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Monday, December 5, 2022

On Being Sold a Bill of Goods -- Public Notice to China

 By Anna Von Reitz

Dear China/CHINA, 

You have been "sold a Bill of Goods" --- don't feel bad.  The same imposters tried to pull the same thing on us, and almost succeeded. 

Time to assess what you actually acquired from them, which is stolen property and non-existent debt. 

The actual international law that pertains to this situation is: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership." 

What you have acquired by purchase and by claims of indebtedness, known as the "UNITED STATES, INC." has no assets or trademarks of its own.  Everything they had was stolen property.  You acquired debt that was owed to us and no offset accounting was done to mitigate the debt. 

So, you've been swindled and we've been swindled. 

And we all know who and what is at fault in this mess. 

We are passing on this information to the U.S. Military, which will not be allowed to stand down if China attempts any action against this country, and we are inviting you to contact us to discuss reparations that are due from the Vatican and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London and the British Monarch --- not from us. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America 
In care of: Box 520984
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

International Notice -- There Is No Such Thing as a "Sovereign Citizen"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Issued: December 5th of 2022

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

This International Notice goes out to all the members of the military, especially the JAG Officers currently trying to function as Provost Marshals, and to the Municipal Officers, especially the Secretary General of the United Nations and the Offices of the Inspector General. 

There is no such thing as a "sovereign citizen". 

This term is an oxymoron. 

One literally cannot be a sovereign and a citizen at the same time. 

We have proof that certain unelected and incompetent Agencies, including the FBI, the DOJ, and various private corporate security officers acting "as" Sheriffs -- without really being Sheriffs --- have developed entire programs and narratives around this inanity and are going around ignorantly teaching others to do the same. 

They are calling these non-existent constructs "Domestic Terrorists" without respect to those whose domesticity is contractually owed protection and support here in this country. 

Time to clean up your respective acts and stop embarrassing yourselves. 

Please get down to the level of your various Subcontractors of Subcontractors -- the "Agencies" which are trying to do work that you are supposed to be doing yourselves --- and fully inform them that there are no "sovereign citizens" for them to deal with.  

There are only American sovereigns reclaiming their reversionary trust interests --- the people who are owed "good faith service" from all of the government contractors and all agencies of the government contractors and the Principals being addressed by this public International Notice. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

News for the World

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are only eighty-one years late. 

Why do I say that?  

Because 81 years ago, in 1941, every country on this planet and all the people living in every country, were supposed to be set free of the scourge of taxation, which, by the way, includes "dead man's taxes" known as mortgages. 

In 1941, a major philanthropic initiative was completed, when the designated Metals Depositors working for us finished their work moving millions of metric tons of gold, silver, platinum and other precious goods into position worldwide to enable this. 

From that point on, there was no longer any need for taxation of any kind. 

But it was also 1941, two years into World War II and no end in sight. Things got a bit confused, gold went missing, priorities changed, governments changed, gold was returned, more gold was found, more governments changed. 

It isn't hard to understand how things got messed up, but certain truths remain. 

1. The Federal Government is required to operate on credit by the Constitutional restraints, whereas the States are required to operate on lawful money; 

2.  The banks and currencies are all operating on private assets, with the exception of investments and endowments made by national governments -- primarily our government, The United States of America --- our unincorporated Federation of States; 

3.  The goal of the private owners of the large gold and silver resource repositories remains the same --- (1) relieve everyone of the illusion of debt; (2) remove the practice of taxation as a means to fund government services and infrastructure; (3) make banking services and access to pre-paid credit available worldwide. 

I was born in 1956, some 25 years after all of this was supposed to be in place and we were all --worldwide-- supposed to be living a much happier life. Most of the members of my family were killed between World War I and World War II and other key people involved in "the 1941 initiative" were also either dead or missing. 

To give you an example of the destruction, just this week my Son found another missing branch of our family, alive and well and living in Munich -- part of our family that we haven't had contact with since WWII. 

It was convenient for the Allies to steal the money they found in the Central Banks and held in safekeeping for us in the Philippines, and so they did.  They pretended not to know us. They ignored our deposit receipts.  They commandeered us into foreign political statuses where we were held to be "paupers" and "wards of the state". 

They did all these evil things to us --all of us, worldwide-- in order to control our money and our resources.  The great and the small, the rich and the poor, were all subjected to their Impersonation Scheme. 

But surely, you say, someone must have known what was going on?  Someone had the proof.  What about the Metal Depositors? The tag team of Severino Sta Romano working for the Vatican (on our behalf) and Giovanni Babtista Richello working for the CIA (on our behalf) to make all these deposits for us?  

They are both long dead.  Severino died in September of 1974.  All the gold deposits were and are entangled in his personal estate.  He did it that way on purpose, because, as he expressed it, he didn't trust "them" to honor their agreements. 

He was right. 

We have the unencumbered and singular right to settle Severino's estate. Everything about this situation has been duly reviewed by the courts and the determinations have been made in our favor. We have the court decisions, we have the records, we have the bank treaties, we have the tax treaties ----and all we want to do is to end this evil system of coercive taxation and enslavement. 

Everyone on Earth stands to greatly benefit by simply allowing us to do what should have been done in 1941. 

We are being opposed by certain of the world's militaries who are being paid by the rats who concocted the enslavement-by-impersonation scheme.  These politicians and bankers responsible are afraid of what the people of this planet will do and what they will demand once they become aware of this situation, but, thank God, more and more people have become aware despite the nearly total media black out. 

You are all supposed to be living in a world of peace and plenty, without 24/7 surveillance, without being treated like criminals, without being coerced by something that merely appears to be "your" government, and without being farmed like sheep. 

You don't owe any "National Debt" because any National Debt has been instantly paid by an equal and answering National Credit that the Vermin have failed to account for.  

You don't owe any interest on any National Debt, either, because the National Debt doesn't exist.  

Every penny of tax that you have all paid since 1941 was collected under False Pretenses and in violation of the Treaties and Agreements that allowed these Vermin to use our gold and silver assets to underwrite their Central Banks. 

And the Central Banks themselves have been used for illegal and unlawful purposes that we never approved of at all.  They have been used for commodity rigging on an unimaginable scale.  They have been used for illegal securitization, even securitization of living flesh, which is enslavement and peonage --- all outlawed worldwide since 1926. 

So when I say that certain of the militaries and the corporations are now engaged in a "policy" of worldwide genocide in an effort to get rid of their Creditors, I am not joking. 

When I observe that these "governmental services corporations" are using their "Uniformed Officers" --- the doctors, nurses, dentists and other health care professionals as soldiers in an undeclared and illegal mercenary war against the civilian population, I am not wrong. 

When I observe that these same "governmental services corporations" are using other licensed "officers"--- Bar Attorneys ---  to improperly and unlawfully run Admiralty Courts on the land as part of their enslavement-by-impersonation scheme, I am not wrong. 

And when I tell you that the banks, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the politicians, and the bureaucrats have all been misdirected to this end by Principals -- the British Monarch, the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, and the Holy See --- that owe us good faith and service, I am not wrong. 

This past week I told Satan's Mouthpiece that we now know the difference between good and evil, and that his work here is done. 

He has been dismissed by someone with the authority to dismiss him. 

Please join me and add your voices and effort to mine so that no possible doubt remains.  


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