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Monday, March 4, 2019

Red Alert - Which Came First?

By Anna Von Reitz

The Michigan General Jural Assembly and Destry Payne have claimed that you can retain "US Citizenship" and be a member of a State Jural Assembly. 

I called them out on it and basically said ----no, you have to be an American State Citizen to operate an American State Assembly.

Go figure, right?

To date, they haven't come up with a single shred of evidence in support of their position: no evidence that any State of the Union ever accepted Dual Citizenship.

This issue is too important both for your own safety and for the validity of all your work on an Assembly to bypass and leave to hand-waving. 

If it were "no big deal" I wouldn't be objecting.

Now that their claims that I was responsible for what happened to the Colorado Nine have also been thoroughly debunked, and it has been proven that instead, I gave the Colorado Nine good advice that they ignored ---just like I am giving you now--- it's time to further consider the facts. 

"US Citizens" are Federal Employees or Dependents by definition.  The condition of "US Citizenship" arises from Article 1, Section 2, Clause 2 and Article 1, Section 3, Clause 3 of the Federal Constitutions.  A very complete discussion of these issues appears in the United States Supreme Court Case Hooven and Allison v. Evatt. 

US Citizens have no "constitutional rights or guarantees" because they are subjects defined by the Constitutions and they are adopting a political status created by the Constitutions, so logically, they are not Parties to the Constitutions, never were and cannot be.   

That's why "Equal Civil Rights" exist and what the whole Civil Rights Movement was about.  US Citizens have no recognizable "Natural and Unalienable Rights" and never have had. 

The Municipal Congress was forced to give them privileges known as "Civil Rights" to make up for this -- but they remain only privileges, something the Master gives and the Master can take away.

We, the People, Lawful Persons living in the actual States of the Union, are Parties to the Constitutions via the participation of our States and enjoy a completely different status and stand in a completely different jurisdiction.

Once we expatriate from any Territorial or Municipal citizenship obligation-- a status that was merely "conferred" and "presumed" upon us without our knowledge or consent, we are free to operate as American State Nationals or as American State Citizens.   Not until.

US Citizens can be arrested for doing what we are doing, so it is an urgent matter of concern that people be given the facts up front and be given the tools to extract themselves from US Citizenship presumptions.

I will also point out that it makes no sense whatsoever to retain any tie to such a political status as a "US Citizen"  if you are not currently a Federal Employee or Dependent. 

Federal Service is a condition of "voluntary servitude", as in indentured servitude. You sign a labor contract that requires you to function as a "US Citizen" for a period of years.

Once you retire or leave the US Military or Federal Civilian Service, you are no longer required to function in that capacity---and why would you, considering that it obligates you to many unpleasant duties, including paying Federal Income Tax on every penny you earn? 

Loss of your private property rights? 

Loss of your Constitutional guarantees? 

Why would anyone in their right mind claim such a foreign and subservient political status, if they didn't have to as a condition of employment? 

The vast majority of us don't have to, and for the work at hand --- actually assembling the States of the Union --- we can't.  We have to come home and dig our own ditches. 

We cannot remain "at sea" in Federal jurisdiction and accomplish work on the land---- and vice versa.

So if you do NOT want to stumble into the same jurisdictional trap as the Colorado Nine and quite possibly suffer the same fate, look at the logic and the facts and lead the stampede to get your paperwork done.

Retirees from Federal Services and those who have earned their Social Security Benefits and Military Retirement benefits from Federal Employment are still welcome and able to return home to the land and soil jurisdiction.
They may still have to pay federal income tax on the portion of their retirement that is based on federal income, but they are otherwise free to collect -- have their pensions and their freedom, too. 


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  1. Just the clarity that is needed Anna! Thanks for being so well informed and for giving this life and freedom preserving information to your readers.

    It seems incredible that so many American people have no clue about the damaging effect on their freedom that allowing any presumption of U.S. Citizen status to appear on any public record has on them.

    This includes voter registrations and juror registrations. Which makes sense, because if you can legally act as a statutory juror to find someone guilty or not guilty under United States Congressional or State of State statutory law, you had better be one of those who were created by the Constitution (14th Amendment) and therefore such "persons" are created corporations have no rights under the Constitution. Much wiser to have renounced any presumption of your being a U.S. Citizen and move yourself politically from the secret entrapment and feudal serf class Congress created.

    American Nationals on the other hand do have the right and the expectation of freedom from tyrannical and secretive jurisdictional assumptions of these two corporate "court" systems. But I would bet not one in a thousand comprehend that the summons to jury service they receive routinely is intended for U.S. Citizens ONLY, and to state that you are one on of these U.S. Citizens on one of these juror service forms means you can be prosecuted for impersonating a U.S. Citizen, because you must sign the juror form "under penalty of perjury", which is just one more of the international jurisdiction trickery to lay on to people who have not taken the trouble to become informed. The current system of Congress and the State Legislatures are perhaps the most diabolical systems ever invented, causing every American who remains uninformed to place their entire life work, their fruit of their labor, their children, their political liberty, directly in the path of the great Reaper of "the DEAD". Could anyone man have dreamed up a more diabolical system than that? No! Only Satan himself could have inspired these so called Congressional legislator "representatives" to think up such evil.

  2. Why would anyone need to file what ever paperwork to get out of something they never opted to get into to begin with? What ever the gov tried to impose on us without our knowledge is fraud, unacceptable and void. Please explain. thanks

    1. Sorry, Carol, maybe you did not but your mother sure did when she registered your birth and signed an SS-5 form on your behalf which SSN you now use every day. You need to correct your mom's mistake or forever hold your peace that you agree by your use to have accepted it as valid.

    2. Annie Oakleys SisterMarch 4, 2019 at 6:56 PM

      Carol, if you found out someone stole your identity would you just assume that its going to remedy all by its self? Here we have found our Names have been stolen, turned into a CORPORATRION... THey have made in many case maybe almost all cases--- Millions by using what rightfully yours while in many cases we the people struggle to survive in the land of milk and honey. They altered your birth record by by getting your mother to unknowingly consent volunteer" her infants to be used as Collateral Damage and much much much more.... You have to set the Facts straight = the enemy is not going to reverse their crimes against you for you ...Ok?? the enemy will not admit to the crimes or sign a confession..Why would anyone need to file paperwork? you need not do anything that is unless you want to remain in slavery...…. God ( If you follow him) wants us to be and live in the truth-- If you do not stand up and correct your Identity now that you know the truth ---you are giving the enemy consent to control and deceive and OWN YOU. you are basically saying your ok with being their property with out any human rights. Your God given rights are your inheritance- you can choose to claim them -in this case re-claim them or you can continue to be a lame duck "Pardon my expression" like the many who just want to go with the flow. On a different level---You see Satan will not stop until you are his.. It is my view Taking ownership of your Identity is KEY-- The enemy don't mess with those they already have... My point is Claiming your Identity is your decision - don't make it tooo complicated- You were made in Gods Image right? well the enemy has stolen your birthright - You can let them keep it or you can Stand For Truth for Christ and Seize it back--- Or you can do nothing. May you be filled with the power of the holy spirit!

    3. So true, C. The respondent acquiesced to the judge forfeiting their jurisdictional challenge. They should have said: "No, your honor, I object. We cannot proceed until this court proves on the record that it has jurisdiction or otherwise it must dismiss for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted under FRCP 12(b)6. On and for the record, I challenge this court to prove on the record that it has jurisdiction over me (and my property)." Any further guff from the judge could have been overcome with "Your honor, the Supreme Court of the United States has well established the precedent that when jurisdiction is challenged, all proceedings must stop until the court has proven on the record that it has jurisdiction. Is the court prepared at this time to prove its jurisdiction over me (and my property)?" If the judge refuses to budge or tries to say the same thing that "We are not going to address that at this time, bla, bla, bls, etc.", you must move the court: "Your honor, it is apparent that the court at this time is not prepared to prove it has jurisdiction to be able to prosecute this case. On and for the record, I move for an adjournment to give the court ample time and opportunity to prove its jurisdiction on the record or, if it please the court, to dismiss this case for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted and eliminate the record." Keep objecting and repeating your demand until the judge relents which he has to do or you have just established your right to appeal.

    4. Also, a presumption unrebutted stands as fact. It's the same as with an affidavit. Rebutting their presumption that you are a US citizen must be made in the public.

    5. We use the word 'understand' all the time. It is built into slavespeak which we have learned in school and at home. I prefer overstand because it is simple. I overstand that or if working to correct from understand to overstand I will say 'I get it.' I get it - is without agreement, simply acknowledgement of something. I overstand as a son of God of whatever belief I adhere to - Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or Muslim is accurate for me.

      As to any judicial proceeding in US courts there are only two parties with an issue to resolve - the 'judge' or 'administrator' lacks any cause other than a neutral party (supposedly). The innocent party is pushed to accept a servant of the court and to avoid standing for him/her self and then becomes a defender/ant. The attacking party is called, prosecutor.

      What if the first statement uttered by the innocent party is to the judge and is a question - may I ask a question your honor? Do you UNDERstand that I am a living, breathing, blood in my veins man/woman here? Ask him/her if he is standing under your position? Proceed from there and always refer to yourself - as the innocent party whenever you refer to yourself. Ask questions.

    6. Listens...very good! questions, questions and more questions...because you are ignorant of their law language because the law language is fraud anyway.

    7. 1FreeMan, I do not know how to do that. How long would it take as I do not have long I do not believe. Is it expensive? thanks for explaining. tc

    8. Annie Oakleys Sister thank you for your response. Yes Ive know of this for many years but never knew what steps to take to remedy the situation. I also do not know what it is they control on MY behalf. When I have filed court papers seeking remedy, which eludes us all, I ALWAYS let them know I am not a sheep, chattle, or subject. I was successful on one case, wherein JPM tried to steal my home. I WON! CASE CLOSED.

    9. Carol, if you would share how you won your foreclosure, I'll be happy to share how to correct your status.

    10. Hello again everyone, here's what I'm up against. I filed a case in the united States District Court, they judge rendered me informa pauperis on my motion for said status, he then took 5 or 6 months if memory serves me to block my access TO THE TRIAL BY JURY, helping out the corporation I was suing along with several employee's for stalking, false imprisonment, dereliction of duty, malfeasance, threatening me, rico racketeering, coercion with my doctor's, it was something like 54 counts/charges. The judge had his attorney's locate an unconstitutional in my view, law that congress had passed in 1915 I believe it was, stating prisoners could not use the informa pauperis, I AM NOT A PRISONER IN THE SYSTEM, however I have been imprisoned in my home by this insurance company for NINETEEN YEARS! So this usurper of his oath in office judge, barred me from getting remedy. Now the plot thickens, the insurance claims man ASKED me for the paperwork I filed, (since the judge would not forward it OR the subpoena's). I complied with his request and sent it via email (which is recognized by the Supreme court as LEGAL NOTICE) of which I have had numerous email transactions with this company. I forwarded it all to him. Talking with a friend of mine, who I told I had sent the file, he asked me if he responded. OMG! It hits me, I now had him on a Default Judgment. So, I filed that with the Supreme Court, the CLERK however just sent my file back because IT WAS NOT IN THE FORMAT THEY ARE ACCUSTOM TO. I blew up, because its another front, to prevent my being able to attain JUSTICE. My friend then told me of the Unanimous Declaration of the 13 States, stating that it is still viable and I should now use THAT. I have not had time to read it in its entirety. I am ill, can't sit up for very long due to my severe spinal pain. I do NOT know what to do at this point because I am of the belief, justice does not exist in America, never did, and all I've done in my attempts for NINETEEN YEARS doing this, I've not as yet gained my FREEDOM FROM MY HOME. I have given up hope, and my dream of it ever happening. What say you all?

    11. thank you for your honest but brutal and truthful response, so it is done. I shall simply die now. I have already given up hope, and what few dreams I had on my life ever being better than this prison. I have already commended my soul to Him, and I want to go. I HATE this world, for it has been nothing but hell for me. tc and may He bless all those who are awakening to the truth. Thank you also Anna. See you at the pearly gate one day. :)

    12. Lastly, so you're saying they just GAVE me my house when I fought them over it for 12 yrs? When they had no right to come at me for it to begin with? They had no contract with me. That was concluded in 2015. Also, the Post office is waiting for my paperwork concerning that bank that pursued me. So is that all b/s too? They told me what they did was extortion and fraud, and there is no statute of limitations on that. They have their own marshals and their own court system. So is that all fake too? thanks

    13. This case is not about the house. I WON that case, my home is FREE from what they never had the right to pursue it. As for the case at hand, I want compensation for having been imprisoned in my home for nineteen years, medical neglect, threats, stalking, coercion with my medical doctors, I have proof of it all right out of the horses mouth so to speak. Fortitude, :) I live on total disability, so they have me on that one. Attorney's, well to me they are all whores for the crown. I am smart enough to know, I would NOT need a mouth piece to do my talking for me, however IF and I seriously doubt, one would be my assistant, I have tried more years than I can count, no one will do it. So once again, I'm screwed. Thanks ever so much for your input. It is a most EVIL world, but afterall satan was thrown down to it, eh? lol I am ready to go HOME! tc THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN AN UNJUST WORLD.

    14. btw, I'm just a dead women barely walking, they killed me years ago! I haven't had a life, THEY STOLE IT!

    15. not a good enough START lol

  3. It is diabolical, and just exactly opposite to what most people have been indoctrinated to assume.

  4. So apply for a non-US citizen, State Citizen passport and be done with it. Just found the ruling that you don't even have to pay for it if your last passport was issued in error. Here it is:
    22 CFR § 51.54 - Replacement passports without payment of applicable fees, which states:
    A passport issuing office may issue a replacement passport for the following reasons without payment of applicable fees:
    (a) To correct an error or rectify a mistake of the Department;
    Of course you would want to pay the extra fee for the card if you did not get one yet. This card is a must have and gets you out of all traffic tickets. We have many testimonies of this including my own.

    1. Hint: all US citizen passports are issued in error. If they claim it must be their error for them to waive the fee, then rub their nose in the first part of the statute which implies any error since the first part is separated from the second part by the word "or" which cannot join the 2 parts. Or, if you like a challenge, rub their nose in the fact that it is their error for not making the proper citizenship status available on their DS-11 application. Either way, no need to submit with a fee just to get your passport corrected. FYI: The LLF can now assist you with this process.

    2. PS: this can also be done by "naturalized" US citizens since you too were issued the wrong passport. Once issued, you have no more need for your citizenship certificate since you are no longer a US citizen and can now surrender the citizenship certificate to the treasury to surrender the fed person. For Resident Aliens with a green card, the easiest way to get the NCSN passport is to first apply for US citizenship (keep your fingers crossed when you take the oath! Not valid anyway because you cannot swear allegiance to or be a citizen of a corporation) and then apply for the correct passport.

    "Harcourt v. Gaillard,
    25 U.S. (12 Wheat.) 523, 526, 527 (1827), where the Supreme Court stated:
    "There was no territory within the United States that was claimed in any other right than that of some one of the confederated states; therefore, there could be no acquisition of territory made by the United States distinct from, or independent of some one of the states.
    "Each declared itself sovereign and independent, according to the limits of its territory.'[T]he soil and sovereignty within their acknowledged limits were as much theirs at the declaration of independence as at this hour'."
    To believe you can be a sovereign People of a sovereign several State, while maintaining your U.S. CITIZENSHIP, you are in great error. As this court case states, the several States and the U.S. are distinctly different. You can be an American State, National...but you can not remain a U.S.CITIZEN/Person and expect within the courts to have immunity from prosecution by the U.S. As a U.S. CITIZEN you are ITS subject!

  6. C. Johnson, Out of curiosity What did you mean I could lose everything? My life? My house which I already won? What exactly. IF my life, well theyve already taken that. I'm merely breathing in and breathing out. ha ha I have nothing left to lose.

    1. I thank you tremendously for all the info, WOW thanks for taking the time. I don't know where to go from here. Just a bit of background on this particular case.
      Yes I filed in united States District Court, Yes I filed for informa pauperis status and got it. When he rendered his decision on the law that didn't apply to ME, he took that away, but did state if memory serves me, I could appeal it.
      I was asked for the FILE and Subpoenas from the Insurance company of whom I sued for numerous USC codes that had been broken, 18USC 241 and 242 as well as many others. When I sent it all to him, they failed to respond. My friend said I had them on a Default Judgment because of that. So doesn't the court have to abide what THEY are mandated to do under THEIR laws?
      Per the contract with the insurance company, I never signed anything to my knowledge to give them roughshod over me. It was provided by my employer, workers compensation coverage. But I did not sue as a result of workers comp, I sued under the federal laws of which they are mandated to provide a service for people and of whom had been paid by the employer the premiums on all workers behalf.
      Further, I put in my paperwork when I filed, I was not a subject, cattle,sheep, GUESS LOL THAT DID NO GOOD EH? LOL
      Per the drivers license, mine has UCC 1-308 beneath the printed name. Doesn't that matter or not?
      IF nothing of what I've done carries any weight, then what process do I have to go through then, please point me in the direction, and please SOMEONE if not you, tell me exactly what I have to do to attain THE JUSTICE AND COMPENSATION FOR MY LIFE HAVING BEEN STOLEN, IMPRISONED, ABUSED, STALKED, THREATENED, AND THEN SOME. THANKS SO MUCH

    2. BTW, I may as well fight til my end, as I have nothing else to do, I'm TRAPPED HERE, WITH NOTHING BUT TIME ON MY HANDS.

    3. ok well thanks anyway. Yes I get it.