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Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Biden-Harris Nationwide Election Fraud Scheme to Steal the Ballot State by State Prohibits Them from Winning the Race

Common Misconceptions-- 4.0: Land and Soil

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ever notice that ubiquitous phrase "land and soil"?   Ever wonder why they don't just lump it together under one word, like "dirt"? 
The Romans, and later, the British, made a distinction between "land" and "soil" and the Americans followed suit.  

Under Roman Civil Law, the soil  (Latin: "soli") comprises the first shovelful of dirt overlying all the rest, which is the land. 

The British convention defines "soil" as the top six inches of the Earth, a sort of "intransignant" permanent skin that covers the entire planet, including the ocean basins. 

The Romans assessed their Empire according to a system of distances and landmarks called "stadia"; the Brits adopted this system and measured their roads with "mileposts" and their farm fields with "acres" measured via horizontal Cartesian coordinates and marked with "boundary stones".    

So the defining measure of "soil" is depth, and the defining measure of "land" is horizontal distance.  

In this system which we inherited, the two things--"land" and "soil" are actually quite different, even though they must be considered together because the soil overlays the land.

As a practical matter, we all live on the soil.  

In America, our counties define our soil jurisdiction, and the counties within the borders of a State taken together, create the soil jurisdiction of each State.

The soil within each State's borders comprises its "National Jurisdiction".  

If you similarly join all the different State soil jurisdictions together, you find yourself looking at The United States, the familiar multi-colored political map showing our States as fifty pieces connected to each other like a crazy quilt. 

Directly underlying this "quilt top" of soil is the land, made up of the subsoil and all the minerals and rocks and hidden aquifers and oil deposits we access when we drill wells.  

If you were to map out the land directly underlying and belonging to each State you would have another crazy quilt, but this time, you would be looking at The United States of America.  

Land, unlike soil, is an international jurisdiction.  

Think of it like a layered sheet cake, with the soil layer overlying the land layer, and the whole thing cut up into "State" pieces. 

Also think of it as The United States overlying The United States of America, whose reach extends out beyond the shores of our nation-states, to the edge of our currently claimed international sea boundary.  

That is, a proper map of The United States of America would not only show the land jurisdiction of the States, but would extend out into the sea and include the "maritime borders" defined as "American Waters".  

Thus the national boundaries of our States and of The United States are fixed and immutable as a depth dimension, but the international jurisdiction of the land and sea overseen by The United States of America is quite subject to change, as proven by over two hundred years of disputes over everything from deep sea fishing rights to ownership of oil reserves in the Arctic Ocean. 


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 Analysis of Voting Data Shows Exactly What Happened

Question: What happens when you cheat on an election in an obscenely obvious way in front of the entire world? Answer: You get an army of software engineers that know how to analyze data, write code to break it down and compare every transaction, and then show the world what has really happened. 

Read the entire proof here:




Common Misconceptions - 3.0: Our Organic Laws

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are only four (4) Organic Laws underpinning this country and every American had better believe it, study each one, and understand the set up. 

The first organic law is The Unanimous Declaration of Independence. 

There were other "declarations" before and after, pertaining to the Territorial United Colonies, etc., but the one that pertains to us, Americans, is the Unanimous Declaration published 4 July 1776.  This started The War of Independence, also known as The Revolutionary War. 

The second organic law is: The Articles of Confederation. 

Insomuch as is humanly possible, The Articles of Confederation established a "perpetual union" among the member American States of States, as of 1 March 1781.  Please note that this was done in the midst of the Revolution, and five years after the establishment of the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.  

The third organic law is: The Constitution --- whichever one applies to you: (1) Federal Constitution (1787); (2) Territorial Constitution (1789(  or (3) Municipal Constitution (1790).  We have been thought to think in terms of there being only one Constitution, but there are in fact three, and three different groups of people with one Constitution each. 

The fourth organic law is: The Northwest Ordinance, which establishes an orderly process for new States to be organized and to join the Union of States. As each new piece of wilderness was populated, it was placed under the control of the Territorial Government and existed first as a Territory, then entered "Territorial Statehood", and finally was accepted and enrolled as a full State of the Union. 

Everyone who ever saw an old John Wayne Horse Soldier movie has had a taste of this process. Who was out there on the Great Plains?  The U.S. Army Cavalry --- that is, the Territorial Government acting under Martial Law.  And who else?  The U.S. Marshals.  

Prior to the Civil War, States like Ohio and Wisconsin and Illinois went through this same process, existing first as Territories, then entering Territorial Statehood, and finally being enrolled as States of the Union having Equal Footing with all the other States. 

During and after the Civil War many more States got organized and populated and went through the process ordained by the Northwest Ordinance.  They became Territories, then entered Territorial Statehood..... and then.....and then.... nothing more. 

The States were not in Session, so there was no Government operating the Land and Soil jurisdiction, and no way to complete the process and enroll these later States as States of the Union.  Until now. 

Remember --- the States of the Union have not been in Session for 160 years. 

Nobody was "home" to welcome the new States into the Union and finish the enrollment process.  

So these (mostly) Western States remained in limbo, in a quasi-Territorial status, endlessly waiting to be enrolled as actual States of the Union according to the Northwest Ordinance process.  

The actual properly declared State Assemblies are now in Session.  They were polled for a Roll Call Vote this September and the Western States were finally and officially enrolled as States of the Union having the full rights and prerogatives of every other State, beginning at midnight of 30 September 2020, and retroactive to the date that each State entered Territorial Statehood. 

All those Americans who were arbitrarily misidentified as Territorial Dependents and who were born on the land and the soil of these mostly Western States are now also due a complete status correction and recognition of their standing as American State Nationals and American State Citizens. 

To support this long-overdue enrollment, please go to: 


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Common Misconceptions -- 2.0 : Your Urgent Attention, Please.

 By Anna Von Reitz

The two remaining foreign Federal Subcontractors, the British Territorial Government and the Papist Municipal Government, incorporated their business interests following the Civil War --- and there was no rule prohibiting them from restructuring in this way despite all the confusion about the Act of 1871 and the Municipal Acts. 

 As businesses, all three Federal Subcontractors had offices of a "President" associated with them.  Look up the legal meaning of "President" and you will see that this is merely the CEO of a business. 

The Presidential Office associated with the American Federal Subcontractor doing business as the States of America was: The Office of the President of the united States of America. 

The British Territorial Office was and is:  The Office of the President of the United States of America. 

The Papist Municipal Office was and is: The Office of the President of the United States. 

Successive corporations sponsored by these foreign Federal Subcontractors doing business generally as "the US, INC." and "the USA, Inc." have undergone cyclical and deliberate bankruptcies.  

These bankruptcies have been used to off-load the corporate debts of these foreign Federal Subcontractors onto the backs of unsuspecting Americans, who were unknowingly left standing as "sureties" for the operating expenses of these corporations. 

And let's put it this way --- left to themselves to "interpret" their duties and the meaning of their contracts, these foreign Federal Subcontractors have mightily helped themselves to our labor and our assets under conditions of non-disclosure and fraud. 

The abuses and usurpations have gone so far as to "presume" that we "left" and went somewhere "over the seas" and "abandoned" our country and our assets, leaving everything to be divided up among our erstwhile employees and their creditors.  

This is the bunko set-up we are facing off right now and every American loyal to this country needs to show up for duty. 


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Common Misconceptions - 1.0 - Treaties v. Constitutions

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am constantly running into misconceptions people have "adopted" through suppositions and assumptions made in ignorance, and those wrong-headed ideas grow into a life of their own when shared.  So let's prune out the static. 

First and foremost among these wrong assumptions is the idea that the Constitutions are "the" supreme law in international affairs.  They're not. 

Treaties outrank Constitutions.  Constitutions must conform to Treaties, not the other way around. 

The Constitutions we have are typical of Constitutions everywhere.  They are power-sharing agreements with business organizations that implement treaties and which result in debts and performance obligations on all sides.  

Look up the legal definition of the word "constitution" and you will learn that all constitutions are debt agreements. 

Our Constitutions define and hire three Federal Subcontractors --- one American Federal Republic, one British Territorial organization, and one Holy Roman Empire Municipal organization.  

The States are obligated to pay in gold and silver for the services that each of these Subcontractors perform, and they also agree to "delegate" certain enumerated "Powers" to these Subcontractors to enable them to provide the related services to be performed.  

There is nothing mysterious about this and nothing sacrosanct. 

The Constitutions are called "The Law of the Land" because all the Federal Subcontractors operate in jurisdictions other than the land; they operate in the international jurisdiction of the sea, or in the global jurisdiction of the air, so that when they "come ashore" the Constitutions lay down their limits and duties. 

It's the "Law of the Land" from their perspective, not ours. 

The Constitutions do not represent the full scope of our Land Law.  They merely represent the Land Law that the Federal Subcontractors are obligated to follow with respect to us and our States of the Union. 

The Federal Subcontractors were all business organizations and functioned initially as unincorporated businesses.  

Following the Civil War, the American Federal Subcontractor doing business as the States of America,  was no longer operating, because the Confederation sponsored and directed it--- and the Confederation itself ceased functioning in 1860.  

The Reconstruction of the Confederation was never finished and the fate of both the Confederation and the Federal Republic, our American Federal  Subcontractor, both, were held in abeyance, waiting for the States to Assemble and complete the Reconstruction process. 

We have been waiting 160 years.  This is the first time that the States of the Union have assembled since the Civil War. 

Go to: and get connected. 


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