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Monday, November 15, 2021

Killing YOU to Protect You

 By Anna Von Reitz

This afternoon, we are waiting for the verdict in the infamous Kyle Rittenhouse trial. 

Most Americans are snorting and scoffing, thinking, "Of course, he's innocent.  A man has a right to defend his own life in this country."  

Most won't understand if this jury in Wisconsin comes back and convicts Kyle Rittenhouse. 

But, that can happen and it can happen easily. 


Well, I don't have a crystal ball, because I don't have the Docket Sheet in front of me, but I can tell you this --- if they are prosecuting KYLE RITTENHOUSE, his goose is cooked and ready for a fork. 

Because KYLE RITTENHOUSE is a Municipal Corporation and Municipal Corporations, like other citizens of the United States, are guilty of whatever crimes are alleged against them by definition.  They have no right to protect themselves.  They are slaves. 

Just read the infamous Territorial Corporation's Fourteenth Amendment to The Constitution of the United States of America (Incorporated).  

Those are the Legal Presumptions they have been operating under since the Civil War. See Section 2?  See Section 4?  

Not that the Fourteenth Amendment was ever ratified by our States of the Union.  Not that it has any lawful authority whatsoever.  

But in a private law slugfest, it is set in cement, and both the guilty Territorial Corporation and the guilty parent Municipal CORPORATIONS benefit from this.  

By getting an American in the middle of their phony baloney 'court" and batting him back and forth like a ball, deliberately impersonating him and misidentifying him as they go, they are guaranteed a 96% conviction rate and a free pass to jail him and fine him and steal his assets.. 

Then split the take. 

If the court prosecutes him as KYLE RITTENHOUSE, he's guilty by definition.  If they prosecute him as Kyle Rittenhouse, he's a British sailor of some sort, subject to the Queen and being prosecuted for crimes in the Admiralty jurisdiction.  

Either way, his identity as a plain old American owed the guarantees of the Constitutions won't be recognized. 

And absent action on his part to declare and record his status as an American, it can't be recognized. Even if he declares and records his actual political status, he will have to tenaciously and consistently defend his position and bring plenty of witnesses with him.

Absent action by a lot of other Americans, we are left dependent on the moral conscience of British Hired Jurists, who depend on convicting people "as" persons to make a living and bulk up their own retirement accounts.  

Guess who loses?  

If Kyle Rittenhouse were a member of The Wisconsin Assembly and a bunch of his peers showed up at his trial to take notes and names, the judge would think twice, and so would the jury.  

Otherwise, the ugly truth is that the U.S. "War on Terror" targets its own citizens --- or to be more exact, Americans who are presumed to be "citizens".  


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Protecting You From Yourself

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are, last time I looked, over fifty "agencies" in the business of protecting you from yourself.  They will gladly shoot and kill you, frame you for felony level crimes, and concoct all manner of Big Lies to do so.  

These agencies come in both Municipal Government and Territorial Government flavors, and they each have their own oddball expertise.  Some of them come in pairs, like the Internal Revenue Service (Territorial) and the IRS (Municipal), or the Federal Bureau of Investigation(Territorial) and the FBI (Municipal).  

This is what happens when you leave foreign contractors in charge of your government for 160 years, in case anyone wants to know.  The Americans have proof. 

Protecting you from yourself is big business with billions upon billions being spent on it each year. 

It is also crucial to another program goal --- keeping you barefoot and pregnant and tied down at the farm, stuck in a dead end job, working your little heart out for The Company Store.  

Never mind that you actually own The Company Store and the middlemen operating it "for" you kinda conveniently forgot that fact.  

During the Wounded Knee Stand-Off between the Federales and the Native Leaders who led the protest, agents of the FBI got into the compound perimeter and installed a gun cache of "illegal weapons" ---- they have plenty of them that they confiscate from real crooks and sell to the Mexican Drug Cartels.    

So here the amazed Native Leaders are, being accused of being violent armed insurrectionists based on guns they know nothing about.  

This is a process of planting false evidence called "framing" someone for a crime.  They deliberately make it look like you did something criminal, when you didn't. 

The same parties did the same thing to our Utah Assembly Coordinator early on.  They came onto a remote corner of her property and installed a gun bunker, and they placed their snipers, and they sat down and waited. 

All that had to happen was for her to notice that something was going on in her back forty, go out there to check it out, and bam!   

They would have shot her to shut her up and then come after the whole Utah Assembly, accusing them of being armed insurrectionists.  

So we dissolved the first Utah Assembly and removed her as Coordinator to protect her from any further endangerment.  

That's just one example of the Dirty Tricks Squad at work. 

Then we had the whole Dingus Incident, where one of their guys got in the back door and started forming an illegal "national" security force and violating the "well-regulated militia" provisions, with the support of another clueless Coordinator in Texas.  

Had to shut that down for the same basic reasons.  The Feds would have used wrong-doing in Texas to paint all the Assemblies  as "armed insurrectionist organizations" and "domestic terrorists".  

Now we've got former Coordinators in California trying to redefine California as something other than a State of the Union and wiggling around trying to avoid oversight by the Federation of States.  Some of those folks have advocated splitting California up into pieces.  Others have advocated annexing Mexico,  or, alternatively, making California part of Mexico, if you can believe that.   Others have been preaching about an "independent" California --- that is, California as a separate country. 

Let's be very clear --- all those actions are illegal.  

Nothing like that should ever be promoted by anyone in any of our Assemblies.  

We are here to restore our lawful government, and all the above actions seek to destroy our lawful government in California.  Go figure. 

Part of the Assembly in California just lost its mind and went AWOL, still claiming to be part of our lawful Assembly, despite being engaged in trying to substitute something else for our State of the Union. 

Where have we seen that before?  

Oh, yes, when they substituted their Territorial State of State organizations for our American State of State organizations right after the Civil War.... 

Here they are, at it again, trying to substitute "something else" for California. 

So, we wash our hands of them and their agenda, and we carry on.  

It's not bad enough that we have all the work and responsibilities of the government thrust upon us, we have to put up with this kind of interference and undermining and constant flak,flak, flak, too.  

Last night, I got a message from a disgruntled woman who asked, basically, how can anything you are doing work?  They have the guns..... 

And I replied.  

They only provide governmental services because they get paid for doing so.  Cut off their access to our credit, and refuse to give them a contract, and guess what?  

Well, then, Washington, DC gets boarded up and vacated and starts to stink like an abandoned slaughterhouse ----precisely what is happening there right now.  And the whole District of Columbia government, which was always a foreign operation, starts to fade away. 

The actual American Government comes back into view. 

We've got a hundred and sixty years of graft and corruption to clean up.  There's nobody here to do the job but me and you.  

Joe Biden just hired 150,000 IRS agents to chase down imaginary Municipal CITIZENS. 

We just impounded and fined them for misaddressing average Americans.  

The poppy fields in Afghanistan got shut down. 

The adrenochrome factories got shut down. 

Big Pharma is next. 

What's not to like about this?  Sure, it's scary, but it's right.  And it has to be done. 

As we keep them from using (and abusing) our credit, we regain access to our own assets, so there will be plenty of money to provide government services. We just have to convince the U.S. Military that the long, long mercenary "war" is over.  And we are not the Enemy. 

We are their long-lost Employers. 


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Sunday Sermon • 25th Sunday after Pentecost • 2021

Sunday Sermon • 24th Sunday after Pentecost • 2021 - Fr. Martin Skierka

A Pernicious Idea

 By Anna Von Reitz

A couple weeks ago, a man contacted me, and after a long complaint about everything under the sun, he made a strange remark --- he said that some people in The Texas Assembly told him (a wealthy man with good contacts) that he could "take" Texas.
I raised an eyebrow.
Take Texas?
I'm sorry. Texas is already taken by millions of Texans who live there. And if there ever was any question about that, it has been resolved in their favor for over a decade, as a result of action taken by the Federation of States.
Still, he persisted. He was given information to the effect that a guy with a few million dollars to spend could "take" Texas, that is, own and control it.
And who were these people?
Dissident members of The Texas Assembly who were also talking trash about the Federation and Federation oversight of the Assembly Process.
They were urging him on, encouraging him to join the Assembly and bowl it over with his money --- and they apparently thought that the people of Texas were weak-minded, lazy, ignorant, and ready for the picking.
My other eyebrow went up.
That's not the people of Texas I know.
I was already sorta pitying the Flat Ass who tried to take as much as a cactus from them and otherwise letting my mind wander before I said, "Well, that's very interesting, but Texas was reclaimed for the people who live there and there is a substantial population there now that would disagree with any attempt to "take" Texas."
But I wondered about that call. He was tipping me off. Letting me know that a move was on, from inside The Texas Assembly, to solicit corporate investors to come in and knock it off and share the spoils.
At least some people in The Texas Assembly were evidently no-good crooks who thought they saw an opportunity to enrich themselves at the expense of other Texans. They were actively going out to potential investors trying to sell this Golden Opportunity.
I later found out that the Ringleaders pushing this idea to these investors were connected to MI6 front organizations that have been trying their darndest to both compete with The American States Assembly for support, and, trying to pull off the same credit fraud scheme that the Brits pulled back in 1868 ---- incorporate a dummy commercial corporation calling itself "The United States of America --- Incorporated" and use it to impersonate us and gain access to our credit.

Just picture your old Granny standing behind the refrigerator with her eye on the Cookie Jar and a big old-fashioned Fly Swatter in her hand, ready to jump out on Junior and make him regret being born.


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The Tories Didn't Leave

 By Anna Von Reitz

Of all the points and educational information that we have tried to convey, this point is dropping through the cracks. Please stop long enough to consider HOW the British Territorial Government managed to weasel in the back door and set up the "American Raj" and use it to pillage six generations of Americans.
The short answer is that the Tories --- British Sympathizers in The War of Independence --- never left here after the war. They stayed on as providers of 'essential government services" --- see Article IV of all three Federal Constitutions. This gave them an insider position in our fledgling government, and despite the severely limited powers they were granted, it offered a place they used to plot, scheme, undermine, and ultimately, defraud, the unwary Americans.
To promote peace and heal the wounds of eight years of toe-to-toe conflict, the British Tories were largely allowed to retain all their businesses and assets and bank accounts and "titles" held to their land prior to the war. They were recognized as British Subjects, too. A condition of Dual Citizenship was established to accommodate them.
The British Government recognized the former "Loyal Colonials" as British Commonwealth Citizens known as U.S. Citizens.
The only two things to have changed about this situation in over two hundred years are:
(1) Originally, these British Territorial Citizens were considered to be Dual Citizens with American Citizenship being the second form of citizenship involved; this changed in 1937 after "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States" was adopted and U.S. Citizens were thereafter deemed to be dual citizens of both the British Commonwealth and the Municipal United States Government. They were henceforth operating as U.S. Citizens and citizens of the United States, both.
(2) In the 1960's, forced to make changes as a result of the rising recognition of the evils of Colonialism, the U.S. Citizenship was redefined from being a British Commonwealth citizenship to being a British Territorial citizenship --- by a process of default.
The British Government and the Queen received a great deal of approbation and support for this peaceful surrender of colonial interest in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other "former" Commonwealth nations at the time..... however, the British Government and the Government of Westminster were playing a dirty, dirty game.
They made the big announcements, opened the gates, and the bewildered people of the "former" Commonwealth countries shrugged and went right on without a clue that they were supposed to organize their own truly independent government.
The British interests willingly provided an "interim" government so nothing much seemed to change, but when the "former" Commonwealth countries failed to organize a new government for themselves, the same British interests settled in as an emergency military government occupying the "abandoned" British Commonwealth, and everyone in the countries affected was "presumed" to be a Ward of the Queen and the British Crown and a Territorial Subject.
The difference between a British Colonial Citizenship and a British Territorial Citizenship is the difference between living under a peaceful civilian government and a foreign military occupation.
This is the same basic trick that was used 100 years earlier in America, wherein the Brits established a British Territorial Military Dictatorship and claimed a custodial interest in all the land and assets of their "absent" American Employers. As a result of this British Bunko, Americans were left completely uninformed about the circumstance, and their political status was unlawfully converted to that of "presumed" British Territorial United States Citizens --- U.S. Citizens.
All these actions served to tighten the coils of the British Empire around the necks and pocketbooks of the victims of this vicious scheme. It defrauded the people of this country and the people of the former Commonwealth equally.
Let us all observe the mistake that we made and that the former members of the British Commonwealth made: making peace of any kind with the British Government and suffering the Tories to remain among us.
The people of Great Britain are no better off themselves, having had their political status similarly redefined without their knowledge or consent by a process of enfranchisement during the administration of Benjamin D'Israeli.
And it is all fraud, all based on the unlawful conversion and redefinition of an individual's political status by self-interested Third Parties, and depending on secrecy to pull it off.
We are all in the midst of yet another such scheme, by which the same criminally dishonest British Interests are attempting to redefine "humans" as "trans-humans" --- that is, human GMO products that they own via patent.
They hope to wipe away more than a century of progress and enforcement of human rights by redefining recipients of their patented mRNA fragments as something different --- "trans-humans" that have no human rights. No civil rights. No rights at all, full stop.
Notice the progression of their schemes --- first, redefining living people as "persons" --- unlawfully converting mankind to humankind, and then, redefining "humans" as "trans-humans" to avoid owing their victims human rights.
The only answer is to hunt down the perpetrators as the criminals they are, and subject them to the full force of the Public Law and our righteous anger.
Anyone who supports the cruelty, greed, elitism, and dishonesty of the British Raj at this late date, in India or anywhere else on Earth, needs to be deported from our shores in a leaky boat, never to return.
As our experience and the experience of the British people and the experience of the people of the former British Commonwealth has demonstrated, our big mistake was allowing the Tories and their attorneys to remain among us.

Let's never make the same mistake again.


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