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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Demand to the United States Trustees, Federal Department of the Treasury, Bank of International Settlements, and Government of the Philippines:

 By Anna Von Reitz

15th of February of the year 2023 Gregorian Calendar: 
2nd of February of the year 2023 Julian Calendar: 


Dear Sirs/Madams: 

This Demand Letter comes after more than twenty years of Due Process resulting in determination of the right and ownership of distributed bank assets which have been monitored for several decades and which are due and owing return.  

They include all assets thought to be part of the Severino Sta Romano Estate which in fact belong to the actual Depositors, who through Vatican Bank Intermediaries, used Severino's services as an Employee working in the position of Chief Metals Depositor. 

As Severino was employed under contract by the Vatican to act in this position and the Vatican was employed as an Agent to accomplish this task for the actual Depositors, the actual Depositors are held harmless and must be recognized as the Owner/Inheritors of all the assets deposited by Severino Sta Romano and others in the Master Accounts 111, 333, 555, 777, and 999. 

As Severino Sta Romano was in fact a subcontractor acting in a professional capacity, his name appears on all the paperwork associated with the metals deposits, but he openly admitted and Federal Department of the Treasury employees including Giovanni Richello have signed and admitted that these assets never belonged to Severino Sta Romano, and do not belong to the Vatican, but instead belong to the private asset owners, whose Executor and Inheritor is Demetrios Julius Shiva.  

As such, these assets do not belong to the estate of Severino Sta Romano and must be set aside from all such assumptions nunc pro tunc; similarly, the presumptions of the World Bank concerning the estate of Anthony Santiago Martin must be overturned in favor of his own designated Bearer of his General Power of Attorney, Demetrios Julius Shiva.  

We have all the deposit records and history through 2005 when the World Bank went rogue. Since then, we have continued to monitor and collect the records of these accounts. 

Now, it appears that other gold sources that the Government of the Philippines claims to have discovered from Ancient Sources (7,500-25,000 years ago) are proposed as the new backing for the banking system, we wish for all deposits made for us by Severino Sta Romano and the Vatican apparatus to be returned to us for our direct administration and for all reasonable and customary bills for warehousing, servicing fees, etc., to be returned to the Vatican for private settlement.  

There are no valid "Dead Man's Taxes" on the assets because they do not belong to a dead man's estate-- neither in the fact of Severino Sta Romano's actual death in 1974, nor in any claim of "legal death" associated with the various defunct commercial corporations that the United States Trustees represent. 

The Inheritor, Demetrios Julius Shiva, was entered as a U.S. Citizen upon his immigration to this country, but he subsequently discovered that he had the option to enter The United States as a South Carolinian, and did so.  As a result, he comes under the protection and international authority of our organic Federation of States, dba, The United States of America (1776). 

Our position and authority stands above any court or organization or presumed-to-exist trusteeship established for the adminstration of our foreign subcontractors.  

We, the members of the individual sovereign States,  are not now and have never been dependents of our foreign commercial subcontractors, are not voluntary franchisees, and are not members of the City or the District.   

As the Fiduciary acting for The United States of America --- Unincorporated --- in international and global jurisdiction, I am fully informing you that these instructions have been levied by the actual Owners and Inheritors and must be followed. 

All assets belonging to Master Accounts 111, 333, 555, 777 and 999 must be tallied and credited to our administration immediately and without recourse; the 222, 444, 666, and 888 accounts represent illegal and immoral interests amounting to Blood Money, and do not belong to any one of us; however, these assets amounting to performance bonds and securities interests and certificates including Baptismal Certificates and Birth Certificates do not belong in the realm of trade or commerce and must as a Maxim of Law be returned to the administration of the respective unincorporated governments, churches, and living people to whom these "resources" naturally belong. 

We wish for the reconciliation of all countries who have suffered this long and unnecessary deprivation and strife.  It was our act, will, and intention that all government services and infrastructure would be paid for by 1941 and onward, without any need for additional taxation of any kind imposed on anyone. 

World War II intervened and we gave permission to use our assets as the source of credit to rebuild the damage caused by that conflagration; for a period of fifty years this was allowed, and then a ten year extension was granted, ending in 2005.  Since then, the institutions responsible for returning control of our assets or otherwise making consensual agreements for their use have gone rogue. 

Our good intention was covered up and commandeered by those pretending to have trusteeship over us, absent any consensual written agreement or meeting of the minds or actual need for their assistance. 

These piratical organizations have siphoned vast amounts of money off our assets as credit and spent it on investments benefiting themselves-- when in fact, all credit generated by our assets also belongs by Law and Nature to us as living beings and as Masters and Commanders of our own Ships of State.    

We are here in the presence of God and all of Mankind, to make it clear that the United States Trustees operated by the U.S. Department of Justice are acting in the position of Executors de Son Tort with respect to us and our sovereign States of the Union; they are not our representatives or trustees. 

Indeed, we are not now and never have been eligible for any bankruptcy protection and stand in no need of it; and neither have we undergone any political dissolution. 

Any and all corporations that have participated in this gigantic fraud against us and against Mankind must be dissolved for cause, and liquidated for their trespasses and transgressions -- not rewarded. 

According to the Government of the Philippines, they have more than enough gold in safekeeping to return all of ours and still have resources sufficient to fulfil the needs of the world banking system, whereupon we formally instruct them to return our assets via means agreeable to us, and fulfill their obligations per the 1934 agreements. 

We note that the Treaty of Manilla Bay thought to represent the independence of the Philippines was in fact a Sea Treaty having no effect upon the ownership and distribution of the land and soil resources of the Philippine Islands which belong to us, and which were bought by us both in the form of 20 million dollars in gold, and by conquest in war. 

We hold the receipts and international declarations and treaties of Versailles and Paris. 

As a result, the current Government of the Philippines must settle up with us related to our land and soil acquisition of the Philippine Islands and the expenses incurred by The United States of America in substantive support of the Philippines and its "independent Government" since 1934.  

Our aim is not to frighten anyone or promote any additional controversy; our aim, as always, is to promote peace and as much as possible, enforce and promote it.  As our American Government was not in Public Session for a very long period of time, we find a plethora of false claims have been made against us and against our people. 

The fundamental take-home point for everyone is that these are lies and deceptions amounting to commercial fraud; these presumptions of custodial capacity and claims that such custody were ever sought or needed are entirely vacuous and self-interested. We accordingly place it before the nations of the world that we are alive and well and issue these instructions with the full force and authority of our actual sovereign States unimpeded by any presumptions made by our Subcontractors or their Agents. 

Return all assets deposited by Severino Sta Romano acting as Chief Metals Depositor and all assets assigned to the World Bank by Severino Sta Romano acting as Guardian for Anthony Santiago Martin to the administration of our lawful Government acting on behalf of the actual Owners and Inheritors --- who are living people of the Earth, people who have hands and feet, in whom the blood flows and the flesh grows --- not incorporated entities of any kind. 

We do not consent to the continued presumptions of our Subcontractors and their Agencies assuming a custodial interest that does not exist.  We do not recognize any authority possessed by these foreign Persons to assume any need on our part for salvage or allowing them to hypothecate debt against us or our assets in any jurisdiction whatsoever. 

Rather, we claim that they have exercised non-existent contracts and equally non-existent emergency powers without disclosure to their actual employers and to those representing their employers in international and global jurisdiction. 

From now on, those agencies and individuals and departments and banks associated with those departments, have to deal directly with us, and operate in new pathways and for better reasons, or you deal in fraud and transgression per Galatians 2:18, and nothing you build shall stand. 

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.

Issued by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                  Semaj Notnilc Rehcleb, Daeh fo Etats

                  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.  


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  1. Right you are! Excellent work! God Bless You for all your work. YOU are a Blessing. THANK YOU

    1. Indeed! Agreed! FreeMom7 :)

    2. everything in this DemandLetter is FANTASY as its only man who has right to anything and everything God has made; papers men scribble on to pretend to override God's law doesnt change a thing, it just PUTS THEM UNDER JUDGMENTS [plural].

  2. Thank Dear Anna for bringging this important knowlegde update.

    DearAlmighty TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma andHealthy, and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

    Fraud Vitiates /Voids All
    PublicAndPrivate Contracts
    (US vs Throckmorton 1878)

    P. S.
    Re: Turkey's Earth quake!
    Thx2Via StateOfTheNation(dot) co

  3. Did Wolfowitz do something to the world bank in 2005?

  4. Thank you Anna and I am freshly back to LIFE, on paper and trying to claim minor estate. Foreclosure Feb 22nd on house. Hope Treasury is stand up.....

  5. Can someone tell me why James Clinton Belcher’s name is also written back to front here?

  6. I was wondering the same. What entity is that style format intended for? And is there a location where Americans can see the official published letterheads of these international declarations and demands, rather than copy-pasted blog format?


  8. I love what you're doing, but I have to ask, has anyone ever replied to you? And, where can we see these documents and records you are keeping track of? Thanks! And keep it up!

    1. Re: replies to our Federation Notices: Non-response establishes contractual agreements to Notice(s). Truth in law is thus established absent verified rebuttal.
      Much has been disclosed; records & proofs are safeguarded. Be thankful for the wealth of knowledge & Truth one can access freely published. Learn & act peacefully lawfully for Highest Good of All. FreeMom7

    2. there has not been any disclosure of anyone ever replying that i know of.

      check it out for yourself of course, but generally-speaking, it does seem that in order for Notices to establish anything in a particular authority/ "Juris-Diction", the one writing the Notices has to have *standing*.

    3. That troll women:janmarie qualifies as if a "book burner" or as a digital media maven maybe we should identify her as
      "knowledge knocker"

    4. Paul, please identify janmarie's IP Address and block it! We are tired of the postings! They don't contribute and only confuse readers. Thanks!

    5. This same troll "women:janmarie" used to post as "goodboots" until later outed by virtue of the handle seemingly being code for "Good Saboteur."

      Seemingly because Sabot is French for "Boot."

      And definition of a saboteur is one who kicks (with their boot) the machinery to break it.

      Paraphrased - "You will know them by their symbols." or Their symbols give reveal who they are."

    6. anony1222p,
      quit reading them.

    7. who cares?


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