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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Community Watch using Safety Communications and Security preparations.

From the Desk of Paul Stramer
Montana Comm Leader
for Oath Keepers

Trump Can't Save America, just by the fact that he will now become the CEO of the UNITED STATES INC. 

Yes he can do some things, at great peril to himself, to undo some of the damage caused by the leftists who have had the power for many years. He can do those things within minutes of being sworn in, AND THE ENEMIES OF AMERICA KNOW IT, especially those hiding inside our own government.
We are headed for some violent times, compliments of the radical leftists who call themselves "progressive" and "democratic" and other euphemisms that remind us of the radicals of the 60s who bombed buildings and killed policemen.  They are already starting their organized and pre-planned riots using their  incitement agents.  These people are really just consummate OUTLAWS.  They will stop at NOTHING to preserve their power, and their global agenda.

Without the continuous long term activity for freedom of each and every one of the people who voted for Trump, and many more people, our communities will not increase in safety. Exactly the opposite. We now need to be in a condition yellow alert all day and all night continuously to preserve peace and good order in our communities. This is what the founders had in mind anyway when they gave us the Militia model for community safety and freedom.

These leftists talk about peace, but their brand of peace is something entirely different than what we have understood.  Their brand of peace happens only when anyone who would oppose them have been eliminated or locked up, so they can no longer oppose them.

There are not enough police, military, sheriffs or any other paid "law enforcement" to help you in what you see beginning in the cities right now. The left is NOT going to stop. They know the jig is up. They know their evil is being exposed for all the world to see. They know if they don't consolidate power right now, this time around, they won't have another opportunity in America for decades if ever.

What can YOU do?