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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

RFID? Beat Them With Their Own Stick.

By Anna Von Reitz

For reasons that should now be self-evident, Satanists have been persecuted and suppressed for centuries. This is part of the reason that they hide and pretend to be Christians, Muslims, and Methodists, Greek Orthodox and Korean Buddhists and adherents of every other religion you can name.
It's cover for what they really are, and gives them a means to undermine and steal from and gain the confidence of the people who really ARE Christians, Muslims, Methodists, Jews, and so on.... and they exercise the influence they gain however they will.
This is how the "Jews" were successful in bringing America into World War I. They weren't really Jews, but they influenced people who were Jews under the pretense of being Jews themselves.
They can do the same thing with Germans or Chinese or anyone else. Same Schtick. Once you are aware of that and how effectively these quick-change artists have defrauded and made use of the rest of the world for their own profit, you are prepared to take advantage of them in the same way.
What? What?
The one tenet derived from the actual Constitution that they adhere to rigidly and which remains the ONLY exemption to the gross military dictum that was established here after the Civil War, is the Freedom of Religion exemption.
Because they fear being found out and having their religion suppressed again as it was under the Romans and later under the Holy Roman Empire, they are always in the forefront of the Religious Freedom bandwagon.
You can rely on the fact that Freedom of Religion will remain a rock solid guarantee, because if it were not: (1) they would face the possibility of governmental suppression and (2) they could face suppression against other religious groups that they are sheltering under and that would be bad for business.
This then becomes your shield as well as theirs. And they can't take it away without exposing their own backsides and business interests.
Now, here's how we apply it to the "Real ID" and the RFID chipping of people like cattle with ear tags:
"I'm sorry, but the 'chipping' of living people is against my religion and dignity."
Christians and Muslims can both legitimately claim that it is against their religion. Christians because of the warnings against the Mark of the Beast and Muslims because they accept Jesus as a Great Prophet. Hindus and Buddhists, Shintos and Sikhs can object to it as a desecration of the body.
We can all find plenty of religious reasons to say no to RFIDs.
The Vermin among us who have no respect for themselves and certainly no respect for others, will try to push it, and will argue it and attempt to force feed this final devaluation of our uniqueness and sacredness, but if enough people remove themselves it will undermine the marketplace, and there will be no "Real ID" and the rats in the legislatures will have to go to bed without supper.
They only do things that are profitable for them, so make the RFID idea as unprofitable as possible and voice your objections loud and strong.
And now, prepare yourselves for a delicious irony: the people who are responsible for all the gross identity theft that has gone on for the last 150 years, will try to sell you RFID chipping as a solution to the problem they caused: identity theft.
However, the answer to this is easy, too. RFID's can be duplicated and forged and counterfeited like any other product. And the potential end result is even worse than having some transvestite from New Jersey pretending to be Anna von Reitz.
Imagine a few hundred thousand impostors claiming to be you and accessing your credit on the same day?
Tell that to your legislators.
And as for the "Mark of the Beast", which in these days is actually the "Mark of the B.E.A.S.T" ---let's just skip it, and for the sake of the prophets, say we did.
The B.E.A.S.T. is the Belgian Electronic Asset tracking system. Because you have been misidentified as an "asset" --- a chattel slave in their "System"---- they want to use the RFID chip to locate you in their worldwide warehouse, like a lump of cheddar cheese.
Just say no, it's against your religion.


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  1. Nobody is getting RFID'ed when everyone is already volunteering by the 100's of millions to be tracked and traced through their Smart Phones LOL millions in India dont have running water but have a Smart Phone government subsidized. Soon everything online will be running through Facebook your Internet ID your Drivers License to commute through the Internet highway gonna make sure everyone checks out with all the cyber terror threats you might be a cyber ISIS agent,and recently found out the same day Facebook went public a DARPA surveillance program went dark because it became Facebook.

    1. "The B.E.A.S.T. is the Belgian Electronic Asset tracking system"🎃

  2. When they offer their "chip" , counter offer yours...give them a choice 9mm or .45 .

  3. The MARK OF THE BEAST is obeying the commandments of men (doctrines of the Papacy like Sunday Sacredness instead of the Bible 7th day Sabbath) worshiping the Trinity of gods, sprinkling vs the commandments of God....

    1. THANK GOD I wasn't born into a Christian family this lifetime 😂🎶

    2. I believe it also includes the chipping of its slaves through its (the Papacy's corporations being run by the British Crown agents (BAR attorney's and elected so called "United States" corporate employees...once a church creates a 501c3 corporate entity it becomes the image to the beast the instant it is created/formed because of the joining of church and state together in a 501c3 corporation. Here's how one church incorporated in 1904 thus becoming the one predicted Synagogue of Satan aka BABYLON aka IMAGE TO THE BEAST because of their errors and sins and the rejection of truth (Three Angel's Messages of Rev 14:6-12) sent to her from Heaven in 1843-1894 - this 501c3 church rejects ALL of the great banquet supper - the supper of the Lamb truths (doctrines of Christ=2 John 1:9=7th day Sabbath, diet message, dress reform, Sanctuary message in connection with the 2300 day prophecy, and so many more "bowls of food" the Son of God set on the banquet table prepared as the great supper of the Lamb of God for the wedding guests - the Spirit and the Bride say "Come", come and partake of this wedding feast - the wedding of God's Son and His People as a church triumphant - claiming Bible verse promises such as Deut 30:6; Deut 28:1-14; Isaiah 41:9-18; Matthew 18:19; John 15:8; John 11:22; 2 Cor 1:20 - per 2 Peter 1:4; More about this here:

  4. Reading Revelation 14:6-12 and Revelation 13 indicates that man will make a decision to obey the Creator or the created (that is man's law) Looking at the 10 commandments society in general violates all of them but the one that shows who is the Creator is the 4th. Choosing to obey our Creator will result in the final translation of these obedient ones to heaven at the Messiah's 2nd advent. According to Nahum 1:9 Affliction or sin will not rise a second time. Why? Because all the saved will be very sick of what transgression of Creator's law has done and will never again question the Creator's will, His ways & voice. DWC

  5. While there is still some talk about RFID, has anyone checked out Estonia? The people are 99% signed onto their "One World" chipped card. One card for everything. Taxes, food, shelter, clothing, gadgets, banking...every thing and everything. This is Saudi Arabia and Israeli deep state factions using Estonia a testing ground for the NWO. The people are loving the one card for all because all the benefits. Another "Social Credit" score system they don't event think of, until one day, they are shut down because their card doesn't work. It is an easier sell than the RFID chip and working!

    1. We have become digitized with bank cards. It is the transition from carrying pockets or bags of gold and silver for trade.---Too clumbsy, and easier than carrying cash and coin. We bought it!

      Nothing wrong with that AS LONG AS THE SYSTEM CAN'T BE RIGGED! Now tell that to a programmer. It is all code.

  6. It's not the chip that is inherently evil, it's what it will be used for that makes it so dangerous...!! However, I don't believe in anything that puts out a frequency , should ever be placed inside the body....!! They have various alternatives to the chip, like "tattaoes" that are just placed on the hand...!! But all this has to do with losing all privacy rights and privacy is paramount in order for people to be free....!!

    1. Tattoos or marks on the hand or forehead is not what the Bible speaks of yet rather its a coming to believe exactly what the beast teaches - the Papacy's doctrines- like SUN-day Sacredness, trinity worship, the Eucharist doctrine is a blasphemous cookie god doctrine, sprinkling instead of immersion for baptism, eating animals and drinking their hormone fluids, in direct conflict with God's commandments. It's all about worship and what we think or believe in our mind (FOREHEAD) and what we DO with our hands that is the MARK OF THE BEAST or the SEAL OF GOD upon each individual. I do believe that the contracts we make with the beast systems corporations like the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA'S CORPORATIONS is partaking of the MARK OF THE BEAST aka 666, and any church organization that has a 501(c)(3) corporation structure and governed by the IRS became Babylon the very moment it applied for and accepted the FEDERAL LAWS OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA via its corporation 501c3 status BECAUSE it joined church and state together just as the VATICAN has joined church and state together....this is the image to the beast spoken of in Rev 13:11-18 for all churches whose structure is setup as a 501c3 church and state combined...and these corporate 501c3 bodies WILL in the end times persecute the Saints (Rev. 14:12) worse than the Dark Ages from 538AD to 1798AD. Jesus said to come out of HER - these 501c3 corporate church structures and have home churches studying intently and sharing the THREE ANGEL'S MESSAGES (Rev 14:6-12 and which is not joined by the fourth angel of Rev 18:1-5 saying to come out of her (USA) my people -and from the borders of the USA the last warning message will be given.

    2. accidently put a t instead of a w for NOT, should be NOW... and which is NOW joined by the fourth angel of Rev 18:1-5 saying to come out of her (USA and 501c3 churches) my people -and from the borders of the USA the last warning message will be given.