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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Clarifications About Kim's Problem, Oil, and Money Systems

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, in my Reply to Kim Goguen aka "Kim Possible" I noted my frustration with the whole topic of money and moving it around by saying that, "It's like telling me that people can't move widgets from Point A to Point B because Standard Oil still owns all the pipelines in Texas."

Apparently, that flew over many people's heads and caused confusion ---- what was I talking about?

J.D. Rockefeller made his fortune --- not on oil, but on oil pipelines. That is, he didn't get rich on oil, the product, whether crude or finished commodity. What he made his money on was a monopoly of pipeline infrastructure. This was the basis of "Standard Oil". By controlling the pipeline infrastructure old J.D. could move or block the flow of oil and by controlling monopoly interest, he could grant favors to whomever he chose in terms of access to getting oil to refineries and to markets --- both. He could also charge as little or as much as he liked for the pipeline service he provided.

Thus, by controlling the pipelines he could make or break any oil company and even manipulate the prices of crude oil and finished products.

What finally caused the "busting up" of Standard Oil was that they went too far in their monopoly interest activities and their coercive control of the commodity transport and therefore, the commodity supplies.

What I meant by my comment was--- we have the same problem now, with the banks. This is exactly what Kim was describing as her problem --- owning the commodity (oil) and not being able to move it reliably (through the pipeline) because those controlling the transport system (Standard Oil) were blocking and shunting and causing problems.

So, in banking terms, Kim, the Comptroller, is having trouble moving the commodity (money) through the transport system (banks) because the people that own the transport system are, like old J.D., playing games -- blocking, locking, shunting deliveries, etc,, etc,. etc, ------ so I was, in essence, saying ---WTF?

We have been here before. We know how to solve this particular problem. Why isn't someone doing what needs to be done?

And what needs to be done is that Interpol (which controls the U.S. Attorney General's Office) needs to be outted as a criminal organization and shut down. The USAG works for them since 1976, not the President, even though the Department of Justice is a Federal Agency and even though the President appoints the Attorney General.

So we have a key Office in our government under the blatant control of Globalist interests and those Globalist interests have been running a white collar slave market on our shores and harming our people, which is both illegal and unlawful.

Shut the rats down. Kick them out. No more participation in Interpol. No more kidnapping American babies as "alien property" donated to the U.S. Attorney General.

If necessary, do what they do: rename the "Department of Justice" and rename the "Office of the Attorney General" ---- shift the contract over to the "new" Agency and place it back under American control. Just vacate what is there now.

That's Job One. Regain control of the Justice System in this country and stop all the game playing.

So, now we move on to Job Two.

Job Two is analogous to busting Standard Oil. We need to bust the banks that are abusing their privileges and acting as obstructive monopoly interests.

We know how to do that.

We liquidate them --- or threaten them with liquidation --- under a vast variety of laws and regulations that forbid what they are doing already. If they won't play ball according to the rules, we take the ball away. Boom. Shut their doors, take over their operations, and that is that.

And all that is just a matter of correcting the existing system and bringing the oversight tools (the Justice System) and the commodity transport (the Banking System) back into alignment and control.

If I were President, I believe I could have this problem fixed in less than a week. So.....once again, if a Grandma in Big Lake, Alaska, can see the problem, analyze it in fifteen minutes, develop a general plan of action and be ready to move on it ---- why in blazes is the entire federal "system" all bolluxed up and constipated over this nonsense?

And that's just the existing system. Who says we have to stick with the existing system?

We have the technology and the means to deliver a totally new and "fool proof" banking system to the entire Earth and everyone on it. Kim can just move the old accounts over to the new tech and that really solves the problem once and for all. Put the records onto a new communications platform that is so transparent and user friendly and yet so private and seamless that all the banks will be begging to use it.


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  1. Personal law suit s took down probition.
    we all file for damages for fraud if applicable .

    1. The Battle of Athens TN:

    2. and now it is easy to do https:///, so if everyone would just take the time and do it!

    3. robinah, the Notice of Liability produced by inpowermovement is an excellent tool, however and will work for lower level individuals and corporations where their salaries and assets are not so high when compared to the heads of the snakes. With a rigged judicial system, getting remedy is one thing, collecting on it is another. If successful in remedy, there is a good likelihood you won't live long enough to collect. These guys don't play by the rules, hence all this documentation is just being ignored.

      We have to realize this is a war of sorts and I'm not sure if a letter to Hitler would have made any difference back in the day or more currently to Bush, Clinton or Obama.

      I really think they are testing us. Weather warfare, DEW fires, MSM, open election fraud. There is no way to paper through this unless action goes with it.

      We as a society are too empathetic. We keep saying please don't do this. We keep asking permission. Time to act and ask for forgiveness after.

    4. Agreed....I have been saying for years now and recently sent a comment to Trumps website that told him no matter what you do or try to do will ultimately fail because you like all of us have one major problem...A "JUDICIAL WALL" that we just can't get over , under, or any other way....!! If you don't clear up that corrupt problem, you will never make America Great again...!! He sees it more and more, but he doesn't exactly know how to implement it without creating has to take place rather quickly because of that...!! The banks now will never play along because they are used to making billions of dollars as long as attorneys are here to protect them...and that's the other problem...!! Attorneys under this system also make obscene amounts of money...!! No one wants to sacrifice anything when it comes to their wealth and how they attained it, or how they attained it...!!

      Once Andrew Jackson got rid of attorneys, the banks had no more protection and they only lasted 5 years, which caused the war of 1812...!!!

    5. Jackson was President after war of 1812....

  2. That sounds great, wish yall could and would work together. There is another man too, who claims he won back our country, his name is Russel Gould and you can find his story on youtube under "War Castles"

  3. I voting for
    Anna after 2020 election she will follow trump and run on the ticket she will "seal the deal"

    1. Joe, oh hell no. She hasnt told us anything in at least a yr or more; keeps all her cards too close to her own vest. And most of us are more than Done with secrecy !
      Besides, Im pretty sure we are seeing our very last president to sit in the oval office.

  4. Anna, in your letter to Kim, you stated that you already have the banking system. Does it still have to be tweaked? Has it already had a test run? Currently the acting AG is for a 210 day term with the possible extension of an additional 210 days until a permanent replacement becomes mandatory confirmed by Congress, at least that is what I have heard.

    Wouldn't now be the time to make this transition? Or is the justice system under the National unincorporated government not yet in place? We know the existing banks are not going to play ball, there is no point in second chances. They have had 3 life times to do the right thing.... in my opinion.

    1. "They have had 3 life times to do the right thing.... in my opinion." 😂💰AT LEAST💣☇💛

  5. If only i were president. Then i could fix it.
    Come on guys.Did she really just say that?

  6. "We have the technology and the means to deliver a totally new and "fool proof" banking system to the entire Earth and everyone on it. Kim can just move the old accounts over to the new tech and that really solves the problem once and for all. Put the records onto a new communications platform that is so transparent and user friendly and yet so private and seamless that all the banks will be begging to use it.“

    No more CORPORATE DEAD, old system "BANKS" or Their Dark Shadow Images as "GOVERNMENTS" should Ever be allowed Again to "posess" or "attach" to a living Soul and our Living Real Substance EVER Again!!!! No, No, No!! Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us! No thank you! Let the DEAD Zombie Corporate Banks FEED ON ITS own Corporate DEAD SEA Members! Keep the DEAD ENTITIES completely seperate, as they always should have been to begin with,as Secondary "paper" holders and out of our own living banks, living lives of Real Substance, Original Value. Period.

    No more CORPORATE DEAD Middle men "TRUSTS" with zero Accountability to the Living WILL EVER of Living People converting our Living lives or our production/creations "Gifts" into/as Secondary False images "THINGS" to be hoarded or "Lorded OVER" us EVER Again. No MORE False Images Or False Authority BY DEAD CORPORATE ACTORS As "TRUSTEES" requiring the living to relinquish their Natural "Rights" and Their Living "ASSETS" to their DEAD unaccountable "CORPORATE TRUST Accounts" Beast System of Liars, theives of No Trust EVER again. Liquidate and dissolve it ALL Now. It IS All Worthless, Weak and Meaningless to its very Core. Created IN VAIN on Purpose, intentionally! Time to Let Go of All the Past and All its Self Serving FALSE "EGOism's" Vanity and FEARS Serves No Real truthful purpose in our Living Lives. Never has, never, ever Will. True giving, charity Does NOT, Should Not EVER come with a Negative Cost or Price/Burden "Attached" as a secondary "taxed" "priviledge& benefit" to execute our living Free Will choice in thought, behavior or Deeds...EVER!! No middle man "TRUSTEE" permission or Authority Ever WAS/Is Needed to execute our own Living Gifts produced/Gift giving directly to our chosen living heirs at Also NO Cost or detriment or burden to Be "attached" with a middle man "taxed" "privilege/benefit" to receive!!! No, No, No!!! We Are Now Done with this Shadow, Vain Game!! Game Over!! Rant over. Im sorry, please forgive me. I Love You, Thank you.

    Much Gratitude for the mistakes and Lessons of the past learned, and for the wisdom to not repeat them Now....

    Much Love and compassionate healing to All still painfully suffering from these mistakes, and in the midst of learning these "costly" but priceless lessons to finally break Free and move forward Now...

    Much Awareness For All to clearly See and receive these lessons from a higher, wiser perspective as purely intended for our highest good Now...

    Much Peace Be your accepted and acknowdledged Gracious Gift in your Living Hearts/minds every moment Now...

  7. More and more I see people with far less money and jobs, businesses closing doors, dollar stores and SAARs food stores thick with people struggling. Car lots are topped up, all new cars, new bank buildings too and the county surviving due to spinning off things like the veterans county fund to private contractors. Few if any have any idea of what is going on, how it happened or where to look, as though it is some mystery acted out by angels when in fact it is recorded and documented acts carried out by men and women with wet signatures. Yet many when shown this rather than converse about it, break in to tirades of conspiracy theories and actually defending the crooks. They love the crooks so much they will not ever even look at what they are doing, or check up on the office requirements the crooks are voted in (once receiving governors appointment for some offices and all are corporate) Even the fact they are corporate is over the top of most peoples heads. Again they seem to encounter a wall and will not listen or even look. Seems simple to me, you got a problem, get on the evidence of it, track it until finding the problem worn out part, wrong part, fraudulent contraband part, or any other part that is in fact worn and "unserviceable" in any way preventing the entire show from running smoothly. Is it any different in repairing any item or thing that has an error?

    1. I prefer to look at the general populace as uninformed. I was educated in high school in business and commerce course. I was informed at an early age of the role of proprietorship, corporate and incorporated bodies. Informed about bookkeeping, banking on the surface, accounting, business law, and economics. Typing, shorthand, business machines, english, penmanship- your signature is to be recognized, not read to avoid counterfeit. 1960's.

      Since all this nonsense has been about business/contracts/banking, few of us understand the simple definitions.

      My own siblings didn't know how to write a cheque, do bank deposits, withdrawals, budgeting etc. All they understood was cash was used to buy things and if you worked you got paid. If paid by cheque, cash it and be off.

      Gullible by design, not choice. The banksters know this, hence our dilema. Note, I have a twin brother of 70 years and still cannot get him to understand. He still depends on the MSM and newspapers to tell him otherwise. What do I know. I had to give up trying to explain to save familial relations.

      Be kind in your efforts to inform. It is not easy.

    2. My sibling...enjoy😂

  8. I don't believe anyone or any agency should be in control of money, and never govt....but the private sector isn't any better....!! If govt does have to be in control of it then every single intelligent agency of govt should have only one oversee every aspect of "money management" along with all the accounting books...every single day to make sure that all money is tracked and accounted more black budgets for the military, or anyone else...!! All law enforcement has to answer all calls of FRAUD no matter how small, and has priority over every other crime in America, because otherwise it will sneak its way in again....Fraud has to be a class A felony, no matter how much was involved...!!!