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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Project Looking Glass

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Looking Glass being referenced is an ancient archeological artifact of the Aryan Priesthood used as a predictive tool.  It analyzes vibrations, thought and energetic frequencies, time periods, and numerous other "etheric energy patterns" to deduce the likelihood of future events.  

In popular movies, it has been previewed to the public in the form of the dangerous Palintir discovered by the Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings, and the Mirror of Destiny that showed Harry Potter whatever he wanted to see most --- his parents.  

Of the two, the Mirror in the Harry Potter movie is closer to the nature of the Looking Glass technology, which is more of a measure of how people see things and what they believe and what they fear and only to a coincidental degree, what they desire.  

This is because we are not consciously aware of our power to bring what we wish for into manifestation, and so, are led along willy-nilly to whatever destination more aware beings wish to foist off on us and plan for us and so on.  

They have been driving around the East Coast for a month with a tactical nuclear weapon in a van awaiting a signal from some quarter to blow it off in the middle of NYC and none of the Generals or the Upmty Ump number of "Intelligence Agencies" is doing anything about it.  

I warned them that I could see this van all the way from Alaska using over the counter software. I asked the obvious question --- WTF?  If a Great-Grandma is aware of this danger from thousands of miles away in a tiny berg in Alaska, what are we paying the Pentagon, FBI, DHS, CIA, HS, MI5, MI6, and all the other Party Hearties to do "for" us?  

Looks more like they are part of a plan to do something "to" us ---- another Filthy False Flag --- what I call a "Three F Fandango" --- cause they are certainly not doing what they are being paid to do, which is to protect us from such threats.  

And now we have reports from the "Looking Glass" that a False Flag involving a tactical nuclear weapon is set to go off on April 18th (the Anniversary of the "shot heard round the world") and that misguided "Patriots" are going to do this and Mr. Biden is going to try blaming it on the Russians ---- even though any idiot knows that Russia has less than no reason to attack us and that Joe Biden is positively aching to get involved and obscure his own crimes in the Ukraine. 

So, kids, let's change the Mirror, hmm?  Imagine a peaceful world and a clean world and a world full of competent public servants who all know that their actual job is to protect American lives and American property, a world in which "Patriots" have their heads screwed on and don't do stupid things, a world in which we don't have False Flags, because our government is no longer a mercenary British Crown Corporation making its money off of war. 

Let's just dream it all away and tell that old Looking Glass where our hearts and minds really are. 


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  1. hmmm, so if we all imagine will happen differently? I don't think so, not when satan is in charge of DC

    1. Dont know if you have noticed... DC is empty... Fenced off, sand bagged up. I guess your a sheep in human clothing? OOhh I meant cloning

  2. Greater is HE that is in YOU, than he that is in the world.

  3. AGREE and acting toward the great power of unity in thought, word and deed!! Thanks for the invite!

    1. just dont accidentally cross over into the "HiveMind"?

      possible example: people say that something like a UPC Code was/is showing up on their BlueTooth on their SmartPhone as vakksed people walk by!

      maybe not true?

  4. It's all about hiding the Evidence of their Crimes .. Like Always, destroy the trails no matter what ..
    The Babylonian Woe by David Astle pdf available

    1. too many copies, printouts, thumbdrives, screenshots, servers, recovery software now? :):):)

  5. Thank you Anna. I manifest good things in my life often and it happens, so I’m with you. I will manifest with you what we all want a peaceful life and a prosperous future.

  6. Amen ANNA !!!!
    We must think good thoughts all the time. We must pray for people all the time. We must try to send out good vibrations all the time. We must remain positive ALL the time, otherwise we leave room for negativity

  7. Thank you so much for this. We DO have the power to change our 'destiny' through our creative minds. Let go of the fear and visualize daily that this van gets pulled over by some righteous cops and the diabolical scheme is discovered and nixxed.

  8. Anna your website is being switched went entered after a few seconds it changes to

  9. Say this out loud and help make it manifest:
    On April 18th 2020, the attempt to bomb New York City was thwarted.
    On May 20th 2020, Raindrop project's Dr. Winston Wu was protected against an assassination attempt and he lives on.

    1. 2022, not 2020

    2. I see that your aware of the same three video's i was watching the other day posted on various platforms such as YouTube, Bitchute, Rumble, etc. I can't remember the channel off-hand but it had the word Guardian in the title. I wasn't sure what to make of it but it seems that Anna is aware of this anyway. Finally yes we must all unite in spirit to eradicate this evil. The video's i eluded to say that there will be 70 false flags attempts up too the year 2030 (i think it was 2030) and that sufficient numbers of people will need to energetically unite as it were to thwart "team dark" as i like to call these spiritually retarded boofhead's, sowhat do we have to lose, let's act in unity and get praying...!

  10. as Christians, we have a DUTY to pray and visualize a positive outcome for OUR God on 04/18/0022.

  11. Anna it's my opinion. The Military Industrial Complex still want to control everything on this planet and in space. Which they have been doing ever since the Fifties and continue on to this day. I hope that when this is all over with. We get to audit the Whitehats, Alliance and Looking Glass. You can put me in line to work for free. My background in International and Domestic Logistics will have no problem finding all issues.

    Semper Fidelis

  12. Huh ?.. I am going to " Imagine " a giant gallows with 545 miserable criminal bastards being eaten by maggots and birds on the National Mall...screw that rainbows and gumdrop bullshit... we actually need 8 million out of control thieving , raping , murdering bastards dead in a pile and set on fire....for a start.

    1. im imagining fair trials using our ancestral fathers' and mothers' traditional American common law for the rules of the court!

  13. Patric again here, most scientists including Einstein’ , Stephen Hawking,NASA do not understand nature .
    Natural materials have charge distribution (fractal)
    Children that go barefoot,natural fiber clothing ,natural lighting can concentrate (charge implode)
    Visualize and if blindfolded see without their eyes.
    Want to be a Jedi warrior like Luke Skywalker following Yodas natural style.
    However a critical missing ingredient the sun we get 1/3 of our energy from food we get 2/3 from the sun.
    We have photo receiptors even in our gut that gets light from live foods and live bacteria.
    The eyes are a black box light trap and is the home of our clock that resets in daylight this is why blue light from cellphones has ten times the blue light than mood day sun.
    This knocks you from REM and other brain chemistry production.
    Total darkness at bed time brain chemicals production is vital to productive mind.
    Along with natural way of life increasing your Aura/fractal array Jedi force.

    1. this is absolutely fascinating patric.
      thank you for sharing this.
      you know so much!!! your knowledge base is astounding.

      am coming up with more and more things i want to tell you about and get your opinion on.
      have 4 study projects going on all at once now! and a couple or maybe three other study related projects are on the horizon.
      one is: going through the ArtofConf word for word, taking notes;
      reading a book again about my grandpa, taking notes;
      looking into Mesopotamian origin! fascinating!!! you will love what i think i may be on to! i want to email you about that after i get a little more study time in on it;
      then of course, all my American common law study stuff that im always doing.

      its like many things ive been looking into for years to find the connections on are more or less suddenly beginning to drop into place. :)
      maybe i have help? :)

      later---:) janmarie.

    2. Curiosity is indicative of an enlightened mind don’t forget our inhabiting an array a plasma array (aura) it’s seen by scientists.
      It part of our mind our ability to bring in thoughts are in the air so to speak.
      Proven plasma balls have intelligence you can talk to them like your puppy dog.
      Large plasma are extremely intelligent says Dan Winter who wrote many books on physics and lectures all over the world .
      As I take from my studies the articles of confederation are an abbreviated government
      A fellowship no central controld not munched liked by one world gov Babylonian Talmud merchant law folk.

  14. I'm stepping up. Had a dream talking with a friend about PLG. Reminds me of Radu Cinamar books about inner earth civilization technology. And I still am fascinated by where there is also a reporter named Anna. Not the .com site. Which is a fake.
    I also had a dream of John Carter of Mars about to pick up a ring and claim power (sort of LotR there...).
    Any idea how to connect with PLG more directly? We need to accelerate humanity's transformation. I'm ready to FLY.

  15. Thank you Anna. Perhaps we should consider what Christ would have us do. Love one another, Love your enemies for they need it the most. Meditate and send love. For it is better to give than to receive.

  16. What’s it all about ? Fancy home ,car it’s all going to decay ,depreciate.
    But Ed the song goes Willie & Waylon
    I be back again and again ..
    What will ?