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Monday, December 5, 2022

On Being Sold a Bill of Goods -- Public Notice to China

 By Anna Von Reitz

Dear China/CHINA, 

You have been "sold a Bill of Goods" --- don't feel bad.  The same imposters tried to pull the same thing on us, and almost succeeded. 

Time to assess what you actually acquired from them, which is stolen property and non-existent debt. 

The actual international law that pertains to this situation is: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership." 

What you have acquired by purchase and by claims of indebtedness, known as the "UNITED STATES, INC." has no assets or trademarks of its own.  Everything they had was stolen property.  You acquired debt that was owed to us and no offset accounting was done to mitigate the debt. 

So, you've been swindled and we've been swindled. 

And we all know who and what is at fault in this mess. 

We are passing on this information to the U.S. Military, which will not be allowed to stand down if China attempts any action against this country, and we are inviting you to contact us to discuss reparations that are due from the Vatican and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London and the British Monarch --- not from us. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America 
In care of: Box 520984
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


  1. Love you Anna and all who are in this fight. I am, thanks in great part to you and your information and effort for humanity! God bless you and yours for all time.

  2. Thank you Anna you are a trooper !

  3. Thank you Paul also for all you do…

  4. Public notice to the Hollywood Magic Shew producers and actwhores of this world wide shit shew

    And that goes for all the actwhores/agents posing as saviors on the internet that are here to set you free

    Like this one here posing/acting under the ALIAS of Joni Mitchell
    Well hello there RoseAnne

    I've said it before and I will say it again I think Anna and Paul are old hollywood 'stars' that played on the shew
    'Family Affair'
    Buffy and Jodi

    Buffy died of an overdose (faked) years ago and there is still a FAN club today that honors her fake ass death

    It's All In The Families
    13 of them to be exact like the 13 beneficiaries to those Arizona land trust here
    This move is a part of the Governor’s initiative to reduce the footprint of State Agencies. We look forward to continuing our mission of managing Arizona’s State Trust land in support of our 13 Trust Beneficiaries and the State’s future.

    Catch them if you can
    This ole grandma here is BLOWING SMOKE UP YOUR ASS and stealing from you at the same time

    You can bet your ass this was the next step in their world wide golden globe heist and they need you to go along with it and donate all you can and volunteer your services to the cause to

    Mainfest Destiny
    Get the people to work on the plan in plain sight and they will never know what the hell hit them
    The Blind Side - The Double Cross

    1. You're FOS! Apparrantly you haven't gone back tof the old shows of Buffy and Jodi.
      Genetics has a peculiar and mysterious part to play throughout ones life even if they did have plastic surgery. The original person is still in there and you can see them peep through every now and then no matter how you try to hide it. There's nothing in either one of these "then" children that remotely resemble Anna nor Paul. And the boy, appears to have lived a long life and continued showing up in interviews and the older he gets the more he appears to be reverting back to the young child we've come to know as Jodi, who maintains the same expressions, mannerisms and genetic markers of the same child as he was back in the 60's. He looks nothing whatsoever like Paul so if Paul could never be Jodi then how do you figure that Buffy is Anna? Buffy {Anissa Jones} was born in 1959 and looks nothing like Anna, then nor now if she truly died at 18.
      You think everybody can just drum up a double anytime they want to rule the whole world? Well it's not that easy without being detected. Our brains are much sharper than you give Creator credit for. He set it in us to detect imposters and countfeits but apparently you have yours turned off and that's unfortunate bcuz it proves that you want to be deceived to justify your hateful narrative.

  5. More of their hocus pocus BULLSHIT

    And I just happened to have looked at these two the other day on a whim and then I find this guys videos

    1. Oh this one will blow your mind

      Fake ass shit just like the abe that came before him over here

      Ring around the rosies

    2. Paul is an old Hollywood actor? You outted yourself with that whopper. Lol.

    3. You've gone nuts over the last few months. I no longer follow you Shelby.

    4. Shelby was always a fraud. A plant from the get.

  6. You guys are soooo AWESOME

  7. I do love me some Anna! You naysayers can munch sh*t!

  8. that’s-nice:dear


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