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Monday, December 5, 2022

International Notice -- There Is No Such Thing as a "Sovereign Citizen"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Issued: December 5th of 2022

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

This International Notice goes out to all the members of the military, especially the JAG Officers currently trying to function as Provost Marshals, and to the Municipal Officers, especially the Secretary General of the United Nations and the Offices of the Inspector General. 

There is no such thing as a "sovereign citizen". 

This term is an oxymoron. 

One literally cannot be a sovereign and a citizen at the same time. 

We have proof that certain unelected and incompetent Agencies, including the FBI, the DOJ, and various private corporate security officers acting "as" Sheriffs -- without really being Sheriffs --- have developed entire programs and narratives around this inanity and are going around ignorantly teaching others to do the same. 

They are calling these non-existent constructs "Domestic Terrorists" without respect to those whose domesticity is contractually owed protection and support here in this country. 

Time to clean up your respective acts and stop embarrassing yourselves. 

Please get down to the level of your various Subcontractors of Subcontractors -- the "Agencies" which are trying to do work that you are supposed to be doing yourselves --- and fully inform them that there are no "sovereign citizens" for them to deal with.  

There are only American sovereigns reclaiming their reversionary trust interests --- the people who are owed "good faith service" from all of the government contractors and all agencies of the government contractors and the Principals being addressed by this public International Notice. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America


  1. Replies
    1. it is possible and in fact, man who are Municipal Citizens (like BAR Attorneys, Policy Enforcers, Municipal OfficeHolders) who swear allegiance to another man who claims hes Sovereign (like "The Pope"), then go out among man and use their Sovereigns claim of authority to Ad-ministrate, Execute, or Enforce THEIR Sovereign's will upon other man, are actually Citizens who are Acting As (THEIR) Sovereign, and so could be called Sovereign Citizens.
      they always call us what they are, because what they are is un-true.

    2. Citizens serve. End of story.

  2. God be with you Anna

    1. The "agencies" operating on their "sovereign citizen" bogus duality should be held accountable as the liars they are (and tried and punished) for operating per and fully attempting to enforce the narrative in this revealing old nonsense jingle:

      One bright day in the middle of the night,
      Two dead boys got up to fight.

      Back to back they faced each other,
      Drew their swords and shot each other.

      The deaf policeman heard the noise,
      Came and shot the two dead boys.

      If you don’t believe this lie is true,
      Ask the blind man, he saw it too.

      by: ???

  3. Indubitably.... it amazes me that things like this even have to be printed because of others'...sheer ignorance

  4. Thank you, Anna. I’ve been a victim of this for over a decade now. It is, at its core, a spiritual battle (“For our fight/struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”) and we all need to do our part in tearing down strongholds and binding the powers, principalities and strongmen who are behind the faces of evil on this earth. Thank you for listening to your listeners and for supporting us. May God send down His angels with swords dipped in the blood of Christ to cover you and protect you.

    1. It is a fight for our flesh and our souls. Those certificates are soul contracts. Wide and well traveled....

  5. . . . one happy day in the middle of hell
    to fake boys declared their silence with a yell.
    Along came a bailiff to arrest and imprison them
    declaring they could not be both sovereign and a citizen.

  6. Re: "Offices of the Inspector General" - which Inspector General? .........

  7. There are Sovereign Citizens! Sovereign Citizens are pretty much people whom think they are Sovereign, but are Citizens in a legal contractual context. An example of a Sovereign Citizen is a person whom signs governments forms under penalty of perjury, which includes the person being a citizen of the government that created the government form, then in court, in front of a judge, this person claims he/she is a Sovereign. It is not the arrogance of the governments that creates Sovereign Citizens, it is the arrogance of the people whom claim that they are Sovereign, when they are Citizens, and there is a paper trail that proves it.

    It is articles like this one, that creates even more ignorance of the facts and you all should know better! This makes you wonder how many other articles on this website create ignorance?

    1. Oh my, the suffering innocent government (and its minions) against those arrogant people! (bad dogs!)

      Is it not more like "sleep walking people" who are abruptly shocked at a capture or judgement in court, or by words in their mouth which people do not even fully comprehend (people caught up in fear and comment with no real grasp on how to deal with overwhelming legalisms - 80 million statutes?)- and people who definitely DO MISUNDERSTAND? Especially that gotcha word - "understand?"

      Words people truthfully have no real understanding about? Words crafted by the crafty for the "too clever by half" governors of minds."

      Oh my the poorly abused "system" and the innocent "government."
      People should know better than to open their mouths and talk.
      Peoples deserve mercy more than sacrifice.

      Where do I read the balance of your great striving and researched opus?

    2. if a man does not know about something, he cannot agree to it.

    3. papertrail schmapertrail...... --means nothing without intent to "under-stand" what is being done.
      man cannot agree to something he is not told and to say he does agree is untrue no matter how long the paper trail may be. its just a RedHerring.

      man doesnt know something, man cant agree.

    4. Here you write truth women:janmarie, thank you. May I add to your comment -

      Their "paper trail" is a snare. And with Ann Von Reitz, we are chewing our way out of their paper snare. Their paper cuts deeper than deep. Their "paper snare" is the "Gordian Knot" Alexander the Great sliced through with his sword...because he didn't have Anna Von Reitz, who has demonstrated she knows how to knit, and more importantly knows also how to unknit a "Gordian knot of Sweater."

    5. Although there may be an error with the word "cant." women:janmarie isn't true that it is not necessarily a matter of whether or not one "can" or can't" agree to something...particularly when the heavy equipment "presumes" they agree.

      Come mr. tally man tally me bamboozzles, daylight come and me wanna some lunch. Six lies seven lies eight lies bunch! daylight comes trade me sorrows for lunch....

    6. @woman:janmarie, when "they" ask you do you understand, "they" are asking you if you understand their patented legal language, which is written in a code that you hire a lawyer to interpret for you.

    7. Obviously Mike Obviously to you and I - but there is clearly something you betray in yourself - a lack of recognition of the plight of others..

      Not all is obvious to everyone. Obviously people have been deliberately bamboozled, haven't they?

      And the good news lawyers (attorneys) are so very inexpensive (sic) , right. Or better they are just plainly the problem.

      Mike it is clear that you have read next to nothing across these thousands of pages of reveal. Reveal and defense is what people would presume to hire lawyers (attorneys) to do for them "reveal" and defend. Often attorneys accomplish merely a clever a heist . . . It is a system of various jurisdiction which are actually alien to the flesh and blood (L.S.) People caught up the BAR association bamboozle.

      Voltaire "I have been ruined but twice, once when I lost a law suit, and once when I won."

      Mike if you have so few to zero friends, family, relatives, acquaintances, and children, which condition would make you ignorant to the plight of people who you ought to love, then you too are a big part of the problem - the problem of "misunderstanding." Particularly misunderstandings designed by the thieves and bamboozlers.

      You clearly of not "understood" nor comprehended anything across almost four thousand essays here.

  8. 6:42 AM - your creativity is astounding!!!


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