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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

What DNA of the Elohim Means

 By Anna Von Reitz

Those who do not read the Bible need to start, and those who read it and don't understand it, also need to get tuned up. 

As the many inhabitants in Hell -- that is, the jurisdiction of the sea, have tried to find "narratives" (lies)  to serve themselves and their corporations (more lies), I have heard about every excuse imaginable for treason and bad faith and gross breach of trust. 

I have also heard no end of claims being made by would-be charlatans and patsies and people who are merely confused--- for example: 

(1) I own the world because I have the DNA of the Ancient Egyptian Royal Family ("King Tut"); 

(2) I own the world because "Marduk" named me as his Successor (that's Kim Goguen's Schtick);

(3) I own the world because I am the inheritor of a Treaty with King George or Pope Innocent;

(4) I own the world because I won a court case; 

(5) I own the world because I have DNA inherited from the Elohim; 

(6) I own the world because I have the initials "TVM".... 

The Truth is that the Creator owns everything and always did. 

Mankind was given dominion over the Earth to act as a Caretaker of it, and was not given the authority to destroy it.  Man's own creations -- corporations, governments, etc.,--- are obviously not given authority to destroy the Earth, either.  

Now, please pay attention, the Creator did not condone or approve of what the Fallen Angels did here by taking and mating with women; their offspring, the Nephilim, were not blessed and are not a legitimate part of Creation.

So anyone on Earth claiming to have the DNA of the Elohim is admitting to being related to the Fallen and the Nephilim, and they have less than no claim to own anything here. 

At best, they are refugees displaced from their natural realm by their own choices, or hybrids that do not have a God-created body, and therefore, cannot be Inheritors. 

Part of the current crime against Humanity has the same effect -- defacing the God-creation with a polluted unnatural genome, thanks to injected mRNA. 

The Faithful Angels continue to incarnate on Earth energetically, but there is no physical DNA specifically related to them, because they didn't mate with women.  They left no Nephilim offspring as a result and did nothing to pollute the pure God-created genome.  

Adam and Eve both had God-created bodies and a God-created genome, but over the years this has been degraded and altered.

Mankind originally had 12-strand DNA.  Now it has two-strand DNA. 

Originally, mankind could live indefinitely.  Now, the lifespan of mankind has been limited to 120 years by artificially "capping" Chromosome 2.  

Likewise, mankind could not have cancer or many other modern diseases, because their original DNA included active cancer and poison suppressor genes.  

We can say this with certainty because of the Biblical records and the fossil records and scientific evidence of gene editing and gene splicing that is evident today

So wrong-headed has Mankind been, that instead of being Caretakers, they and their corporations have willy-nilly experimented with the building blocks of creation-- with no respect for and no understanding of --the sacred and immutable nature of Creation.  

They have committed atrocities including the murder of millions upon millions of babies.  They have created man-pigs, man-dogs, man-reptiles, and more.  They have become addicted to a diet of blood. 
They have practiced every kind of abomination on the Earth and they have not only failed to repent, they've increased their infamy and their offenses against Creation and the Creator, whom the Sons of Cain, the Elders of Zion and Fathers of Cities, call the Primal Creator. 

Men have thoughtlessly broken the First and Second Great Commandments, to have no other gods, and to make no idols or other graven images----and slowly, stupidly, mankind has again fallen into the worship of Satan, Mammon (Money), and Baphomet, and have consigned themselves and their sons and daughters to Hell on Earth, in the jurisdiction of the sea.

When I come to them and say, "No, this is all wrong. Pay attention and come home to the land and soil jurisdiction. Repent all this wrong-doing and live as free men."  

Then those who have thrown away their birthright or let it be stolen from them, want to argue with me.  They are miserable and they are beaten, their own public servants rob them, they have no freedom; they are the prey of every kind of "agency" and dimly they realize that the world is upside down. 

They have no explanation for this.  They want to fight, but haven't bothered to analyze the problem. They run in all directions like so many cockroaches fleeing the light.  They come up with all kinds of theories about this situation, and gurus swarm like flies in August, ready to lead many astray.  

Still, we stand here, we few who hold the truth to be self-evident. 


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Addendum to Final Answer to Jack Chapman Et Alia:

 By Anna Von Reitz

Regarding the idea that the "Civil War" was a contest between Eastern Orhodoxy and Roman Catholic Patriarchy --- you'd be laughed right out of the room by all the Southern Baptists. And me, too.  You'd also be an easy victim of both sides of the scheming Uniparty if you think that the Dutch and the British Investment Groups were ever opposed.  

They have been BFF since 1702. 

There was no "war" between Eastern Orthodoxy and Western Patriarchy; just look at the bank accounts of the Eastern Prelates to establish that fact. They got their shares out of this violent swindle and went back for more. That's how Prince Philip's family insured their "royal" Greek fortunes.  

What did happen was an illegal Mercenary Conflict ginned up and foisted off and purported to be over the issue of slavery, when it was never actually about slavery -- at least not in the view of the States-of-States that were members of the original Confederation.  

Lincoln himself said it several times. He was content to let the institution of slavery alone, so long as he could glom onto the natural resources of the Southern States and use them as chattel to back investments desired by the Northern States-of-States that were also members of the original Confederation.  Those proposed investments were counter to the best interests of the Southern States-of-States, so they said not only no, but Hell no.

The British-affiliated Territorial Government wanted the Confederation to invest in failed cotton plantations that the British Parliament bought in Egypt, and in new cotton processing and milling facilities in Europe.  The Northern States-of-States wanted to do this, but they were already in debt and leveraged to the hilt, so the only ones that had abundant unencumbered property assets that could be used for this, were the Southern States-of-States that would have then been funding their own competition.  

The Southern States-of-States said no politely at first and then with gathering force.  They saw no reason why they should put their hard-earned assets at risk to borrow money to fund bad British investments designed to compete with them for the cotton market they largely depended upon. They would have had to take the losses already on the books from the failed Egyptian cotton plantations. 

"If we are free men, able to make our own decisions about our investments, why in Heaven's name should we do this?" The leader of the Southern Convention asked Mr. Lincoln. 

"For the sake of amity," Lincoln replied. 

In other words, bet against yourselves at your own expense to benefit your rivals, or we will come to blows over this. 

Contrary to your statement that "The Papist Government has bankrupted all the functions of the "Federal United States".... that's not what happened or is happening, either.   

The Holy See, which is separate from the Municipal Government of the United States, has been forced to bankrupt these corporations because they have been operating unlawfully and causing injury to living people.  They bankrupted Municipal Corporations and Territorial Corporations, alike, as they had to, to preserve the agreements that allow corporations to exist at all. 

All corporations and incorporated entities are required to function lawfully and for lawful purposes.  Note the word "lawful" --- not "legal".  This is the Prime Condition allowing corporations to be chartered and to conduct business at all. They are not allowed to defraud living people or cause us any material harm, and if they do, they must be involuntarily liquidated.  

These corporations all had the choice set before them and they all made the wrong choice.  It had nothing to do with politics.  It has everything to do with these corporations scheming to gain coercive power and enrich themselves by injuring living people and/or unlawfully converting and confiscating our assets.

Also contrary to your assumptions, all the physical assets belong to me and the rest of the American people, not your corporations --- and the assets always did belong to me and the other living people. Not to the foreign "Persons"  who pretended to act as our custodians and trustees.  That's all behind us now, Jack. Now your cover is blown from sea to shining sea. 

All the assets --- the land, the soil, the gold, and every other physical asset that comes from the Earth, belongs to the living people, not corporations.  And to prove this point, I will continue to bankrupt every corporation you paste up. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America -- Unincorporated

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.


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FBI targets RTCs (Radical Traditionalist Catholics); "retracts" after backlash.

Politicians and media downplay Ohio train derailment: toxic chemicals now poison air and water...

Demand to the United States Trustees, Federal Department of the Treasury, Bank of International Settlements, and Government of the Philippines:

 By Anna Von Reitz

15th of February of the year 2023 Gregorian Calendar: 
2nd of February of the year 2023 Julian Calendar: 


Dear Sirs/Madams: 

This Demand Letter comes after more than twenty years of Due Process resulting in determination of the right and ownership of distributed bank assets which have been monitored for several decades and which are due and owing return.  

They include all assets thought to be part of the Severino Sta Romano Estate which in fact belong to the actual Depositors, who through Vatican Bank Intermediaries, used Severino's services as an Employee working in the position of Chief Metals Depositor. 

As Severino was employed under contract by the Vatican to act in this position and the Vatican was employed as an Agent to accomplish this task for the actual Depositors, the actual Depositors are held harmless and must be recognized as the Owner/Inheritors of all the assets deposited by Severino Sta Romano and others in the Master Accounts 111, 333, 555, 777, and 999. 

As Severino Sta Romano was in fact a subcontractor acting in a professional capacity, his name appears on all the paperwork associated with the metals deposits, but he openly admitted and Federal Department of the Treasury employees including Giovanni Richello have signed and admitted that these assets never belonged to Severino Sta Romano, and do not belong to the Vatican, but instead belong to the private asset owners, whose Executor and Inheritor is Demetrios Julius Shiva.  

As such, these assets do not belong to the estate of Severino Sta Romano and must be set aside from all such assumptions nunc pro tunc; similarly, the presumptions of the World Bank concerning the estate of Anthony Santiago Martin must be overturned in favor of his own designated Bearer of his General Power of Attorney, Demetrios Julius Shiva.  

We have all the deposit records and history through 2005 when the World Bank went rogue. Since then, we have continued to monitor and collect the records of these accounts. 

Now, it appears that other gold sources that the Government of the Philippines claims to have discovered from Ancient Sources (7,500-25,000 years ago) are proposed as the new backing for the banking system, we wish for all deposits made for us by Severino Sta Romano and the Vatican apparatus to be returned to us for our direct administration and for all reasonable and customary bills for warehousing, servicing fees, etc., to be returned to the Vatican for private settlement.  

There are no valid "Dead Man's Taxes" on the assets because they do not belong to a dead man's estate-- neither in the fact of Severino Sta Romano's actual death in 1974, nor in any claim of "legal death" associated with the various defunct commercial corporations that the United States Trustees represent. 

The Inheritor, Demetrios Julius Shiva, was entered as a U.S. Citizen upon his immigration to this country, but he subsequently discovered that he had the option to enter The United States as a South Carolinian, and did so.  As a result, he comes under the protection and international authority of our organic Federation of States, dba, The United States of America (1776). 

Our position and authority stands above any court or organization or presumed-to-exist trusteeship established for the adminstration of our foreign subcontractors.  

We, the members of the individual sovereign States,  are not now and have never been dependents of our foreign commercial subcontractors, are not voluntary franchisees, and are not members of the City or the District.   

As the Fiduciary acting for The United States of America --- Unincorporated --- in international and global jurisdiction, I am fully informing you that these instructions have been levied by the actual Owners and Inheritors and must be followed. 

All assets belonging to Master Accounts 111, 333, 555, 777 and 999 must be tallied and credited to our administration immediately and without recourse; the 222, 444, 666, and 888 accounts represent illegal and immoral interests amounting to Blood Money, and do not belong to any one of us; however, these assets amounting to performance bonds and securities interests and certificates including Baptismal Certificates and Birth Certificates do not belong in the realm of trade or commerce and must as a Maxim of Law be returned to the administration of the respective unincorporated governments, churches, and living people to whom these "resources" naturally belong. 

We wish for the reconciliation of all countries who have suffered this long and unnecessary deprivation and strife.  It was our act, will, and intention that all government services and infrastructure would be paid for by 1941 and onward, without any need for additional taxation of any kind imposed on anyone. 

World War II intervened and we gave permission to use our assets as the source of credit to rebuild the damage caused by that conflagration; for a period of fifty years this was allowed, and then a ten year extension was granted, ending in 2005.  Since then, the institutions responsible for returning control of our assets or otherwise making consensual agreements for their use have gone rogue. 

Our good intention was covered up and commandeered by those pretending to have trusteeship over us, absent any consensual written agreement or meeting of the minds or actual need for their assistance. 

These piratical organizations have siphoned vast amounts of money off our assets as credit and spent it on investments benefiting themselves-- when in fact, all credit generated by our assets also belongs by Law and Nature to us as living beings and as Masters and Commanders of our own Ships of State.    

We are here in the presence of God and all of Mankind, to make it clear that the United States Trustees operated by the U.S. Department of Justice are acting in the position of Executors de Son Tort with respect to us and our sovereign States of the Union; they are not our representatives or trustees. 

Indeed, we are not now and never have been eligible for any bankruptcy protection and stand in no need of it; and neither have we undergone any political dissolution. 

Any and all corporations that have participated in this gigantic fraud against us and against Mankind must be dissolved for cause, and liquidated for their trespasses and transgressions -- not rewarded. 

According to the Government of the Philippines, they have more than enough gold in safekeeping to return all of ours and still have resources sufficient to fulfil the needs of the world banking system, whereupon we formally instruct them to return our assets via means agreeable to us, and fulfill their obligations per the 1934 agreements. 

We note that the Treaty of Manilla Bay thought to represent the independence of the Philippines was in fact a Sea Treaty having no effect upon the ownership and distribution of the land and soil resources of the Philippine Islands which belong to us, and which were bought by us both in the form of 20 million dollars in gold, and by conquest in war. 

We hold the receipts and international declarations and treaties of Versailles and Paris. 

As a result, the current Government of the Philippines must settle up with us related to our land and soil acquisition of the Philippine Islands and the expenses incurred by The United States of America in substantive support of the Philippines and its "independent Government" since 1934.  

Our aim is not to frighten anyone or promote any additional controversy; our aim, as always, is to promote peace and as much as possible, enforce and promote it.  As our American Government was not in Public Session for a very long period of time, we find a plethora of false claims have been made against us and against our people. 

The fundamental take-home point for everyone is that these are lies and deceptions amounting to commercial fraud; these presumptions of custodial capacity and claims that such custody were ever sought or needed are entirely vacuous and self-interested. We accordingly place it before the nations of the world that we are alive and well and issue these instructions with the full force and authority of our actual sovereign States unimpeded by any presumptions made by our Subcontractors or their Agents. 

Return all assets deposited by Severino Sta Romano acting as Chief Metals Depositor and all assets assigned to the World Bank by Severino Sta Romano acting as Guardian for Anthony Santiago Martin to the administration of our lawful Government acting on behalf of the actual Owners and Inheritors --- who are living people of the Earth, people who have hands and feet, in whom the blood flows and the flesh grows --- not incorporated entities of any kind. 

We do not consent to the continued presumptions of our Subcontractors and their Agencies assuming a custodial interest that does not exist.  We do not recognize any authority possessed by these foreign Persons to assume any need on our part for salvage or allowing them to hypothecate debt against us or our assets in any jurisdiction whatsoever. 

Rather, we claim that they have exercised non-existent contracts and equally non-existent emergency powers without disclosure to their actual employers and to those representing their employers in international and global jurisdiction. 

From now on, those agencies and individuals and departments and banks associated with those departments, have to deal directly with us, and operate in new pathways and for better reasons, or you deal in fraud and transgression per Galatians 2:18, and nothing you build shall stand. 

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.

Issued by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                  Semaj Notnilc Rehcleb, Daeh fo Etats

                  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.  


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Final Answer to Jack Chapman Et Alia (Everyone Else Follow Along):

 By Anna Von Reitz

They, the British Territorial interests, formed the first version of the “United States of America, Incorporated” PRIOR to the Mercenary Conflict known as the American Civil War, and after the hostilities ceased in 1868, they ginned up a slightly different version, “The United States of America, Incorporated” — a Scottish Commercial Corporation that went bankrupt in 1906 in preparation for the First World War.

The same pattern has persisted ever since. These commercial corporations pretending to “represent” us go bankrupt prior to starting another war for profit.  They are doing it again right now. 

That is why they all need to be liquidated for cause right about now. 

Lincoln worked for the first “United States of America, Incorporated”, bankrupted it in 1863, and the next version, “The United States of America, Incorporated” was formed in 1868. 

Both of these were British Territorial Crown Corporations and had nothing to do with the Papist side of things.  

The Papists sided with the Southerners because the Romans have always made their money off slavery and secondarily because the Southern States-of-States were, technically, right.  Man cannot guarantee contracts much less “perpetual contracts”.  

Thus there were two parties on each side of the Mercenary Conflict we call the Civil War, making a total of four recognizable entities involved. 

The British Territorial entity dba the “United States of America” — a foreign commercial corporation and the Northern States-of-States that had been part of the original Confederacy together made up one side rather deceptively calling itself “the Union”. 

The other side was made up of the Southern States-of-States that were former members of the original Confederacy — The Confederate States of America — and the Papist “Union of Confederate States” together  made up the Southern side of the conflict. 

The Dutch interests — the remnants of the Dutch East India Company — fought with the North and were centered (still are) in New York so both commercial investment corporations were “winners” in the conflict. They were not, as you suppose, enemies —- both were colluding together in a war for profit scheme and had a history of such collusion ever since the Bottomry Bonds Scandal led to the dissolution of the Dutch East India Company in 1702.  

The British East India Company offered them safe haven in America. 

By the time the so-called American Civil War broke out they were both accomplished in the art of privateering and generating war for profit based on collusion. 

They are still doing it. 

Donald Trump, a Dutch “President” representing the British Crown Corporation is playing the carrot while Joe Biden the British “President” of a Dutch-Chinese Municipal Corporation plays the stick as they jointly attempt to create World War III out of nothing. 

If you haven’t noticed, they have been trying to foment a war for profit ever since Obama took office. 

So, instead of spreading lies and fanciful rumors you’d all be better off simply facing facts and getting on board to help support and restore full function of our rightful government. 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America -- Unincorporated


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The Language of Creation

 By Anna Von Reitz

As you might expect, the powers and plenipotentiaries of what I call the Unseen World don't speak in English or Legalese.  The inhabitants of the jurisdictions of fire and spirit seldom speak at all, and when they do, it is most commonly through intermediaries more attuned to our world. 

This kind of communication does require either the innate knowledge of a native speaker or years of arcane study, usually under the guidance of Masters who have inherited their knowledge generation to generation. 

I have the advantage of being a Native Speaker, but there are a few Holy Men and Holy Women who still speak my tongue and know my ways. They hear me even though my words are veiled in English, a language that many of them do not know. 

We understand each other perfectly, because our language is pure and not hindered by the confusions of the Fallen or the deceits of their offspring, the Liars. 

Our language is the Language of Creation, forever the same, as it is the language of God in the Realm of Spirit, undefiled. 

Those who stop and think about it will realize that these words in English appearing on paper or a computer screen are approximations of other words that are flowing unseen.  Those who look even deeper into their own hearts will realize that they are also hearing the silence between words, and that silence has meaning. 

We all remember the Language of Creation in some part of our hearts, but few speak it today

That fact has allowed some very unscrupulous men to misrepresent Mankind, yet I am still here, and I know what they have spoken in secret and in deceit.  

The True Elohim who came here and built this planet spoke the Language of Creation, and as they spoke it was created and all those who created the planet and its caretakers were appointed by the True Creator, whose language we know and whose name we know as a blessing forever. 

Now, in recent times, I have been told by numerous people that they have some claim or basis of authority or standing as Inheritors of this planet.  They say they are the Landlords, the Sons of Adam.  They say they have the DNA of the Elohim and can prove their God-born status.  

This may be true and well and good, but you will note, that this planet and all that lives and breathes upon it, belongs to the Creator and the Elohim who created it and who remain responsible for it from those days to this, because we are all accountable for what we create.  

There are the Creators and there are the Caretakers and there are those who are Guests and those who are Refugees; we all live here together and should live together in harmony, but instead what I hear day after day is fear and greed. 

Indeed, often, what I hear is a cacophony of voices like the voices of five year-olds squabbling and saying, "No, it's mine!"  or "He took my toy!" and similar claims and bickering without end, and none of them stop long enough to consider that ---hey, this is all a blessing to you. 

Nobody owns Creation, if anything, Creation owns us; but more important at the present moment, we all have the responsibility of preserving and keeping and caring for Creation. 

If the ignorant war-mongers among us have their way, there is a good chance that it will all be destroyed, the atmosphere ripped to shreds, the biosphere ruined.  Look at Mars for a good example of where their technology leads. 

Lord Krishna saved this planet during the Great Plasma War, 32,000 years ago.  Others have saved it since then, too.  But now, I am looking at you, Mankind, and saying, it's up to you.  

If you are going to be an Inheritor and keep the Earth and guard it for endless generations to come, then the Creator should be honored and loved, first and foremost.  The Creation should be honored and cared for and shared by the happy ones who are here, without all this squabbling over ownership and fixation on money. 

Faced with the immense wealth and generosity of Creation, there should be no doubt that there is wildly more than enough of everything gathered here and it was given to everyone in trust, that you would all value what you've been given and out of this great abundance, choose to share it.  

What is more valuable than life?  What is more valuable than health?  What is more valuable than peace?  

Who would sacrifice any of this for money?  For a graven image of value destroying value itself, that other men print up like so many widgets?  It is the love of money, supplanting love for what is actual, that ruins the world.

So stop and come to your senses and learn the Language of Creation again.  


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International Public Notice - Valentine's Day, 2023

 From James C. Belcher

Since before the Revolutionary War, there have been two large investment companies active in this country -- whether corporate or incorporated -- and for the purposes of simplicity, we will just call them "the US, INC." and "the USA, Inc.".  

The US, INC. we see today is largely influenced and controlled by Continental European investment groups and has gone through numerous self-serving "bankruptcies".  The most recent such bankruptcy resulted in China claiming (falsely) to be its Priority Creditor and acquiring controlling interest in the assets, including Joe Biden.  

The USA, Inc. we see today is British based and controlled by the British Crown Corporation. It, too, has recently undergone bankruptcy of a less drastic form and is about to resurrect itself. 

Both of these players have developed spin-off corporations, calling themselves ---  the "United Space Service, INC." and until recently, when Donald Trump officially created the new Space Force as a separate Armed Service, the "Secret Space Program", still functioning as the SSP, Inc. 

Both of these corporations, however represented, make their money off of war and everything criminal you can imagine.  

Both of them employ mercenaries though they call them "soldiers" and fool people who are inducted into these services into thinking that they are working for an actual government instead of acting as cheap mercenaries. 

These two commercial corporations in the business of providing "governmental services"  are not "American" though numerous individual Americans work for them, and some wealthy Americans have invested in them knowingly. 

However, the American people are not in control of their operations and don't deserve to be blamed for their existence and mismanagement.  We wince every time we hear about how "America" is doing something awful somewhere in the world, and instead, it is always an action being pursued by these two foreign commercial corporations "in our names" without our knowledge or consent.  

These foreign corporations were originally hired by our actual American Government to provide certain "enumerated services" spelled out in three different Constitutional Contracts issued in 1787, 1789, and 1790.  

Since then, the US, INC. and the USA, Inc. have collaborated and colluded to evade their obligations under the Constitutional agreements and have deliberately impersonated and misrepresented their American Employers.   

Both of these corporations have made contact with "Alien Races" --- and kept this and a great many scientific advances (both man-created and from alien sources) secret, so as to create advantages for themselves. 

What we are seeing right now is that the USA, Inc. has acquired a new "unstoppable" weapon from Alien Sources.  They paid for this new weapons technology by selling Americans as slaves and "meat bodies" in exchange, and they hope to mask the disappearance of these large numbers of people behind the smoke and mirrors provided by their illegal biological warfare and genocide program. 

They have also lied to the Aliens and told them that all these people who got jabbed "volunteered" to sacrifice themselves for the good of their country and planet.  They had to lie about this because Universal Law requires free will, and no, there weren't billions of people willing to sacrifice their lives to buy new toys for the Pentagon.   

The USA, Inc. is now moving against Russia (which did not sell its people) and Germany and Iran and numerous other targets and is seeking to create an excuse to use its new insurmountable weapons technology.  The new USS, INC. run by China also sold its people, but bought defensive technology to shield itself from the scalar and solid state laser weapons the USA, Inc. is deploying. 

This is why we are all being told that we are on the brink of World War III and Putin is a madman, apparently because he wouldn't join in the mass genocide and wouldn't tolerate having the "western powers" running illegal bioweapons factories just across his border. 

As I have noted before, the treaties that created the modern country of Ukraine have clauses that allow Russia to invade under precisely the conditions that Russia has invaded.  So Vladimir Putin has done nothing wrong, but both the USS, INC. (through Biden) and the USA, Inc. (through Trump) have participated in the genocide-for-profit and arms race technology.  

Also note --- the new "QFS" financial system these cretins are trying to push on the entire world?  It was developed by the CIA at Wright Patterson AFB under the Code Name "Crimson Gate". 

Go figure. 

These horrific actions by both corporations and their "space programs" and their "quantum financial system" are nothing but coercive crimes against humanity and both need to be liquidated as criminal organizations without further adieu, along with their accomplices. 

Americans have no reason anymore, if they ever did, to support either one of these lawless organizations or the Principals that have employed these corporations as a means to pillage and plunder this country and its people under False Pretenses, entrapped us individually and collectively, and used us as fodder for their war-for-profit schemes.  

These criminal corporations and their subsidiaries in Europe and abroad have been misdirected by the Holy See, the British Monarchy, and the British Crown Corporation operated by the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London --- all of which have operated under cloak of secrecy, color of law, Gross Breach of Trust, and violation of their service contracts--- the Constitutions referenced above. 

Both of these criminal organizations have colluded together to violate virtually every international law and rule of common decency.  The Public Records prove it and their private actions prove it. 

So, how are we to run our country and ensure a peaceful and better world for all concerned?  We propose that the offending corporations be involuntarily liquidated for cause and placed under new management approved by the American people acting under conditions of full disclosure.  

Speaking for our lawful Federation of States in possession of the international land jurisdiction of this country, we insist that these changes be made and ask for international cooperation to make it so.  

A copy of this Notice is being sent to the so-called Department of Justice U.S. Trustees, and we note that there is not now and never was any consensual or necessary "trusteeship" authorized by us or our ancestors allowing our Employees to "salvage" us or otherwise represent our interests, cashier our assets, or trade upon our sovereignty.  

Issued By: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

                  The United States of America


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