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Friday, April 8, 2022

Whistleblower Goes Public With Proof Of Election Fraud On A Global Scale

 Maria Zack's Earth Shattering Testimony - Kansas Senate Hearing


  1. We're square dancing now

    Circle floor, back to the fake election

    My grandpa was a square dance caller
    Ever wonder why they call it square dancing when everything is done in a circle

    Next up back to Prather than back to the vaccine lawyer shit then back to some more stories then circle back to some other shit

  2. this is getting ever-more insulting to those of us who have healthy minds and lives.
    i am just getting tired of all this lying.
    its not going to help.
    the people are not falling for it.

    theyve got all these cuckbeta males out there whove been told theyre superior to other people and can therefore USE people to build themselves up!

    hey, ive got news for you:
    if you are superior you wouldnt need to steal your "inferiors" stuff... youd hav your own and plenty if it.
    but apparently you dont.
    apparently youre are incompetent to get your own stuff so you take what belongs to other people. then call your SELF a "Hero".
    youre not.

    i believe it would be hard to not realize you are worthless to yourselves and are a burden on everyone around you if thats what you have to resort to to pretend to yourself that youre okay.
    because youre not okay.

    "cuckbeta males". well yeh, alx jns is right again then imo.

    1. and there are alot of women who are just as worthless imo.
      ...gotta get the hair and manipedi done every week; get the makeup at ulta; but youre cold as a damm brick... "i am a *nuuuurse*... oh yeh? do you question "orders" that you know harm the patient? if theres aspirin on the meds list for a patient taking stomach and intestinal medicine, do you just give it to them and shut up? do you even look at the chart? or just do the minimum necessary, like youre supposed to make sure they take whats on the list .... thats all. job done. now go sit down and take a load off because you work 3-12s and then 2-10s on the weekend so you can retire at 40?

      how many reports have you made to the medical boards?
      probably none, right?... you just want to get your time in for retirement?
      shut it all off... just do what youre told? just me, myself, in my own mind, thats a "skank", but thats just my opinion :). maybe something else is going on?

    2. anyway, the whole point of those two previous comments/opinions is that so many of us out here have seen too much of what appears to be what i just opined upon with our own eyes to even come close to believing all these ridiculously insulting "stories" being allowed by the repeal of Smith-Mundt to be "floated" to the American people.

      the "Operation", if any, has been a big flop imo.

      now what?
      food shortage by "government"???
      do they really think thats going to endear them to the people? :) i mean, say they *are* w/holding food (im not saying they are!) they cant think people wouldnt find out about it??

      oh! and the *aliens*!!!
      now its the *aliens*. lookout!

      and chimeras reported RIGHT as the banking system switches? along with food shortages, borders overrun, and dubdubtres "on the brink" *right* as theres a Massive Money Change! ooooooodoggies, wouldnt ya just know it? is it those pesky aliens whove been hiding out at Roswell for 70 years??

  3. 12 people and rope...1 by 1 until they are all sent to hell