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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Druid's Last Defense

By Anna Von Reitz

More than 20,000 Druid priests voluntarily sacrificed themselves and were interred on Bardsey Island to create a plasma seal that is now, after two thousand years, wearing thin. 

This was done to preserve the British Isles and the British Royals, come what may. 

It was the removal of the living to the Kingdom of the Dead, in order to defend the British Isles from "beyond the grave".  

Because we are immortal, there are two sides to the mirror of our reality.  Hints of this are in literature, both secular and sacred, all over the world. The most popular and current and easily accessible example is the Lord of the Rings segment about the Army of the Dead, which Aragorn is able to summon from the distant past.  

Their blood and bones saturated that tiny Welsh Island, known as Ynys Enlii.  

Enlil, the brother and enemy of Enki, the Lord of the Earth, is the Lord of the Sea.  And Barsey Island and the horrific sacrifices made there, are his to account for.  It is his fading army that is under final siege, and that is good thing for the rest of the world, for the land and the people and the animals, for all that lives and breathes.  

For, as difficult as this is to understand for many, Enlil has been the bitter enemy of Mankind, an elitist of the Emerald Covenant, who despises people based upon their humble "polluted" DNA. 

Remember the evil Father of Draco in the Harry Potter books?  An elitist who kept the poor house elf, Dobby, enslaved --- ?  

This is what we are dealing with, and what Bardsey Island's dead thousands supported, whether they truly knew what they were dying for, or not.  

They, the present-day followers, thought that with their "Dead Baby" sealing ceremony at the London Winter Olympics they were going to get away with it, and ensure themselves another thousand or so years of unrestricted hegemony.  

Instead, they exposed themselves to the discernment of those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  And now, it is all well and truly finished, but not in the way that they had planned. 

The Heavenly Host has arrived.  At last. 

For all those who are attuned to the Truth and the Beauty of the Creator, who made all things according to their kind, and who continues "to make all things new" again, rejoice.  Bring your thoughts of peace to bear on Bardsey Island, off the Coast of Wales, and break the Seventh Seal. 


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Red Light, Green Light....

By Anna Von Reitz

This is the simplest explanation to date: 

They reorganized the "government" as a private, for-profit corporation in the business of governmental services. 

Without explaining anything to the people, of course. 

They then claim, falsely, that we are all knowingly and willingly standing as "surety" for their debts.  They do this by undisclosed contract.  They get our Mothers to sign paperwork at the hospitals "donating" us to the State of Wisconsin or whichever corporate government franchise is running the operation in the actual State where we are born. 

This allows them access to our assets and credit.  They then run up huge debts against our assets and credit.  Then they go bankrupt and leave us holding the bag as their "secondary" ---- just like if you co-sign for a car loan.  They set us up as their co-signer.  

And when they pull the plug, we get the bill, and if we can't pay we have to either go bankrupt to protect what we can---- and be part of the problem in the process, or, we lose our assets to pay for their debts. 

It's an identity theft scheme applied to our whole country and everyone in it. 


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RFID? Beat Them With Their Own Stick.

By Anna Von Reitz

For reasons that should now be self-evident, Satanists have been persecuted and suppressed for centuries. This is part of the reason that they hide and pretend to be Christians, Muslims, and Methodists, Greek Orthodox and Korean Buddhists and adherents of every other religion you can name.
It's cover for what they really are, and gives them a means to undermine and steal from and gain the confidence of the people who really ARE Christians, Muslims, Methodists, Jews, and so on.... and they exercise the influence they gain however they will.
This is how the "Jews" were successful in bringing America into World War I. They weren't really Jews, but they influenced people who were Jews under the pretense of being Jews themselves.
They can do the same thing with Germans or Chinese or anyone else. Same Schtick. Once you are aware of that and how effectively these quick-change artists have defrauded and made use of the rest of the world for their own profit, you are prepared to take advantage of them in the same way.
What? What?
The one tenet derived from the actual Constitution that they adhere to rigidly and which remains the ONLY exemption to the gross military dictum that was established here after the Civil War, is the Freedom of Religion exemption.
Because they fear being found out and having their religion suppressed again as it was under the Romans and later under the Holy Roman Empire, they are always in the forefront of the Religious Freedom bandwagon.
You can rely on the fact that Freedom of Religion will remain a rock solid guarantee, because if it were not: (1) they would face the possibility of governmental suppression and (2) they could face suppression against other religious groups that they are sheltering under and that would be bad for business.
This then becomes your shield as well as theirs. And they can't take it away without exposing their own backsides and business interests.
Now, here's how we apply it to the "Real ID" and the RFID chipping of people like cattle with ear tags:
"I'm sorry, but the 'chipping' of living people is against my religion and dignity."
Christians and Muslims can both legitimately claim that it is against their religion. Christians because of the warnings against the Mark of the Beast and Muslims because they accept Jesus as a Great Prophet. Hindus and Buddhists, Shintos and Sikhs can object to it as a desecration of the body.
We can all find plenty of religious reasons to say no to RFIDs.
The Vermin among us who have no respect for themselves and certainly no respect for others, will try to push it, and will argue it and attempt to force feed this final devaluation of our uniqueness and sacredness, but if enough people remove themselves it will undermine the marketplace, and there will be no "Real ID" and the rats in the legislatures will have to go to bed without supper.
They only do things that are profitable for them, so make the RFID idea as unprofitable as possible and voice your objections loud and strong.
And now, prepare yourselves for a delicious irony: the people who are responsible for all the gross identity theft that has gone on for the last 150 years, will try to sell you RFID chipping as a solution to the problem they caused: identity theft.
However, the answer to this is easy, too. RFID's can be duplicated and forged and counterfeited like any other product. And the potential end result is even worse than having some transvestite from New Jersey pretending to be Anna von Reitz.
Imagine a few hundred thousand impostors claiming to be you and accessing your credit on the same day?
Tell that to your legislators.
And as for the "Mark of the Beast", which in these days is actually the "Mark of the B.E.A.S.T" ---let's just skip it, and for the sake of the prophets, say we did.
The B.E.A.S.T. is the Belgian Electronic Asset tracking system. Because you have been misidentified as an "asset" --- a chattel slave in their "System"---- they want to use the RFID chip to locate you in their worldwide warehouse, like a lump of cheddar cheese.
Just say no, it's against your religion.


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Ah-ha Moment Regarding Health and the DOD

By Anna Von Reitz

Now, I know that my Readers are not coming to this page for health advice. They want to know what-the is wrong with the government and what to do about it.  This article only obliquely addresses a problem with the government, which is the over-protection of  Aluminum Industry profits by the Defense Department at the expense of public health ----but read it anyway, because it could save your life and improve the quality of your life and the lives of those you love. 

I've thought for years that there is an obvious link between the proliferation of aluminum cookware and the vast "mysterious" increase in Alzheimer's Disease which involves plaque deposits in the brain containing --- what?  Aluminum. 

The Aluminum Industry has a very shady history of pollution and self-interest going back many decades.  It got its big boost (not with Reynold's Wrap) with the use of Aluminum in air craft sheet metal during World War II.  Because it was a necessary "war material" the industry as a whole got all sorts of perks and open doors.  After the war, the growth of the commercial airlines and the need for new commercial transport planes continued to guarantee the demand for aluminum.  

Almost as an afterthought a burgeoning business in aluminum cookware and disposable bake ware sprang up after the Second World War as aluminum manufacturers sought to increase demand for new aluminum-containing products.  Aluminum has several properties that are good for cookware -- it is light weight, fairly rigid, and a good even heat conductor.  

Unfortunately, it is also quite poisonous when ingested. That's hardly a concern for airplane fuselages but is a concern when you are boiling water in an aluminum tea kettle day after day.  While the amount of aluminum ingested as part of a cake baked in an aluminum pan is truly minute, aluminum is very hard for our bodies to get rid of once ingested, and builds up causing an anti-poison inflammatory reaction.  The body tries to save itself by insulating the aluminum in a blanket of fatty acids ---- plaque. 

When you consider the exact correlation between the increase in the use of aluminum cookware and the increase in Alzheimer's in the adult population --- it does not take rocket science to figure this out, even if it does take aluminum to make rockets. 

Another way that the Aluminum Industry harms our health is the addition of Fluoride to toothpaste and to our community water systems.  Fluoride is touted  (ironically enough) for its anti-bacterial and plaque-fighting abilities without any disclosure of why Fluoride has these properties.  Fluoride is a low-level poison, just like the aluminum ore it comes from, and while it "kills" the kind of bacterial plaque that forms in our mouths, once ingested, it forms the other kind of plaque that gunks up our vascular systems and brain synapses. 

The Aluminum Industry thus found a highly profitable market for its poisonous waste products at our expense, and it was allowed to promote this because aluminum is a protected "Defense Material" and the mining and manufacturing related to aluminum has been a protected industry ever since WWII. 

Now, I have nothing against the use of aluminum in conjunction with aerospace and the airplane industry generally, and I see nothing wrong with the government protecting the Aluminum Industry in regard to its importance to the military --- but I draw the line when the known ill-health affects of aluminum are ignored and people's lives are ruined and truncated because aluminum is being used in inappropriate ways (such as cookware and bake ware) and its poisonous by-products are being marketed (and even mandated!) for use in toothpaste and added to municipal water supplies. 

I count myself extremely lucky that my Mother stuck to black cast iron and stainless steel and I highly recommend that everyone else do the same.  

There are other cookware dangers from non-stick and ceramic surfaces, too.  A friend forwarded this little gem to me from Buzz Video this morning:  Four Types of Toxic Cookware to Avoid and Four Safe Alternatives:

So to help my Readers have healthier and happier lives, here is a piece of Ancient Chinese Wisdom passed on from my Mother, LaVera, to all of you: 

"Hot pan, cold oil, food won't stick." 

That is, you don't need non-stick cookware to enjoy non-stick food.  You just heat your pan up BEFORE you add the cooking oil.  This causes the cooking oil to form a protective layer of natural non-stick between the food and the pan, and you can have fuss-free scrambled eggs and pork chops to your heart's delight. 

Buy cast iron and stainless steel and the other safe alternatives and use this little trick to make your own safe "non-stick" cookware. 

Also, you can get all the benefits of Fluoride-containing toothpaste with none of the nasty risks and side effect by buying Flouride-free toothpaste and simply rinsing your mouth with a couple tablespoons of coconut oil mixed with a couple drops of cinnamon or clove essential oil.  Just swish the oil around like you would use any mouthwash, then hold in your mouth for 30 seconds.  

This oil combination is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-plaque and gets under your gums more efficiently than any toothpaste --- and unlike Fluoride-containing toothpaste, this option continues to fight plaque-forming bacterial for many hours afterward. 

You can also lobby for the end of adding Fluoride to municipal water treatment programs and expose the Dirty Little Secret of the DOD connect via its protection of the the Aluminum Industry and therefore, Aluminum Industry profits.  They are, after all, supposed to be protecting us, not poisoning us.  


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Clarifications About Kim's Problem, Oil, and Money Systems

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, in my Reply to Kim Goguen aka "Kim Possible" I noted my frustration with the whole topic of money and moving it around by saying that, "It's like telling me that people can't move widgets from Point A to Point B because Standard Oil still owns all the pipelines in Texas."

Apparently, that flew over many people's heads and caused confusion ---- what was I talking about?

J.D. Rockefeller made his fortune --- not on oil, but on oil pipelines. That is, he didn't get rich on oil, the product, whether crude or finished commodity. What he made his money on was a monopoly of pipeline infrastructure. This was the basis of "Standard Oil". By controlling the pipeline infrastructure old J.D. could move or block the flow of oil and by controlling monopoly interest, he could grant favors to whomever he chose in terms of access to getting oil to refineries and to markets --- both. He could also charge as little or as much as he liked for the pipeline service he provided.

Thus, by controlling the pipelines he could make or break any oil company and even manipulate the prices of crude oil and finished products.

What finally caused the "busting up" of Standard Oil was that they went too far in their monopoly interest activities and their coercive control of the commodity transport and therefore, the commodity supplies.

What I meant by my comment was--- we have the same problem now, with the banks. This is exactly what Kim was describing as her problem --- owning the commodity (oil) and not being able to move it reliably (through the pipeline) because those controlling the transport system (Standard Oil) were blocking and shunting and causing problems.

So, in banking terms, Kim, the Comptroller, is having trouble moving the commodity (money) through the transport system (banks) because the people that own the transport system are, like old J.D., playing games -- blocking, locking, shunting deliveries, etc,, etc,. etc, ------ so I was, in essence, saying ---WTF?

We have been here before. We know how to solve this particular problem. Why isn't someone doing what needs to be done?

And what needs to be done is that Interpol (which controls the U.S. Attorney General's Office) needs to be outted as a criminal organization and shut down. The USAG works for them since 1976, not the President, even though the Department of Justice is a Federal Agency and even though the President appoints the Attorney General.

So we have a key Office in our government under the blatant control of Globalist interests and those Globalist interests have been running a white collar slave market on our shores and harming our people, which is both illegal and unlawful.

Shut the rats down. Kick them out. No more participation in Interpol. No more kidnapping American babies as "alien property" donated to the U.S. Attorney General.

If necessary, do what they do: rename the "Department of Justice" and rename the "Office of the Attorney General" ---- shift the contract over to the "new" Agency and place it back under American control. Just vacate what is there now.

That's Job One. Regain control of the Justice System in this country and stop all the game playing.

So, now we move on to Job Two.

Job Two is analogous to busting Standard Oil. We need to bust the banks that are abusing their privileges and acting as obstructive monopoly interests.

We know how to do that.

We liquidate them --- or threaten them with liquidation --- under a vast variety of laws and regulations that forbid what they are doing already. If they won't play ball according to the rules, we take the ball away. Boom. Shut their doors, take over their operations, and that is that.

And all that is just a matter of correcting the existing system and bringing the oversight tools (the Justice System) and the commodity transport (the Banking System) back into alignment and control.

If I were President, I believe I could have this problem fixed in less than a week. So.....once again, if a Grandma in Big Lake, Alaska, can see the problem, analyze it in fifteen minutes, develop a general plan of action and be ready to move on it ---- why in blazes is the entire federal "system" all bolluxed up and constipated over this nonsense?

And that's just the existing system. Who says we have to stick with the existing system?

We have the technology and the means to deliver a totally new and "fool proof" banking system to the entire Earth and everyone on it. Kim can just move the old accounts over to the new tech and that really solves the problem once and for all. Put the records onto a new communications platform that is so transparent and user friendly and yet so private and seamless that all the banks will be begging to use it.


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