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Thursday, March 19, 2020

None of This Smells Right

By Anna Von Reitz

None of This Smells Right
None of it.
I have had time to snoop around some more, and the deeper I delve into this dog pile the worse it smells and more bizarre it gets.
Just for starters, it turns out that "adrenochrome" and "White Rabbit" are nothing but new names for epinephrine. Epinephrine was a common-as-dirt ingredient in cold and flu medicines for generations.
I've read "ephinephrine" on boxes of over the counter drugs for years and so have you, if you are over the age of 18. Chances are, you've taken it, too, as part of these patent medications promoted by companies like Bayer.
Then, consider that epinephrine, aka, adrenochrome, aka, "White Rabbit" --- is being touted as a drug that can take you on trips without going anywhere and as an aphrodisiac and as the fountain of youth, too. Sound familiar? It should.
This is the stock and trade shinola for every drug pusher on the planet.
What this is looking like, folks, is a drug war---- a mercenary "war" to corner the market on another "controlled substance"---- and profit from it. They lost their war on controlling cannabis, so now they are trying to corner the market on epinephrine. That's what it looks like.
Why else dream up new names for an old drug? Why try to demonize it as "adrenochrome" and describe it as "White Rabbit"?
What does it mean when they say that a factory outside Wuhan was producing adrenochrome --- aka, epinephrine? Of course, there are factories all over China producing medications, most of which go to the US ---- so why wouldn't there be a factory in Wuhan producing epinephrine?
They meant to give you the idea that the Chinese were involved in some bestial process of harvesting blood from terrified children and enslaved women in order to extract "adrenochrome" --- aka, epinephrine ---from it.
But that is complete nonsense.
We've had the ability to synthesize all the epinephrine we could ever use for over a century. It's a stupidly simple molecule. A third year chemistry student can cook it up in the basement. No need to go around snatching and "sacrificing" kids to get pure epinephrine.
So maybe there is some nutcase Satanic Cult that uses epinephrine for illicit cult practices, maybe these nutcases really do "harvest" the drug using torture, etc. Most drugs that have psychotropic effects have been used for "religions" in the past, and maybe epinephrine is one of those. It's possible.
But it's just as possible that the British Crown is up to its old tricks and funding its Black Ops budget off of money skimmed from selling illegal and illicit drugs and controlling the sources of these drugs. The more illegal, illicit, and "bad" they can make these drugs sound to the gullible public, the higher the street price.
Imagine the sickos of the world hearing about all the highs they can get from taking "adrenochrome" ---- not realizing that its just another name for epinephrine? Then imagine justifying the high cost of this illegal drug by telling people it only comes from the blood of terrified human sacrifices?
Woo-hoo. The cynics among us are shaking our heads.
What a con. What an absolute boondoggle.
So, what if you develop a virus that interacts with the epinephrine and leaves a marker in the bloodstream of users? Now, you have guilty parties known to have taken this evil newly-renamed drug, presumed to have come from the blood of human sacrifice victims?
But what if it came from a test tube in someone's basement instead?
Or from a factory in Wuhan, China, producing epinephrine for inclusion in still-legal patent medicines?
See that same old pattern of renaming and re-branding at work?
Call it "epinephrine" and its good.
Call it "adrenochrome" or "White Rabbit" and its bad, bad, bad.
And its the same molecule. The same exact chemical compound.
Now, I don't have a second thought about the necessity of suppressing and destroying Satanic Cults that snatch children and enslave women for any purpose. Simply enslaving other people is reason enough to destroy such groups. Their religious freedom begins and ends with the freedom owed to others to live and be free.
Line up any cultists engaged in snatching and torturing and sacrificing children for any reason, and I will personally shoot every single one of them and kick their dead bodies into an open ditch. I trust that is true for just about any grandma worldwide.
That part is simple enough.
The part that isn't simple is why we are being lied to? Why is epinephrine being renamed adrenochrome?
Why does adrenochrome have a Street Name --- "White Rabbit" --- if it is not already being sold as an illegal drug?
Why is the price of "White Rabbit" being pushed up with this ridiculous Street Cred, about having to harvest it from the blood of human sacrifice victims?
Why all this "promotion" when you can make epinephrine any time you really want to, with three common ingredients, a test tube, and a Bunsen burner?
The only realistic answer is that the same parties that have financed their Black Ops off of illicit drug sales ever since the Opium Wars, are engaged in a trade war with China to control and profit from epinephrine, aka, adrenochrome, aka, "White Rabbit".
And the Corona Virus being used as a marker? That's just the Queen tracking down alternate sources and users, seeking to suppress and control the trade.
What if you have bilked everyone and sold "adrenochrome" synthesized in a lab for $200,000 an ounce, and sold this crazy cover story that it came from the blood of human sacrifices (because a long, long time ago, it did) and a group of wannabe drug producers actually take it literally and start snatching kids and killing them so that they can get into the market?
Well, then, you've got the situation we've apparently got now --- illicit drug wars spilling over into general society and causing no end of problems. If the street value of the "White Rabbit" is high enough, the danger involved in snatching and torturing kids to harvest it becomes a cost of doing business.
And the solution to this is?
Legalize epinephrine and make it readily available again. Expose the fact that "adrenochrome" and "White Rabbit" are just other names for epinephrine. Tank the market and end the motivation for the murderers.
Do a mop up of the Satanic Cults that actually believe in this occultist drug use as a "religious" experience, shoot em up with all the lab synthesized epinephrine they can stand, and let them twitch themselves to death.
Don't lock down the entire world economy over more lies and more illicit drug wars.


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Currency Carnage - Gold/Silver Market Update with Mike Maloney

Found Here:

Our Mint in Utah put a hold today on ordering. Their number one supplier did the same. I will call the mint again in the morning to find out if I can even buy any silver at any price. Should know by 10 AM Mountain time.

Mint Builder still has graded MS70 coins for sale but NO bullion.

Paul Stramer  406 889 3183

China has miraculously recovered? ..... hmm must see

Everyone, Please, Cut the Crap

By Anna Von Reitz

Am I the biggest genius since Leonardo? How is it, that a week ago, I told everyone two things that are now being borne out by WHO?
(1) Don't use ibuprofen or aspirin to bring down fevers associated with viral infection, as this actually helps heat-sensitive viruses replicate by REDUCING body temperature and can thin the blood to dangerous levels, leading to bruising, oral and nasal hemorrhage,and worse.
(2) Use heat therapy to kill the virus in situ ---- this can include taking saunas, breathing steam from a pot of boiling water (hopefully with some appropriate essential oil, a couple drops of peppermint or eucalyptus, for example--remembering to close your eyes, of course) or using a hand-held blow dryer (with ample common sense to prevent burns) to blow hot air up your nose and into your nasal cavities.
All the SARS viruses including Covid 19 are actually very fragile and very sensitive to heat. The reason no vaccines have been developed is that these viruses naturally disappear with the onset of hot weather.
No wonder China is already going back to work. Common sense. All they had to do was hold back shipments of blow dryers. Which they did.
Of course, generally speaking, Grandmothers with horse sense and practical life skills don't want to be in charge of other people's lives and hate politics.... so you may have to go out and pound the streets to draft them---- but look at the alternatives?
8 Billion dollars spent and general chaos over nothing? Trillions of dollars of business loss worldwide? Stock market tanked? "Martial Law" --- which we've been under for no good reason since 1863 anyway?
Come on, cut the Shinola.
You think we haven't noticed the sudden "miraculous" end of the "epidemic" in Wuhan?
You think we are unaware of China's refusal to continue doing business with the Crown after the Crown (Qinetiq and the Pirbright Institute) pulled this on China?
I wouldn't give the Queen the sweat from my sauna wrap if I were China.
Come to think of it, the Queen isn't on my Nice List this week, either. Once again, the Brits at the bottom of the dog pile. Always. Forever.
I don't blame China for pulling the plug and neither should you. What we should be doing is pulling the plug on the members of Congress, by all means necessary. And, figuratively speaking, of course, slapping Mr. Trump up the side of the head. It's his economic miracle that the rats are intent on killing.
It's his re-election they are intent on stealing.
We've already told them to send the bill to the Queen, DARPA, and Bill Gates --- and to accept no back charges.
If they want to spend $8 billion cleaning up their own mess, let them pay for it. If they want to cause the stock market to tank over nothing, let them pay for it. If they want to cause chaos and fear and empty store shelves over BS ---- let them pay for it.
Not on our nickel. Send Phil the Bill. He's got $950 trillion worth of "Life Force Value Annuities" that belong to us and the Canucks.
While we are at it, how is it that Rod Rosenstein's Sister just happens to be in charge of the Respiratory Diseases section at the Centers for Disease Control? Can anyone follow a thread here? How about a trail of snotty tissue papers?
Just in time to collapse the economic miracle Trump has been building for America----and all over a virus that you can kill at home for the cost of hot air?
Heck, Congress produces enough hot air to cure the whole world. Without even trying.
And once again, Jon Rappoport stands supreme as the Last Living Senior American Journalist Worth His Salt. He has been pooh-poohing all this Shinola from Day One. Robert David Steele and I called it for what it is last week. Ron Paul, a Medical Doctor, called it a hoax.
Give us a couple million to deploy the tech that already exists, and we will kill every SARS virus on the planet, without the use of hot air.
Taking the Congress out into the street for a public shaming sounds like a good idea, especially now that there is no Municipal Government for them to hide behind.
That's the way we used to do things in America. Maybe we need to take a clue from our Puritan ancestors and do it again. Just march them down the middle of Wall Street in a group, and pelt them with rotten tomatoes, shout "Booo! Boo!" at the top of our lungs, and moon the next Press Conference.


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The Lien

By Anna Von Reitz

Do you know what Rocha did with the copy of the lien you sent me regarding the "National Debt" ---- he extracted himself and the debt into the Territorial State of State.  

Do you see that The United States of America (not "the" United States of America, not THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not The United States of America, Inc.) is the owner of Record?  

Do you notice that "IRS" is not the Internal Revenue Service, but is instead the Internal Re-Venue Service?   

Do you see that the Creditor is listed as THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY 1789?  This is a Vatican Municipal ACCOUNT set up for "the" United States of America in 1789 --- that is, also a Territorial entity.

So this is the Territorial Government literally switching the "venue" of the so-called "National Debt"  as a credit and release from the Municipal Government to the Territorial Government of the State of California.  

This only makes sense when you realize that the Pope moved to liquidate the Municipal Government Corporation and its many, many franchises in 2008 and to liquidate the parent corporation, the Pontifical GOVERNMENT and the Romanus Pontifex trust (City of Rome Trust) in 2011.  

So the debt of the Municipal Government was taken as credit ("re-venue") into the Territorial Government and the source of the funding was ultimately the City of Rome Trust that Jamie Dimon commandeered and sidelined four years later. 

He literally stole $486 trillion, including the money owed both to the Territorial Government, and ultimately to us --- and we have the records of where he distributed it out --at interest-- to banks all over this planet.  

What I did was to come in on top of Rocha's action and take it the next step --- moving myself and the State of State --including the State of California---and the re-venue back into the State Trusts that were created after the Civil War (Ohio State, Washington State, etc.) and from there, I moved everything owed back to the States themselves, and from there to The United States, which then kept the soil assets and assigned the land assets back to the Record Owner, The United States of America.  

So, Dimon and JP Morgan are on the hot plate.  Mr. Trump needs to know this.  And needs to understand that what Rocha claimed as Territorial Re-Venue, is actually owed to the Record Owner, The United States of America, and The United States of America has claimed it.  

Everything that Mr. Trump's government needs and is owed, is owed first and foremost to the actual employers and owners of record---- the civilian government of the people, by the people, for the people, doing business as The United States of America, who are then able and willing to support him and the American Military --- and the whole thing revolves around understanding that what Jamie Dimon did to snatch the resources owed to us (and a lot more) was illegal---- literally bank fraud promoted by the Governor of Ottawa, who was also the lynch pin in paying Prince Philip $950 trillion in "Life Force Value Annuities" actually owed to us, the American States and People and the Canadians, as bottomry bond insurance payments.  

This is disconcerting for a lot of people because they never understood how the government was supposed to be set up and how it was supposed to function in the first place.  A lot of people thought (at least initially) that we were doing something shady or improper, but all that I have done and all that we have done is to renew and restore the actual government this country is owed---- and bring forward the American claims in behalf of the American States and People.

So ---- one rat to catch, Jamie Dimon, one institution to fry --- JP Morgan --- and then all the accomplices that received funds that don't belong to them.  The Governor of Ottawa that did this is dead along with all his accomplices. Dimon is hiding out but the records are secure.  

Dr. Hendo Henderson (who was actually trying to do something right and got double-crossed) was released last time I heard, but he and his workmate, Shelley Bolling, were instrumental in bringing Diane Urban, purportedly the last known steward of the Urban (City of Rome) Trust to the signing table with Dimon.  

What happened then was classic Failure to Disclose.  The banker in charge for the Vatican never even let Diane read the trust indenture or have it translated from Latin.  Her status as the "proclaimed" --- by the Governor of Ottawa --- hereditary Steward was never vetted or validated.  She was told to sign on the dotted line--- she did, an unrestricted signature solicited under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit.  

It was a Vatican City Circle Jerk with the Crown and Prince Philip, designed to cheat and enslave the people of Canada and America for another hundred years ---and steal what was and is still owed to us, while Dimon and the Rothschild bankers licked up the juice from liquidating the Romanus Pontifex 

The Pope, of course, stands there with both palms up, saying, "Well, I did what I could...."  

And I stand here saying, "Possession by pirates does not change ownership. We are the owners of record, and we are presenting ourselves."  

If Mr. Trump is wondering what in the Hell went on here, God knows we have tried to "fully inform" everyone multiple times. He needs to haul Jamie Dimon in and send a phlanx of fiscal bank auditors into JP Morgan with orders to recoup. 

Then he needs to present the bill to Duarte for our gold, with no apologies, but he can't do it without us, because he doesn't have the records and standing to make the claim. 

The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement is out the door in view of all the above--Kennedy made a settlement deal based on the fact that the UBS Receipt was "lost" ---- but we found it, chopped up and buried by the Bank of England. It has been reconstructed and it shows what we are all owed and by whom.  

Damned near the whole world owes the Americans money and has owed us money for a long, long time.  The only reason that it has ever appeared otherwise is exactly the same trick they have tried to employ with this "National Debt" ---- simply separating us into two separate political statuses and then "forgetting" to bring forward the National Credit to cancel out the National Debt. 

So now you know where the money to pay us and to cancel the debt, plus pay off a lot more that the Americans are owed, got sidelined by Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan.  

My little hands and feet claim as a fixture lien does a lot of good things for people everywhere who happen to have hands and feet; so instead of everyone bucking against what has been done to save their rumps, I suggest that you all step back and take in the view.  

Send some Marines and bank auditors into JP Morgan.  And after that, Citibank in Chicago.  And after that, let's go to the Philippines and collect the gold that belongs to us.  The US NAVY hauled it all over there, they can haul it all back, too.  At the Queen's expense. And under her insurance. 


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