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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Need More "Proof"?

Well, if you think that this video is the work of conspiracy theorists and "deniers" and Hollywood Mavens just bent on giving you a new kind of threat movie, fine. 

However, I have sorted through a lot of lies, omissions, and BS and have a well-honed Shinola Sensor that realizes the probability that what you are seeing here is actual and factual. 

There really are mad men seeking to take charge of the entire planet and remake it (and you) into their crazy dreams and nightmares, eugenics enthusiasts who mean to destroy the diversity and meaning of being part of mankind and being a divine creation.  

FB censored -- without any "fact checking" my article entitled "OMG" issued yesterday, October 19, 2020, revealing that Dr. Fauci knows that masks contributed to the more potent cause of death during the Spanish Flu Epidemic -- a hidden epidemic of bacterial pneumonia caused by mask-wearing. 

I quote from the website I am directing your attention to: 

"Fauci has funded and continues to fund coronavirus “gain-of-function” research projects which turn benign animal viruses into human pathogens capable of causing pandemics. The stated purpose is to learn to prevent and treat future outbreaks.

In 2014, when blocked by an order from President Barak Obama from funding dangerous “gain-of-function” studies, Fauci outsourced the research to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He also covertly continued to fund the major gain-of-function collaboration between US and Chinese Wuhan Institute researchers. READ MORE…

Every time you Fauci from now on, you will know what to think of him and what he is engaged in. 


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