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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Red Light, Green Light....

By Anna Von Reitz

This is the simplest explanation to date: 

They reorganized the "government" as a private, for-profit corporation in the business of governmental services. 

Without explaining anything to the people, of course. 

They then claim, falsely, that we are all knowingly and willingly standing as "surety" for their debts.  They do this by undisclosed contract.  They get our Mothers to sign paperwork at the hospitals "donating" us to the State of Wisconsin or whichever corporate government franchise is running the operation in the actual State where we are born. 

This allows them access to our assets and credit.  They then run up huge debts against our assets and credit.  Then they go bankrupt and leave us holding the bag as their "secondary" ---- just like if you co-sign for a car loan.  They set us up as their co-signer.  

And when they pull the plug, we get the bill, and if we can't pay we have to either go bankrupt to protect what we can---- and be part of the problem in the process, or, we lose our assets to pay for their debts. 

It's an identity theft scheme applied to our whole country and everyone in it. 


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  1. hypothicat= implied debts nothing of value transfer knowingly .

  2. Fight fire with fire... go Anna go

  3. BORRRing. Same ole worn out repetitive diatribe we've already heard a thousand times. We are not stupid out here, we realize these are just ''fillers'' 'cause you have No solutions, no money, no.......nothing while you just hope something will fall out of the sky into your lap, lol.
    Sort of like dog-paddling in a pool of water and calling it swimming.

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      "A-why", your inputs could, with the slightest thought and effort do something constructive to aid the enormous personal effort of Anna whose life is being expressed and shared as the living woman in whose Web coursing conveyance you are riding - by building constructively on what your hostess has freely provided all of her readers.

      Nancy Pelosi recently explained the Democrats modus operandi in attacking their perceived competitors for power.... "We just make outrageous claims against their character, then add as much publicity to our outrageous claims, and seek to destroy our competition by this approach". "A-why", your script and playbook has taken a page from the Democrats, it has no place other than annoyance in a forum of freedom seekers for truth seeking emancipation from liars and thieves.

    2. To Anna's readers: A good work-study project to deepen your own comprehension and mastery of the subject of the preceeding article would be to take one sentence of the article at a time and write it in your own document. Then using the other articles and your own comprehension, fill in using your own words with other pertinent details the information Anna has taught in her many other articles - to see for yourself if you as an individual student of Anna's freedom intelligence can present your own coherent statements of the facts of the current political/ economic conditions we are dealing with in The United States of America in 2018. We ARE members of that entity, but can YOU prove it with your own knowledge of the facts? Taking this initiative could help us know where our own knowledge is well established and firm or where it may need more study.

      When we are in front of a judge or an alleged officer of the "STATE OF ..." there is no tolerance for confusion or lack of of personal accountability under our Common Law. "Be Prepared".

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    4. U missed my comment saying that awhile ago Abby...but T.P. in this case stands for Thomas Paine😉

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      I really like your idea. I am going to do that as I think of a time when I might have to put into words immediately what my truth is! It helps to cement the idea and replace old ones. Also gives the basis for the belief giving you a foundation to STAND on! THANKS!!!


    can anyoneone tell me if this is true, that this man MR Gould( in video ) saved the usa by placing claiming the 4th flag through the pentagon claiming the land of /supreme postmster general 1999 and securing the gold by suing the federal reserves, .