature of the transaction itself ever fully disclosed, nor is the end result of all this ever revealed --- that is, that even after paying off approximately five times the total amount of the mortgage over the course of thirty years, the victim of this vicious scheme will still only be a tenant owed a "future lease-purchase agreement". 

The property held in trust cannot be sold until all debts and encumbrances are paid off and the trust is liquidated.  That accrual of government debt is the mortgage that the Buyer is paying off, but even when that is free and clear, there is no instruction given for reconveying the property out of the foreign trust, so it remains held in trust and the buyer/homeowner remains a tenant of the trust, and all the victim gets for thirty years of hard work and maintenance is a "future" lease-purchase agreement at an undetermined time when new costs and encumbrances will accrue and apply.  

That is, the victims pay off a mortgage for the British Monarch, who then promises another future arrangement --  a lease, with more payments attached. So the victim thinks that he owns the house he paid for five times over, but in fact, unless he reconveys it to the land and soil jurisdiction upon paying off the mortgage and secures his patent, more charges accrue against a future lease-purchase of the property from the trust and the whole process repeats. 

The Buyer is in fact a Tenant, and once the mortgage is paid off, a future Leaseholder.  The Presumptive Lease continues to accrue charges from the "government" overseers and is not transferable, so when new people buy the same property, the process starts over from the beginning with a mortgage to pay off first, and then a presumptive lease, etc. 

This is never disclosed to the Buyer, so this is a real estate racket benefiting the British Monarch and various crony organizations that provide titles and title insurance, bar association members who provide legal services, and of course, banks.  

The victim of this scheme is also never told about the escrow account that will be set up in his name to receive back the funds recouped from his surplus credit.  His failure to collect the escrow account -- one that he has never been told about -- is interpreted as a gift to the bank, which claims the escrow funds as abandoned property.

The absentee landlords in this country and other countries around the world that have been similarly defrauded, number in the hundreds of millions, simply because they aren't aware that, thanks to registrations undertaken when they were babies, they were trafficked into foreign territorial  jurisdictions and have to take action to lawfully convert back to their birthright status before they are actually eligible to own land. 

Until then, the greedy British Monarch will be more than happy to act as their Public Trustee and keep all the land in his or her custody, keep the racket running, and show all the would-be landlords in America as "absentees".  

This secretive and unlawful conversion of their natural political status makes the American victims Subjects of the British Monarch, and also subjects them to foreign forms of law, deprives them of their property rights, and their constitutional guarantees --- reduces them to paying off mortgages owed by the government custodians, and living as tenants on their own land --- and this is all done by abuse of law and without a paying a penny to them for their merely presumed "voluntary" contribution of their assets to the British Territorial Public Trust.  

All this purposeful self-interested legal chicanery and fraud results in unjust enrichment for the Perpetrators and crime against newborn babies  and is all foisted off as a law, or rather, an abuse of law, requiring the registration of newborns as property belonging to the British Territorial State-of-State franchises that have been substituting for our own State-of-State organizations ever since the Civil War. 

The theme of sacrificing babies to Molloch is a primary part of the old Babylonian religion, and these practices and the underlying disrespect for life is condemned throughout The Bible. We do not have to look far to deduce that this ancient religion has once again reared its head.

After seeing the weird processional ceremony at the London Olympics, which featured robed and hooded figures walking around the effigy of a dead baby in a coffin, and taking this white-collar genocide-on-paper of American babies for what it is worth, we conclude that this ancient evil has once again gained a foothold.

Continued attempts to murder babies both in fact, via abortion, and on paper, has predictably resulted in disrespect for life, destruction of the family, the denigration of men and their role in the family, and an unnatural and often perverse fascination with sex of all kinds which we see reflected in various political movements. 

None of this would be possible without the abuse of law and in this case, impersonation of living flesh as non-living corporate persons.  None of it would be possible without purposeful substitution of private law for Public Law.  None of it would be possible without crooked lawyers, bar attorneys, and judges profiting themselves from the abuse of the law. 

We wish for the personage and barratry crimes to be prosecuted. 

We wish for all registrations and similar public interest claims seeking to latch onto babies and their Good Names to be overturned pending hard proof that these babies are in fact wards of the state and not being supported by and cared for by their parents, and also hard evidence and proof that these babies, now adults, have waived their birthright estates under conditions of full disclosure.  

We wish for an end to the abuse of law to promote unjust enrichment of courts, court officials, and governments. 

We wish for an easy and effective means to report and prosecute these crimes against us, against our property interests and against humanity. 

We wish for an effective means to require full disclosure of all contracts in all jurisdictions. 

We wish for systemic cure of these fraud schemes such that people no longer have to search for decades to find the remedies required by law and deal with personage in the courts and self-interest in the government services industry. 

We wish for an end to the human trafficking, identity theft, asset theft, and coercion promoted by these Municipal Corporations functioning as government service providers. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 13th 2023


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