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Monday, March 4, 2019

The Reason Why

By Anna Von Reitz

The reason all these defamatory hit pieces are suddenly being pelted at me is because I am taking on the corrupt Generals who set up the Nevada Corporation to run the phony UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and who are trying to run another round of the Great Fraud on us.

These --- Sun-Tzu and Destry et alia --- are the guys trying to sell the French Rothschild "Neu Republique" to us---and if they can't sell it honestly, are trying to bring it in the back door. These same bunch of Freebooters have been running all the UN-DOD-NWO scams.

It's not me who is the "Cabal Agent". Remember: it's always the pot calling the kettle black. It's their MO to accuse their enemies of what they are doing themselves.

Just watch and see who the actual Cabal Agents are ---- those who are spreading a LOT of disinfo about me and about other things, too ---- telling Notaries that they could lose non-existent "bonding" if they Witness our expatriation paperwork, telling people that Tim Turner's "Act of State" will protect them, when it didn't protect Tim Turner (he got an 18 year prison sentence because he relied on an "Act of State" he had no capacity to do).

All sorts of crazy crap coming out of those boys now, but manure is manure and it costs those who spread it as well as those who listen to it.

The Thinking People will see the logic and abandon the fake stuff, and all the Dunderheads who can't think beyond their Eighth Grade indoctrination into La-La-Land, will be left behind. I am sorry for them, but--- goats to the left, sheep to the right. It isn't as if I haven't spent eight years trying to educate everyone.


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Act of State is Insufficient

By Anna Von Reitz

Now we have more Disinformation hitting the streets--- people saying that you don't have to expatriate, and that an "Act of State" is sufficient.

Tell that to Tim Turner, presently serving ---- is it 18 years? ----in Federal Prison. 
Ever play with an Oriental Puzzle Box when you were a kid?

These wooden boxes are often intricately carved and have all sorts of hidden locks and slides and cut out "keys" that are part of the box. My Dad would give me one of these things that appeared to be solid blocks of intricately carved wood -- a bit like a Rubik's Cube -- and see how long I had to fiddle with it to get it open. Inside, he would have hidden some little treat....

What our Employees have done is similar to the Puzzle Box. They have set things up so that "you can't get there from here".

You can't do an "Act of State" until you have a "State" and you don't have a "State" if you are any kind of "US Citizen".

US Citizens live, work, breathe, and have their being in the world of "inchoate" States of States. They can't access or operate actual States. They are by definition "stateless".

So when a US Citizen attempts to do an "Act of State", the courts just laugh at him and ignore him---- and rightly so. 
Tim Turner was trying to act in a capacity he couldn't act in. He couldn't access any "State" because as a US Citizen he wasn't on the land and soil to begin with.

He hadn't done the groundwork of re-conveying his Proper Name to the land and soil and hadn't expatriated from US Citizenship, so, he couldn't do a valid Act of State.

Tim will spend 8 to 10 years of his life in jail for making that mistake, and now members of the Michigan General Jural Assembly are telling you that an "Act of State" without returning to the land and soil and without expatriating from US Citizenship is sufficient?

They want you to make the same mistake Tim Turner already made--- ? Hello? Houston.....


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Correction: Notaries Cannot Lose Their Bonds

By Anna Von Reitz

Among the other Disinformation being spread is the idea that Notaries could "lose their bonds" if they Witness our Acts of Expatriation. 

Those making such comments are in true La-La-Land.

All your life, you have been signing for a fictional entity --- your Person.

In fact, no "State of State" Notary has ever Witnessed anything but people signing as Persons, so you are not doing anything unusual or wrong or even questionable by signing our paperwork, and neither is the Notary doing anything questionable by witnessing it.

Here's what you've got to know:

In international jurisdiction there are Lawful Persons and Legal Persons, but no living people at all.  So, Question One---- which one are you? Lawful Person or Legal Person?

We settle the first question --- Lawful Person or Legal Person? --  with the Act of Expatriation and the Deed of Re-conveyance

We record the fact and create the evidence that our Proper Name is a Lawful Person standing on the land and soil of our State, so that it is no longer open to any interpretation and we are not subject to being mistaken for Legal Persons and attacked as such.

In municipal jurisdiction there are also only commercial corporations functioning as LEGAL PERSONS.  Again, no living people at all. 

Question Two: where those PERSONS domiciled on Earth and who do they belong to? 

We settle the second question regarding LEGAL PERSONS  with the Certificate of Assumed Names and the Form 56, which re-flags the PERSON as an American PERSON (not Puerto Rican) and then Form 56 makes the Secretary of the Treasury responsible for paying ITS debts. Not us.

Everyone (including the Notaries) needs to realize that  "State of State" Notaries, like State of State Sheriffs, don't have any public bonds associated with what is in fact a private corporate office providing a public service as a paid or unpaid contractor.

Instead, the State of State corporations "self-insure" and have risk management departments.  In reality what that means is that they carry private liability insurance like any big corporation.

You can't lose bonding you don't have.  


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Red Alert - Which Came First?

By Anna Von Reitz

The Michigan General Jural Assembly and Destry Payne have claimed that you can retain "US Citizenship" and be a member of a State Jural Assembly. 

I called them out on it and basically said ----no, you have to be an American State Citizen to operate an American State Assembly.

Go figure, right?

To date, they haven't come up with a single shred of evidence in support of their position: no evidence that any State of the Union ever accepted Dual Citizenship.

This issue is too important both for your own safety and for the validity of all your work on an Assembly to bypass and leave to hand-waving. 

If it were "no big deal" I wouldn't be objecting.

Now that their claims that I was responsible for what happened to the Colorado Nine have also been thoroughly debunked, and it has been proven that instead, I gave the Colorado Nine good advice that they ignored ---just like I am giving you now--- it's time to further consider the facts. 

"US Citizens" are Federal Employees or Dependents by definition.  The condition of "US Citizenship" arises from Article 1, Section 2, Clause 2 and Article 1, Section 3, Clause 3 of the Federal Constitutions.  A very complete discussion of these issues appears in the United States Supreme Court Case Hooven and Allison v. Evatt. 

US Citizens have no "constitutional rights or guarantees" because they are subjects defined by the Constitutions and they are adopting a political status created by the Constitutions, so logically, they are not Parties to the Constitutions, never were and cannot be.   

That's why "Equal Civil Rights" exist and what the whole Civil Rights Movement was about.  US Citizens have no recognizable "Natural and Unalienable Rights" and never have had. 

The Municipal Congress was forced to give them privileges known as "Civil Rights" to make up for this -- but they remain only privileges, something the Master gives and the Master can take away.

We, the People, Lawful Persons living in the actual States of the Union, are Parties to the Constitutions via the participation of our States and enjoy a completely different status and stand in a completely different jurisdiction.

Once we expatriate from any Territorial or Municipal citizenship obligation-- a status that was merely "conferred" and "presumed" upon us without our knowledge or consent, we are free to operate as American State Nationals or as American State Citizens.   Not until.

US Citizens can be arrested for doing what we are doing, so it is an urgent matter of concern that people be given the facts up front and be given the tools to extract themselves from US Citizenship presumptions.

I will also point out that it makes no sense whatsoever to retain any tie to such a political status as a "US Citizen"  if you are not currently a Federal Employee or Dependent. 

Federal Service is a condition of "voluntary servitude", as in indentured servitude. You sign a labor contract that requires you to function as a "US Citizen" for a period of years.

Once you retire or leave the US Military or Federal Civilian Service, you are no longer required to function in that capacity---and why would you, considering that it obligates you to many unpleasant duties, including paying Federal Income Tax on every penny you earn? 

Loss of your private property rights? 

Loss of your Constitutional guarantees? 

Why would anyone in their right mind claim such a foreign and subservient political status, if they didn't have to as a condition of employment? 

The vast majority of us don't have to, and for the work at hand --- actually assembling the States of the Union --- we can't.  We have to come home and dig our own ditches. 

We cannot remain "at sea" in Federal jurisdiction and accomplish work on the land---- and vice versa.

So if you do NOT want to stumble into the same jurisdictional trap as the Colorado Nine and quite possibly suffer the same fate, look at the logic and the facts and lead the stampede to get your paperwork done.

Retirees from Federal Services and those who have earned their Social Security Benefits and Military Retirement benefits from Federal Employment are still welcome and able to return home to the land and soil jurisdiction.
They may still have to pay federal income tax on the portion of their retirement that is based on federal income, but they are otherwise free to collect -- have their pensions and their freedom, too. 


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