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Saturday, April 9, 2022

News Flash -- It's Already Over

 By Anna Von Reitz

Number One--- this country has a Treaty with Russia  that Russia has always honored -- the American-Russian Alliance of 1858.  We are certainly not going to attack Russia nor allow any subcontractor or would-be subcontractor to attack Russia and use our good names and our people and our equipment to carry out any such acts.  We will be in the United Nations in less time than it takes a dog to bark and we will be bringing all the members of The League of Nations with us, to rip and tear the offending commercial interests, officers, and corporations into micro-fine dust.  

Number Two --- for all those truly clueless and uninformed members of the planetary community, Turkey is the Toggle Switch in this situation, and Turkey has already cast its support in this matter to Russia.  The Turks and their million man army don't want illegal bioweapons facilities proliferating next door any more than the Russians did.  

Number Three --- we, the actual American Government, don't blame Russia or Turkey either one for objecting to illegal bioweapon facilities being proliferated all over the Ukraine by NATO members.  We are so disgusted that the continued participation in NATO is in jeopardy.  We do not condone these lawless, criminal, and dangerous developments of bioweapon facilities in Ukraine.  If this is what NATO considers keeping the peace, we have other names for it, and we observe that except for the meddling and illegal activities of NATO, there would not be a war in Ukraine and the Ukrainian people would not be suffering.  

Number Four --- the actual problem in our view is NATO operating as a self-interested commercial entity bent on selling their oil to the European nations even though their oil and gas products are not competitive in the market, due to transportation costs.  They say they don't want Europe to be dependent on Russia.  No doubt Europe would prefer not to be dependent on foreign oil and gas resources of any kind, too. So why don't the members of NATO build free energy engines and introduce suppressed technologies that would revolutionize energy markets worldwide, instead of taking these criminal actions and provoking a war?  

Number Five --- we have substitute uses for gas and oil besides burning it up and polluting the atmosphere and doing crazy immoral and illegal things like building bioweapon facilities in the Ukraine.  There are plenty of unexplored and unutilized markets for gas and oil and other refined oil products, but these boneheads have no vision and no creativity and no answer to the end of the oil business as they have known it, so this is what they pull.   

Not only has NATO failed to protect the rest of us, they have caused all the pain and suffering in Ukraine and should be charged for the trillions of dollars in damage and the support of all the families who have lost loved ones in both Russia and the Ukraine.  It's NATO's fault----NATO Generals and Admirals have this blood on their hands and greed coupled with the short-sighted reckless idiocy of various politicians is the cause of all of it.  

Bottomline:  A million Turks have weighed in and that shifts the balance of power permanently in favor of the Russians in this matter.  Any conventional war the so-called western powers --- NATO -- could contemplate, is already decided in the favor of the Russian-Turkish Alliance.  And any "unconventional" war is just more illegal, immoral, and unlawful criminality.  

Further bottomline:  Americans aren't actually stupid.  We've been misinformed, but we are no longer asleep and we are not buying the propaganda and saber rattling of the British Crown anymore.  If we are forced to go to war for the first time since 1814, we guarantee that it will be addressed against those who have been the pernicious problem all along, and not against innocent people like ourselves. 

Finally --- Poland? You were used as the trigger for the Second World War.  Have sense enough to wipe your hands. 


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  1. Energy has been their power for centuries. They do not want to let go of power. As the world awakens they go into depopulation mode. Most tat are assisting them will wind uplike Hitler's brown shirts... executed. The dead tell no tales.

    1. Your cherrypicking historic events out of context .
      You and Anna.first the war of 1812 brought on to quote Amstel Rothschild renew my banks charter or there’s war.
      As far as brown shirts the communists were prolific 1937 the Rothschild Antifa invaded Spain and attacked covenants priest had to take up arms Christian Italy and Germany help General Franko expell them.
      The communist were thicker than bugs on a bumper.

  2. Please report on any recognition of our American government….

  3. The fear is that Russia will deem it necessary to annihilate the Ukraine army. Why not just go in and peacefully occupy until they can get the Ukrainians to agree to the demands?

    1. How do you propose a Russian peaceful occupation? The criminally insane Kiev regime is NEVER going to allow peace. Russia MUST rid Ukraine of the Nazis & Khazarian mafia, PERIOD!

    2. JH AMEN !!Scott Ritter.. military analysis and "The Duran" to know the best info on the War...

  4. the lie of fossil fuel if my research is correct was started in 1893, by Rockefeller, a know lair from birth, oil is created by the center of the earth 10,000 degree core that yahaweh say's is the new home of the sons of perdition, and that core puts off vapors and the vapors collect in the rocks, it was designed to be the lubricant and coolant of the earth, but the parasites have lied about it and stolen it from the sons of adam, psalms 115:16, to feed their parasitic agenda, hayseed stevens an oil man explains it and knew this about 30 years ago and exposed it on a prophecy club tour. these parasites have bought off or hidden technology that would make oil business a thing of the past, we have won our conditional acceptance with the oil company's now the adventure of collecting

  5. We know That America's Government Has Been Broken For Over 50 Years. There Is No Shortage Of High Profile Individuals speaking Our Against NATO And The West, All Over YouTube. From Irish MP Richard Boyd Barrett To The Head Of Russia's Orthodox Church, Who Compares Nato And The West To The Antichrist, And Makes Reference To The Book Of Revelations.
    Bottom Line, I'm A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord, Born And Raised In America By Military Parents And Betrayed By The Fake Illegal Sodom & Gomorrah Nazi American Government. Both Of My Parents Were Murdered By These Nazis And Their Supporters And Participants, In What Is Nothing Short Of A 50 Plus Years Genocidal Action. I Left America In November To Seek Justice And Medical Corrective Procedures In Iran, Afghanistan And Now Russia. I Have Been Purposely Delayed For 3 Months In Jack-Ass, Fake Muslim Turkey, And Now For One Month In Georgia And Armenia. I'm Currently Fighting To Join The Russian Military Either Directly Or Through Iran. I Will Only Return To America To Physically Destroy The Illegitimate Nazi American Government. And I Will Fight With The Russians And Anyone Else To Accomplish God's Work. This Illegitimate Fake American Government Has Shown The World For Over 50 Years, What Their True Intentions Are. And That Is Absolutely Nothing Good. These Godless Bastards Use Their Own Military Veterans And Active Members Along With Our Nations Citizens As Test Subjects For The Trillions Of Dollars Murdering Pharmaceutical Markets. There's The 9/11 Truth Movement Along With Electromagnetic Pulse Torture, Of Which There Remains A 100% Media Blackout To This Very Day. And As You All Know All So Well, There Remains Many Other Atrocities Committed By These Criminals. This Is The Clearest Case Of Right Vs Wrong And Good Vs Evil. God Bless All Who Will Be Blessed By Keeping His Easy And Simple Laws. AUSTON E MATTHEWS. " THR RESISTANCE "

    1. This is a jewish NWO the Germans were fighting the communist period .
      The communist running America, England,France and most the common wealth countries were feeding this communist Russian regime treasury plates,planes flown straight out of our factories.
      Man what an inversion of the truth. Patric

  6. You stated in part "We will be in the United Nations...". Who exactly is "We"? If not the recognized, corrupt US, Inc., then how do you expect to be heard?

    1. great questions for sure.

      those two facts and many other inconsistencies are ridiculously obvious. i agree.

  7. Agreed! FreeMom7 :)

  8. for all "annavoninks" effort, their Construct isnt the July 2,(TWO), 1776 united States of America either, nor is it The United States of America, the stile of our Confederated Union.
    so then if it isnt the U.S. Inc.
    either, then i guess its just an imaginary Construct maybe theyre trying to pawn off on the people as if it were the real thing???:)

    may be too bad for them theyve wasted so much... because the actual living descendants of the originial united States of America-ns are still here. i am one of them! :)
    so are the Indigenous American families still here.

    i believe it looks like they are, desperately perhaps, trying to Re-Construct the Federated United British Colonies (using our Confederated Unions stile/"Name"); but the Federared United British Colonies ceased to exist July 2(TWO), 1776.

    And furthermore, the Federated United British Colonies never had right to be here in the first place!

    so i guess they'll just have to figure out how to deal with the Federated United British Colonies, by any Name, being gone for good if they havent already.
    oh, and any broken Treaties/other?... well, if there are any, the remedies/other are still owed on all of them and are waaaaaay pastdue.

    1. Would you please write in complete, articulate sentences using proper punctuation? If you are writing in code then fine, I have no idea the information you are communicating and I will just forget reading your posts.

    2. its called complex-compound sentence structure and is used to convey complicated ideas to people whose reading and comprehension levels go beyond an ability to communicate in "tweets", or grunts, as the case may be.

      so, in other words youre finally admitting that:
      • you have no idea what the hell youre talking about concerning me or what im discussing with other people
      • i *know* you dont know, [and probably so do other people on this blog]
      • and you're looking for a way out of having to continue to try to think up baseless insults to throw around when you have now so easily been proven to be so wrong so many times already?



  9. I have searched the web looking for proof of this American-Russian Alliance of 1858 that Anna keeps mentioning and all I have found is a fiction book written in 2002 with the same title. Anyone have a source for this alliance?

  10. Thank you please Anna! May the God of your understanding shower you with Divine Grace!

  11. Absolutely Beautiful.

  12. they are *nasty*AZHS. imo.:

    if youre not a perverted nasty-ASH, theyre looking to move you out of their way. these nasty-ahss peadohs are going for the sons and daughters.
    its ALL over the damm internet that in Australia, the homework assignment for 10 year olds - GIRLS too- you arent going to believe this: its unbelievable. im going to comment on it anyway because it can be looked up:
    the 10 year old, boys and girls:
    "ask your *dad*! about his ER*CTI*NS!
    "and his EJ**ULATI*NS".

    now what kind of stupid freakin azze pervert peado worthless piece of crap skankazz would tell a 10 year old GIRL *OR* BOY to ask ANYbody much less their own DADDY something like that? the Dad said "my daughter still plays with dolls writes to the tooth fairy". the school admin told him its just part of the curriculum.
    I think we KNOW what kind.

    then you find out about all the little ones in the DUMBS and whats been done to them -- you know all these little ones dont just "disappear". nobody just "disappears" off the face of the earth. they are somewhere.

    we already knew about the 2100 little sons and daughters they rescued from China Lake Military Base, locked in cages where they would run electricity thru the wire cages and electrocute them often to their deth.
    well, i didnt know about this and it may not be true, but;
    now its circulating that they have found ONE MILLION Children (or their bodies) in such types of conditions OR WORSE in Australia:
    " [Military Facility] One in Australia, over a million babies, children, and teens sixually abused, tortured, and killed to get ad reen oh crome."
    this was supposedly from a Judy Byington, on Darkoutpost datt cam; and also mcallistertvonline datt cam. had similar info....
    both channels get waaaay the hell out there into "offplanet" info often but 70% of the time they stay here on earth :).

    you know and with all the stalking and tracking devices and all these fking worthless leaches-of -a -contractor-type freeloading loser-goon worthless HACKS and SKANKS who are paid to stalk and track and report on GOOD people because theyre too stupid to get a REAL job, you know gawddamm good and well hundreds of people do, should, or could then know EXACTLY where each one of those little ones are. it just makes me all the more determined to see that each one of them gets their own speedy fair trial American common law. most of them will just confess because as they were surveilling GOOD PEOPLE, they themselves were also being surveilled. how could it be any different? im guessing that theres just going to be way too much proof against them.

  13. now also, this was judy,
    by david on darkoutpost today, said that (paraphrased):

    tens of thousands of mainly (over half) Asian TORTURED children rescued: mutilated bodies recovered by Russian Military from U.S. owned and run bioweapons underground tunnel DUMBS labs that ran beneath the 200-acre BIDEN OWNED PROPERTY IN UKRAINE....
    The underground labs were formed for CeyeA Dark Science where HUMAN DNA was mixed with ANIMAL DNA... funded by Black Budget [off- the-books].

    so they mix WOMEN with ANIMALS.
    they mix little bitty WOMEN or teens, with ANIMALS.
    they mix MEN with ANIMALS.
    Make them "the same as".
    using DNA from each.

    now some of the hints are that "the aliens" are going to finally land and were going to have to "share the earth" with "other species". (mcallistertv)

    uuuuuh, no.
    i call bullshit.
    those would not be aliens.
    those would be chimeras.

    i suspect thay is why the Vatican started talking about "baptizing the aliens" about 20 years ago.

    there arent any aliens.
    those are chimera.
    or robotics like sophia in the UAE. There are a few more "running" around, imo. not aliens, not clones, chimera. and robotics.

    gaawd they hope were as dumb as they themselves are.

    were not.

  14. Comment by Daniel
    Is the Treaty of Tientsin related to the American Russian Alliance of 1858??

    The Treaty of Tientsin - 1858: The Treaty of Tientsin, also known as the Treaty of Tianjin, is a collective name for several documents signed at Tianjin (then romanized as Tientsin) in June 1858. The Qing dynasty, Russian Empire, Second French Empire, United Kingdom, and the United States were the parties involved. These treaties, counted by the Chinese among the so-called unequal treaties, opened more Chinese ports to foreign trade, permitted foreign legations in the Chinese capital Beijing, allowed Christian missionary activity, and effectively legalized the import of opium. They ended the first phase of the Second Opium War, which had begun in 1856 and were ratified by the Emperor of China in the Convention of Peking in 1860, after the end of the war.

    American involvement:
    Following the pattern set by the great powers of Europe, the United States took on a protectionist stance, built up its navy, and tried to create a mercantile empire. The United States was one of the leading "treaty powers" in China, forcing open a total of 23 foreign concessions from the Chinese government. While it is often noted that the United States did not control any settlements in China, it shared British land grants and was actually invited to take land in Shanghai but refused because the land was thought to be disadvantageous.