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Friday, January 11, 2019

The Exchange Stabilization Fund

By Anna Von Reitz

The Exchange Stabilization Fund is nothing but a gigantic commodity rigging scheme --- and the commodity being rigged is currency, all the currencies in use in the entire world. 

Standing at the top of this "ultimate cornering of the market in money", are two men --- the Secretary of the Treasury and the President, but one must pause ---- which Treasury?  Which President? 

Steven T. Mnuchin gave up his American State Citizenship as a baby and never reclaimed it.  He lived most of his life as a "US Citizen" and upon becoming "Secretary of the Treasury" he morphed again into an "International Citizen" and Officer of Interpol, having no allegiance to this country or its people whatsoever.  

He is also not under the direction of President Trump, who tried to have him arrested and was prevented from doing so.  

Both the "Secretary of the Treasury" and the "United States Attorney General" are put in power by appointment by the President, but then promptly cease to work for the President who appointed them. 

So, who does Steven T. Mnuchin actually serve?  The IMF and UN Corporation and all the other usual suspects known as Globalists and "The Cabal", the Rothschilds both British and French, the Queen, the Pope --- anyone and everyone in the multi-layered "world government" above President Trump who is a mere CEO of a bankrupt Territorial Corporation.     

Mnuchin's actual job has nothing to do with our Treasury, beyond the fact that he is responsible in general for keeping a lid on things and making sure that the old ESF Commodity Rigging Scheme continues to function as planned. 

So, Anna, I can hear you saying ---- why have you told us to make him our Fiduciary???  He's a rat!  In fact, he's a King Rat....This is counter-intuitive in the extreme!  I see heads all over America wagging in consternation, so here's the answer:

For the simple reason that when you name him your Fiduciary he becomes responsible for abusing your money and paying YOUR debts.  That onus no longer lays upon you and you can prove it using the reasonable evidence of your Registered Mail receipts and Return Request Cards and copies of Form 56. 

When the Territorial and Municipal Courts come tearing after you and claim that you are responsible for the "Your Name" and "YOUR NAME" franchises, just shrug and say --- no, I returned those vessels to Steven T. Mnuchin at the same time I returned my lawful Trade Name to its permanent domicile in (California, Maine.....) Here's the proof, your Honor.....I am not responsible for the debts of those franchises and organizations.  He is. 

You can now see, perhaps for the first time, how comforting it is to be able to blame a King Rat and hold him accountable instead of paying his debts for him.  And as for the Judges, they have no excuse for even talking to you about his debts and responsibilities. 

So, we have answered, "Which Secretary?"  and still haven't answered, "Which President?"  

Obviously, it's not Mr. Trump in control of the Exchange Stabilization Fund.  He has no concept of how to run a vast international currency rigging scheme, and even if he did, the corporation he is "President" of is in Chapter 11 Reorganization, in the receivership of foreign Bankruptcy Trustees.    

So which "President" is supposed to be counter-balancing Mr. Mnuchin?  Either it's Mr. Trump, whose position is vacated as a result of the Territorial Bankruptcy, or it's a different "President" altogether. 

It could be the "President" of the U.S. SENATE, but the Municipal Government is also under liquidation, so that position would also be vacated. 

Maybe there is nobody currently counter-balancing Steven T. Mnuchin.  Maybe he is "it" in this international game of Hit and Run. 

More likely, given the mechanization of the fraud against humanity and the many in-roads made by David Rockefeller and Prince Philip, the "President" being referred to is a different "President" of a different "US" entirely. 

Perhaps the "President" of the Queen's Privvy Council has been given an Honorific Title?  Or the "President" of the UN Corporation?  Or the "President" of the Board of the IMF?  

Or..... well, there are many, many "Presidents" in the world, most of whom would be more likely candidates to serve the interests of a staggeringly huge international currency rigging scheme than Donald Trump. 

Suffice it to say that the plenitude and value of the currency in your pocket is dictated by Steven T. Mnuchin and as you have named him your Fiduciary in this matter, he and his Successors are responsible for those Territorial Accounts and Municipal ACCOUNTS named after you, until such time as the whole Mess is straightened out. 


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  1. Anna, I am pretty good at reading between the lines as well as a watchman on the wall, so I know you are chomping at the bit to sit your rump in that presidential position; but I strongly suggest you not bother to pack your bags and head East.

    1. Being that most of us are " chomping at the bit " to exact revenge for a lifetime of being enslaved, lied to , stolen from , pillaged , plundered and murdered....maybe you should consider the position ...know it all !

  2. All that may be true Anna, but the reality is the courts still have control over us, and they don't have to work under any law but their own...and they can change the rules anytime they want, because in essence there is "NO RULE OF LAW" in this country and 200 others....!!

    I hope he is bringing the troops back in order to claim a state of "National Security " and start going after all these people...!!

    Funding is the only way to stop the "deep state"...!! Take their money away and they will be finished ...!! Do not pay anymore "income taxes" which gives the "deep state" in power...You don't have to even use Anna's materials or documents....just do it no matter what, even if you are going to be harassed by them....Sue them for "sexual harrassment" since that seems to cover everything these days....!!

    1. And which law would we be discussing here noodle???

  3. So Anna, when we have corrected our status, we can use this narrative and expect to not be thrown in jail ?.. please tell me this works.
    CM Cote'

    1. no it doesnt its a hybrid SPC process that does not work. has anyone come on here and given you the great news as to how well they have benefitted from this? would you turn your car or house title over the to IMF governor? Bank? Anyone? think about it carefully and see if it makes "cents" to you. if anything it may do the opposite...

    2. Those agencies already grabbed the titles when we volunterily Registered them, Including the BC. So much for owning anything.

      I am having an issue transfering titles of my private automobiles to a private trust with DMV. Something is fishy.

      I've sent instructions to several companies regarding the form 56, so I'll report success as it happens. No matter what happens I'm awake and learning everyday and that is most important to me. I'd rather be really Dead than a slave to this evil system the rest of my life. I believe the resurrection of the DEAD has more to do with waking up than Jesus showing up to save the world. Judgement day is when you beat yourself up for being so obtuse, and Jesus comes back when you once again walk in the light of the spirit. Jesus walked on the water of commerce, because he was enlightened to tge fraud. Seems we should be able to achieve the same.

  4. He is talking about their draconian laws?

    1. Excellent info and encourage others to read
      Thanks Michael

  5. I've corrected my status through the SPC process. How do I go about submitting my bills to the US Treasury?

  6. From Anna:

    Anna von Reitz
    5:41 PM (5 hours ago)
    to me

    You can't have it both ways. Either you are an American who is not choosing to operate and accept a Municipal Franchise and therefore does not owe any of the bills addressed to YOU, or you are "voluntarily" operating such a franchise and accepting its debts whatever those debts may be.

    If the former, Steve T. Mnuchin is responsible for settling the accounts in cooperation with the IRS once you assign him the Fiduciary duty--- unfortunately, the time period for making a claim is now closed and this is all headed for a settlement that we don't agree with. We are holding the door open for all Americans to make their claim and encouraging people to get busy and do so in the hopes that the lack of Notice and Disclosure and other elements of fraud will lead to a general amnesty and discharge of all debts.

    All that has yet to be seen.