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Saturday, April 9, 2022

News Flash -- It's Already Over

 By Anna Von Reitz

Number One--- this country has a Treaty with Russia  that Russia has always honored -- the American-Russian Alliance of 1858.  We are certainly not going to attack Russia nor allow any subcontractor or would-be subcontractor to attack Russia and use our good names and our people and our equipment to carry out any such acts.  We will be in the United Nations in less time than it takes a dog to bark and we will be bringing all the members of The League of Nations with us, to rip and tear the offending commercial interests, officers, and corporations into micro-fine dust.  

Number Two --- for all those truly clueless and uninformed members of the planetary community, Turkey is the Toggle Switch in this situation, and Turkey has already cast its support in this matter to Russia.  The Turks and their million man army don't want illegal bioweapons facilities proliferating next door any more than the Russians did.  

Number Three --- we, the actual American Government, don't blame Russia or Turkey either one for objecting to illegal bioweapon facilities being proliferated all over the Ukraine by NATO members.  We are so disgusted that the continued participation in NATO is in jeopardy.  We do not condone these lawless, criminal, and dangerous developments of bioweapon facilities in Ukraine.  If this is what NATO considers keeping the peace, we have other names for it, and we observe that except for the meddling and illegal activities of NATO, there would not be a war in Ukraine and the Ukrainian people would not be suffering.  

Number Four --- the actual problem in our view is NATO operating as a self-interested commercial entity bent on selling their oil to the European nations even though their oil and gas products are not competitive in the market, due to transportation costs.  They say they don't want Europe to be dependent on Russia.  No doubt Europe would prefer not to be dependent on foreign oil and gas resources of any kind, too. So why don't the members of NATO build free energy engines and introduce suppressed technologies that would revolutionize energy markets worldwide, instead of taking these criminal actions and provoking a war?  

Number Five --- we have substitute uses for gas and oil besides burning it up and polluting the atmosphere and doing crazy immoral and illegal things like building bioweapon facilities in the Ukraine.  There are plenty of unexplored and unutilized markets for gas and oil and other refined oil products, but these boneheads have no vision and no creativity and no answer to the end of the oil business as they have known it, so this is what they pull.   

Not only has NATO failed to protect the rest of us, they have caused all the pain and suffering in Ukraine and should be charged for the trillions of dollars in damage and the support of all the families who have lost loved ones in both Russia and the Ukraine.  It's NATO's fault----NATO Generals and Admirals have this blood on their hands and greed coupled with the short-sighted reckless idiocy of various politicians is the cause of all of it.  

Bottomline:  A million Turks have weighed in and that shifts the balance of power permanently in favor of the Russians in this matter.  Any conventional war the so-called western powers --- NATO -- could contemplate, is already decided in the favor of the Russian-Turkish Alliance.  And any "unconventional" war is just more illegal, immoral, and unlawful criminality.  

Further bottomline:  Americans aren't actually stupid.  We've been misinformed, but we are no longer asleep and we are not buying the propaganda and saber rattling of the British Crown anymore.  If we are forced to go to war for the first time since 1814, we guarantee that it will be addressed against those who have been the pernicious problem all along, and not against innocent people like ourselves. 

Finally --- Poland? You were used as the trigger for the Second World War.  Have sense enough to wipe your hands. 


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If Your Business is Incorporated, It's Not Private

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's impossible for any business to be both incorporated and private at the same time. 

This is an oxymoron like "sovereign citizen" and "secular religion" --- "private incorporation" is impossible for the same reason: these are all mutually exclusive terms.  

When you incorporate your private business, your private business becomes a public business. 

That is how the State of Missouri or STATE OF TEXAS or any of these other yahoo organizations gains a controlling interest in your business and the right to regulate and tax you and interfere in your operations and seize your assets.  

You gave them a controlling interest in your formerly private business and you gave it away for free. 

In exchange for abdicating the ownership of your business, you secured bankruptcy protection at public expense.  That's it.  And even that bankruptcy protection is subject to removal if you are caught doing anything fraudulent or otherwise unlawful or illegal. 

This removal of bankruptcy protection is called "piercing the veil" --- and it means that you are back on the hook for the actions and debts of the incorporated business, just as you would have been if you had saved yourself from all the unnecessary complications and losses of control and ownership interest that occur when you incorporate anything. 

Two huge Federal Corporations, the USA, Inc and the US, INC, one a British Crown Corporation and one a Municipal Corporation, respectively, have been busily telling everyone (through their Undeclared Foreign Agents working as Bar Attorneys) to incorporate, incorporate, incorporate!  

Why?  Because when you register your business as a corporation operating in their jurisdiction, you are handing them everything you worked for and you are doing this for free.  You are handing them the ability to tax and regulate you and seize upon the assets of your business as collateral backing the parent corporation's debts.  

Your formerly private business is entered as a Federal Franchise --- just like a Wendy's "franchise" or a Burger King "franchise" and it then falls subject to the foreign  law and the regulations of the parent corporation you registered your business with.  

And it is no longer "private" in any respect, because all those "Federal Corporations" ultimately belong to the Public.  

Just ask yourself --- who pays for your bankruptcy, if your company has to go bankrupt? 

The Public. 

Joe Average.  

Mom and Pop back home.  

They take it in the shorts, so ultimately, they are the ones who own you.  Your parent corporation operating as the State of Whatever is no more responsible or accountable than you are.  You are all riding on the Public Ticket, and you are all 100% public owned businesses as a result.  

And you are all subject to the Public Law as a result. 

Recently, I have heard otherwise well-educated people claiming that their incorporated businesses are "private" and so, they can ignore the Constitutions and they can trample people's rights, and they can refuse service and blah, blah, blah ----- but they can't.  

Because they aren't private businesses anymore.  The moment they incorporate and come under the Public Umbrella, all those rights and prerogatives disappear.  

So, tell Facebook what we told them.  And PayPal.  And Monsanto.  And Pfizer.  

We own you.  

You are incorporated as a franchise of one of our Subcontractors, and those Subcontractors have been busily incorporating everyone "in our names" ---- so guess what?  

We accepted all the corporations and nationalized them, which officially brings them under the Public Law and leaves no room for doubt or discretion or interpretation.  

All US, INC. and USA, Inc. corporations, including all the franchises, are public assets that belong to the American Public. 

So when they tell you that they can force you to wear a mask as a condition of entering "their store" or get a vaccination before you can go to "their" school, or give up any asset or right that you are heir to as a condition of doing business with them, ask them if their business is incorporated and if so, where it is registered?  

And start bringing on your claims and your enforcement actions.  


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Message for Uncle Joe and the Generals. Plus, a free grammar lesson.

 By Anna Von Reitz

The FedeRAL Government --- notice, the word "Federal" is an adjective?  "Federal" describes Government in "Federal Government"?????  

"Federal Government" describes the Government under contract via the Constitutions to serve the Federation of States.  

Notice--- "Federation" not "Federal".  The Federation of States is what the Federal Government is named after. 

We are our own unincorporated Government, of, for, and by the People of the States of this country.  

The Federation is its own separate Government -- the unincorporated American Federation of States, doing business as The United States of America since 1776. 

The Federation of States is what all "Federal" Employees ultimately work for. Including the US President.  Including the USA President.  Including any and all other "Presidents".   Okay?  Everyone got that?  

A President is just the CEO of a Company or Corporation. 
NOT the Head of State for this country. 

SERCO, the Queen, the Lord Mayor, and the Pope, are all Middlemen.  They are all acting as Subcontractors of the Federation of States. 

The Federation Government has never left Philadelphia.  We are still there today.  No "remitting" necessary.  This has all been gone over with the Holy See which holds the contracts and the records for our first Post Offices.  We are the Post Masters on the land and the Postmasters on the sea. 

All taken care of, agreed to, stipulated long ago and still in operation. 

We, the Federation of States that you Federal Employees all work for, has a Treaty with Russia which the Russians have always honored.  It is the American-Russian Alliance of 1858 and we are damned if we are paying anyone one cent to fight the Russians and you do NOT have our permission to use any equipment, personnel or bases or anything else that we have paid for to attack the Russians.  Is that clear to everyone? 

Good.  If you have any questions at all call: 1-907-250-5087 or email:

This is The actual Government of this country and you'd better believe it. 

We will back charge and expose anyone or anything in our employment or pretending to be employed by us that contradicts or violates or evades any iota of what you are being told here. 


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Project Looking Glass

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Looking Glass being referenced is an ancient archeological artifact of the Aryan Priesthood used as a predictive tool.  It analyzes vibrations, thought and energetic frequencies, time periods, and numerous other "etheric energy patterns" to deduce the likelihood of future events.  

In popular movies, it has been previewed to the public in the form of the dangerous Palintir discovered by the Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings, and the Mirror of Destiny that showed Harry Potter whatever he wanted to see most --- his parents.  

Of the two, the Mirror in the Harry Potter movie is closer to the nature of the Looking Glass technology, which is more of a measure of how people see things and what they believe and what they fear and only to a coincidental degree, what they desire.  

This is because we are not consciously aware of our power to bring what we wish for into manifestation, and so, are led along willy-nilly to whatever destination more aware beings wish to foist off on us and plan for us and so on.  

They have been driving around the East Coast for a month with a tactical nuclear weapon in a van awaiting a signal from some quarter to blow it off in the middle of NYC and none of the Generals or the Upmty Ump number of "Intelligence Agencies" is doing anything about it.  

I warned them that I could see this van all the way from Alaska using over the counter software. I asked the obvious question --- WTF?  If a Great-Grandma is aware of this danger from thousands of miles away in a tiny berg in Alaska, what are we paying the Pentagon, FBI, DHS, CIA, HS, MI5, MI6, and all the other Party Hearties to do "for" us?  

Looks more like they are part of a plan to do something "to" us ---- another Filthy False Flag --- what I call a "Three F Fandango" --- cause they are certainly not doing what they are being paid to do, which is to protect us from such threats.  

And now we have reports from the "Looking Glass" that a False Flag involving a tactical nuclear weapon is set to go off on April 18th (the Anniversary of the "shot heard round the world") and that misguided "Patriots" are going to do this and Mr. Biden is going to try blaming it on the Russians ---- even though any idiot knows that Russia has less than no reason to attack us and that Joe Biden is positively aching to get involved and obscure his own crimes in the Ukraine. 

So, kids, let's change the Mirror, hmm?  Imagine a peaceful world and a clean world and a world full of competent public servants who all know that their actual job is to protect American lives and American property, a world in which "Patriots" have their heads screwed on and don't do stupid things, a world in which we don't have False Flags, because our government is no longer a mercenary British Crown Corporation making its money off of war. 

Let's just dream it all away and tell that old Looking Glass where our hearts and minds really are. 


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