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Saturday, August 12, 2023

The Three Federal Populations - Retrospective Details

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am forwarding a pdf copy of the Georgetown Law Review, November, 1912, and directing your attention to the first article by Hannis Taylor. 

Please consider that unique work by Pelatiah Webster, The Constitution for the united States of America adopted in 1787 and resulting in what would later be termed, the Federal Constitution, or, The Constitution of the United States (old language conventions apply here with "the United States" then being synonymous with The United States as defined in 1851). 

Most Americans have heard vaguely of "the Federal Constitution" and "the Federal Republic" but even in 1912 during a review celebrating the 125th Anniversary of this key document, people writing for the Georgetown Law Journal had lost track of the actual name of the Constitution being celebrated and were ignorant of the 1851 change in style conventions, too. 

The less favored in society are left to suppose, erroneously, that Pelatiah Webster's famous work was the same as The Constitution of the United States that we see published under that name today by the Municipal Government in Washington, DC. 

What a comedy of errors promulgating more errors. 

Even in 1912, more than a hundred years ago, nobody remembered the actual architect of the 1787 Constitution,  and nobody remembered the style convention changes of 1851, either, so we wind up talking about "the Constitution" and don't even know the actual name of the document or the identity and nature of the political body that issued it.   

This country is well and truly lost, if a mammoth effort of self-education is not made. 

The Federal Constitution issued in 1787 was titled The Constitution for the united States of America --note the use of the word "for" which is unique and the use of the word "united" as an adjective written in small case letters.   

This was a second run at crafting a Constitution for the Confederation of States doing business as the States of America.  The original effort, The Articles of Confederation, begun in January 1777 and ratified in 1781, left much to be desired. 

The States of America was a doing-business-as name of the original Union nation-states, which joined their individual State of State organizations into a Confederation with the intention of leveraging their mutual economic and trade interests in international and global jurisdictions.  

It was this Confederation of State of State business organizations that operated the American Federal Services Contractor known as the Federal Republic from 1787 to April 15th 1861, and which provided the bulk of all Federal Government services during that time period. 

It was this Confederation that was rendered inoperable for lack of a quorum when the seven Southern States walked out and left it without a date set to reconvene, April 1st 1861

Within days, and despite Lincoln's Inaugural Address in which he declared that changing the institution of slavery in the Southern States was not his intention little more than a month prior, our country was plunged into an illegal Mercenary Conflict euphemistically called The American Civil War. 

It was the break-down of the Confederation operating under Pelatiah Webster's brainchild, The Constitution for the united States of America, that led to the spin-off Confederate States of America, which proposed to bargain independently for their trade relationships and commercial contracts.  

The intent of The Articles of Confederation was to form a "perpetual union" of the business interests of the States joined together as a single economic power. Pelatiah Webster's new Constitution first published for discussion on February 16, 1783.  

The Confederation operating as the Federal Republic was so far successful in applying the mutual economic and trade powers of the States that by the 1850's the United Kingdom and most of Europe was frightened of this new world economic power.

In unity was our safety and our strength in dealing with the rest of the world, but disagreements about economic priorities and policies between the industrialized North and agricultural South found their breaking point. 

Looking back with 20/20 hindsight it seems that there were many possible solutions short of going to war, chief among them the Federation of States' desire to simply buy all the plantation slaves and set them free.  This was what was done in England and other European countries. Why not America?

As The Articles of Confederation were already bypassed in 1787, together with the "perpetual union" clause, there was nothing so wrong with the industrialized North tending to its knitting and allowing the Southern States to do the same. They could have simply split into two camps and negotiated separate trade agreements.

Why didn't they? 

The most likely reason is that slavery was a much bigger issue than the General Public knew, and it was not an issue of only Southern economics, or injustice, or the repugnance of elitist claptrap.

No, slavery has a much deeper and darker history---and profitability for both North and South was at stake.   More to come regarding that snippet of additional history you never knew and the Dutch Government's complicity in it all.  


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Fast Eddie of the Fab Five

 By Anna Von Reitz

Eddie has told everyone that I don't know what I am doing with banking ----and I have to smile.  

Eddie doesn't know what I am doing, but that's all right. I never intended that he would.   

He said that Hunter isn't a banker, too, and that's correct.  Hunter isn't a banker.  

He's a Prosperitor. 

If people had been listening to me and really hearing what I said, they would know that my Bilateral Banks are not about depositing anything, and that these new institutions ---that are somewhat analogous to credit unions but not the same--- are prepaid credit facilities instead.  

What have I said over and over and over?  

That the funds in these new banks are prepaid.  The people don't pay into the banks, the banks pay out to the people.  

That's why I don't understand why anyone would make deposits in a conventional credit union and think that they were dealing with "my" banks or with "my" version of credit unions, either. 

What we are now doing with banking has never been done before in the history of the world, but there's no reason why not.  It's not illegal or unlawful.  It's beneficial to everyone concerned. 

Just as the Lincoln Conspirators turned the world upside down, we are turning it right side up again.  

Soon, war and slavery and pollution and other kinds of crime won't be profitable anymore, so these activities will naturally fade away.  People will have to do something good to make a profit.  Plant vineyards. Raise bees. Clean the streets. Repair the plumbing. Dig the wells....

The Perps pulled off an unlawful conversion, and we are doing a lawful conversion.  

Guess who has the law on their side? 

Eddie has all the classic ear-marks of an Unwilling Snitch. He was in Federal Prison and they let him out. He says it was because of research he and Michael Kearns did, but Michael Kearns is dead and I can't ask him to confirm Eddie's backstory.  

The Federales knew Michael Kearns. They basically killed him by repeatedly arresting him and not giving him his heart medication. They could have told Eddie all about Michael and his research without breaking a sweat.

My best guess is that the Agency Goons offered Eddie a deal -- IMHO he did what he had to do to get out of jail and into a position where he could protect himself and his family.  He was being threatened, his family was being threatened (the Stick) and on the other side, he was being paid (the Carrot). 

I don't blame Eddie for that. I talk to him from time to time. He teaches me things about the conventional banking system.  I teach him about the jurisdictions and forms of law. It's amiable enough. 

If a person isn't really motivated to do evil but winds up doing it because of circumstances they can't control, it's a different matter than those who are evil for the sake of evil.  

I also forgive people who are genuinely confused and deluded.  Like the Bible says, they confuse good for evil and evil for good, but it isn't their fault that they are confused.  They are just weak-minded. 

Eddie is right ---I don't know all the ins and outs of the conventional commercial banking system. I admit it. So what?

I'm not building a conventional commercial bank, so that's a moot point. 

Eddie did damage to us and what we are accomplishing, that's true, too.  He and the other Fab Five members spread panic and fear and gossip that they knew was untrue. They've done the classic Satanist thing. 

They pretended to represent me and my banks. They did evil in my name. Then they blamed their victims, as Satanists always do, and have left Hunter to clean up and clear away the giant mess they created. 

Our Creator knows people better than I do, knows their internal story, why they are afraid, why they believe evil things, why they do evil things---  and the best I can do is surmise.  So, the sensible thing to do is to let the True God do the battling for us. 


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