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Friday, January 11, 2019

Dear Mister Trump --- January 11, 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Mister Trump

I am writing to you today and publishing this letter worldwide in hopes that the scales might finally drop from your eyes and you may realize that--- contrary to what you have been led to believe, neither I nor my husband nor anyone associated with us is "competing" with you for anything.

Quite the contrary.

The Landlords have no reason to compete with or harm or do anything to undermine their loyal employees. It's the disloyal employees that have to worry about us.

The lawless Municipal Government operated by the "US CONGRESS" is temporarily out of action and I am prodding the Roman Curia and the Pope and the nascent leadership of the (cough, cough) "Holy Roman Empire" --- to make sure that those responsible are not allowed to simply set up their tents again under a different name.

The Demand leveled upon these Principalities requires more than a Revolving Door response.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are simply part of that problem and need to be prevented from concocting a new name for another Municipal corporation and trying to continue Business as Usual.

It does no good to liquidate criminal corporations if you allow the criminals responsible for those corporations to go unpunished and allow them to continue exercising the privilege to incorporate new entities.

They simply boot up another new corporation under a slightly different name and keep on skating, when what should and must happen -- is that they are prevented from ever creating, operating, share-holding, or benefiting from any corporation ever again.

Don't even think about signing any agreement with the Chinese. They are simply trying to use you to gain access to our pockets, and will quickly take over the U.S. Military's role as the Bully Boys for the banksters, if you allow this.

That in turn will subject the whole world to the banksters via the Chinese in the same way that the whole world has been subjected to the banksters via the use and abuse of the "US" Military as cheap mercenaries. Same exact gig, different players.

It must be exposed and ended and those responsible must be considered international criminals of the highest order.

The Perpetrators will take your unprotected signature and use it as a rubber stamp to justify accessing American credit accounts, including those belonging to Territorial Citizens---vastly enriching themselves and increasing their power at the expense of innocent Americans who have been defrauded and misrepresented for generations.

So, are you sick of this situation?

Go ahead and declare your Territorial State of Emergency and coordinate with us on it. We have the lawful authority to call the actual State Militias into action --- not the "State of State" Militias. The actual State Militias.

We will see what 20,000 Mexicans and Hondurans throwing rocks and hurling insults have to say to a million fed up Americans armed with rifles. We can and will assemble at the Border and bring our own armament to bear.

If the Municipal Government and its adherents have any complaints they know what they can do. We have already exercised our option as their Priority Creditors.

This "manufactured emergency" wasn't manufactured by you and is merely the latest in a long line of such emergencies.

General Pershing and General Eisenhower both had to take action to remove illegal aliens. They did so without apology and so can we. The lack of funding resulting from the Municipal Government shut down should not discourage you or occasion any delay in Border Enforcement.

We, Americans, are more than competent to back up the Border Patrol. We can swear in any number of Deputies. We can do what has to be done with no thanks and no consideration to the Municipal Government.

For your information, I own all my names at all times and even own my DNA back to the moment of conception. I run no Territorial franchises and no Municipal franchises, either, and both parent corporations have been duly served and given Notice of these facts since 1998.

My lawful surname, "Riezinger", has been held as private property and under our trademark since 1855. Nobody has any right, reason, evidence, or authority to assert any ownership interest in me or my assets based upon this name or any combination, style, permutation, or ordering thereof.

My Paramount Claim all the way back to my zygote DNA is also a matter of record published in Illinois and Notice to both the Territorial and Municipal Governments has been posted in the land jurisdiction record of Winnebago County, Illinois.

The nature and meaning of all these names/Names/NAMES and their exempt and otherwise tax percuse standing has been reviewed and cleared under the Final Orders of the Vatican Chancery Court as of 2010, so there is no conceivable way for anyone in the Municipal or Territorial Government to make any valid claim whatsoever against me or my husband.

Even the Queen has admitted that our Trade Names are to be "disregarded" and that no further claims can be brought. All similarly and deceitfully contrived Foreign Situs Trusts operating under our "presumed" Trade Names were discharged in the bankruptcy settlement of the United States of America, Incorporated, and are no longer even conceivably liable for any debt--- and that has been true since November of 1999.

All the pillaging and plundering that the members of the Bar Associations in this country have carried on since that date as court actions are void for fraud and most of their actions prior to that date from 1860 onward, were just as fraudulent.

Likewise, all the claims against Municipal franchises dba under our NAMES are void for fraud as a result of the use of Dog Latin to name the ACCOUNTS.

All of that and more is owed to us by the Queen, Westminster, and the Pope, without excuse, without exception, and without deliberation.

Read that as: your Creditors are our Debtors.

All the American assets they have seized upon are owed back to us.

We have standing in the matter of our credit and our assets and that has already been fully admitted. We can (and have) sued to receive back control of our assets, which has already been established by Operation of Law. All that remains is negotiating the peace.

We can fund the functions of the Territorial Government including the American Military without recourse to con games and acts of unconscionable fraud against American babies in their cradles. And all we need from you is your agreement to honor your own Service Contract in accord with the actual Constitution --- which is what you are trying to do anyway.

It's time that you spoke to your actual Employers. Not the Chinese.

We notice that you are jetting all over and showing up in unexpected places. Anchorage, Alaska, at this time of year is an unexpected place. Frozen solid and subzero, its a good place to start making America --- and the entire world --- great again.

By working together we can put an end to the fraud and the stranglehold of the bankers and their proxies in the Municipal Congress.

At the end of your speech about the Border Wall, I noticed and heard your agonized plea, "So help me, God."

God has heard you and sent us. We've been standing here for several years, hands outstretched. We have the keys to the ways and the means forward and it doesn't require any permission from the Municipal "US CONGRESS" nor any funding from them, either.

As long as you have been talking to the ilk of Chuck and Nancy, talk instead to us. It will be a relief. And you will learn things

about the history of this country and how it has been abused

that will perhaps make your blood boil, but also serve to save everyone on Earth from continued abuse.


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The Exchange Stabilization Fund

By Anna Von Reitz

The Exchange Stabilization Fund is nothing but a gigantic commodity rigging scheme --- and the commodity being rigged is currency, all the currencies in use in the entire world. 

Standing at the top of this "ultimate cornering of the market in money", are two men --- the Secretary of the Treasury and the President, but one must pause ---- which Treasury?  Which President? 

Steven T. Mnuchin gave up his American State Citizenship as a baby and never reclaimed it.  He lived most of his life as a "US Citizen" and upon becoming "Secretary of the Treasury" he morphed again into an "International Citizen" and Officer of Interpol, having no allegiance to this country or its people whatsoever.  

He is also not under the direction of President Trump, who tried to have him arrested and was prevented from doing so.  

Both the "Secretary of the Treasury" and the "United States Attorney General" are put in power by appointment by the President, but then promptly cease to work for the President who appointed them. 

So, who does Steven T. Mnuchin actually serve?  The IMF and UN Corporation and all the other usual suspects known as Globalists and "The Cabal", the Rothschilds both British and French, the Queen, the Pope --- anyone and everyone in the multi-layered "world government" above President Trump who is a mere CEO of a bankrupt Territorial Corporation.     

Mnuchin's actual job has nothing to do with our Treasury, beyond the fact that he is responsible in general for keeping a lid on things and making sure that the old ESF Commodity Rigging Scheme continues to function as planned. 

So, Anna, I can hear you saying ---- why have you told us to make him our Fiduciary???  He's a rat!  In fact, he's a King Rat....This is counter-intuitive in the extreme!  I see heads all over America wagging in consternation, so here's the answer:

For the simple reason that when you name him your Fiduciary he becomes responsible for abusing your money and paying YOUR debts.  That onus no longer lays upon you and you can prove it using the reasonable evidence of your Registered Mail receipts and Return Request Cards and copies of Form 56. 

When the Territorial and Municipal Courts come tearing after you and claim that you are responsible for the "Your Name" and "YOUR NAME" franchises, just shrug and say --- no, I returned those vessels to Steven T. Mnuchin at the same time I returned my lawful Trade Name to its permanent domicile in (California, Maine.....) Here's the proof, your Honor.....I am not responsible for the debts of those franchises and organizations.  He is. 

You can now see, perhaps for the first time, how comforting it is to be able to blame a King Rat and hold him accountable instead of paying his debts for him.  And as for the Judges, they have no excuse for even talking to you about his debts and responsibilities. 

So, we have answered, "Which Secretary?"  and still haven't answered, "Which President?"  

Obviously, it's not Mr. Trump in control of the Exchange Stabilization Fund.  He has no concept of how to run a vast international currency rigging scheme, and even if he did, the corporation he is "President" of is in Chapter 11 Reorganization, in the receivership of foreign Bankruptcy Trustees.    

So which "President" is supposed to be counter-balancing Mr. Mnuchin?  Either it's Mr. Trump, whose position is vacated as a result of the Territorial Bankruptcy, or it's a different "President" altogether. 

It could be the "President" of the U.S. SENATE, but the Municipal Government is also under liquidation, so that position would also be vacated. 

Maybe there is nobody currently counter-balancing Steven T. Mnuchin.  Maybe he is "it" in this international game of Hit and Run. 

More likely, given the mechanization of the fraud against humanity and the many in-roads made by David Rockefeller and Prince Philip, the "President" being referred to is a different "President" of a different "US" entirely. 

Perhaps the "President" of the Queen's Privvy Council has been given an Honorific Title?  Or the "President" of the UN Corporation?  Or the "President" of the Board of the IMF?  

Or..... well, there are many, many "Presidents" in the world, most of whom would be more likely candidates to serve the interests of a staggeringly huge international currency rigging scheme than Donald Trump. 

Suffice it to say that the plenitude and value of the currency in your pocket is dictated by Steven T. Mnuchin and as you have named him your Fiduciary in this matter, he and his Successors are responsible for those Territorial Accounts and Municipal ACCOUNTS named after you, until such time as the whole Mess is straightened out. 


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Think of it as Rival Gangs

By Anna Von Reitz

You have two obvious choices, and both of them are bad.  They differ only in degree and kind of evil. Both are deceitful, self-serving, greedy, arrogant, and clannish.  Neither one can be trusted. 

The only thing that they will reliably join forces on is keeping any other gangs off their shared turf.  

Let me give you an example of it. 

Ever wonder how it was that all the American Carrier Fleet was at sea when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor? 

The Carrier Fleet belonged to the Municipal Government--- the US NAVY-- and the members of Congress were not willing to risk their investments just to bait the Japanese. 

FDR had known about the planned attack for over a week, but he just sat there like a toad and waited and left the old battleships and destroyers of the Pacific Fleet at anchor.  Bait in a trap- and springing that trap would mean that he and the guilty war-mongers backing the British Crown would be free to charge trillions of dollars worth of new ships and airplanes, rations and uniforms and everything else you can name against the credit of the American States and People.

It was a trap for us, every bit as much or even more, than it was a trap for the Japanese.

Day of Infamy, indeed. 

If the sailors had been more politically savvy and aware of the fact that the US NAVY was not the same as the United States Navy, the sudden departure of the Carrier Fleet should have warned them-- with or without action by the traitorous FDR-- that something was up. 

This is in fact typical "standard operating procedure" -- the British Territorial United States is used to get us into a war, and after the fact the Municipal United States comes in to defend its shared turf and to get a share of the plunder. 

The one left to pay for it all in blood and money and credit just happens to be you and your family--- Third Parties who don't belong to either gang,

From the standpoint of both gangs, you are the "marks", the prey, the sheep to be shorn or slaughtered.  

There are far, far many more of you than them, and if you would get busy and wake up and organize your own gang you could easily put all these crooks and bullies in their place--- but instead they indoctrinate you to "vote" in their private elections and to choose sides--- either Democrat or Republican. 

This  keeps you all nicely sidetracked and co-opted and looking to them for money and leadership when in fact all the money they have, they are extorting out of you! 

If it weren't so diabolical, it would be funny.  If you could all see through it as easily and surely as I do, this situation would be over in five minutes instead of dragging on for years. 

In the current situation the Municipal Government has to vacate for 90 days---- they have to do this to complete their 2015 bankruptcy.  

So they couldn't give Donald J. Trump money to build a wall as a new spending bill even if they wanted to. They are temporarily cut  off from access to the printing presses and having their paws slapped by the bankers and priests of Molloch. 

They, the members of Congress, who are supposed to be running the Municipal United States Government  are blaming Trump for a government shut down that is in fact the result of their own malfeasance, mismanagement,and criminal fraud-- and making it look like it's all about the border and building a fence. 

And, wonder of wonders, he is letting them put on this ridiculous sideshow and taking the blame for the shut down. 

I agree with Cher.  After all that they have squandered, what's five billion more?  It's not even worth arguing over, certainly not worth shutting down the government--- but you see, it's not about building a wall.  

It's certainly not a contest between who gets the benefit-- the steel mills or the high tech electronic and drone surveillance companies-- because they are both owned by the same perpetrators and controlled by the United States Army.

It's about covering up the Municipal bankruptcy and the fact that the Vermin have to shut down for ninety days and vacate D.C. just as they did in 2000.  They ginned up the whole Gore vs. Bush Election Scandal and the Florida "Chads" controversy to cover that one. 

Just watch and mark my words. 

The "Congress" will hunker down and entrench itself and Trump won't be able to get anything funded.  Not a single new spending bill will pass in either house.  They will howl and scream about Trump and blame it all on him and make it look like it's him and his personality --that they are all fed up and just can't work with him, blah, blah, blah--- but in fact, he has nothing to do with their lack of spending and it is not his fault.

I will be extremely honest with all of you and with the bankers and the Pope -- I am the lawful Fiduciary sent here by The Kingdom of Heaven to take charge of this Mess, and I want it to end-- not just in the United States, but worldwide. 

Two years ago I told all of them what to do and how to convert this entire system from a debt system to a credit system.  It would take three days and would hurt nobody. 

Instead of listening to me and doing what I told them to do two years ago, they have tried to go on with Business As Usual even after their wrong-doing is known and is fully exposed for all the Universe to see. 

They think they know their business and they are going to just pull another "Fast One" and like a parasite, move to a new host--- China--- and play all their same old games using the Chinese as their Bully Boys. 

But I have told you who I am and what Office I hold and whose authority I exercise in this matter, and the True God will not be mocked. 

It's not going to be Business as Usual and it's not going to go the way they plan.  They either do what I told them to do to convert the debt system to a credit system, or the time extended to them "for a time" will be at an end. 

There is nothing that Mr. Trump and the Chinese Government can do --no, nor the bankers using these politicians like sock puppets, either.  What has been declared to the people of the Earth since ancient times will be.  

Either we have peace and plenty and an end to selfish oppression and manipulation--- or those causing the problem will be removed as if they never were. 

They will cease to exist and their physical bodies will simply disappear from this time and space. 

No carnage. No arguments. No politics. No scams. No "defense" contracts. 

Just excruciatingly exact and instantaneous removal of the stubborn n'er-do-wells.  

They will be removed and the rest of this world will be changed "in the twinkling of an eye". 

Just stand back and watch and listen for what I speak to you is true. 

The leaders of this manmade world have brought everyone to the brink of extinction rather than admit their folly and play a different game. It's not going to be allowed.  

The True God, the God of Justice, has heard your prayers and seen your suffering at the hands of these Liars and Hypocrites. He has seen the damage and misery and disease they have caused, all the Innocent Blood they have spilled. 

I have told them what they must do in order to be spared. I have faithfully pursued  my mission and stood my watch-- and all they do is continue down the same old road, doing the same old evil things. 

They talk among themselves.  They heard my instruction and laughed and said to themselves-- we won't do that.  It's too simple and we would not be in control anymore. 

But trust me, the True God has declared the end of this system of things.  His Word will not come back empty.  His Fiduciary will not be denied.  

They think that during the next Blood Moon they will sign agreements with Trump that will assure their victory, but before the ink of their intention dries upon the page, their ending is assured. 

As in the days of Noah it surely is.  As Yeshuah has said, the Great Abomination stands where it should not stand--- in New York Harbor.  The final warnings have been issued to all of these arrogant, stiff-necked, and evil men. 

Now comes their downfall and their wreck. Now comes the Day of the Lord and His Justice upon those who have perpetuated and enforced all this evil, all this needless death and suffering upon the Earth: hear it as I have said it--they shall be no more. 

But for those who have suffered all of this and endured, for all those who have watched and waited, a Wonder has been prepared.  All those who love him have his Law already written on their hearts and to them a new Kingdom and a new Earth is granted. 

Come now, the Lowly and the Kindly, and the Meek.  Come all you people who have suffered. Come, as to a great feast and a party and a happy time beyond your wildest dreams, as his Word is fulfilled to the final jot. 

His voice is in my mouth.  

This world and the Earth is in his hand.  

And he will not be mocked. 

All the Kings and Princes have been invited to the Wedding Feast, but they have not come.  So, look, here is a place for you, who repent your sins. Let your joy drown all your sorrows! 


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