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Saturday, April 9, 2022

If Your Business is Incorporated, It's Not Private

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's impossible for any business to be both incorporated and private at the same time. 

This is an oxymoron like "sovereign citizen" and "secular religion" --- "private incorporation" is impossible for the same reason: these are all mutually exclusive terms.  

When you incorporate your private business, your private business becomes a public business. 

That is how the State of Missouri or STATE OF TEXAS or any of these other yahoo organizations gains a controlling interest in your business and the right to regulate and tax you and interfere in your operations and seize your assets.  

You gave them a controlling interest in your formerly private business and you gave it away for free. 

In exchange for abdicating the ownership of your business, you secured bankruptcy protection at public expense.  That's it.  And even that bankruptcy protection is subject to removal if you are caught doing anything fraudulent or otherwise unlawful or illegal. 

This removal of bankruptcy protection is called "piercing the veil" --- and it means that you are back on the hook for the actions and debts of the incorporated business, just as you would have been if you had saved yourself from all the unnecessary complications and losses of control and ownership interest that occur when you incorporate anything. 

Two huge Federal Corporations, the USA, Inc and the US, INC, one a British Crown Corporation and one a Municipal Corporation, respectively, have been busily telling everyone (through their Undeclared Foreign Agents working as Bar Attorneys) to incorporate, incorporate, incorporate!  

Why?  Because when you register your business as a corporation operating in their jurisdiction, you are handing them everything you worked for and you are doing this for free.  You are handing them the ability to tax and regulate you and seize upon the assets of your business as collateral backing the parent corporation's debts.  

Your formerly private business is entered as a Federal Franchise --- just like a Wendy's "franchise" or a Burger King "franchise" and it then falls subject to the foreign  law and the regulations of the parent corporation you registered your business with.  

And it is no longer "private" in any respect, because all those "Federal Corporations" ultimately belong to the Public.  

Just ask yourself --- who pays for your bankruptcy, if your company has to go bankrupt? 

The Public. 

Joe Average.  

Mom and Pop back home.  

They take it in the shorts, so ultimately, they are the ones who own you.  Your parent corporation operating as the State of Whatever is no more responsible or accountable than you are.  You are all riding on the Public Ticket, and you are all 100% public owned businesses as a result.  

And you are all subject to the Public Law as a result. 

Recently, I have heard otherwise well-educated people claiming that their incorporated businesses are "private" and so, they can ignore the Constitutions and they can trample people's rights, and they can refuse service and blah, blah, blah ----- but they can't.  

Because they aren't private businesses anymore.  The moment they incorporate and come under the Public Umbrella, all those rights and prerogatives disappear.  

So, tell Facebook what we told them.  And PayPal.  And Monsanto.  And Pfizer.  

We own you.  

You are incorporated as a franchise of one of our Subcontractors, and those Subcontractors have been busily incorporating everyone "in our names" ---- so guess what?  

We accepted all the corporations and nationalized them, which officially brings them under the Public Law and leaves no room for doubt or discretion or interpretation.  

All US, INC. and USA, Inc. corporations, including all the franchises, are public assets that belong to the American Public. 

So when they tell you that they can force you to wear a mask as a condition of entering "their store" or get a vaccination before you can go to "their" school, or give up any asset or right that you are heir to as a condition of doing business with them, ask them if their business is incorporated and if so, where it is registered?  

And start bringing on your claims and your enforcement actions.  


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  1. its ALL FICTION.
    No man has to participate in the imaginations of any other man!
    what belongs to 'i':woman was used without my intent and agreement, so all still belongs to 'i':woman.

    the man/s using same owe and 'i':woman do not forgive.

    if that is wrong or anything else 'i':woman post is wrong 'i':woman require post/s proving what is true under American common law authority; otherwise, all i:woman declare stands true in peace, law, and right. and it is so.


    1. the corporations and EVERYTHING BENEFICIAL that was built from them belongs to our people, not our elected Deputies Named the People: and is therefore, FIRST AND FOREMOST under American common law authority, not "Public Law" that is Legislated Law and is Fictional (Statutory, Code, Ordinances, so forth): is not law.

      How could it be any different?

      it is FACT that: what belongs to (the) man was what was used to build corporations: so then it is 'FACT following after FACT withOUT "Presumption" ', that:
      • what was built
      • using what belongs to man
      • also belongs to that same man.

      This is not esoteric knowledge like they try to make it "appear".
      instead, it is simple logic and nearly all man can think in this simple and most logical form.

      we were made that way.
      it used to be called having plain common sense :).

    2. dont corkscrew it around.

      were not "creating from scratch" here.

      we are building upon something thats foundation has already been laid for us by our ancestral fathers and mothers in our July 2, 1776 Declaration of Independence. its ours. they left it for us.

      Thats the foundation of 'America'.

      If something being set before us is not in "ac-cord" with that, then its not our traditional ancestral American law, its SomethingElse.

      we, man, have right to choose our "Political Status" or choose to NOT choose to have any political status at all.

      we are *man*.
      we can choose whatever in this world we want as long as we dont harm (an)other *man*.

      and notice:
      all the raw materials we need to build our own lives with are free too. air, water, land, simple foods from the land and water and air and other gifts.
      we all start out with our right to an equal-share portion of what is here: in order to build for our own selves and loved ones!

      how can that be any different?
      who brought anything here with you?
      no one.
      it was all already here.
      and your own equal-share portion of it belongs to you only.

      The Declarations foundation law is the laws of nature and natures creator/God.
      and now we have to be precise in what were building on top of it in order that what we build be able to remain standing true.
      this is our job now.
      we are responsible to get it peacefully arranged ac-cording to our law without us causing harm to other man.

    3. Public Law is not a legislative act by incorporated entity. It is not statutory law. More proof you are hopelessly confused and woefully uneducated and inadequate to even discuss this subject. The sad part is you'll end up screwing up other good people that are foolish enough to listen to you.

    4. anonymous,

      youre like a MAGPIE, repeating the same dreary caw over and over. i now suspect rote repetitions is likely as good as it gets for you but youre making a bore and a stupid azz out of out of yourself imo!

      to "anonymous MAGPIE :)":
      just prove me wrong; i stand to make right.


    5. The burden of proof is on you. Guilty of what you accuse as usual. Yawn.

    6. i did.

      yes, stay asleep.

    7. One of the smokescreens that the Posers have overused on us common American people is: changing a word or two that we say and *then* want to argue that we are wrong!...
      because what we *actually* said is right and they cant prove *that* wrong...
      so, lazy, stupid, and unprincipled people that they seem to be, they just make something else up and pretend like we said *that* instead!
      then they go about proving what *they* said is wrong!! insisting, without conscience, that YOU said what they made up... theyre utterly disgusting.

      now listen, cause it gets even worse!

      if someone changes someone elses *written* words and tries to start a "rebuttal" about it, brace yourself! youre dealing with a knumbchucking moron.


  2. Fraud vitiates everything rendering it null and void. However, if you have been unknowingly involved in the fraud, once you become aware of it, you are responsible for correcting your involvement. Otherwise, you become complicit and culpable in the fraud.

    If you have a corporation, go to your state of state Department of State's website, which is usually under the Division of Corporations, and file Articles of Dissolution. It should be self-generating -- just enter your information.

    They will ask you for the reason that you are dissolving your corporation. Simply state: "Fraud and lack of full disclosure." Because, they never informed you that you would be surrendering the controlling interest of your business to them when you registered your business with them. They committed fraud by misleading you to believe that it was even necessary.

    1. 'i':woman:janmarie believe true that:

      • there is no agreement in the first place.

      if true, then the foundational question is:
      where is the agreement recorded?
      OR what man makes the claim?

    2. the answer that seems is always coming back is;
      there isnt one. OR
      no man makes claim.

      if/when that happens then pretty much any thing after that is just smoke and mirrors that ends up making the *man* (an independent be-ing under authority of his creator) become and stay dependent upon someone/thing else to "help" him and therefore Act as his "Agent"/ "Trustee"/ "Fiduciary"/ "Re-Present-ative" --and on and on they spin their FICTIONS "ad nauseum":
      for the purpose of making "Attach"-ment to what belongs to man.

      so: "no."

    3. you might consider remembering that in American common law (and some other peoples' common law systems) when you are man and the question being:
      • where is the agreement recorded? who claims agreement?

      then following that, its up to only that man how he chooses to continue:
      he has (the) right to say something like:
      • oh! there isnt one you say,... oh! you were just "presuming", you say?
      • well, this is my notice of intent to record claim for false claims about i:woman.

      and it is so.

    4. ****
      in American common law you are man first and always:

      DofI para 1: ...and assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and natures god entitle us...
      para. 2 we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable right, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happinness.

      free to pursue your OWN hopes and dreams, not somebody elses!

      if you dont believe these things then you cannot, in nature, fact, or law, make claim to be a July 2, 1776 American man.
      and it is so.


  3. in reference to living in someone else's state of mind, this is a great example, If you and your people that may live in this fairy tale state of mind but we of the 12 tribes do not!!! ordain and establish this constitution for the "State of Colorado". 172 THIRTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. SESS. II. CH. 59. 1861. February 28,1861. CHAP. LIX.--An Act to provide a temporary Government for the Territory of Colorado .
    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,
    The boundaries of the state of Colorado shall be as follows: Commencing on the thirty-seventh parallel of north latitude, where the twenty-fifth meridian of longitude west from Washington crosses the same; thence north, on said meridian, to the forty-first parallel of north latitude; thence along said parallel, west, to the thirty-second meridian of longitude west from Washington; thence south, on said meridian, to the thirty-seventh parallel of north latitude; thence along said thirty-seventh parallel of north latitude to the place of beginning. ?????

    if this is not living in baby lon show me what is???

    1. dont forget Ordinances (like Codes, Statutes, Policies, Positive Law, Legislated Law, Public Law, Private Law, Corporate Law, International Law, Kings Law Ecclesiastical Law Military Law, Commercial Law, And on andnon seemingly forever) are NOT *law*!!

      they are FICTIONS.
      FICTIONS ARE NOT *law*!!!

      if we dont agree and they force, coerce, or otherwise take what belongs to man outside of actual law, then we man have right to record claims for harm those *man* cause us.

    2. you, man, say how much that harm is *worth* to you, (the) man.

      man has right to set the worth/"value" upon what belongs to him and require restore-ation. --American common law for man naturalborn on our land.

      we, American man under authority of July 2, 1776 DofI, have our **own** treaties with lovely and friendly Indigenous American peoples and nations!!

  4. Here is what I believe. Tell me where I am wrong?

    Why now are we pushing Russia into confrontation with the United States? What really happened to cause the war and deaths of many Ukraine people, Ukrainian and Russian troop (none wanted to die), so why a war? I will answer these questions.
    Many, if not most of you are too young to remember the incident regarding KAL Flight 007 took off from Anchorage, bound for Seoul, on September 1, 1983. One of the passengers was Congressman Larry McDonald. KAL Flight 015, which took off from Anchorage only 15 minutes ahead of Flight 007, was carrying Senator Jesse Helms [Republican, North Carolina], his wife, and a member of the Senator’s staff. I’m not sure why KAL scheduled two flights along the same route that were to arrive in Seoul at about the same time; however, it was Flight 007 carrying Larry McDonald that was shot down by a Russia; however, nothing really happened of any significance afterwards. In fact, food exports and other commodities from the United States continued to increase to the USSR. What else happened? The United States eventually joint the Soviet Union in developing a space program and astronauts share information. Why? Well, back then Russia was a tightly controlled communist nation, and the United States was moving closer to becoming a Marxist country; therefore, progressives, and compromised bureaucrats, who controlled our government were pleased with the relationship with the Communists, as the plan of the cabal is to make the U.S. a Marxist state was happening without a “whimper” of resistance from most of the decision makers. The international cabal control the media and our political system, as evidenced of factual events and policies which are Marxist now in place. McDonald was determined to fight Communism and keep Marxist principle from being implemented in our political system. He was a true American dedicated to opposing the global cabal - Congressman Larry McDonald on Crossfire, May 1983, just three months before being killed in the Korean Airlines 747 that was shot down by the Soviets near Moneron Island after the plane entered Soviet airspace stated, "The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining super capitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control.... Do I mean conspiracy? Yes, I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent." Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976. There is a reason for things to happen and they do not occur by accident, there is a hidden agenda, well planned for most all events that occur. Remember, all the lies we were told about WMD in Iraq, and most other justifications for wars - “And oftentimes, to win us to our harm, The instruments of darkness tell us truths, Win us with honest trifles, to betray's, In deepest consequence” ― William Shakespeare
    Most of all the political and social events and policies since then have been anti-freedom and favorable to Marxism. Look at where we are today. Putin warned the U.S. not to go down the same path that the Russian people traveled in established the USSR, a “communist state!”

    We can discuss many events since then and prior to McDonald’s death, such as the JFK assassination, 9/11; the invasion of Iraq; the Iran/Contra deal; Death of Qaddafi; the fixed elections (not just 2020, but others); the controlled media with is propaganda; in fact, prior to an up until now, the international cabal is actively engaged to destroy the U.S. and push for global control without resistance. There is a conspiracy, and it is no theory!!

  5. not even in the right book.... siiiiigh.


  6. Unfortunately all state government is incorporated
    1940 The Zionist FDR creating the Buck Act overlaying maritime shipping lanes over postal roads talk about violating declaration of Indipendance greavance :”you have brought Admiralty and vice Admiralty beyond it’s ancient limits “.
    And followed it up with state plan all local offices agree to work together.
    No checks an balances allowed.
    And all grant money is by contract libel to abide by contract.
    Greedy officials sign anything