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Saturday, May 27, 2023

The Anticipated Continuance of Foreign Government Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

There is exactly one lawful American Government that has been functioning since 1776 and there is no other lawful Government in this country; our people have been identified and our State Assemblies have been brought into Session, and we are accounted for, present, alive and well.  

We are Americans, not U.S. Citizens, not Municipal citizens of the United States.  We have been attacked, pillaged, and plundered by our own Federal employees who have been misdirected and used as mercenary forces by the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors resident in the District of Columbia. 

We had our Continuance of Government plan established when the lights went out in the chaos following the Mercenary Conflict misrepresented as The American Civil War.   

Once the last American President, James Wilson, termed out, the State Assemblies one-by-one stopped meeting and in the confusion and welter of similarly named organizations, most Americans assumed that everything was as it should be ---  while those who knew better were forced to flee for their lives into the hills of Kentucky and Tennessee, the mountains of Montana, or even to the wild frontiers of Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. 

By the time we mustered our Summoning Authority and summoned the State Assemblies back into Session, Texas was the only State Assembly still in Session.

Despite all the obstacles, our American Government never died and was never subjugated to the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of the British Territorial Government then or now.  

We have heard and we see that there is a framework in place allowing the British Territorial Government to survive and thrive despite their current financial and political difficulties.  

They hope to recoup authority upon the Debt Default and Bankruptcy Release scheduled for June 21st of this year, whereupon they want to stage a big theater production to proclaim a new British Territorial Federal Republic --- and confuse it with our old Federal Republic. 

When discussing "Continuance of Government" it pays to ask, which government?  The lawful Government of this country, or the "government" of a British Territorial Municipal Corporation operated by the British Crown?  

This would be another Substitution Fraud, with the Brits aping a dormant American Business and attempting to replace it with their similarly named British Territorial version, just as they substituted their Territorial State-of-State doing business as "the State of Oregon" for the American version doing business as "The State of Oregon". 

They have already planned to abuse their defense system capabilities to shut down the normal telecommunications grid, and use their movie-making and script-writing skills from Hollywood and from state-of-the-art CGI production facilities to roll out a "shock and awe" propaganda hit piece that will run for three days solid while the people of this country are kept locked down by illegal curfews imposed under color of law by a commercial corporation having no more actual authority than Ford Motor Company, Inc. or IBM, Inc. or Burger King, Inc. 

Exactly why should we be further harassed, threatened, propagandized, or unlawfully and illegally "enforced upon" by mercenaries of any kind? Much less mercenaries who receive their paychecks from our pockets?  

These Municipal Corporation Subcontractors need to stand down all across the board and the leadership of these organizations need to learn what it is to speak and mean and live the truth again.  

Using Hollywood-based illusions and theater and False Narratives in an attempt to further usurp against our lawful Government and excuse what has gone on here isn't going to change anything.  It's an insult to the dead and an insult to our intelligence, too. 

We are not a democracy nor are we a commonwealth nor are we a territory.  We are fifty sovereign and independent states, each one a nation unto itself.  

The mutual powers that we, the unincorporated Federation of States, delegated to the Confederation formed in 1781 and which the Confederation exercised and implemented via the American Federal Republic, can't be exercised by the Brits, because those powers have returned to us by Operation of Law.  If our American Federal Republic is ever to be reconstructed, that work has to be done by Americans.  

It is contemplated and it is our goal to completely restore all parts of our Government to full function, and to observe the merits and the pitfalls of it, so as to make considered changes once the restoration is complete. 

In the meantime, the Powers Delegated to the American Federal Republic have already returned to the source of the delegation of powers, our unincorporated Federation of States. 

We are competent to do the work ourselves or hire interim contractors to accomplish all that needs to be done--entirely without drama or lies or excuses or horrific film footage of carnage and adrenochrome factories broadcast into our homes and psyches.  

At this point, we have been lied to and lied about so often, we won't believe any of it, anyway, and neither should anyone else. 

We wish for all the phony exposes and theater events to be cancelled. 
There is no point in trying to stage another British Territorial Substitution Fraud, no need for any more false Narratives or false self-aggrandizing excuses. 

We have seen it all before; we have no need to see it again. 

We wish for the British Territorial Subcontractors to stand down and stop talking endlessly about their democracy.  So far as we have been able to determine they don't have a democracy, they have an autocracy presided over by a Commander-in-Chief,  and haven't been able to get a 51% mandate of even their own limited citizenry since the Second World War.

As we contemplate this situation, young men -- Hispanics, Chinese, Arabs -- are in training at Fort Hood in Texas and other places, being put through boot camp and prepared for use as mercenaries, no doubt to be deployed on our soil --- more unlawful acts. 

It isn't apparent whether these young troops are to be mainstreamed into the regular mercenary forces that the British Territorial Subcontractors  have maintained as Occupation Forces, or used as paramilitary 
forces in quasi-civilian garb, operating as foreign guerrilla units in our urban environments.  

One thing is certain, they are either going to be deployed to kill innocent Americans or they are being set up as an insurgent force themselves, to provide a target and an excuse for war on our shores. 

These young people are being deliberately imported via the illegally open Southern Border in violation of Article IV, Section 4, of both The Constitution of the United States of America and The Constitution of the United States. 

We won't bother playing with all the gun fodder, imported or homegrown if this continues.   We will take out the actual culprits, and the rest, lacking a paycheck, will go home. 

Let everyone be advised that we know exactly where the birds of the air have their nests and the foxes have their dens, and we won't miss if anyone is so foolish as to stage an armed conflict on our shores. 

We have seen it before and have no need to see it again. 

We wish for a peaceful and practical settlement of all debts and ownerships, allowing everyone to go home and tend their business and enjoy caretaking the land and soil that belongs to them. 

We view the mindless drive toward homogeneity and the forced migration of artificially created refugee populations as a direct affront to Nature and Nature's God under Ecclesiastical Law and a completely foolish initiative
undertaken by politicians and ignorant social planners who have misidentified our differences as the cause of social unrest and conflict. 

Rather, mankind's diversity, like all the other diversity plainly displayed throughout the natural world, is a source of strength and adaptability and mutual benefit that must be cherished and preserved.  

We wish for an end to all efforts to homogenize humanity and destroy nations in the name of peace.  The nations are not the cause of war, nor are our many different races, religions, traditions, cultures, and genotypes.  

The cause of violence stems always from fear and physical deprivation which is now and always has been totally unnecessary in this environment.  

We wish for the end of The Doctrine of Scarcity and its ill-considered results which contribute to meaningless suffering, unnecessary physical deprivation resulting in hunger, thirst, ill-health, and all the social miasma which these conditions promote.  

The idea that God is an Uncaring and Deadbeat Dad in the midst of the beauty and plenty this Earth provides, is a blasphemy of the highest order caused by men who consider poverty virtuous only when it is visited upon others.  We wish for an end to this hypocrisy. 

We also wish for an end to all the hyped-up fear-mongering and media manipulation designed to provoke adrenalin responses and adrenaline addiction, which may be considered a "starter drug" for adrenochrome addiction.  

We have observed the effect of the "Nightly News" on the General Public and all it does is stimulate a low-level but pernicious adrenaline response that makes people hungry, sexually aroused, nervous, and needy -- thinking that they need more government to protect them, but not realizing that they need protection from what serves as their government. 

We wish for the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors to stop censoring, directing, limiting, rewarding, or otherwise interfering with journalism in this country.  

We wish for the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors to get their noses out of our homes and our businesses and to obey their obligations. 

We wish for the right to privacy and all other rights guaranteed by our constitutional agreements to be rigorously honored without exception, and for all secretive manipulation of our biology for commercial gain to stop. 

We wish for all mind control patents to be outlawed and stripped from the Patent Office and for this prohibition to include but not be limited to all suppressed National Security-related patents, including Mindbox patents, Alphabet, Inc., patents, and similar patented and unpatented products designed to control and direct public opinion without the public being aware of it.  

Much of this injury both as regards the Municipal Corporations and the abuses of media for purposes of mind control, promotion of biological responses, and subliminal manipulation of Public Opinion and morality is being practiced in the jurisdiction of the air and employs energy and uses patents and involves the use of corporations and the personnel and equipment of corporations to deploy these abusive technologies.  

We wish for an end to these unlawful activities, both at the Patent Office, where unlawful patents have been entertained and protected, and in newspaper and other media offices throughout this country which have suffered censorship and been coerced to serve as propaganda agencies for foreign Municipal Corporations. 

The British Territorial Forces masquerading as the U.S. Army have been responsible for the most destructive, unjust, and violent actions in our history.  It was William Tecumseh Sherman, the Butcher of the South, who first coined the use of the phrase "Final Solution" and applied it to the Lakota Sioux Indians fifty years before Hitler applied it to the Jews.  

Like their peers, Lord Pirbright and Cecil Rhodes, General Ulysses S Grant, aka, US Grant, whose name was actually Hiram Grant, and General William Tecumseh Sherman were Undeclared British Agents, members of what would become the equivalent of the American Raj, brutal, evil, corrupt men who deserve no honor from us or anyone else, 

Together, with British Central Bankers, these men planned the Bank Panic of 1873, and used it as an excuse to violate the Treaty of Fort Laramie signed only seven years before. They allowed thousands of gold miners to desecrate the Black Hills and trespass upon the Lakota Sioux Reservation.  

These are not the actions of any lawful civilian government.  

These are the acts of British Territorial mercenaries let loose on a peaceful civilian population and allowed to run rampant by Principals who have always owed us good faith and service.  This violation of good faith and the continued unlawful activities of these Municipal Corporations on our shores move us to bring these claims under Ecclesiastical Law and prompt us to seek the permanent liquidation of these corporations, their franchises,agencies and subsidiaries. 

We wish these organizations to stand forfeit for their crimes against us and against humanity over the past hundred and sixty years.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 26th 2023


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